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Why Leaders Need A Touch Of The Psychopath

An academic from Oxford University has this week attracted a certain amount of publicity for a study that suggests that U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump displays more psychopathic traits than Adolf Hitler, while his rival, Hillary Clinton, has a scoring that puts her between Napoleon and Nero. This is great, [...]

Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion In QE Would Be Needed To Offset An "Economic Shock"

``... when the US economy slides into the next sharp recession, no less than $4 trillion in QE will be needed to stabilize the economy, bringing the Fed's total holdings of government bonds to well over 30%. And with that in mind, we...Show More Summary

Journey from Earth to the Moon in Seven Hours Onboard this Radical Train Concept

The brainchild of industrial innovator Charles Bombardier, the Solar Express is designed to ferry goods and passengers between celestial bodies and space stations traveling at up to 1% the speed of light.

If Speed Is A Problem, Tesla Has A $135,000 Solution That's Even More Ludicrous

Elon Musk's engineers are adding what they describe as the world's fastest production car, the new $135,000 Model S P100D

Tom Brady's Vegan Snacks Only Add To His Bourgeois Profile

Brady is charging $50 for vegan snacks, which pair nicely with his $200 cookbook.

Luxury listing: renovated duplex in historic Beekman

This renovated condo in Manhattan's Beekman neighborhood creates an enviable lifestyle by bringing the full-service amenities of a condominium with the privacy of a townhome -- and that privacy includes a private, three-level terrace overlooking the East River...

Liveblogging the American Revolution: August 24, 1778: General Orders,

George Washington: _[General Orders][]_: [General Orders]: >Parole Framingham—C. Signs Fez—France. >Brigade returns of all the horses in each Regiment and by whom kept to be made out immediately and delivered in to the orderly Office by 12 ôClock tomorrow. Show More Summary

Liveblogging the Cold War: August 23, 1946: Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt: _[My Day][]_: [My Day]: >NEW YORK, Thursday--None of us can help being worried and indignant over the shooting down of two of our unarmed transport planes which had wandered over the Yugoslav border. Conceding that there may be some hidden reason why our planes are forbidden to...

Liveblogging the American Revolution: August 22, 1778: Battle of Rhode Island

Wikipedia: _[Battle of Rhode Island][]_: [Battle of Rhode Island]: >Since d'Estaing's fleet outnumbered Howe's, the French admiral, fearful that Howe would be further reinforced and eventually gain a numerical advantage, reboarded the French troops, and sailed out to do battle with Howe on August 10. As the two fleets...

The Most Important Things to Know When Starting Your Business

Entrepreneur Network partner Phil Thompson asks Pursue Wealth, "What is the most important lesson you learned starting your own business?"

Liveblogging the Cold War: August 21, 1946: The Marshall Mission to China

George C. Marshall: _[To Colonel Marshall S. Carter][]_: >August 21, 1946 Radio No. GOLD 1360. [Nanking, China] >Secret, Eyes Alone >Reference your WAR-97857.1 My view is as follows: situation critical in the extreme, small prospect for early termination of hostilities agreement—therefore likelihood great of spread of fighting into Jehol Province...

Historic Core building might be razed for a parking lot

Its neighbor, The Smell, is safe Google Maps Most developers these days are targeting parking lots as sites for new buildings, but not L&R Group of Companies. An executive tells Curbed that L&R is considering plans to knock down a building...Show More Summary

Tax deductions for allergy-related medical costs

I have allergies, but they are just the run-of-the-mill inconveniences -- sniffles, sneezing, red eyes. Neither my life nor those of my loved ones depend on immediate treatment for an allergic reaction. Photo by Tokyogirl79 via Wikipedia Folks who rely on EpiPens, however, are in a really terrible place right now. Show More Summary

Why Cockroach Milk Could Be The Next Superfood

Sometimes, things that are good for you may not come in pretty little packages. This case especially holds true, when according to a recent study launched by a group of international scientists at the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem) in Bangalore, India and other institutions worldwide, [...]

'WWE 2K17' Roster Reveal (4 of 5): Goldberg Entrance [VIDEO] and American Alpha Confirmed

VideoThe fourth of five roster reveals has gone live on The latest info dump has confirmed the inclusion of 30 more Superstars from the past and present. Image from WWE 2K17 Goldberg is the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K17, so learning that he was included in the roster wasn't a bombshell. [...]

Diving Into All Things Food Aboard Summit At Sea

Imagine Burning Man meets TED Talks meets Davos at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival… on a Norwegian cruise line. That’s Summit at Sea. The purpose of SaS is to “connect and inspire the thought leaders of our time,” co-founder Jeff Rosenthal summarizes. And they do so by “offering opportunities to learn from people doing innovative work.”

California Supreme Court Decides "Grossly Ineffective" Teachers Should Keep Their Jobs

We understand that a teacher's job is difficult and often thankless. But so are a lot of jobs. We also understand that private labor markets are fairly efficient and don't award workers in the private workforce nearly the same "perks" received by California's unionized teachers. Show More Summary

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