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Alternative Facts May Be The End Of Trustworthy Government Decision Data

by claiming the ability to pick its own "alternative" facts, the Trump administration has raised the question of how far it might go to adapt reality to its desires.

What DTCC's IBM Blockchain Transition 'Reimagining' Credit Derivatives Signifies

Following the U.S. Depository Trust Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) announcement this month that it was to transition a major part of its financial infrastructure onto a blockchain with IBM, Axoni and R3, this story looks at what the move signals and what might lie in store in the future.

4 Critical Things To Do Before Becoming A Caregiver

If you find yourself facing this challenge, consider using the steps below as a guide to preparing to become your relative’s caregiver:

5 Ways Tech Products Will Help Us Age Well

A visit to the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show gives our writer a glimpse of the future of aging — and how tech companies want to improve it.

14 New Personal Finance Books to Read in 2017

Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned about money have come from personal finance books. While reading Your Money or Your Life, for example, I realized the money I earned was representative of my life force – and that each time I wasted money, I was wasting my own efforts. Show More Summary

Get $100 Cash Back When You Sign Up for a Credit Card

Link for teaser title: Sign up for a new cash back credit card and get $100 cash. Plus,...

4 Investing Lessons From 2016

Last year's major headlines ranged from surprising to scary, but they are only headlines. Market returns and volatility told a very different story. There are four important lessons to learn from from the headlines and market reacti...

A Financially Sensible Plan for Handling Career Burnout

I faced what I consider to be “career burnout” at three points in my life. In 2004, I was getting burned out on uncertainty. My job for the few years prior to that was based on a series of short-term contracts and I was just getting fed up with not having any sort of stability. Show More Summary

Black Coffee: A Ponzi for Your Thoughts

It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little joe … Welcome to another rousing edition of Black Coffee, your off-beat weekly round-up of what’s been going on in the world of money and personal finance. Let’s dive right in this week … There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a […]

Filling That Career-Shaped Hole

One of the great challenges we face in deftly navigating our careers—and especially in finding a job that is more than a means to an end (that is, a paycheck)—is in receiving wise counsel. There aren’t many career books I can recommend, but Jon Acuff's "Do Over" is one of them.

Get the Most Valuable Travel Perks With These Credit Cards

Link for teaser title: With the right travel rewards credit card, you can get extra perks and...

4 Financial Steps to Take When You Land a New Job

Although it doesn’t top the list of things we hope to do this year, 16 percent of us have placed “finding a new job” on our 2017 resolutions list. One of the driving factors is that we’re recognizing opportunities for better pay in a more robust job market (statistics are predicting a high demand for […]

Critical National Issues Go Missing In The New Trump White House Focus

A comparison of the new Trump White House website with the old Obama one suggests massive differences in focus, including a lack of mention of healthcare, education, poverty, civil rights, senior citizens, and economic mobility.

Best Cities for Retirement 2017

Retirees may have different tastes in culture and recreation, but there are some basic aspects of a retirement living environment that have fairly universal appeal. ranked the 20 best cities for retirement to help you decide where to spend your golden years, coming up with a diverse list, with choices that span across the country. Show More Summary

Saturday PS: A load of globaloney?

Referendums, I have long thought, are a jolly good thing, even if most of the results in my lifetime have been the opposite of what I would personally have preferred: staying in the European Community (1975) and the creation of...

Episode 749: Professor Blackjack

Ed Thorp started his career teaching math at MIT. Then he slid sideways into blackjack, changed the game forever, and set his sights on Wall Street investing. He changed that forever too.

My Wish: U.S. Government Policies Reflecting Our Aging Society

This Next Avenue Influencer in Aging hopes the U.S. government will adapt policies to reflect the aging society.

The Original Dot Com Inauguration

Remembering reporting on the '97 Bill Clinton inauguration for the Washington Post.

How Donald Trump Did It

In PBS FRONTLINE's new documentary, viewers learn how Donald Trump defied the odds, Washington and the media.

Wealth Matters: Kroc’s Giving, Like McDonald’s Meals, Was Fast and Super-Sized

What do you do with all that money when you can never spend it all? After Ray Kroc amassed a vast fortune, his third wife, Joan, gave most of it to philanthropic causes.

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