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Steinhoff's ex-chairman Wiese calls off $2.6 billion Shoprite deal amidst accounting scandal; Wall St. Banks Brace For $1.2bln Losses

South African tycoon Christo Wiese on Friday called off plans to sell his stake in grocer Shoprite (SHPJ.J) to Steinhoff's African arm (SRRJ.J), a day after he resigned from Steinhoff's board in the midst of an accounting scandal....Banks...Show More Summary

Bitcoin Is A Scam Says Jordan Belfort

Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Calls Bitcoin A Major Scam That Is About To Crash

Goodbye, Janet Yellen - Here's How We'll Deal with Your Bearish Legacy

We currently have asset bubbles driven by loose, overly plentiful, and cheap credit in housing, commercial real estate, stocks, bonds, and of course, bitcoin. When one of these starts to deflate, it will start a chain reaction that destabilizes the financial system. Show More Summary

With Rubio, Corker Back on Board, G.O.P. Speeds Ahead With Tax Overhaul

A day after the bill's fate seemed somewhat in doubt, Republican leaders notched two wins on Friday, when Senator Marco Rubio of Florida said he would vote yes after winning a more generous child tax credit in the final bill and Senator...Show More Summary

America's Inequality Machine Is Sending the Dow Soaring

A rising tide does lift all boats -- but nowadays, in the U.S., not equally. Under both parties, recoveries have become increasingly lopsided. The current one has helped millions of people find work; it's also benefited asset-owners far more than people who trade their labor for a paycheck. Show More Summary

Retail Sales: Census Bureau Data May Be Mostly A Fairy-Tale

According to the [Census Bureau] propaganda, over 30% of the data used in the monthly estimate is a guess... The beauty of this is that the CB has leeway to report a fictitious number for the advance estimate and then revise the original...Show More Summary

H&M and Ferragamo Pour Cold Water On Holiday Retail Season Hype

Shares of Stockholm-based Hennes & Mauritz, better known as H&M, the world's second largest clothing retailer after Inditex (owner of Zara), crashed 14.8% after reporting an unexpected drop in fiscal 4Q 2017 sales. Sales missed bothShow More Summary

Latest GOP tax bill ups benefits for ultra-wealthy for 3rd time

Just dropping the top individual tax bracket to 37% from the 38.5% originally proposed by the Senate can lead to huge savings for ultra-wealthy Americans... Those earning $10 million a year would save an estimated $361,435 compared to the current tax system. Show More Summary

Britain doesn't appear to be collapsing as a result of Brexit

As time passes, it becomes clearer that the June 2016 British Referendum decision to leave the EU has not had the disastrous impacts predicted. I know people will still say that we have to wait until the full effects are observed. Fair enough. Show More Summary

What to Do if There’s a Lien on My Property?

Having a lien on your property is a common problem among sellers when it comes to selling their properties. A sale cannot proceed if there’s an existing lien on the home. So how do you resolve this common issue? Before anything, let’s define what exactly a lien is. Show More Summary


...keeping in mind an important reminder from Bill Ruckelshaus, a former acting FBI director who was a hero of Watergate when he quit Nixon's Justice Department in 1973 rather than following an order to impede the investigation of that landmark case. Show More Summary

Rubio to vote against GOP tax bill unless tax credit for working poor is expanded

Sen. Marco Rubio informed Senate leaders Thursday he intends to vote against Republicans' $1.5 trillion tax plan unless it includes a larger expansion of a child tax credit. "... given all the other changes made in the tax code leading...Show More Summary

Glut of New Manhattan Luxury Apartments Masks Rent Decline

Rent-free months, price cuts, gift cards, gym memberships. Manhattan's apartment landlords have been offering all sorts of enticements month after month, hoping to lure renters to their units amid a surge of new supply. So why hasn't...Show More Summary

Disney Will Rue Its Merger With Fox

``I hate to be the skunk at the garden party, but Iger better hope this deal isn't his legacy. If it is, I fear he'll be remembered as this decade's Gerald Levin, the former chief executive of Time Warner who merged his company in 2000...Show More Summary

Famed Short-Seller Jim Chanos Says Tesla Headed for ‘Brick Wall'

Chanos has been public about his short position in Tesla Inc. for more than a year. Last September, when Tesla was merging with SolarCity Corp., he called Elon Musk's automaker a "walking insolvency." He recently reiterated the critique...Show More Summary

Bitcoin Is Greener Than Its Critics Think

``... it's important to put things in perspective. A recent report suggests that at current prices, Bitcoin miners will consume an estimated 8.27 terawatt-hours per year. That might sound like a lot, but it's actually less than an eighth of what U.S. Show More Summary

Here Come the Bogus Bitcoin Scare Tactics

``The run-up in bitcoin and other crypto assets has offered cynics of all stripes a chance to look smart by condemning cryptocurrency as a "Ponzi scheme" that could "cause a recession." These arguments are not new, but they are ignorant.''

NEW! WSHFC now allowing Non-Traditional Credit

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC) is now allowing borrowers without established credit (aka “non-traditional”) to qualify for a mortgage. Here are some of the requirements: Available with FHA programs only Minimum...Show More Summary

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