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Meal planning recipe: Hamburger soup

This exercise in meal planning has gotten me through a lot of lunches … One of the most straightforward ways to reduce expenses is to pack your lunch if you're not already doing so. The trick is taking the time to prepare the lunch. It's not difficult, but it does take some time. It takes […] Visit Mighty Bargain Hunter for more articles on recognizing life's good deals!

Best Deals for Wednesday 05/24

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These are the most common myths about bankruptcy in Canada

When it comes to personal bankruptcy, Canadians have a lot of mistaken beliefs that need clearing up, writes insolvency expert Scott Terrio The post These are the most common myths about bankruptcy in Canada appeared first on

European Budget Airlines: Everything You Need To Know To Save On Your Next Trip To Europe

Budget airlines save on the heavy cost of international travel, and with European budget airlines popping up in major American airports, it's getting easier and less expensive to travel the world. European Budget Airlines: Everything You Need To Know To Save On Your Next Trip To Europe appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

6 Tips To Help You Quit Your Gym Membership

It's hard to admit that you really don't ever go to the gym. It can be even tougher to quit your gym membership. Here are some tips to guide you through canceling. 6 Tips To Help You Quit Your Gym Membership appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

What to Do When Saving Anything Meaningful for Retirement Seems Impossible

Frank is a reader of The Simple Dollar who has messaged me on Facebook a few times. He has a solid job working for the state and makes about $42,000 a year. He is married and has three children. However, Frank’s wife is pretty ill. She has multiple sclerosis and is now wheelchair bound. Show More Summary

Why Defaulting on Your Student Loans Shouldn’t Be an Option

If you have student loans, I’m sure you’ve dreamed of just not paying them back. You imagine what else you could be doing with that money and think how much easier life would be without the relentless payments. I’ve totally been there. Although I’ve dreamed of not paying back my debt, I know it’s my […]

Graduation Post: Financial Planning Advice Parents Can Offer Adult Children

Earlier this month I had the honor of being the commencement speaker at Penn State University, my alma mater. As I addressed the business school graduates I reflected on my years immediately following receiving my diploma 15 years ago. What were my best lessons learned? How did I make the most of my financial life […]

About to Buy a House? Put Your Credit on Lockdown

Buying a house can be both an exciting and simultaneously stressful experience. One reason the home buying process tends to be so stressful for many consumers — besides the fact that it’s probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make — is the rigorous qualification process involved in getting approved for a mortgage. Show More Summary

REITs: A TIERed Investment For Dyslexics

“It’s hard to make money in real estate. I can’t do it.” Of course you can. Real estate, whether raw land or fully improved buildings, obviously has a function and will continue to. Real estate, in and of itself, is not subject to obsolescence. You know, like ambergris or stock. As long as people […]

The 401(a) Plans and Rollover Rules (what you need to know)

There’s a type of retirement plan that’s in the “401 family” that gets little attention. Maybe that’s because only a relatively small number of employers offer it, even though the number of employees participating in the plan is probably in the millions. Show More Summary

The Proper Ways to Discuss Salary in a Job Interview

Interviewing for a new position can be stressful. It's also a balancing act that can take time, and practice, to perfect. When it comes to salary expectations, the pressure increases exponentially. How much will they pay you? How much dare you ask for? What about benefits, and other deciding...

How to Save Big at a Going Out of Business Sale

There are few shopping events that beat a Going Out of Business sale. Even Black Friday and Cyber Monday often pale in comparison to the deals bargain hunters can score from a failed retailer. However, to maximize savings during a Going Out of Business sale, you have to be vigilant. Shoppers can...

10 Ways for College Students to Save Loads of Money

Between big expenses like tuition and housing, and smaller everyday expenses such as school supplies and coffee, the costs of being a student can rack up fast. According to the College Board, tuition, fees, and room and board at a public four-year in-state school cost an average of $20,000 a...

Ask the Readers: What Do You Look For at Thrift Stores?

You can find a ton of great stuff at thrift stores, from gently used designer clothing to top-of-the-line kitchen appliances (still in the box!) to antique furniture that only need a little TLC. What do you look for at thrift stores? Do you buy things to use at home, to flip, or both? What are...

Best Money Tips: Get Free Coffee From These Places

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on places to get free coffee, easy ways to add storage to every room, and how to use Google to save money. Top 5 Articles 5 Places To Get Free Coffee — With 7-Eleven's 7Rewards app, you get a free drink (coffee...

7 Biggest Ways Procrastination Hurts Your Finances

Remember those days in college when you'd put off studying until the night before a big exam? You'd stay up all night, desperately trying to cram everything in at the last minute. If only you'd taken the time earlier, you'd have walked into your test rested, calm, and most importantly,...

Best Deals for Tuesday 05/23

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4 Ways Your Credit Union Is Changing — for the Better

Most of us understand the advantages offered by banking with credit unions, including better interest rates and customer service compared to their major bank peers. But even the savviest among us can learn new tricks, and to that end, CO-OP’s 2017 THINK Conference highlighted some of the...

Sketch Guy: A New Reader Service: Ask the Sketch Guy Anything

Carl Richards, our Sketch Guy columnist, will take selected questions about money and life, sketch out a reply and write a column explaining the answers.

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