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Prominent digital drug marketplaces knocked out in 1-2 punch

AlphaBay, previously the internet's largest darknet site, went offline on July 5 and was already widely assumed to have been taken out by authorities. But on Thursday, European law enforcement revealed that a second darknet site known...Show More Summary

Are Manhattan Bankruptcy Lawyers Misleading You About Foreclosures?

Are Manhattan Bankruptcy Lawyers Misleading You About Foreclosures? Bankruptcy Does NOT Stop A Foreclosure!

Bank of America Pulls Ripcord on Chinese Conglomerate HNA (SIGN OF PEAK?)

Bank of America's decision to pull out of any deals with HNA shows the concerns other US and European banks must have as well, and that they too might be getting second thoughts about the risks of doing business with Chinese conglomerates,...Show More Summary

Did the City of London Just Press the Panic Button on Brexit?

In a memo to the British Treasury, MPs, and financial institutions, the City's Brexit envoy to the EU, Jeremy Browne, bemoaned that the French are pushing for the most damaging Brexit possible, even if France doesn't directly benefit. Show More Summary

Saudi-led bloc modifies demands to end Qatar crisis

``Mr Mouallimi stressed that there would be "no compromise" on the principles, but added that both sides would be able to discuss how to implement them.''

Overnight Paper Attack On Gold -- Why This One Was Different

At exactly 3:56 EST, a clearly-motivated seller decided it was the best time to unload 2,741 August pieces of paper gold, driving the market down $4.50 instantaneously. If the gold were actually physically delivered into the buyer, that...Show More Summary

Brooklyn Office Market Passes High-Water Mark

``... since Etsy agreed to anchor RFR Realty and Kushner Companies' 1.2 million-square-foot redevelopment project [in 2014], Brooklyn's office market has gone from underserved to bloated as eager developers head deeper into the borough.''

Americans want U.S. goods, but not willing to pay more

`` Americans say they love U.S.-made goods. They are less enthusiastic, however, about paying a premium for them... A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday found 70 percent of Americans think it is "very important" or "somewhat important" to buy U.S.-made products. Show More Summary

"People Buy Payments" & Why Rates CAN'T Rise

In 1968 the average American family maintained a mortgage payment, as a percent of real disposable personal income (DPI), of about 7%. Back then, in order to buy a home, you were required to have skin in the game with a 20% down payment. Show More Summary

There Has Been Just One Type of Net Buyer Of Stocks Since 2009: Companies Themselves

``... according [to] Credit Suisse, Fink may be more correct than he even knows. As CS' strategist Andrew Garthwaite writes, "one of the major features of the US equity market since the low in 2009 is that the US corporate sector has...Show More Summary

Student Loan Debt Crisis Will Dwarf The Mortgage Crisis

Since 2010, student loan debt has reached $1.5 Trillion. This growing debt is second only to mortgage debt in the U.S. This is bigger than the debt the nation of Colombia owes the IMF.

Call In The Samurai Of Student Loan Debt Collection Defense

Like the mortgage lenders before them, Student Loan Debt Collection agents have people convinced they can't fight their student loan debt. Yet, MFI-Miami has again debunked the propaganda of sleaze from the Wall Street oligarchs. Just like we did with mortgage lenders.

Bitcoin soars as miners converge on solution to scaling problem

Several of the largest bitcoin miners (who create new bitcoins and support the blockchain), including AntPool, BitClub, Bixin, and BitFury, have started showing their support for bitcoin improvement proposal (BIP) 91, by adding...Show More Summary

Harley-Davidson says job cuts coming after earnings fall from weaker sales

``Saying that its U.S. motorcycle sales fell more than 9%, Harley-Davidson Inc. on Tuesday reported weaker quarterly earnings and said it would announce workforce cutbacks today. '' -- These bikes are such a luxury; not many in the target demo can afford a $40k bike these days...

Billions of dollars in student loans could be wiped away due to missing documentation

``At least $5 billion in private troubled student loans may be dismissed because paperwork that proves loan ownership is missing... Judges have already dismissed dozens of lawsuits against former students, essentially eliminating their debts because of the paperwork problem, according to The Times. Show More Summary

Trump's trade policies tank homebuilder confidence in July

U.S. homebuilders should be feeling pretty good about their business, given the nation's severe shortage of homes for sale, but a sharp spike in the cost of lumber is weighing heavy on their bottom lines....Builders were initially euphoric...Show More Summary

Trump Defeat On Health Care Weighing On U.S. Dollar

``The health care reform failure now calls into serious question the success of any other big initiatives that Trump has promised to push through Congress. The U.S. dollar index dropped sharply on the news...''

Jordan Belfort Protege Sentenced To 18 Months For $131M Stock Fraud

Jordan Belfort Protege Gerald Cocuzzo Pleaded Guilty Of Stock Fraud By Selling Stock In Fake Company

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