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Should The Boss Apologise For Having An Affair??

Regrets: Antonio Horta-Osorio, chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group (Photo: Jason Alden/Bloomberg ) The British Press is calling its latest sex scandal “Lloyd’s Bonk”. The nation’s largest retail bank, still partly owned by the UK government has been caught with its trousers down. Or, rather, the man in charge of it [...]

49ers Fans Burn Kaepernik Jerseys After 'Black-Oppression'-Protesting QB Refuses To Stand For National Anthem

The $120 Million-earning, 'black' quarterback (raised by 2 white parents) of the San Fransisco 49ers decided yesterday that in order to protest "a country that oppresses black people and people of color," he would refuse to stand during the national anthem. Show More Summary

The maker of EpiPens says it gives thousands to schools for free – and may get huge tax breaks in the process

Mylan has not lowered its price of EpiPen two-packs after a firestorm of criticism. What it has done is tout all it says it's doing to make the drug more affordable, like offering to subsidize patients' co-pays. And Mylan says it's donated 700,000 packs of EpiPens to schools in the past four years. Show More Summary

Another US Stock Market Indicator Extremely Bullish

It is rather unbelievable how many commentators remain bearish on the stock market. For one reason or another, it appears that this gigantic breakout to all-time highs in U.S. stocks, which IS meaningful, is being downplayed. Admittedly,...Show More Summary

Grads Aim To Elevate Entrepreneurship At UC Berkeley

Cameron Baradar, managing director of The House, in the background (Photo courtesy of The House) The University of California atBerkeley has produced plentyof successful startups, such as Nextdoor, TubeMogul and Cloudera, not to mention 486 startups last year alone, according to the venture and private equity database Pitchbook. Still, it tends [...]

Top Marginal Tax Rates and Real Economic Growth, Part 2

by Mike Kimel Top Marginal Tax Rates and Real Economic Growth, Part 2 A few weeks I wrote a post looking at the correlation between the top marginal tax rate in a given year and the growth in real GDP per capita over subsequent years. This post is the first of several follow-ups. It will […]

Dear Janet... A Memo From Millennials To The Fed

Via ConvergEx's Nick Colas, The Federal Reserve’s long-term influence hinges in part on its ability to convince millennials that its current policies can help push inflation closer to the central bank’s 2% goal. That’s not as easy as...Show More Summary

How Randy Altschuler is making 3-D printing more accessible

WASHINGTON — Randy Altschuler certainly has an eclectic resumé. He studied German literature in college, ran for Congress as a Republican in 2010 and 2012, and now heads the 3-D printing and CNC machining startup company Xometry, Inc. Show More Summary

How innovation and key investments are transforming AT&T

DALLAS — A little more than a year into its acquisition of DirecTV, AT&T finds itself in some ways uniquely situated to capitalize on a changing tide in television and entertainment. Its TV services reach more than 25 million subscribers. Show More Summary

The World After Trump

I recently got a call from a political analyst in Washington. “Trump is dropping like a stone,” he...

From lagoon to spoon: Aquaculture gets a boost

SILICON VALLEY — There are many similarities between what’s happening at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and in the high tech culture of nearby Silicon Valley. But the pioneering things that Moss Landing — the ocean research and...Show More Summary

Tesla’s vision of an all-electric car future is still years off (TSLA)

Tesla made history Tuesday when it announced a new battery upgrade that allows the Tesla Model S with Ludicrous to drive 315 miles on a single charge, but as many have already noticed, very few will be able to experience it. Tesla'sShow More Summary

Which China ETF To Choose Once The Shanghai Exchange Breaks Out?

We wrote recently that China’s stock market is looking increasingly attractive (read Watch China Closely As It Is Close To Breaking Out). China’s collapse of last year is clearly over, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange is building a base at this point, with a clear pattern of higher lows since the February 2016 lows. Show More Summary

Football: This week's top 25 rankings by The Times

1. MATER DEI (1-0).2. ST. JOHN BOSCO (1-0).3. CORONA CENTENNIAL (1-0).4. MISSION VIEJO (1-0).5. NARBONNE (1-0).6. OAKS CHRISTIAN (1-0).7. VISA MURRIETA (1-0).8. CHAMINADE (0-1).9. LONG BEACH POLY (1-0).10. LA MIRADA (1-0).11. SERVITE (1-0).12. ST. BONAVENTURE (1-0).13. MURRIETA VALLEY (1-0).14....

Wikileaks Revealed Massive Political Corruption: Where's The Coverage?

The corporate media, especially the television media, has not been adequately covering the scope of the latest Wikileaks batch of emails. Especially since some of the revelations may have a material impact on the upcoming presidential...Show More Summary

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