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Building a Brand Image: Quit Whining and Tell Your Story

Sometimes companies come to us stumped by the fact that, while content marketing has increased their website traffic (or direct mail has increased their inbound phone calls, or their latest promotion temporarily upped sales), they can’t seem to retain their customers, let alone maintain top-of-mind awareness with them. Show More Summary

Thursday Odds and Ends

-The Ad Council launched “Love is Love” (video above). -Kin Community is launching branded content arm Kin Studios. -Ricardo Duran, Hanna Kregling, and Lesley Di Piazza launched Sealmojis. -Digiday explains “How The New York Times finds...Show More Summary

72andSunny Issues ‘Progress Report’ for truth

72andSunny launched two new spots in its “Progress Report” campaign for anti-tobacco group truth today, examining recent developments in changing attitudes towards smoking. One spot (featured above) calls out Camel for not allowing employees to smoke at their desks. Show More Summary

Doner L.A., Neato Remind Us That Machines Are Better Than People

The robots are officially taking our jobs…in the “domestic responsibilities” industry. A new campaign from Doner L.A. to promote Neato–or Nest for vaccum cleaners–reminds us in various ways that robots just happen to be superior to homo sapiens. Show More Summary

Today in stupid: The Grammys

Unfortunately, finding media and advertising companies who do things that aren't in keeping with the times (pun!) is like shooting fish in a barrel. Still, you have to hand it to the Grammys for attaining a level of cluelessness rarely reached even by the dumbest old media company. Show More Summary

The Weezer Snuggie: It rocks ... and it's real

OK, just discovered this over at AdFreak. You can get the Wheezer Snuggie and their new CD for a lo, lo $29.95. I dare you not to watch.

I'm still an ad expert, per USA Today

Hi all. I know I haven't weighed in here in awhile... A long while, but as this is Adverganza, thought I should at least share this link from USA Today to what the so-called experts, including me, thought of this year's Super Bowl ads. Show More Summary

Marital infidelity, now appearing on Sprint's Now Network

For reasons that escape me -- something to do with fatigue, I'm sure -- I ended up watching just a little "Desperate Housewives" last night, and thus, came across this brand integration scheme: the Another Desperate Housewife" series sponsored by Sprint's Now Network. Show More Summary

Verizon decides it's time to make fun of the iPhone on two fronts

With Apple still selling iPhones like there's no tomorrow -- it sold 7.4 million of them in the last quarter -- it's not exactly tme to kick the company in the teeth while it's down on its luck. So what's up with the two campaigns out...Show More Summary

So, what is the truth about Tony?

I've spent way too much time today trying to figure out what the point is of this video, "The Truth About Tony" which is currently on the Burger King site and presumably the work of one Crispin Porter + Bogusky. I get that the Tony in...Show More Summary

Ads that annoy: Volume 1, Windex

Just saw this Windex ad as a pre-roll to a preview of "The Biggest Loser" at Not that the guy in this ad would qualify for the show, but do you really think, in the real world, he would snare this woman? (OK, maybe if he worked at Goldman Sachs.) This commercial had to have been concocted by men.

Mr. T is a Wing Man in Lambesis’ Spot for Fuze

In an idea straight out of a South Park parody of Family Guy, California-based agency Lambesis uses Mr. T to sell Coca-Cola iced tea brand Fuze. But Lambesis  ratchet up the level of bizarreness by turning him into a butterfly. When a woman sitting on a park bench pops open the beverage, a group of Mr. Show More Summary

Newsletter #1043: The “(Not Really) NSFW” Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.] Readers have told me before that they’d love to share my posts and newsletters if the word “damn” wasn’t in my […]

Using the “So What?” Test to Transform Your Copy

Take a look at various products and services around the web, and you’ll find one common theme. They all talk about themselves and what their product does. Few of them talk about what they can do for you. This is a devastating mistake that marketers and copywriters make. To write effectively, you can apply a […]

Poo-Pourri Tells Viewers ‘#Don’tRushTheFlush’

Poo-Pourri turned heads with its foul-mouthed debut ad, “Girls Don’t Poop,” eventually racking up over 30 million views on YouTube. Since then, the brand has made poo-referencing double entendres its calling card, bringing back the red-headed...Show More Summary

Alex Bogusky Still Wants You to Stop Drinking Soda

May we now call Alex Bogusky the anti-Draper? Lumenati, which Bogusky himself describes as “a not-very secret society of film makers in Denver,” just released an answer of sorts to the old McCann ad that your dad kept singing after last...Show More Summary

How to Take Advantage of Machine Learning and Kissmetrics to Reduce Churn

Oh you, young and motivated SaaS company. I know you very well. You have a disruptive way of seeing things, a cool product, reasonable prices (well…), and just want to make the world a better place. But you won’t be able to do that if you don’t try to understand the behavior of your hard-earned […]

SMFB Hopes to ‘Keep Summer Going’ With Everyday Solutions for Statoil

It’s been nearly a year since we last heard from SMFB, but the Oslo-based agency has returned with a timely summer campaign for Norwegian multinational oil/gas company, Statoil. In an effort to “Keep Summer Going,” SMFB has teamed up...Show More Summary

Loverboy Frontman Recants 'Working for the Weekend' in This Throwback Job Hunting Ad

If you were wondering what the frontman of '80s Canadian rock back Loverboy is up to these days, the answer is second guessing the lyrics to "Working for the Weekend" in an ad for job listings site Mike Reno anchors the commercial—from...Show More Summary

The Def 6 Social Skim: Looks May Be Deceiving

  See below for what’s happening this week in the social sphere! When Your Ex Starts Dating The Quarterback. Its bro code – something Meerkats know nothing about. meow.   Twitter: “Dude, wtf – just because I’m not...

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