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What the rich do differently: 61 habits that foster wealth and success

I’m fascinated by the differences between rich people and poor people. Are the differences mostly a matter of class and economic mobility? Are people born to wealth and poverty and destined to remain there? Or are there observable differences...Show More Summary

Once on the brink of death, malls are getting a makeover

There had been fears that malls would fade into obscurity due to the popularity of online shopping, but they're not going down without a fight. In this week's Sunday Spotlight, NBC's Jo Ling Kent takes a look at the creative ways people have repurposed some sprawling malls when they go out of business.

Year-End Money Moves: Dos and Don’ts

The end of the year is a time when many of us reflect on our annual goals. If you decided 2017 was the year you’d build rock-hard abs, for example, you might be glancing down to see if you achieved the washboard belly you were going for. Show More Summary

Five smart year-end financial moves

It's time to get smart with some wise year-end financial moves. Here are five that we're doing right now … Time flies by, faster and faster. Here it is, December already?! Since most Americans file on a calendar-year basis, this is the time of year that finances get wrapped up, for better or worse. Show More Summary

GOP tax bill expands medical expense deduction for two years

The final bill would let itemizers deduct medical expenses in 2017 and 2018 that exceed 7.5 percent of their income.

This 'holiday gift' from your bank could keep you in debt longer

Bank offers to skip a payment during the holidays are no gift for debt-laden consumers.

Would-be lottery winners could make an expensive mistake

Saving trumps spending for the average consumer — although experts say they may not follow through on that intent.

These advances are a costly way to raise holiday cash

Lawsuit lenders are enjoying increased demand from consumers seeking cash for the holidays.

7 once-bankrupt stars who bounced back to fame and fortune

These celebrities filed for bankruptcy protection at some point — and then used their talents to recover.

Cards Against Humanity gives out $1,000 checks to their poorest players

Holiday Robin Hood: 150,000 fans chipped in to a campaign to "save America." The poorest received $1,000 each.

How the Fed rate hike will affect your finances

Here's what the federal funds rate increase means to your credit card bill, student loan tab, mortgage and other loans.

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