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Nigel Farage Cheers "Anti-Establishment" Victory At Trump Rally - Live Feed

(In)famous British politician Nigel Farage will address a Trump rally in Mississippi tonight, telling "the story of the Brexit campaign," explaining to the audience "how the anti-establishment can beat the establishment." While Farage...Show More Summary

Deutsche Bank CEO Warns Of "Fatal Consequences" For Savers

Deutsche Bank's war of words with the ECB is not new: it was first unveiled in February when, as we wrote at the time "A Wounded Deutsche Bank Lashed Out At Central Bankers: Stop Easing, You Are Crushing Us." Europe's largest bank, with...Show More Summary

Saving Europe, One Entrepreneur At A Time

My son and young people around Europe offer a window into the kind of entrepreneurship crucial to the region's future.

Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash sells his longtime Manhattan Beach home

Folk rocker Graham Nash of The Hollies and Crosby, Still & Nash fame has sold his longtime home in Manhattan Beach for $1.6 million. That’s more than three times what he paid for the property two decades ago: $500,000. Tucked behind gates in the desirable Tree Section neighborhood, the remodeled...

CEO Of Giant Corporation Tells US Government He's The Boss Of Them

Are We the People the boss of giant multinational corporations, or are they the boss of us? Imagine, if you will, going to the IRS and saying, "I don't think the tax rate is fair so I'm not going to pay it." Regular Americans can't do that. Show More Summary

Uber Debuts Amazon Prime-Style Ride Service To Lock In Users

Uber's new flat-fare beta plan "Uber Plus" costs $20-$40 a month to guarantee rides as low as $1.

Total Societal Collapse: What The Media Isn't Telling You About Venezuela

Submitted by Shaun Bradley via, Life in Venezuela now consists of empty grocery stores, record rates of violent crime, and widespread shortages of just about everything. The economic and political conditions have been deteriorating for years, but recent stories coming from this once-rich nation are astonishing. Show More Summary

Thursday: Travel Day

As a reminder: NAR Existing Home Sales Report vs. Tom Lawler's LEHC Projection from Last WeekExisting Home Sales (SAAR): NAR, 5.39 million; LEHC, 5.41 million; “Consensus”, 5.52 millionInventory of EHS for Sale: NAR, 2.13 million; LEHC,...Show More Summary

Hybrid robo-advisors will manage 10% of all investable assets by 2025

After the strong growth of the robo-advisory approach in recent years, promoted by numerous start-ups worldwide as well as sizeable number of early adopting wealth managers, a new ‘sub-species’ has emerged: the hybrid robo/personal contact...Show More Summary

Swanepoel T3 Group Hires Paul Hagey as New Managing Editor

The Swanepoel T3 Group, residential real estate’s definitive strategic information firm, has hired award-winning former Inman News writer Paul Hagey as managing editor of its Swanepoel Trends Report and industry power-ranking list Swanepoel Power 200. Show More Summary

Lil Dicky Has Some Big Condoms to Sell You

The GS&P vet turned rapper is more prepared than an Eagle Scout.

No More Wasted Time at Business Meetings

Are you tired of attending meetings that are a complete waste of time? Learn how to schedule and facilitate productive business meetings. The post No More Wasted Time at Business Meetings appeared first on The post No More Wasted Time at Business Meetings appeared first on Click for more information about Maura Schreier-Fleming.

Are homebuyers avoiding natural hazard risk zones?

With news of climate change, increased coverage of natural disasters and a general fear of mother nature’s wrath, homebuyers seem to be getting savvier and straying from natural hazard risk zones...

Marketing Automation Solutions Are Now Affordable for Your Small Business

Marketing automation was once only available at enterprise level pricing; however, many affordable solutions are available to entrepreneurs today. The post Marketing Automation Solutions Are Now Affordable for Your Small Business appeared...Show More Summary

There's a Cheaper 'EpiPen,' but There's a Catch

Not since Martin Shkreli has there been such outrage over the spiking costs of a life-saving device or drug. Mylan, the maker of the EpiPen, has bumped up costs by almost 500% over the past few years, and because the drugmaker enjoys a near-monopoly on the epinephrine-delivering device—the AP...

Another former IRS commissioner says Donald Trump can, and should, make his tax returns public

"I can't define tax evasion, but I know it when I see it," Fred T. Goldberg Jr. once said. Fred Goldberg, in his capacity as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy, the position he took immediately after leaving his IRS commissioner post, answers questions from the Joint Committee on Taxation in February 1992. Show More Summary

Plessy v. Ferguson

From the 1996 issue of Kentucky Humanities: Charles Thompson on Justice Harlan's great dissent. An excerpt: "Our constitution is colorblind." It was Marshall's favorite Harlan quotation, and is now so familiar that we take it for granted. Show More Summary

Some Retailers Say Pokémon NO

Some merchants are saying Pokémon NO, as revenue bumps don't materialize.

Why would anyone still talk about a Phillip’s Curve?

Which of these models would you trust to evaluate inflation? (quarterly data since 1957) Phillip’s curve… core inflation plotted against unemployment. (link) My model plotting core inflation against corporate profit rates minus a mix of short & long-term nominal rates… (link) Who in their right mind would still talk about the Phillip’s curve after seeing […]

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