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Sacramento Bee Reports on CalPERS’ Fee Lapses

CalPERS is in even more hot water as the influential Sacramento Bee raises its eyebrows about CalPERS' lack of attentiveness about fees.

Greeks count the cost of change

Greece’s banks are closed and ATM withdrawals are limited - and that makes life difficult for cash-reliant shops. ||| Athens - Eleni Katsamaki, who runs a fruit and vegetable stall at a market in the Athens suburb of Piraeus, is feeling one of the small, daily annoyances of the Greek bank shutdown particularly acutely. Show More Summary

Women as wine gurus? It’s a growing trend

Not every sommelier is a snooty, balding French guy. Women are making inroads into the traditionally male-dominated industry. ||| New York - When Elyse Lambert ascended to the rank of Master Sommelier at a ceremony last May in Aspen, Colorado, the first thing she did was pop the cork on a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee Champagne. Show More Summary

Quiet Change

My mother used to recall chasing the ice wagon when she was a girl. The neighborhood children would follow the route of the iceman (as in "The Iceman Cometh") and snatch small chips of ice off the back of the wagon; a real treat in the Arizona of her youth. Show More Summary

Uber suspends UberPOP in France, citing safety and legal concerns

San Francisco-based Uber announced today it will stop offering its controversial UberPOP service in France, a move that comes after a week of sometimes violent protests by taxi drivers and a crackdown by the national government. “In the light of last week’s violence, we have today decided to suspend uberPOP, our ride sharing service, until […]

Made in the USA: 7 of the best cars made here

This ranking of American-made vehicles goes beyond the percentage of domestic parts to include assembly, profits and jobs

Too many patients, not enough doctors

A sobering new study sees a shortage of between 46,000 and 90,000 physicians by 2025 -- and good luck finding a specialist

The Perversion of Capitalism: A Credit-Based Versus Capital-Based System

Sprott Money first to announce state-of-the-art fully private (NON BANK) Cayman asset storage --> Click For Original Post The Perversion of Capitalism: A Credit-Based Versus Capital-Based System Ideologies are mind-killers, all of them, because they are all (severely) flawed. Show More Summary

Blow up the Brag Basket with good news

The Brag Basket is open! This one is for July 3-5, 2015. Bring your good news to share with everyone, and let’s blow this thing up! What can you do in the Brag Basket? introduce yourself share some great news from this week congratulate a friend applaud for each other confess your undying love for rural […]

"All other difficulties are of minor importance"

The Wright Brothers decided to solve the hardest problem of flight first. It's so tempting to work on the fun, the urgent or even the controversial parts of a problem. There are really good reasons to do the hard part...        

Quote of the Day

Now, I am not now, nor have I ever been, one of those who believes that "America is going into decline." This country self-corrects. But, I hesitate to bring it up, even I do not know the future. This, though, I predict: Should America founder, it will founder not on economics but on values. - Ben J. Wattenberg

Best of Enemies

I recently had the pleasure of seeing several films at the Nantucket Film Festival. My favorite was Best of Enemies, a documentary about the TV debates between William Buckley and Gore Vidal during the 1968 presidential nominating conventions. It is being released later this month. Here is the trailer:

Tapping this app unlocks corporate donations to homeless services

WeShelter is an app which enables users to inform outreach teams about homeless people in need while simultaneously unlocking donations from corporate sponsors.

Online Marketing News: G+ Brands Stripped, The Mayor Has Returned, Facebook Gives You A Cut

The 75 Most Important Social Media Acronyms – Acronyms are a natural fit for social media networks. These platforms are based on short and snappy communication, so it makes sense for people to rely on abbreviations, especially for common phrases. Check out this infographic and see how many you know. Sprout Social Google+ Brand Posts Have [...]Show More Summary

Greece is solvent but illiquid: Policy implications

Greece’s debt is 180% of GDP, which seems to make it insolvent without large primary surpluses. This column argues that since restructuring lowered the interest burden to just 2% of GDP, Greece is solvent – or would be with nominal GDP growth of just 2%. Show More Summary

Your July Home Checklist

Crank up the ice cream maker, hang up the hammock and raise the outdoor umbrella. Summer's in full swing this month

Greece leans towards 'yes' vote

Latest poll shows slightly more plan to accept bailout conditions, but count seen too close to call.

Eurozone retail sales lift in May

Official data shows better-than-expected gain supported by improving labour market, low inflation.

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