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Campbell's Cleverly Used Star Wars in Gay-Themed Ad, but the Comments Are on the Dark Side

Campbell Soup Company's newest ad, featuring its Star Wars inspired soup, is centered around a popular line from the movie, although maybe not in the way that you'd think. The 30-second ad features a father feeding his son, and quoting Darth Vader's "I am your father." But then there's a clever twist that makes the spot unique. Show More Summary

2 Horrible Cable Companies Merge in DirecTV's Sequel to a Campaign From Years Ago

Grey New York goes back to the future for DirecTV, revisiting a concept the satellite broadcaster introduced seven years ago in commercials from Deutsch. Those original spots, directed by Christopher Guest, took place in a conference...Show More Summary

David Beckham Stars in a Sweeping, Surrealist, Fellini-Inspired Short Film for Belstaff

Brit clothing brand Belstaff partnered with LEGS director Geremy Jasper to bring us "Outlaws," a lush 15-minute epic-for-the-web featuring David Beckham, Katherine Waterston, Cathy Moriarty and Harvey Keitel. Richly produced, the tragic...Show More Summary

The New Peeple App Does Not Represent People; Stop This App Before It’s Released

Character is destiny. This is the ironic tagline for Peeple (I’m not linking to it), a new app that wants to be the “Yelp for people” allowing anyone to rate you “professionally, personally and romantically” as long as they have 1) a Facebook account, 2) your phone number and 3) that they’re a real person. […]

This Sexy Bra Ad Got 16 Million Views, but Not for the Reasons You'd Expect (SFW)

The element of surprise is always useful in advertising storytelling, and this Thai commercial for Wacoal Mood bras certainly brings the unexpected—which has helped the spot tally almost 16 million views on YouTube. The spot, from Bangkok agency CJ WORX, was actually made a couple of years ago, and ad blogs like Ads of the World posted it back then. Show More Summary

Edward Snowden Is Now on Twitter, and He's Picked the One Perfect Account to Follow

He made his name by showing us all that the NSA can and very well might be listening in on our conversations, and now Edward Snowden is having a bit of fun turning the tables. Snowden's just-launched Twitter account follows exactly one other user: @NSAGov. Show More Summary

Ads for Colleges Are Usually Terrible, but McCann Melbourne Just Made a Fascinating One

Creative ads for universities are very rare. Most rate about a D+ (particularly this 2010 campaign for Drake University, whose actual theme, hilariously enough, was "D+"). But now and again, you see a good one. And the latest comes once again from Australia, which seems to specialize in college ads that don't suck. Show More Summary

A Talented Llama Is Just One Magical Piece of These Surprisingly Fun Industrial Ads

Properly automating the electrical system at your workplace sounds boring. But in fact, it could save the entire world from a catastrophic asteroid collision. That is the premise of one new ad from Schneider Electric, which sells energy management and automation products and services in Europe. Show More Summary

Happy Social Media Week!

In celebration of Social Media Week, we tossed some questions at Brains on Fire’s resident Social Media + Community Managers. Check out what they had to say about the struggles, triumphs and future of social media and social media marketing…...Show More Summary

Heineken Hid a Rugby Legend Inside a Dublin Pub. Here's What Happened Next

Days before the opening match of the Rugby World Cup, Heineken surprised a Dublin pub chock-full of rugby fans with the coolest prize machine ever. In exchange for their names and emails (handy!), users who approached the machine played fairly simple rugby-related games. Show More Summary

The Greenpeace Times

I’m not surprised that The Guardian is the news organization trumpeting Greenpeace’s move to create an “investigative journalism” unit within the NGO’s ranks. After all, wasn’t it The Guardian that anointed political activist Glenn Greenwald...Show More Summary

Nike Recreated the Toga Party From Animal House With Famous University of Oregon Alumni

This one goes out to all the Ducks fans—but all you really need to appreciate it is to have liked the movie Animal House. Nike celebrates its deep ties to the University of Oregon in a new, feel-good ad—featuring a horde of notable alumni...Show More Summary

Creator vs. Creative and the Importance of Artistry in Everything

I am a big fan of Chase Jarvis and I’m also proud to call him a dear friend. As I was preparing for the launch of my next book, I found this gem of a video from 2013. I can’t believe I lost this. In what is either a serendipitous or coincidental discovery, this video […]

Shouting into the wind

Anything worth shouting about is worth shouting into the wind. Because if enough people care, often enough, the word spreads, the standards change, the wind dies down. If enough people care, the culture changes. It's easy to persuade ourselves that...        

A Man Finds Commuting Zen in This Brilliantly Silly Ad for Mobile Train Ticketing

If you're the type of person who wants to feel spiritually at one with the act of commuting by train, then British ticketing company Trainline would like you to try its app. In this new ad from Anomaly London and Rattling Stick director...Show More Summary

Irrational ignorance.

There’s a behavioral trait referred to as “rational ignorance.” It occurs when the cost of acquiring knowledge is greater than the benefit derived from that knowledge. And so we simply don’t bother. Let’s say you’re driving to a meeting and you’re low on gas. It’s rational to pull into the first station you see. And to be ignorant of the prices at […]

New Media and the Path to Business Transformation

I have a standing offer to all universities (around the world) who use my books as part of the editorial program. I will happily make time to speak to the class to address discuss the material and also answer student questions. In one such case, I joined my friend Kristian Strøbech who teaches budding media […]

This Time-Traveling Mattress Ad Reminds You How Much of Life Happens in Bed

For its "Replace Every 8" campaign, U.K. mattress retailer Dreams enlisted CheethamBellJWT to produce "Everything Changes," an ad that follows a couple's by-the-bed adventures over the course of time. You've seen this gimmick before (notably from Bacardi, Levi's and, most recently, HSBC), but it's reliably effective. Show More Summary

Ren & Stimpy Co-Creator Is Now Making Talking-Meat Cartoons for a Midwestern Grocer

If you can't find an immediate connection between St. Louis-based cured-meat maker Volpi Foods and Emmy-winning cartoonist Bob Camp, you're not alone. But if a century-old food company wants to make a splash with digital content starring...Show More Summary

This Clever Amnesty Campaign Imprisons Your Cursor Within a Banner Ad

Sometimes an ad idea just doesn't get the reach it deserves, and this is certainly one of those times. Polish agency The Digitals created a little-seen banner/pop-up ad last year that asked site visitors, "Do you want to dissolve the...Show More Summary

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