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Best ETFs: Stock and Bond Mixes

“Allocation” is a fancy word for blending equities and fixed income.

Top 9 Best Online Savings Account Banks – Start Making Interest Today!

I remember a time when the best online savings accounts paid annual yields of 4% to 5%. Those days are long gone. LONG gone. Thanks to the low-rate environment, it’s not a surprise that for the past several years my clients have been griping about how their savings accounts are pay next to nothing, even […]

Best ETFs: Currency and Commodity

This is a menu of options for investors who have a distaste for the U.S. dollar.

Best ETFs: Inflation-proof Bonds

Protect yourself from inflation and defaults and you get a return of….nothing.

Best ETFs: Long-term Bonds

For slightly higher yields you incur much greater rate risk.

Best ETFs: Medium-term Bonds

These bond funds have some risk of damage from rising interest rates.

Best ETFs: Specialized International

These are the best buys in non-diversified portfolios of foreign stocks.

Best ETFs: Small- And Mid-cap

The most efficient have negative costs. Their secret: securities lending.

Best ETFs: Large-caps

How to get your exposure to Apple and Microsoft on the cheap.

Here Come Student Worker Unions At Private Colleges

A new National Labor Relations Board ruling means undergraduates and graduates with teaching-related jobs at their schools will be able to join unions.

Art Thinking Your Way To An Encore Career

A conversation with Amy Whitaker, author of the new book 'Art Thinking' on how to make a difference and make a living in an encore career.

How To Managing Student Loan Debt -- Part I

Once you have repaid the loans with the highest interest rates, you can apply those monthly payments to your other monthly loan payments. In this way, you can repay your lower-interest loans in a faster period of time than you originally set up.

The Do's and Don'ts of Saving with Bulk Bins

When we hear the phrase, "buy in bulk", a lot of us think of warehouse clubs, where buying higher quantities gets you a lower bulk rate. But today, we're going to talk about the bulk bin section of your grocery store - you know, that...Show More Summary

Denver Family Strikes Gold With Grandpa's Stunning Baseballs Signed By Babe Ruth And FDR

A Denver family had kept grandpa's autographed baseball in a small black lock box for decades. To their delight, they discovered the autographs of Babe Ruth and Franklin Roosevelt were real and worth more than $70,000 in an auction.

Financial Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your 20s? Why You Need to Be Careful with Online Financial Advice

In the last few days, several readers have shared a video with me that’s been floating around on Facebook. The video is titled Financial Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your 20s and it features “entrepreneur and author” Grant Cardone discussing a bunch of what he considers to be financial mistakes that people make early in life. Show More Summary

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