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Schumer’s No Trainwreck

My wife and I finally had a chance to catch up on some flicks during last weekend’s rain-fest in New York. (There’s only so much bingeing one can do on “House of Cards,” “Billions” and “Vice.”) We decided to test our tolerance for the...Show More Summary

This Man Ate a Ford Kuga, to Sample Its Delicious Materials, in Brand's First 'Taste Drive'

Every automaker says it uses the best materials. But how do you really know unless you try them? And by try, we mean eat. Ford Motor Co. in Israel wanted to demonstrate the quality of the Ford Kuga's glass, steering wheel, seats, etc. Show More Summary

Kohler Ad Explains Why the Robots of the Future Will Spend All Their Time in the Toilet

En route to annihilating humanity, would robots take time out for a bathroom break? Apparently they would, if this amusing slice of high-tech potty humor from DDB Chicago, touting Kohler's Veil Intelligent Toilet, can be believed. At a futuristic housewarming party, humans and bots mingle... Show More Summary

Sharpening failure

Losing the election by ten votes or by a million--which is worse? "Missed it by that much," is a way to amplify how we feel when we don't succeed. So, when we miss the bus by just a few seconds,...        

Maya Rudolph Riffs on the Horrors of Non-Natural Soaps in Fun Ads for Seventh Generation

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Laser-beam blue and spray-tan orange. Those are the scary shades of common household cleaning products that make Maya Rudolph uncomfortable, as she describes them in a new campaign for Seventh Generation. The actress and comic—an alum...Show More Summary

France's Yellow Pages Just Made an Interactive Music Video About a Lady Who Builds a Sexbot

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Pages Jaunes—the French Yellow Pages—just launched an interactive music video for Breakbot's latest single, "My Toy." This may sound like a weird combination. But think about how much creative, local and artisanal color gets involved in productions like this. Show More Summary

The hardest part of design

For the past week, I’ve accomplished little. Part of that is laziness. The sun is out in full force—and I’m enjoying it. Between morning bike rides, and afternoons in the garden, I’m pretty content to just mosey along. (Life moves fast; it’s nice to take a moment to breathe, and listen to the birds chirp.) […]

Converse Invites You to Climb, and Dangle Your Feet Off, a 75-Story Skyscraper

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

If you're afraid of heights, Converse's new mobile game is not for you. A new ad for the footwear brand features climbers Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov, who've made headlines in recent years for the videos and photographs they've shot from the top of some of the tallest buildings in the world, like Shanghai Tower. Show More Summary

BOF Newsletter | Spring Digs Edition

  BRAINS ON FIRE | SPRING DIGS EDITION View this email in your browser APRIL 2016 : SPRING DIGS EDITION PARDON OUR DUST Over the past several months, The Firesphere has been undergoing a bit of a makeover. Now that the dust has settled, we’re loving our new-and-improved space. Show More Summary

Coca-Cola Just Remastered Its Famous 'Hilltop' Ad From 1971, and It Looks Fantastic

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Fans of Coca-Cola—and the Mad Men finale—are getting a nice treat today. The soda company just announced that it has remastered and color-corrected its famous 1971 commercial "Hilltop" for 4K television. Sarah Traverso, director of multimedia...Show More Summary

Pretzels Are Totally Badass in Barton F. Graf's Funny First Ads for Snyder's of Hanover

2 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

Barton F. Graf's signature absurdist humor arrives fully baked in its first campaign for Snyder's of Hanover pretzels. Broadcast spots and brief social videos introduce the line "Pretzels, Baby," delivered in mock-serious, smoky tones by actress Laura Wernette. Show More Summary

What Makes a Video Viral?

What Makes a Video Viral? written by Alex Boyer read more at Duct Tape Marketing Video is one of the most engaging forms of digital marketing. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Because video combines visual and audible elements, it brings the best parts of other the other digital media and combines them in…

Treating your talk as a gift

In a few weeks, Chris Anderson's much awaited book on TED Talks comes out. I've just finished reading it, and it's well worth a pre-order. When Chris took the leap 11 years ago and published the first online TED talks,...        

Actually, the truth isn't up to them

There it is, in black and white, on page 782, between gullet and Gulliver. Actually, it's not there, which is cause for worry. In the brand new fifth edition of the classic American Heritage Dictionary, the word 'gullible' is missing....        

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