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Mom loses $3,000 to slick work-from-home scam

Many of us would love to make a little extra money working at home. But before you search for a part time job, one woman has a warning for you, because she just lost thousands of dollars to a work-from-home scam. Posts Resume Online Hope Catazaro is a busy mom trying to put food on...

Work From Home, Make a Good Living Trading

Turn to Wall Street for a simplified life If you have spent any amount of time on social media you will see retail (civilian) stock traders extolling the life style of traveling around the world, staying at the nicest hotels and driving the supercars. I write about it daily on Live Trading News, it is...

Lester Holt gets out of the way as moderator, and the spin room approves

“NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt moderated his first presidential debate like a boxing referee who lets the fighters go at it in the middle of the ring. Holt’s largely non-obtrusive style during the first meeting of Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton had its detractors...

A Financial Health Check Should Be a Pre-Qualification of Every Supplier Qualification

And every organization should review a Financial Health report, comprised of, or augmented with, third party data, and, unless they are (or have in-house) financial experts, this should preferably be done by a third party. The reality is that in today’s data driven world, no organization should be surprised by a bankruptcy of a mid-size […]

Conor McGregor will get his double-belt shot at UFC's first New York card

Conor McGregor’s convincing case to pursue his previously delayed bid to simultaneously wear two championship belts officially won over UFC President Dana White on Monday, and McGregor will fight new lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez on Nov. 12 at the organization’s first card in New York. “We...

Jeff Carter is back with the Los Angeles Kings after injury kept him out of World Cup

Jeff Carter takes pride in representing Canada, having worn the maple leaf jersey at numerous international tournaments including the 2014 Sochi Olympics, where the Canadians won gold. tHe also is known for a steadfast fitness routine that extends to the off-season. That all blew up in one fell...

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Go To Conferences

Have you had a chance to see one your virtual mentors in real life? If you haven't, a conference may be your solution.

How To Collect 11.5% Yields From A Stock Yielding 3.6%

I can't believe more people aren't taking advantage of this... For the past few years, my colleague Amber Hestla and her readers have been "skimming" from Wall Street. And the

3 Industries That Will Be Transformed By AI, Machine Learning And Big Data In The Next Decade

Historically, when new technologies become easier to use, they transform industries. That’s what’s happening with artificial intelligence and big data; as the barriers to implementation disappear (cost, computing power, etc.), more and more industries will put the technologies into use, and more and more startups will appear with new ideas of [...]

Boss Who Banned Birthdays and Levity Is Dead, Gets New York Times Obituary Because of "Grumpy" Memos

He also barred employees from saying hello to him and signed his corporate memos, "Owner of All Companies and The Boss"

In Mexico, they were hoping Clinton would do better

Clinton-Trump first debate updates: Our scorers give it to Clinton Sept. 26, 2016, 10:01 p.m. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came out swinging in a contentious first showdown. Both entered the debate trying to win support from an unusually high number of voters who remain undecided.See how our...

Angelina Jolie is finalizing Brad Pitt divorce from a Malibu beach rental

Rent is $95K per month If you were worried that you’d be left in the dark about where exactly Angelina Jolie is shacking up while hashing out the details of her divorce from Brad Pitt, rest assured; the Daily Mail has you covered. The...Show More Summary

Former NFL defensive end Greg Hardy arrested on cocaine charge

Former Dallas defensive end Greg Hardy, who remains unsigned after a tumultuous 2015 season revolving around his domestic violence case in North Carolina, was arrested on a cocaine possession charge in Texas.  Hardy was booked early Monday and later released on $5,000 bond in the Dallas suburb...

Next Generation Supplier Management – Reverse Logistics and the Circular Economy

Categories: Last week we ran the Real World Procurement session titled Next Generation Supplier Management in Abu Dhabi with Tejari, having premiered it in London a […] (Read more...)

Trump Destroyed Clinton on the Economy. Here's What She Should Say Next Time.

Monday night’s presidential debate began poorly for Hillary Clinton. Very, very poorly. Subject No. 1 was the economy, and the woman on whose shoulders liberal democracy might presently rest spent much of the opening discussion getting absolutely savaged by Donald Trump on his favorite subject, and one of her weakest: trade. Show More Summary

Car crashes into South L.A. bus stop, injuring four

A hit-and-run driver caused an accident Monday evening that resulted in critical injuries to three pedestrians sitting at a bus stop in South Los Angeles, an L.A. police spokesman said. The incident occurred near 449 West 54th Street, in the Vermont Square neighborhood, according to Erik Scott,...

The Devaluation Of Creativity

Summary: Thank you for inviting me here tonight. I’m not usually invited to speak at high class affairs like this. I usually get invited to horrifying events like the “The Programmatic Real-Time Digital Insider Summit” or some other majestically titled festival of horsesht.

Amazon Prime Videos Coming Soon; Forges Tie-Up With Dharma Productions

After Amazon Prime’s successful launch, they are now gearing up to launch their long awaited video service, Prime Video, by tieing up with the Dharma Productions. This deal will include 4 upcoming movies and also, Prime Video subscribers will get unlimited access to previous Dharma Production’s movies. Show More Summary

The most memorable moments from the first presidential debate

The first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was one of the most anticipated skirmishes in presidential history. It didn't disappoint. Monday's feisty showdown took on a sprawling range of topics, from free trade to Islamic State to the controversial policing tactic stop-and-frisk....

I Prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton (Video)

By EconMatters Donald Trump might just be outside the career politician mode enough to address some of the structural issues facing this country over the next four years that sadly Hillary Clinton will just continue perpetuating with the status quo. Show More Summary

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