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This video-rental chain has found the right formula to thrive in the on-demand era

The rise of on-demand streaming services is a major reason why local video-rental stores like Blockbuster have gone out of business. But there is one rental chain that is staying afloat. In this week's Sunday Spotlight, NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports on the company pulling off a business miracle with 750 brick-and-mortar video stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Last-Minute Rewards Cards to Snag for Holiday Spending

With the holiday shopping season ready to wreak havoc on your budget, it’s only natural to look for new or different ways to save. Chances are, you’re gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday while simultaneously watching out for special promotions and last-minute deals. Show More Summary

Episode 806: Walmart's Pickle

Walmart and Amazon are in a battle to be the store where you buy everything. But when both companies sell everything, what sets them apart? Food inventions like a bright, red pickle!

Developing a Real Plan for a Better Life

For the last few years, I’ve done something of an “end of the year” review of my life. I take some time to sit down, take authentic stock of my life, look at what the last year has changed about me and my life, and figure out where I want to go from here. Show More Summary

Credit Card Tips to Help Shoppers Celebrate the Holidays Frugally

The right credit card strategy can earn you hundreds in cash back rewards while shopping for gifts this holiday season. The post Credit Card Tips to Help Shoppers Celebrate the Holidays Frugally appeared first on The Simple Dollar.

Credit Cards that Make Scoring Free Airfare Easy

Cashing in your airline miles for award seats can be an aggravating experience. Common issues include flights with unreasonable point demands, huge fuel surcharges, and limited availability. That last part — limited availability — is often what sends people over the edge. Even if you...

Black Coffee: The Road to Zimbabwe Runs Through America

It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little joe … Welcome to another rousing edition of Black Coffee, your off-beat weekly round-up of what’s been going on in the world of money and personal finance. Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here? Wow! Where did this year go? “Inflation is taxation without legislation.” […]

Mint Money Diary: Coffee Habits and Long Dinners

Occupation: Social Media Manager Industry: Digital Marketing Age: 26 Location: Indianapolis, IN Paycheck: $2,500/month after health/vision insurance deductions Monthly Expenses Rent: $700 Car Insurance: $65 Renters Insurance: $16 Utilities:...Show More Summary

How these ex-NFL stars avoided the pitfalls of being young and rich

Sports stars and average Americans alike would benefit from seeking out advice from financial professionals.

Senate tax bill strips NFL, other sports leagues from tax-exempt status

An item in the Senate tax bill would prevent the NFL from operating as a tax-exempt non-profit.

Gut check: Is your holiday shopping destroying your marriage?

Runaway spending on gifts hurts your wallet and your relationship. Here's how to keep things under control.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score During the Holidays

Whether you're stuffing yourself with delicious turkey, putting up decorations, or just enjoying a well-deserved break, you're probably not thinking about your credit score much during the holidays. But even though it may not be fun, monitoring your credit score this time of year can help bring you...

5 Affordable Vacations to Please Every Age Group

Vacations offer a break from the daily grind while giving us time and space to connect with the people we love. Sometimes that means kids, grandparents, and everyone in between. A trip that includes family members or friends of all ages can be a great bonding experience. But you'll need to keep a...

The 5 Best Camping Coffee Makers

Whether you're planning a camping, glamping, backpacking, or hiking trip, you need a coffee maker that is suited to your location and available materials. With the travel-friendly options below, you can still enjoy the comforts of home, with very little time or effort. What is a camping coffee...

8 Signs You Desperately Need a New Credit Card

There's something to be said for loyalty. But when it comes to credit cards, if you haven't updated your preferred card in years, you could be missing out on benefits, or paying too much in fees. Here are eight signs it's time to go shopping for a new credit card. 1. You aren't earning any...

3 Tips for Financially Responsible Audi (and Other Luxury Car) Ownership

Just about everyone underestimates the true cost of car ownership, especially those who can’t resist the look, lines, and luxury of a higher-end brand vehicle like Audi. Despite superior design, it’s not as if an Audi or similar luxury car can win against the forces of nature. Even quality Audi parts will wear down and […]

Saturday PS: And what do you do?

SOME years ago, a senior editorial person at my then paper, The Mail on Sunday, was told of a brilliant documentary on television the night before. It had focused on that extraordinary period in July 2005 when, in a few...

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