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Does Your Brand Fit Like Cinderella's Glass Slipper?

Photo by D. Park Photography -- During childhood, we've all heard Cinderella's tale. She meets the Prince, she runs away, she looses her little glass slipper. So the Prince sends his guards to try the slipper to every young lady in town. Show More Summary

Why Your Business Must Focus on Google Local Listings

Why Your Business Must Focus on Google Local Listings written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Podcast with Mike Blumenthal If you run a business that relies on local customers...Show More Summary

Tech Has Upended Banks and Stock Trading. Insurance Is Next

Banks, credit card companies, and brokers are watching fintech startups encroach on their turf. And their next target may be the juiciest prey yet: insurance. The post Tech Has Upended Banks and Stock Trading. Insurance Is Next appeared first on WIRED.

The Secret To Walt Disney's Corporate Strategy

It's all a massive feedback loop. A 1957 infographic of Walt Disney's corporate theory reveals a complex web of strategic channels. The illustration might be nearly 60 years old, but it's still the basis of the brand's success. Read Full Story

Merkel dismisses Tsipras's last-ditch compromise plan

``In an address to the Bundestag, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, reiterated her stance that there was no point in having talks with the government of Alexis Tsipras before a referendum in Greece on an EU bailout plan.''

Jeb Bush Releases 33 Years Of Tax Returns

Jeb Bush yesterday released 33 years of tax returns, far more than any presidential candidate in history. According to a letter from former IRS Chief Counsel Hap Shashy, the head of King & Spalding's Tax Practice Group, Governor Bush paid an effective tax rate of 36% over those years (summary)....

Headline News from - July 1, 2015

On the Web: Facebook rolls out payments for U.S. users in Facebook Messenger. - "Add your Debit Card and pay anyone on Messenger in a few taps. Money goes straight from your checking account to the recipient's checking account. Easy and safe." On the Wires: Citi Launches New Citi Mobile App for iPhone in the U.S. Show More Summary

Noted for Your Afternoon Procrastination for June 30, 2015

Must- and Should-Reads: Anil Kashyap: [A Primer on the Greek Crisis]( Paul Krugman: [The Awesome Gratuitousness of the Greek Crisis]( Paul Krugman: ["In 2007, Greece... Show More Summary

Sacramento Kings Pursuing John Calipari

The Sacramento Kings are pursuing Kentucky coach John Calipari

Why the Hollowing Out of the Middle Class Matters

For the past several decades, the idea that high levels of inequality were good for the economy dominated political and economic thought. Politicians believed the trickle-down theory that enabling “job creators” to get richer would help us all, and economists provided cover for this line of thinking because they thought there was a tradeoff between […]

By the numbers: the Deep Web

New research has revealed hidden secrets about the 'Deep Web'.

Restaurant Owners Band Together on Facebook to Find Dine-and-Dashers

Though businesses often use Facebook for marketing, these restaurants used it to curb some negative behavior engaged in by a small group of customers known as dine-and-dashers. You won't believe what they did.

Tax Policy Helped Create Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Crisis

Yesterday, the governor of Puerto Rico announced that his government’s $72 billion of debts are not payable, in advance of $1.92 billion in debt service payments due on Wednesday. This announcement follows over a year and a half of uncertainty...Show More Summary

Australia is ripe for women start-ups

This may surprise some, but Australia is the second-best place in the world for women to start up businesses.

THE WAIT BEGINS: Germany says there will be no more Greek bailout talks before the July 5 referendum (GREK)

No more talks. According to German chancellor Angela Merkel, there will be no new talks between Greece and its creditors between now and its July 5 referendum, Bloomberg reports. Last Friday, Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras called...Show More Summary

Fed’s Fischer Sees Gradual Rate Increase

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said Tuesday that Fed policy makers are on track to raise interest rates “when we have seen further improvement” in the labor market and inflation.

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman: low commission fees aren’t ‘rational’

If Redfin acted rationally, the high-tech brokerage would charge higher commission fees, according to Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman. Why? Because Redfin has found that increasing its commission rate does not impact demand for its services, meaning the brokerage could theoretically boost profits if it charged going rates to match its competitors...

How changing oil prices affect real estate values

How do oil prices of $40 per barrel influence home values? Check out this HouseCanary infographic...

Carlos Slim's Ora TV Severs Ties With Donald Trump, Calling His Remarks About Immigrants "Racist"

Donald Trump's offensive remarks calling Mexican immigrants "criminal and rapist", have forced Carlos Slim's Ora TV, Emilio Azcarraga's Televisa, Univision and NBC, to drop plans for airing the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants that are co-owned by the real estate mogul.

Greece limps into economic unknown

Greece looks set to miss its payment to the International Monetary Fund today. ||| Athens - Greece is staggering deeper into the economic unknown, saying it will miss a payment to the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday and leaving the protection of Europe’s bailout regime at midnight. Show More Summary

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