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180LA Welcomes First-Ever ECDs

It’s somewhat surprising to hear that 180LA hasn’t had executive creative directors at the helm up this point, but the agency has fixed that by bringing in the duo of Rafael Rizuto and Eduardo Marques. The newly appointed ECDs, who will...Show More Summary

How to Get Results You Can Measure with Influencer Marketing #SMMW15

Marketers salivate dreaming of attracting attention from “influencers” – be it celebrities, established experts in a particular field, or talking heads. Convincing an influential industry leader to promote your brand would feel like a major win any day, as that kind of exposure can dramatically increase your brand’s reach and influence. So let’s say you [...]

YouTube Adds More Interaction to Videos With Cards

YouTube Adds More Interaction to Videos With Cards written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing Cards are all the rage in digital circles it seems, so YouTube has jumped on the bandwagon adding a cards feature as a way of creating greater interaction. Show More Summary

Top 5 CMO Mistakes & How to Avoid Them (The Mistakes, Not the CMOs)

Introducing the 5 most difficult jobs in America, according to Career Overview: Coal Mining President of the United States Alaskan Crab Fishing Mercenary Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Confession: I may have bumped up CMO a few spots. OK, a few hundred spots, but that job is darn hard. (I’m blending CMO and Director of Marketing […]

Two Guys Praise a Giant Pile of Dirt in These Brilliantly Simple Ads for Soil

If you liked Napoleon Dynamite, you'll probably love these ads for dirt. A new campaign for Nature's Care Organic Soil, from Barton F. Graf 9000, features two salt-of-the-earth guys standing in awe of a nice big pile of the stuff. Their dialogue comes across as a mix of charmingly folksy, surprisingly deep and totally lobotomized. Show More Summary

Resource/Ammirati Gets Undomesticated for Labatt Blue

Resource/Ammirati New York launched a new spot in its ongoing “Get Undomesticated” spot for Canadian beer brand Labatt Blue. The new spot, entitled “Blue Gold” is billed as a “quality–focused extension” (err, interesting strategy guys) of the campaign, and will run during the NHL Playoffs and Stanley Cup Final. Show More Summary

Vayner Media Trolls Hipsters for Budweiser

Budweiser got a lot of attention (most of it of the negative variety) for its beer snob trolling Super Bowl ad, created by Anomaly. For the brand’s newest ad, Vayner Media, home to “social media thought leader” and former wine critic...Show More Summary

Man Makes Insane Cheese Sculpture to Honor His Chutney in Branston's Latest Ad

This commercial takes the concept of artisanal cheese to a whole new level—and it's not even trying to sell cheese. In an amusing 30-second spot for Branston Chutney, Mcgarrybowen channels a classic scene from Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Show More Summary

The Loomis Agency Reminds Couples to ‘Do It’ Once a Year

Before you ask, the “it” in question is deep-cleaning the carpet…and the client is Rug Doctor. In a soon-to-debut campaign backed by data from the EPA, Dallas-based shop The Loomis Agency enlisted a few couples (not all of whom are middle-aged) to figure out how often they do it. Show More Summary

Grey Opens ‘Gun Store’ in Lower Manhattan for PSA Project

To address what the misconception that owning a gun makes you and your loved ones safer, non-profit group States United to Prevent Gun Violence recently decided to get fairly blunt with prospective first-time buyers in startling yetShow More Summary

Insights: Interviews on The Future of Social Media as Curated by Anil Dash and Gina Trapani

I’ve long admired the work of Anil Dash and Gina Tripani over the years. In many ways, each as shaped my perspectives in new media and its impact on our professional and personal lives over the years. It came as no surprise that Dash and Tripani collaborated on yet another project. This time, they created […]

3 Salty Old Wives Shout Lies About Diesel in Sweet, Silly Ads From Volkswagen

Your cranky straight-talking grandmother might not think much of diesel engines, but Volkswagen would like her—and you—to reconsider. "Old Wives Tales," a new campaign from Deutsch LA for the automaker's Passat TDI, features the Golden Sisters, who rose to fame with their salty commentary on Kim Kardashian's sex tape back in 2012. Show More Summary

180LA Calls on Rick Astley for Virgin Mobile

180LA launched a new campaign for Virgin Mobile featuring Rick Astley. While perhaps most familiar to modern audiences for the “Rickrolling” phenomenon, 180LA features the singer in a new broadcast spot highlighting Virgin Mobile’s data sharing plan. Show More Summary

Liam Neeson Narrates This Gorgeous Tourism Ad for Ireland Timed to St. Patrick's Day

Liam Neeson is a big softy when it comes St. Patrick's Day. The tough-guy actor provides a heartfelt voiceover for this 60-second Discover Ireland tourism spot, waxing poetic about his homeland. "Every year, on St. Patrick's Day, the...Show More Summary

What’s your moonshot?

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Rapid Ingenuity Blitz in NYC. Greg Galle from Future Partners shared Google’s criteria for moonshot idea during the Blitz. 1. Must be an idea that will affect a million people.  2. People will say you are nuts.  3. Show More Summary

It's Funny When Celebs Read Mean Tweets. Here's What Happens When Kids Read Them

"Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" is one of Jimmy Kimmel's most popular segments. It's been spoofed here and there—even by ad agencies. But now, Canadian agency John St. takes the theme in a bit of a different direction with "Kids ReadShow More Summary

Using Lean Analytics Principles to Build a Stronger Company

Lean Startup is a methodology designed to get companies to adopt a Build, Measure, Learn product development cycle. This emphasizes that teams quickly build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of a new product, measure how it performs, and learn from the experiment. The goal is to quickly go through this cycle to maximize learning and […]

Geometry Global Invokes the Spirit of The X-Files for Saga City

Fox Mulder would surely be intrigued by this short tale from Geometry Global that promotes tourism for Saga, a city located on the island of Kyushu, Japan — in a very unusual way. The Mayor of Saga, Mr. Toshiyuki Hideshima, who stars...Show More Summary

Customer Experience is Becoming More Important Than the Product Itself

Customer experience is the sum of all engagements and interactions a customer has with your business in every step of their journey and lifecycle. It’s what your customer feels, thinks, says (to you and others) and more so, what they do now and in the time to come that counts for everything. CX is measured […]

Munn Rabôt Does It in One Take for NYU

Here’s a slightly different, hyper-local campaign from New York agency Munn Rabôt that happened to catch the eye of one of our Manhattan colleagues. New York University — not always known for its innovative advertising — launched a campaign called...Show More Summary

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