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Mortgage Master is now financing Manufactured Homes

Mortgage Master Service Corporation has started allowing the financing of manufactured homes again using FHA or VA mortgages. Here are some of our basic guidelines: Manufactured home must be newer than June 15, 1976 Must be at least a double-wide (i.e. no single wide homes) Must have the HUD labels on the exterior of each […]

Real Median Household Income Highest Since 2002 (But M2 Money Velocity Continues To Tank)

``That's up 2% since January, and is as high as it's been since February 2002 (or 15 years). Expressed as an index, median household income was 100.9 in April, which is the first time this index has topped 100 since December 2008.'' -- This seems stock market-coupled...

Home sales fall as tight supply boosts prices

``U.S. home resales fell more than expected in April, weighed down by a chronic shortage of houses on the market that is keeping house prices elevated and sidelining prospective buyers. The National Association of Realtors said on Wednesday existing home sales declined 2.3 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.57 million units last month''

NY Gov. Cuomo: Trump hasn't answered SOS for 'crumbling' Penn Station

``New York's Penn Station is "crumbling by the day," and President Donald Trump has not responded to requests for aid, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told CNBC on Wednesday.'' -- But he's a big infrastructure guy...

FHA vs Conventional Home Buyers

It is a very competitive market for home buyers in the greater Seattle area. I’m finding that many of my clients who are using FHA for financing are not feeling the love from home sellers. It’s not unusual for home sellers, or more likely their Listing Agent, to steer away from FHA offers when a […]

Are Conventional Home Loans Better Than Government Loans?

Buying a home or refinancing a current mortgage is not as cut and dry as you think. You have many options. Government loans are not just for first-time homebuyers anymore. They are good for many borrowers. Conventional home loans have their own benefits too. Show More Summary

How is your Mortgage Rate Determined?

If there’s one thing borrowers worry about the most with a new mortgage it is the mortgage rate. It makes sense. Who wants to pay more interest than necessary? Did you know, though, there are many factors that drive this rate? Some are in your control, others aren’t. Show More Summary

US attack on North Korea is imminent, George Friedman says

``Speaking Monday to a rapt audience at the 2017 Strategic Investment Conference in Orlando, Friedman said that while it is unlikely the US will take action before President Trump returns home at the weekend, North Korea's actions appear...Show More Summary

Even some Republicans balk at Trump's plan for steep budget cuts

Although it is not uncommon for members of a president's own party to criticize some elements of a White House budget blueprint, Trump's first attempt fell flat with congressional budget experts and conservatives alike. Among the criticism...Show More Summary

Jared Kushner's Slumlord Empire

``Tenants in more than a dozen Baltimore-area rental complexes complain about a property owner who they say leaves their homes in disrepair, humiliates late-paying renters and often sues them when they try to move out. Few of them know that their landlord is the president's son-in-law.''

America's Cities Are Running Out of Room

A shortage of homes for sale has bedeviled U.S. house hunters in recent years, so why don't builders build more? One problem is that they're running out of lots to build on--at least in the places that people want to live. Cities that...Show More Summary

Commodity Traders Have a Really Big Problem

Unlike the stock market in which transactions are typically based on information that's public, firms that buy and sell raw materials thrived for decades in an opaque world where their metier relied on knowledge privy only to a few.Show More Summary

Indian solar power prices hit record low, undercutting fossil fuels

Wholesale solar power prices have reached another record low in India, faster than analysts predicted and further undercutting the price of fossil fuel-generated power in the country. The tumbling price of solar energy also increases...Show More Summary

Interest-only loans could be 'Australia's sub-prime'

High-risk mortgage loans to young families, professionals and other over-extended borrowers amounting to more than six times household incomes could wipe out 20 per cent of the major banks' equity base, institutional investment fundShow More Summary

Car loans, low rates, second mortgages: all the ingredients for a new credit crunch (UK)

``A credit crunch is brewing and when it happens, the UK is going to get hurt. That is the message emerging from senior executives in the financial services industry, who do not think Britain has changed that much since the 2008 credit disaster and the devastating crash that followed. Show More Summary

The Wild West of Deep-Sea Mining

``In the coming years, a new gold rush will begin. Deep beneath the ocean's waves, from scalding hydrothermal vents to the frigid stretches of the abyssal plain, ocean processes have deposited vast quantities of valuable minerals on the seafloor. Show More Summary

It is Possible to be Debt-Free Quickly!

It is a hard truth that many Americans are in a “not-so-pleasant” financial situation. Most of them actually have more credit card debts than money in their emergency savings accounts. In a nation where you can have almost everything...Show More Summary

New Hope for Underwater Home as Numbers Plummet

The post New Hope for Underwater Home as Numbers Plummet appeared first on Blown Mortgage.

May school lunch cut ‘would hit 900,000 children of struggling families' (UK)

``The Education Policy Institute's analysis found that about 100,000 children who are in relative poverty will no longer receive a free meal under May's proposals. It found that an additional 667,000 children defined as coming from "ordinary working families" would no longer receive a free lunch.''

Trump's weapons deal ratifies US support for Yemen war

Saudi Arabia, armed with American weapons, fought a proxy war with Iran in Yemen, where the government was overthrown by a rebel group tied to the Iranians. Allegations that Saudi Arabia has bombed civilians and committed other human rights abuses compromised what would otherwise tend to be unanimous U.S. Show More Summary

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