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11 Ways Freelancers and Telecommuters Can Make Friends and Network

Working from home can be a great thing. It allows you to work where you want, when you want, and has a number of other perks. However, it can be a bit lonely. Luckily, with the power of the Internet (and some motivation to get out and socialize), even those without an office water cooler to mill...

Fundrise Heartland eREIT™ Review: Real Estate Crowdfunding For Non-Accredited Investors

After publishing my post, Focus On Trends: Why I’m Investing In The Heartland Of America, a couple readers pointed out that Fundrise, one of the leading real estate crowdfunding platforms, actually offers a Heartland eREIT. Last time I wrote about them in 2016, they just had an Income and Growth eREIT™, so it’s great to Read More...

Saturday PS: Flexible labour market? Zero points

I can’t be the first person to have twigged that a fully flexible labour market may make the economy less rather than more efficient. Not in the rather vague sense (although probably correct) sense that employees to whom little commitment...

5 Ways to Survive a Money Emergency

Nearly everyone will experience a serious money emergency at some point during their lifetime. Something financially catastrophic happens, like your car breaks down or you have to pay a huge medical bill. Afterward, you may be left with little or nothing in your bank account. If there’s still a week or more until your next […]

The 3 Best Categories for Boosting Your Home’s Value Without Going Broke

Everyone makes home improvements for different reasons, but most of the time they’re either a necessity (maybe a roof repair), something for personal enjoyment, or intended to increase a home’s market value. In fact, about 53% of adults in the U.S. have completed a home improvement project within the last year. Whether you’re getting ready […]

Your Money: Republicans Want You in a Health Savings Account. So Now What?

Major proposals to replace the Affordable Care Act promote health savings accounts, which do offer tax savings but are complex and favor the wealthy.

Your Money Adviser: Health Savings Accounts: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

There’s a simple tax-free way to amass money for health expenses, but many eligible people don’t take advantage of it.

GFC 085: 7 Student Loan Dangers to Watch Out For

Americans owed astronomical sums on their student loans as of early 2017 – a little over $37,000 per average borrower and $1.3 trillion cumulatively. The rising costs of college coupled with decreasing student aid have created the perfect storm for wholesale indebtedness, leaving millions of graduates wondering how they’ll cope. Show More Summary

10 Fun and Frugal Dates

Last weekend for the $20 Date Night Challenge! How are things going? I’m loving having some more time together. Even with the craziness of this month, we’ve worked hard to make […] The post 10 Fun and Frugal Dates appeared first on Couple Money.

Status Symbols and Spending Less

I had a wonderful Facebook message exchange with a reader named Pete, who gave me permission to summarize our conversation but not to quote it. Pete comes from a family where clothing is a huge status symbol. To dress in a nice suitShow More Summary

Target Retirement Funds Are Great

Check out The Biglaw Investor or read Target Retirement Funds Are Great People are often skeptical of Target Retirement Funds. Presumably something so simple can’t be worth your time. We’re all taught by Wall Street that investing should be hard. Show More Summary

9 Surprising Uses for Empty Beer and Soda Cans

If you enjoy a can or two of beer or soda, you may want to think twice before throwing your empties into the trash or recycling bin. The humble aluminum can has a multitude of uses, and can save you money on the most surprising things. All it takes is a little imagination, and a few basic tools....

9 Ways Restaurant Menus Are Designed to Make You Spend More

There is no arguing the fact that dining out on a regular basis can bust any budget. But if you understand restaurant menus, and how they're designed to trick you into opening your wallets wide, you can dine wisely and save money. Here are nine sneaky restaurant menu tactics along with some smart...

3 Real Costs of Self-Publishing a Kids' Book

If you've ever thought about how to make money on the side, you've probably considered writing a book. Many websites suggest writing books as an easy way to earn extra income. I am here to set the record straight. I have always wanted to write children's books, and I finally decided in 2015 that...

8 Most Common Mistakes When Doing a Balance Transfer to Eliminate Debt

Many credit cards offer 0% APR promotional financing on balance transfers, allowing you to move debt from high-interest cards onto one that offers zero interest for an introductory promotional period. These promo periods are nothing to sneeze at. They can last as long 21 months. So what's the...

Flashback Friday: 23 Mental Tricks That'll Help You Save Money

It turns out that the whole "mind over matter" thing also applies to money. Your ability to save money can be instantly destroyed without the right mental tricks to keep you on track. Everywhere we turn, we are encouraged to spend, so in order to combat those urges, you need to trick your...

10 Surprising Ways Real Estate Cuts Your Taxes

Once you own property, you may be eligible for a long list of tax breaks, whether you use it as your primary home, for rental income, or sell it for profit. Let's run through familiar benefits, such as the mortgage interest deduction, and also the various (stunning!) tax breaks real estate...

Get Hundreds of Dollars in Cash Back When You Grocery Shop

Link for teaser title: Save money on your grocery bill. Use one of these credit cards for...

Sharing My Retirement Plans With My Dad!

[Heyo! Got another killer guest post lined up for y’all today, this time from long-time reader JW who now has a blog of his own over at The Green Swan.  He just had one of those amazing conversations about life and money with his father, and thought we’d might enjoy hearing how it all went down. I think he guessed right – check it out […]

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