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Report: Phil Mickelson Involved in Money Laundering, Gambling Operation

According to sources and court documents obtained by ESPN's Outside the Lines, Phil Mickelson was involved in the transfer of nearly $3 million as part of "an illegal gambling operation which accepted and placed bets on sporting events."

NBC cuts ties with Donald Trump

NBC parts ways with the real estate mogul, pulling him as "The Celebrity Apprentice" host and nixing the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants

Confused About Fast Track And The Trans-Pacific Partnership? Here’s What You Need To Know.

President Obama finally won “fast-track” trade authority last week when Congress overcame a Democratic rebellion, paving the way for the administration to complete the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. Obama’s Democratic allies, many... Show More Summary

Greece Will Default To IMF Tomorrow, Government Official Says

Earlier today, as the exchange between Greece and its creditors got increasingly belligerent, Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas told public broadcaster Eesti Rahvusringhaaling in interview that a possible Greek decision to leave euro...Show More Summary

How A Berlin Startup Gets People To Buy More Books, By Reading Less

Berlin startup Blinkist is getting people to buy more books, by reading less. Business titles like Getting Things Done and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are classics in the world of self-improvement. But time has increasingly become a precious commodity. Business books now compete with blogs, and for [...]

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz: Greece's creditors have 'criminal responsibility' for chaos

Greece continues to wallow in extreme financial misery after the country's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras decided to let citizens decide the fate of the nation in a bailout referendum on Sunday July 5. Immediately following this announcement...Show More Summary

REPORT: This is the question Greece will be asked in Sunday's bailout referendum

We might have just found out the exact question that Greeks will be asked when they vote in Sunday's bailout referendum.  Twitter user @GreekAnalyst, who runs a blog on Greek politics, just posted what he says is a translation of the ballot paper that will be voted on July 5. Show More Summary

If Not The Cavaliers, Could LeBron James Wind Up With the Los Angeles Lakers?

LeBron James has reportedly opted out of his contract and will be a free agent come July 1. And while all things point to his return to the Cavaliers, if something were to happen, could James bring 'Showtime' back to the Los Angeles Lakers?

The Supreme Court's bad call on Affordable Care Act

In King vs. Burwell, the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act permits individuals who purchase insurance on the federal exchange to receive taxpayer subsidies. Though the King decision pleases the ACA's ardent supporters, it undermines the rule of law, particularly the Constitution's...

Affordable Care Act Serves As Strong Tailwind for Healthcare REITs

The Supreme Court ruling last week validates the robust demand for owning healthcare buildings.

Markets prepare for the 'almost certain' Greek default tomorrow

European markets are absolutely cratering on Monday as Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' shock referendum announcement and the increasing likelihood that Greece will default looms imminently. In fact, it's been pretty much accepted...Show More Summary

It’s a miserable Monday in Greece

Greeks were faced with closed banks, empty ATMs and growing fears of a Grexit on Monday morning. ||| Athens - Greek citizens woke up to shuttered banks, closed cash machines and a climate of rumours and conspiracy theories on Monday as a breakdown in talks between Athens and its creditors pushed the austerity-battered country to the brink. Show More Summary

AIIB: Beijing will be largest shareholder

China will hold a 30.34 percent stake in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. ||| Beijing - China will hold a 30.34 percent stake in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Finance Ministry said on Monday, making Beijing the largest shareholder in a multilateral institution that will project the country's growing soft power. Show More Summary

DeAndre Jordan has positive meeting with Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks made a big push Wednesday during their presentation with center DeAndre Jordan, trying to sell the Clippers' unrestricted free agent on how he can prosper with the team.

Rapacious romance readers prompt all-you-can-read Scribd to scale back offerings

Scribd is one of the companies vying for the title Netflix-for-Books. And it's been successful -- too successful, perhaps -- with its all-you-can read offerings, particularly when it comes to erotica and romance.

Rule From S.E.C. Would Allow Companies to Take Back Executive Bonuses

Critics of bonuses say that they create incentives for executives to cash out quickly, regardless of whether their companies falter later.

Novak Djokovic pays tribute as his opponent plays last Wimbledon match

In the midst of tough tennis competition Wednesday, with stakes incredibly high, two moments of human sensitivity stood out on the third day of the Wimbledon fortnight.

The Cover-up is Alway Worse Than the Crime

The crime:Nobel laureate [Stiglitz] tells TIME that the institutions and countries that have enforced cost-cutting on Greece "have criminal responsibility"The cover-up:"Greece is in a difficult situation, but purely because of the behaviour of the Greek government... Show More Summary

Who Will Be The Last To Crash?

Submitted by Paul Rosenberg via, This is the question that astute investors are forced to ask themselves these days. No reasonable person believes that a system of ever-expanding debt can resolve painlessly. It simply cannot happen… not, at least, until 2+2 stops equaling four. Show More Summary

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