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New podcast with Brian Koppelman Classic podcast with Krista Tippett Unmistakable Creative from 2015 And a video of Creative Mornings and their podcast The Your Turn book continues to spread. Have you seen it yet? Early-bird pricing on the huge...        

Avoid Content Ennui: 10 Creative Blog Types to Serve Your Audience

When it comes to blog content, a lot of us are serving breakfast when we should be serving dinner. Let me explain. Odds are you have a go-to breakfast that you eat nearly every day. A bowl of cereal with a banana, some oatmeal with maple syrup, a haunch of beef seasoned with the tears [...]Show More Summary

The post-reality paradox

Reality and rational thought have paid more dividends in the last century than ever before. Science-based medicine has dramatically increased the lifespan and health of people around the world. Vaccines have prevented millions of children from lifelong suffering and even...        

The 4 Essential Questions Your Content Must Answer in Less than 15 Seconds

A rodeo cowboy gets eight seconds to become a champion. What can content marketers do with nearly twice that time? HubSpot reports it takes less than 15 seconds for a reader to decide whether or not content is worth the effort. Think about that: In half of the Jeopardy theme, your reader’s mind is already made [...]Show More Summary

Michel Gondry Made This Surprise Music Video for the First White Stripes Song Since 2008

Michel Gondry famously directed four classic music videos for the White Stripes: "Fell in Love With a Girl" "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" "The Hardest Button to Button" "The Denial Twist" Now, much to Jack White's surprise, Gondry has added one more. read more

What Were Chester Cheetah and Burger King's King Hinting at During Those NFL Ads?

Anyone who watched an NFL game on Sunday saw a short teaser commercial about 100 times where Cheetos spokescat Chester Cheetah and Burger King mascot the King were seen sitting together at a BK restaurant, all exciting about … something. That...Show More Summary

My August 2016 Monthly Goals Report

Every month, I write a detailed monthly report about the progress that I’m making towards the goals and resolutions that I publicly stated on my blog earlier in the year.  This is my August 2016 Monthly Goals Report, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made on them so far. Show More Summary

Honda Just Remade Its Famous 'Cog' Ad, but With a Major Twist

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Honda's "Cog," made by Wieden + Kennedy in 2003, is one of the most famous car ads of all time. The remarkable Rube Goldberg-style spot featured a chain reaction of car parts that culminated in a finished Honda Accord. It took more than...Show More Summary

This Fun, Fan-Made Star Wars Ad Introduces a Bunch of Toys From Rogue One

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

So, it's no Chewbacca Mom—what is?—but the first fan-generated ad has landed for the megamillion-dollar toy line around Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, one of the most anticipated films of the year. It's a fairly epic video, done in stop-motion animation, that includes a sneak peek at a whole toy box of products from Lego, Funko, Hasbro and others. Show More Summary

10 Free On-Demand Webinars Every Marketer Should Check Out

Everything in the digital marketing world seems to move at light speed. And like most things in life, just when you think you have it all figured out, everything changes. As a result, we marketers need to stay sharp, flexible and inspired. We need to make a concerted effort to stay on top of industry [...]Show More Summary

Von Miller, Noted Chicken Farmer Who Also Plays Football, Is Your New Old Spice Guy

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

From raising chickens to tackling the world's biggest men to dancing for the nation, it seems there is nothing Von Miller can't do. And now, he's adding the revered title of Old Spice guy to his résumé. Procter & Gamble today announced that the Denver Broncos linebacker and Super Bowl 50 MVP will be the face of Old Spice for the 2016 season. Show More Summary

Storytelling or Story Making?

Whenever folks in the industry start repeating the same word, I tend to think something’s wrong. In fact, I often treat such behavior as a guide for what not to do. “Storytelling” is most certainly one of those words. Storytelling is a funny notion, in part, because most marketers are so terribly bad at it. […]

Watch the Voiceover Recording for an Ice Cream Ad Go Horrendously, Comically Wrong

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Comic short films about the absurdity of the ad business have a proud history going back to Tim Hamilton's brilliant Truth in Advertising. Here's the latest one—director Tim Mason's No Other Way to Say It, about an amusingly bleak voiceover recording session for an ice-cream commercial. read more

Air New Zealand Created a Video Asking James Corden to Come Do a 'Cockpit Karaoke'

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

If you love yourself some Carpool Karaoke, Air New Zealand's hoping you'll be willing to watch celebrities hit new decibel levels in an airplane cockpit. The below video is a public pitch aimed straight for late-night talk show hostShow More Summary

Everything You Should Know About Rio 2016 Olympic Marketing (And Other Non-Obvious Insights) | Issue #26

To help you get ready for the games, this week’s insights will feature some of the most interesting, controversial and important marketing stories from the lead up to Rio 2016, as well as a link to a my own curated YouTube playlist of marketing from all kinds of brands from around the world.  I hope it

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