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Is Trivago Expedia’s Answer To Google and TripAdvisor’s Hotel Partnership Spree?

In a recent interview, Trivago’s managing director and head of hotel relations, Johannes Thomas, stated that the company had changed its focus this year to give more importance to direct hotel relationships. Trivago has also updated its Hotel Manager platform to attract more independent hotels. Show More Summary

Netflix Stock Rises 3% Amidst New Price Hike

Netflix stock jumped 3% amidst a newly announced price hike. Netflix comments on the price hike: “To continue adding more TV shows and movies including many Netflix original titles, we are modestly raising the price for some new members in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Show More Summary

'Minecraft Story Mode' Coming To Wii U

Minecraft Story Mode is out on October 13th. Developer reveals E10 for Everyone rating and plans for a Wii U version.

Extra Gum's New Advertisement Puts Minty Fresh Spin On An Old Story

VideoEver shed a tear over a gum ad? You just might with this wonderful new effort from Extra gum. Even more challenging they made the old "boy meets girl" storyline seem minty fresh. Have a look at I'll break it down. Gum starts out as a functional catalyst. It's a great [...]

Seven Percent of Americans Think It's OK For Police To Take Your Stuff, No Charges Needed

Wide majorities back reforming civil forfeiture laws, even across race, gender, income levels and political ideology.

Why Is It Important For McDonald’s To Focus On Quality?

The decline in comparable sales now seems to be a common highlight of the company's results. McDonald's is losing its existing customers to competition and its turnaround plan has not shown any immediate results. Loss of reputation seems to be weighing on its business, and McDonald's in its current form is losing some of its popularity. Show More Summary

Some Advice For The Brave; Now Might Be The Time To Buy VW Shares

As Volkswagen grovels before Congress and estimates of the final cost of dieselgate mount, investors are being urged to buy VW shares on the grounds that on the stock market at least the crisis probably can’t get any worse. Some investors may raise their eyebrows at this advice. After all, Volkswagen’s [...]

The People Equation in Shifting to a Customer-Obsessed Business

By Victor Milligan It’s not news that the digitally-empowered customer is changing our world. What is news is (1) the pace needed to catch-up to an extremely dynamic and impatient customer and (2) the magnitude of real change needed to meet the challenges (and opportunities) of a customer-led market. The magnitude and pace [...]

Why It Makes Sense For Boeing To Continue Increasing Its Production Rate

Given the sheer size of the backlog, it will take longer times for both companies to fulfill the orders at current production rates, which, in turn, could reduce the inflow of new orders. Having said that, both Boeing and Airbus are considering an increase in their production rates. Show More Summary

Fed Mouthpiece "Explains" Epic September Fed Confusion

In the wake of the Fed’s historic September “dovish hold”/”clean relent” which was significant for any number of reasons, but most especially because of what it said about the Fed’s apparent willingness to begrudgingly admit that it now has an intractable reflexivity problem (i.e. Show More Summary

How Much Value Can The Internet Of Things Add For AT&T?

(IoT) has been touted as the next big thing for the technology industry, driving growth for a broad spectrum of tech companies ranging from semiconductor manufacturers to cloud computing providers and software developers. IoT is expected to benefit wireless carriers as well, as their networks provide connectivity for a growing number of networked devices. AT&T is betting […]

Campbell's Cleverly Used Star Wars in Gay-Themed Ad, but the Comments Are on the Dark Side

Campbell Soup Company's newest ad, featuring its Star Wars inspired soup, is centered around a popular line from the movie, although maybe not in the way that you'd think. The 30-second ad features a father feeding his son, and quoting Darth Vader's "I am your father." But then there's a clever twist that makes the spot unique. Show More Summary

Bill Gross sues former employer Pimco

Famed bond investor alleges Pimco managing directors plotted to drive him out of firm.

FOMC Minutes Confirm Economy Not Ready For Rate-Hike This Year, Worried About Inflation, "Global Risk"

Given the tumble and stock save since September's infamous "chickening out" FOMC Meeting, investors hope today's minutes will provide some color on just how close Janet and her merry men were to pulling the trigger: FED OFFICIALS SAID...Show More Summary

House passes TRID ‘hold harmless’ bill

The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passed an industry-backed measure that would give a little breathing room to mortgage lenders and their real estate industry partners if they make a “good faith” attempt to comply with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) complex TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) rule. Show More Summary

The Fed’s Stupid Parlor Trick Silly Putty Reverse Repo Game

I regularly cover developments in the Fed’s ridiculous Reverse Repo (RRP) program in the MacroLiquidity Pro Trader Report. That short section of the report is normally just a mundane account of what went on in that useless program over the course of the week. Show More Summary

Industry experience as a platform for academic careers

Hear advice from scientists and engineers who have worked in private and public companies and transitioned back into academia.

2:00PM Water Cooler 10/8/2015

Today's Water Cooler: Clinton on finance, Carson interview, VW debacle, honey for the bears, Great British Bake Off, markets and deception

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