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Gorgeous homes around $500k? Get OUT of Seattle!

This week, a real estate agent asked me to prepare some financial flyers for listings in Pierce County. The homes are stunning – I live in Seattle and cannot imagine having a large garage for our cars…although before living in Seattle, I had a sweet 2 3/4 garage. My first home that I bought was […]

German Automaker Emissions-Evasion Scandal Morphs and Expands to Antitrust

Growing awareness of the harmful effects of diesel fumes has prompted European cities to consider bans of diesel cars and has led consumers to reject cars with diesel engines, a largely German innovation that traditionally accounted for half the market. Show More Summary

Pittsburgh Gets a Tech Makeover

In 2015, Monocle magazine, a favorite read of the global hipsterati, published an enthusiastic report on Lawrenceville, the former blue-collar neighborhood here filled with cafes, hyped restaurants and brick rowhouses being renovated by flippers. Show More Summary

Jared Kushner's White House connection still being used to lure Chinese investors

``One webpage posted in March by Chinese company Qiaowai on the company's page on the popular Chinese social media site WeChat mentions Trump and suggests he supports the program: "Even some members of Trump's family have participated in the growth of the EB-5 program... Show More Summary

Wells Fargo: Too Big To Succeed?

``According to Chappell, the $271 billion Wells Fargo is now so large there is no easy way for the company to differentiate itself from rival banks. As a result, the company may be destined for industry-average ROE of around 10 percent (see Chappell's track record here). Show More Summary

Bank of America picks Dublin for EU base following Brexit

``Bank of America announced Friday that Dublin will be the new base for its European Union operations following Britain's decision last year to split from the EU. Brian Moynihan, CEO of the Charlotte-based bank, made the announcement during a trip to the Irish capital city. Show More Summary

Kushner failed to disclose dozens of financial holdings, new document shows

``Kushner's new disclosure, released by the White House, detailed more than 70 assets that his attorneys said he had inadvertently left out of earlier filings. The new document comes as the presidential aide faces increasing scrutiny as part of investigations into alleged Russian influence in the 2016 campaign... Show More Summary

Bond Boom Fizzles Out Amidst Uncertainty; Low Volumes

Dhaval Joshi, chief European investment strategist at BCA Research, said the bond boom had come to an end as the fog around the course of interest rates, made worse by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, intensified. "When the Federal Reserve signalled that it would begin to raise interest rates, it changed the story. Show More Summary

U.S. drops case against 'London Whale' alleged compatriots

In seeking the dismissal of charges against Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout, the Department of Justice said it "no longer believes that it can rely on the testimony" of Bruno Iksil, a cooperating witness who had been dubbed the London Whale, based on recent statements he made that hurt the case. Show More Summary

Bill Gross worried that central banks will lead world into recession

``"The reliance on historical models in an era of extraordinary monetary policy should suggest caution," Gross wrote. "Logically (a concept seemingly foreign to central banks staffs) in a domestic and global economy that is increasingly...Show More Summary

Walking-Back Tough Talk, Draghi Holds on to Central Bank Easing-Baton Yet Longer

The European Central Bank left its ultra-easy monetary policy stance unchanged as expected on Thursday, keeping rates at record lows and even leaving the door open to more asset buys if the outlook worsens....He stressed that the bank's...Show More Summary

Why did Deutsche Bank give Donald Trump loans when no one else would trust him?

``The activity Deutsche Bank engaged in that resulted in over $600 million of fines was borne out of the bank's desire to move $10 billion out of Russia -- in what one regulator said were transactions "highly suggestive of financial crime.".. Show More Summary

Bitcoin Soars as Upgrade Backers Hoist Beers to Armistice - Bloomberg

The community, which had been split on how best to make the cryptocurrency more manageable, rallied behind a code upgrade known as SegWit2x, which aims to increase the network's transaction capacity. That fueled a rally on in bitcoin's...Show More Summary

Google Glass Gets It Right the Second Time

``... the "explorers" who bought the [first version of Glass] soon discovered that it was buggy and that they were unwelcome in public spaces because they might be surreptitiously recording everything around them... Now, though, the Alphabet Inc. Show More Summary

‘What happened' with city's pledged spending for Carrier workers

We're learning most of those laid-off employees are still looking for work and the United Steelworkers Local 1999 said that reality is disappointing because these layoffs were more than a year in the making. "And these people are leaving...Show More Summary

FTC probing allegations of Amazon's deceptive discounting amidst Whole Foods Merger

Consumer Watchdog argued that the deceptive list prices make Amazon prices look like a bargain, and asked the FTC to stop Amazon from buying Whole Foods while the deceptive discounting is occurring....The FTC's "Guide Against Deceptive Pricing" warns against using a "fictitious" or "inflated" list price for the purpose of making the price charged look like a bargain.

Lyft launches a new self-driving division and will develop its own autonomous ride-hailing technology

``The company expects to hire "hundreds" of people for the new division by the end of the year and has just signed a lease for 50,000-square-feet on the first floor of a Palo Alto facility where it plans to build out several labs and open testing spaces. Show More Summary

Considering Trump's Legal Position (and Problems) After the New York Times Interview

``Few lawyers would say that the president helped his legal position with this interview. It may be that he only cares so much about the substance if he has concluded that he can end it all, "period," terminating the investigation and then daring the Congress to impeach him. He would then have put the law behind him and it would be all politics. Show More Summary

Should You Choose a Shorter Amortization Period?

There’s more to worry about than interest rates when you take out a mortgage. You must also consider the term or amortization period. In fact, the 2 go hand-in-hand. The shorter your loan’s term, the lower the interest rate. Of course, this depends on your credit and other qualifying factors. Show More Summary

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