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Saturday PS: The butterfly effect

I’VE long suspected that “lateral thinking” is simply a euphemism for dotting round from one thing to another, what used to be called a “butterfly mind”. A report in Friday’s Financial Times triggered the butterfly effect for me, leading to...

Episode 785: The Starbury

Most athlete endorsements make a product more expensive. But what happens when an NBA All-Star uses his name to make a sneaker much, much cheaper? On today's show: How that worked out.

5 Superhero Traits to Apply to Your Finances

Summer is prime time for superhero movies at the theater. After taking in Wonder Woman and Spiderman: Homecoming, I can’t help but think that the qualities these heroes and heroines display can be applied to managing our personal finances. While most of us don’t have the seemingly unlimited financial resources of some superheroes (like Tony Stark, […]

Ask GFC 032: How Does 401(k) Vesting Work?

We talk a lot about retirement plans here on Good Financial Cents, but one part of the retirement subject we don’t discuss enough is 401(k) vesting. Not all plans have it, but many do. And some have very generous employer matches, making the question of 401(k) vesting an important one. Show More Summary

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Roth IRA as an Emergency Fund

Nadine writes in: Does it make sense to use a Roth IRA as an emergency fund? It seems like I could contribute money to it, have it build tax free for a while, then I take out the contributions in an emergency and just keep those earnings for retirement. Show More Summary

Whitewater Kayaking And Canoeing On A Budget

Whitewater kayaking and canoeing are great ways to get outside and get exercise---and they can easily be done on a budget. We take a look at how to get out on the water without spending a lot. Whitewater Kayaking And Canoeing On A Budget appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

4 Tips for an Easier, Less Stressful Relocation

Choosing the best place to live is a difficult decision, but according to statistics on moving from the US Census Bureau, it’s a decision millions of us make — 11% of Americans move each year. As many movers learn, once the choice to relocate is made, moving can be a stressful, expensive process. That’s because […]

Adding Via Subtraction (Crazy Math)

Check out The Biglaw Investor or read Adding Via Subtraction (Crazy Math) Recently we purchased a king size bed. For reasons that are lost to me now, I resisted the upgrade. It probably had to do with costing too much money or “why should we replace a perfectly good queen size mattress”, etc. Show More Summary

One Of The Biggest Financial Mistakes Early Retirees Make

After five years of early retirement, I realized I made a serious mistake that cost me between $500,000 – $1,000,000. Let me tell you what happened so you don’t do the same. When I left Corporate America at the age of 34, I thought I was done earning more money for good. Below is the income budget I put together Read More...

Bookmark This: How Much to Tip in Almost Every Situation

In some countries, tipping is not required or expected (in most situations) — China, Korea, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, and Brazil are just a few examples. And if you tip in Japan, you may actually be insulting the person you give money to. (It's like saying "Here, use this to get...

How to Keep Social Media From Ruining Your Vacation

It's fun to make your social media followers envious of your vacation plans and post the perfect beach selfie; we've all done that a time or two. On the other hand, spending too much time documenting your adventures on different social platforms can easily negate that fun in the sun. According to a...

Best Money Tips: 16 Cheap Emergency Essentials For Every Home

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on emergency essentials everyone should have, how to get more energy without caffeine, and ways you may be messing up your retirement savings. Top 5 Articles 16 Cheap Emergency Essentials You Don't Want To Be Without —...

15 Sites Where the Right Email Address Can Save You Money

Some email addresses are worth more than others. Holders,.mil, email addresses can access special discounts. By sharing this one piece of information, you could be unlocking some mega savings on the things you buy. (See also: 20+ Freebies for College Students) For students With...

Ten Moves That Will Skyrocket Your Net Worth

[My man ESI makes a return today to share his tips on what to REALLY focus on in order to grow our wealth exponentially. You might remember him from his previous post that went viral on the 10 things he didn’t expect in early retirement, which he’s still very much in and still very much enjoying :) Thanks for taking the time, good sir!] […]

The Financial Basics Every New Grad Should Know

If you're a recent college grad, congratulations. As you settle into your first job, you'll probably have more money flowing through your life than ever before. Take a minute to think of your financial potential. Let's say your starting salary is $45,000. If you're 21 years old, earn a 3 percent...

Part 3 of 3: Life Insurance Buyers’ Common Q&As

Replacing your policy I currently have a life insurance policy – could I get a better price elsewhere? The short answer is yes – it is possible to get a better price. The long answer is that it depends on quite a few factors, and there’s no guarantee that your price will drop with a […]

Nine Skills Worth Learning for Any Career – and How to Learn Them

I recently had the pleasure of reading Scott Adams’ book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. At one point in the book, Adams refers to a set of skills that will serve a person well in succeeding in virtually any career...Show More Summary

Battle Of The Travel Rewards Cards: Chase Sapphire Preferred Vs Capital One Venture

We've narrowed down all the travel rewards card to the best two: the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Capital One Venture. But which one is for you? We compare. Battle Of The Travel Rewards Cards: Chase Sapphire Preferred Vs Capital One Venture appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

Grandfather Says: Never Underestimate the Utility of a Trebuchet

Grandfather says he built a trebuchet. They were used in the middle ages to fling smallpox-infected corpses over castle walls. Grandfather used his to launch model airplanes, although some of his colleagues suggested its utility for such things as flinging the neighbor’s cat back home: Grandfather supposes model airplane launching is not nearly as useful […]

Three Myths About Your 401(k)

With traditional pensions all but disappearing, the workplace retirement plan has become the bedrock of many people’s retirement savings strategy. Four out of five Americans work at a company that offers a 401k (or a variant such as a 403b). Show More Summary

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