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Investing In Your Values, Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Yesterday Just a few years ago I told the investment committee of a large local church that of course they could have a Socially Responsible Investment policy (SRI)…. if they were willing to give up their day care center and homeless shelter. That estimate was my best guess of the impact of [...]

What To Do When Nobody Is Buying Stocks

Summer vacation is upon us. The pools are open and the sun is beating down. It's the classic summer lull for stock markets, too. It's a predictable pattern of "sell in May and go away" that can stretch into a summer of lackluster trading. A survey from the American Association of [...]

Get the Most Out of Your Excellent Credit Score

Link for teaser title: Reward yourself and don't let your excellent credit rating go to waste....

To Grow Wealthy, Stay Where You Are

When I was little, I devoured the Little House on the Prairie series.  I felt bad then for Ma and Pa.  I felt bad for the way they struggled financially, facing setback after setback.  I felt bad that they always had to move just as soon as they were settled. Show More Summary

6 Practical Ways to Save Money While Starting Your Spring Garden

It’s no secret that growing even a small vegetable and herb garden saves money on grocery bills through the spring and summer months (and, if you preserve them, through the fall and winter, as well). What’s not as well-known is the expense of putting one in. For me, gardening always seemed like an inexpensive hobby. […]

Wealth Matters: Renovations That Add Value to a Home: Think Shingles, Not Marble

Even when updates increase a home’s price, the increase may not line up with the costs of the changes. Certain changes may even lower a home’s value.

Saturday PS: Was their journey really necessary?

AS something of a connoisseur of meaningless, platitudinous pronouncements after international gatherings, I have to take my hat off to the authors of the Group of Seven communique issued on Friday. Was there ever such an utterly pointless, drivelling official...

Retiring: The Best Way to Help a Grandchild With College

If a college student is receiving financial aid, grandparents need to take steps to make sure that their help is not a hindrance.

Your Money: Discover Offers No-Strings FICO Score

The Discover credit services company has set up a website that will supply credit score information even for consumers without a Discover card.

'How I Paid Off Credit Cards, Student Loans And Saved $150K For A New Home'

Student loans and credit card debt didn't stop one Gen Xer from getting his money in shape and buying a home. Here's what he did.

How This Couple Saved $1 Million And Retired In Their 30s

Since quitting their jobs in 2015, this young couple isn't missing the daily grind. Or San Francisco real estate prices.

What Do ‘Pre-Tax’ and ‘Post-Tax’ Mean? And Why Should I Care?

Almost every article you read about retirement savings brings up the terms “pre-tax” and “post-tax” savings, often throwing the ideas out there with no real explanation of what they mean or why they’re important. I know that the first...Show More Summary

Before Long Weekend Starts, Investors Eye Updated GDP, Yellen Speech

The long weekend beckons, but before it starts there’s updated U.S. growth data, a Janet Yellen speech, and disappointing economic news from China to ponder. The U.S. government reported a revised 0.8% rise in Q1 gross domestic product (GDP), up from its first estimate of 0.5% but below consensus of 0.9%. [...]

GM Recalls 2.2 Million Cars in China

The recall was ordered after Shanghai-GM received complaints about engine damage

7 Money Saving Tips for Owners of Mini Coopers (and Other Cars Too)

Of all the vehicles that have been manufactured over the years, there is an elite group that is regarded as iconic and those are instantly recognizable by their nameplates: Mustang, Cobra, Beetle, and Corvette likely come to mind. However, a brand that was once solely reveled by the rich, has now become the latest popular […]

8 Apps That Actually Pay You to Shop

We all know "there's an app for that." Usually we're referring to apps that make our lives a little bit easier somehow. But what if there were a bunch of apps out there that'll actually pay you to shop? Whether it be through earning cash back by purchasing stuff we'd be buying anyways, or...

4 Moves That Guarantee a Great Retirement

Times have changed. Retirement is no exception. Back in 1998, 60.5% of Americans said they were very satisfied with their retirement in a study conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Fast forward 14 years later, that percentage dropped to 48.6%. Even worse, the percentage of...

Flashback Friday: 53 Beauty Hacks You Have to Try This Summer

Summer is a tough time for beauty. Humidity makes your hair turn into a nest of frizz, sweat makes your makeup run, and sunburns can really mess up your skin (as well as lead to scary potential health risks). But on the upside, it's the perfect time to minimize your beauty routine, do more with...

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