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Native plants in more yards could go a long way toward supporting local wildlife

To the editor: Urban wildlife populations are maintained not only by open space and wildlife corridors, but also by native plant habitat in our yards. (“Los Angeles needs open space for wildlife and for our sanity,” editorial, Jan. 16) Native landscaping is one of the “less dramatic and less costly...

Parents cannot be allowed to use religious freedom to hide their abuse of children with home-schooling

To the editor: To remain viable, a democracy must ensure that its children are educated. The overarching goal of course is to produce healthy, knowledgeable, well-adjusted, productive adults. Most public schools — and many home schools — perform this function well. But as the Turpin family’s travesty...

If Amazon builds its new HQ in L.A., say goodbye to affordable housing

To the editor: If Amazon ends up moving into Los Angeles, I and assuredly many others will likely be moving out — and not by choice. (“Amazon picks 20 possible places for its second headquarters, including L.A.,” Jan. 18) While the most frequently quoted figures ($5 billion in investment; 50,000...

Architect Frank Gehry unveils designs for long-delayed Grand Avenue project

Visitors who come at all hours every day to marvel at architect Frank Gehry’s gleaming Walt Disney Concert Hall routinely turn their backs on the eyesore across Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. The shabby open-air parking structure known as “the Tinker Toy garage” has been a public embarrassment...

SF Fed's Williams: Strong economy may spur talk of additional rate hikes

San Francisco Fed President John Williams says economic growth has strengthened in that could prompt four rate hikes in 2018.        

3 ways debt settlement may not be the fix you expect

If you’re considering working with a debt settlement company look beyond the marketing pitches.        

2017 Was a Record Year in Insurance Claims Due to Natural Disasters

Insurers are expected to pay a record $135 billion to cover losses from natural disasters in 2017, according to German reinsurer Munich Re. This high costs was due to the most expensive hurricane season ever to occur in the United States and widespread flooding throughout South Asia. Overall losses, which include uninsured damages, came to […]

The Invasion of the German Board Games

Their peaceful premises and intricate rule systems are changing the way Americans play—and helping shape an industry in the process.

The Ultimate Free Life Hack? I Quit Drinking for Three Months

Last October, I decided I needed a new challenge. I’ve always been interested in trying new things to save money or improve my health, whether it’s eating an all-potato diet or taking freezing cold showers. So, what would be next? IShow More Summary

10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads: • Machines Are Encroaching on Bond Markets’ Last Line of Resistance (Bloomberg) see also ETFs are the New Bond Kings (Bloomberg) • T. Boone Pickens, a Texas-Size Businessman, Calls It Quits: A cantankerous self-made tycoon, Mr. Show More Summary

Bank of America has found the formula for a market meltdown — and we're dangerously close

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has identified a series of thresholds that need to be breached in order for the market to see a correction. The indicators in question include GDP, wage inflation, 10-year Treasury yields, and the S&P 500 equity index. BAML has repeatedly warned against investor overexuberance. Show More Summary

Half of retirees have a nice 'problem' to tackle

Hooray, you've reached your retirement savings goal! Now, here's what to do.

Avocado toast isn't the only thing eating your cash. Here are some things to dump in 2018

We’ve all heard that defunding your coffee habit or laying off the avocado toast can help save money, but there are less obvious things you can remove from your budget, too. Reach your money goals faster by paying close attention to these things in 2018: Delivery apps Think twice before downloading...

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