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Doug Kass Tweeted About A Gnome And Twitter Spiked

"My Little Gnome" is today's market-moving force in Twitter-world.

Why Offering a Free Trial Might Be Dangerous For Your SaaS Product (And How to Figure It Out)

For some reason, people tend to be equating SaaS companies with free trials. I find this pretty bad indeed. Here’s why: It’s true that many software companies see outstanding results with the free trial business model, but it doesn’t imply that everyone should use it. That’s just silly. Every single business is different, and the […]

Honest Company Kicks Off Baseball Season with MLB-Themed Diaper Line

Summary: Honest Company, maker of eco-friendly household products, has rolled out a line of diapers stamped with Major League Baseball (MLB) logos to kick off the start of the season. Called “Born a Fan,” the diaper line marks the company’s first partnership with a professional sports organization.

Ask the Readers: What Is Your Favorite Productivity Hack?

There's always so much to do, with so little time! When you want to be productive, you can do things like turning off the alerts on your phone, taking a break every so often, or exercising in the morning to get your body energized. Productivity hacks can help you get more done with more...

The Craft

When I was a kid I could out fish anyone for small mouth bass on Lake Muskoka. I spent all my time on the lake trying to catch fish. Yesterday I was reading this Gil Penchina interview and he talked about the craft of fishing and investing. Show More Summary

Airbnb adopts new name in China as it doubles investment

“There’s a whole new generation of Chinese travelers who want to see the world in a different way. We hope that Aibiying and our Trips product strikes a chord with them and inspires them to want to travel in a way that opens doors to new people, communities and neighborhoods across the world,” Chesky said in a statement.

This tiny house boasts luxury features and eclectic decor choices

It’ll run you $74,000 Advertised as an “Earth and Sky Palace,” this luxurious tiny home packs a punch in just under 200 square feet. The tiny abode, listed for $74,000, offers a master bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bath—all wrapped...Show More Summary

Fading Trump rally threatened by rare contraction of US credit

Data from the US Federal Reserve shows that the $2 trillion market for commercial and industrial loans peaked in December. The sector has weakened abruptly as lenders tighten credit, especially for non-residential property. Over the last three months it has dropped at a rate of 5.4pc on annual basis, a pace of decline not seen since December 2008. Show More Summary

How to Motivate Your Workers in 5 Simple Steps

It’s not always easy to keep your workers motivated, especially if you don’t have pots of money for big bonuses. When the orders are flying in and there’s work to be done, it’s easy to get caught in the flow. Sometimes you forget that your team may not be as excited at the prospect of extra work as you are. Show More Summary

Some Things I Have Learned About Email

A non trivial part of my time is spent reading and writing a lot of email. Here are some things that I have learned and that work for me. There are only two legitimate uses for bcc. First, explicitly moving someone to bcc who no longer needs to be part of the ongoing exchange. Show More Summary

5 Tips On Becoming a Better Listener

Becoming a better listener isn’t hard, especially when you have the right tools. In fact, becoming an active listener and improving on your poor listening skills is bound to help you advance in your career. You see, it’s the good listeners who reap all of the rewards. Show More Summary

Going Into Consulting? Prepare for Scope Creep

Are you new to consulting? Planning to start soon? Beware of scope creep. It’s a real problem in a lot of professional services. I ran into it in my years of consulting related to high-end planning and market research. Scope creep is...Show More Summary

Best Money Tips: 60 Awesome Ways to Make Money Without a Job

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on awesome ways to make money without a job, ways to save on cosmetics and beauty supplies, and how “pink noise” can improve sleep and memory. Top 5 Articles 60 Awesome Ways to Make Money Without a Job —...

Wine tasting room goes sleek and minimalist in Oregon

It’s found at L’Angolo Estate in Newberg This sleek tasting room at L’Angolo Estate, a family-operated winery in Newberg, Oregon, takes advantage of its lush vineyard landscape by way of its architecture. Designed by Portland-based Lever...Show More Summary

The Brexit arguments work for Scotland too

THERE is an old chess short story about the grand master who ends up in a remote village. Short of money, he agrees to play two locals; his meal will be free if he wins both matches. But there is a catch; in one game, he must play as white, in the other as black.

Lynn Tilton And The Art Of Fck-You-Pay-Me

Gird yourself for a masterclass in the ways of the Diva of Distressed.

10 Warning Signs Your New Boss May Be a Bad Boss

A new boss can be a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, you could be in dire need of great leadership, and a new hire could turn everything around. But, this boss could also take you out of the frying pan and into the fire. Here are 10 clear warning signs that your new boss could be trouble. (See...

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