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Great (But Wrong) Expectations

My latest post looks at a Barron’s article focuse […]

Why Venture Capital is Facing Decentralization

VC firms are turning to the wisdom of the crowds for fundraising, sourcing, and decision-making activities.

Struggling energy companies are getting money from an unlikely source

Banks have been pulling back from lending to energy companies. Hedge funds and buyout firms have been stepping in to the void. The oil price is down more than 50% since mid-2014, and banks are less eager to lend to struggling oil companies. Show More Summary

Cuddling and Egg McMuffins Show Economic Slowdown Underway

What do escorts and McDonald’s have in common? Both are responding to the end of economic growth, says Andrew Zatlin of Moneyball Economics. When times get tough and people are less willing to part with their money, businesses get creative. Zatlin tracks...

Under $700K Club: NoPa Mini Condo Asks $699,000

Bottom floor of renovated 1900 Victorian Time again for the Under $700K Club, the inflation-adjusted version of our old Under $500K club. Here we showcase the few and the proud San Francisco homes that, even in this this time of seven-figure...Show More Summary

Map: What to Do Before and After a Giants Game Around AT&T Park

Because you might be missing outside the ballpark Giants fans are lucky enough to not only root for Major League Baseball's greatest team, but also have a park located in San Francisco, right on the border of Mission Bay and South Beach. Show More Summary

3 steps to an excellent credit score

An excellent credit score can unlock low interest rates on mortgages, auto loans and credit cards. In many states, a good score is also the key to lower auto insurance premiums. Although there are hundreds of credit scores out there, FICO remains the industry standard and isn't shy about telling people how to improve their scores. Show More Summary

5 Must-Answer Questions to Succeed Targeting Your Customer Base

To be an effective marketer, you much know as much about your customer base as possible.

How To Do Facebook Live Well

Facebook's new live video tool offers great possibilities for building community if you're smart about using it. Online video is nothing new, and neither is Facebook, but in the past year, Facebook has rolled out a new tool to all users that combines the two in intriguing ways. Show More Summary

For Leadership, Like Everything Else, Practice Makes Perfect

James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner are hardly the first to challenge the notion that leaders are born not made. As the business world has become more fixated on the importance of leadership – especially the inspirational and authentic kinds – so academics, consultants and other experts have been [...]

This One Thing Gives Women The Edge In Crowdfunding

The use of language and the ability to tell a story helps level the playing field for women entrepreneurs seeking funding through Indiegogo. From glass ceilings to wage gaps, women in the workforce are often at a disadvantage. For female entrepreneurs, the challenges are sometimes even greater. Show More Summary

Does Andy Murray Really Need Another Coach?

Andy Murray is No. 2 in the world and 29 years old. Does he really need to sign up a new coach?

You'll Never Believe What Is Inspiring More Americans to Get Active -- Well, Actually, You Will

So it appears that Americans are getting a little more active. A report released May 23 by the Physical Activity Council, made up of eight sports industry associations, found the number of inactive Americans dropped to 81.6 million in 2015,down from 82.7 million in 2014, which was the highest number [...]

Why Automakers Are Anxious To Get Onboard With Ride Sharing

Automakers, looking to capture the growing market for ride sharing and ride hailing, continue to invest directly in the start-ups that are quickly taking business from conventional taxis and changing the way many people think of mobility.

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