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Saturday PS: Is your journey really necessary?

APOLOGIES for the tardy appearance today – a power cut meant that the darkest Mid-Sussex to which I habitually refer was less metaphorical than usual. It is customary at this point for the writer to lament how dependent we have...

No One Owes You Anything

I recently ran across a letter written by the writer, investment advisor, and politician Harry Browne. It was a letter intended for his nine-year-old daughter and was published as part of his syndicated newspaper column. I want to share it in its entirety: It’s Christmas and I have the usual problem of deciding what to give you. Show More Summary

Black Coffee: The Memorial Day Weekend Edition

It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little joe … Welcome to another rousing edition of Black Coffee, your off-beat weekly round-up of what’s been going on in the world of money and personal finance. Another glorious week comes to an end. Off we go … If you’re for less government, you want […]

College Graduates: The Real World Is Better Than Hell

Dear College Graduates, I’m sorry to say, but the good times are over! I know making a living on your own might sound scary, but heck, millions of people have done so in the past, so have some faith.  From a physical standpoint, you’ll probably only get flabbier, grayer, and more stressed. Don’t be surprised if Read More...

How to snag cheap gas over Memorial Day weekend

If you're on the road this Memorial Day weekend, here's how to save on gas.

We're in for an 'above normal' hurricane season. Here's how to prepare

Researchers expect 11 to 17 named storms this year, including five to nine hurricanes. Check off these to-do's before hurricane season starts Thursday.

This holiday weekend, don't drink and shop

This Memorial Day weekend, keep in mind that shopping when you are tipsy comes with a steep cost.

4 hacks to stretch your summer vacation budget

More than 39 million Americans plan to travel for Memorial Day, according to AAA. If you're among them, here's how to save.

Episode 774: Unspeakable Trademark

You can name your business whatever you want. But the government won't register it as a trademark if it thinks it's offensive. It gets weird when you try to decide what is too offensive to trademark.

Canadians are sitting on $16 billion in unredeemed loyalty points

Meanwhile, enrollment in these loyalty programs has grown by almost 25% over the last four years The post Canadians are sitting on $16 billion in unredeemed loyalty points appeared first on

Money Trap #2: Comparing Dollars to Doughnuts

The phrase “dollars to doughnuts” first appeared in the mid-19th century as a catchy way to describe something considered a safe bet. Dollars obviously hold value, whereas doughnuts are essentially worthless (unless you’re a big fan of doughnuts, maybe). So, what does this mean to you, as a consumer, and how can it become a […]

How to Celebrate Personal Success Without Breaking the Bank

Personal success often translates into a time for celebration. You just got a promotion at work. You just got a great new job. You just got engaged. You found out you’re expecting a child. You paid off your car. You paid off your house. Show More Summary

How to Travel in Luxury on a Budget

We all wish that we could pack our bags with the finest outfits, jet off to a private island and dine on 5-star, Michelin-rated food. Unfortunately our bank accounts just don’t have time for that. Lucky for us, there are some great hacks out there that make traveling in luxury a little bit easier for […]

How To Buy A Foreclosed House (And Actually Make Money On It)

Buying foreclosed properties, fixing them up, and selling them looks easy on TV, but in reality, it's a more complicated process than most people think. Here's how to buy a foreclosed house and actually make a profit. How To Buy A Foreclosed House (And Actually Make Money On It) appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

BLI’s Book Recommendations

Check out The Biglaw Investor or read BLI’s Book Recommendations From time to time I’m asked for book recommendations. It’s a great question because books are an efficient way to learn the basics or dive deep on a specific subject. The...Show More Summary

6 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your House

The idea of selling your home may be exciting, but there's a laundry list of questions you must ask yourself before even thinking about hiring a realtor. From determining if now is the best time to sell, to deciding if your curb appeal is up to par, consider this comprehensive list of presale...

How to Make Your Pet an Official Emotional Support Animal

As a pet parent, I understand the emotional benefits of having a loving four-legged friend by my side. My dog, Diamond, is one of the biggest calming forces in my life. Her mellow demeanor allows me to take her to dog-friendly restaurants, on pet-sitting gigs, and more. I had always considered...

How to Make Sure You Don't Run Out of Money in Retirement

An annuity is a stream of fixed payments that's guaranteed, often for as long as you live. Having an annuity can make retirement more secure, but it's hard to recommend them as investment vehicles, because almost every annuity on the market is a terrible investment. They tend to be sold by...

The One Question You Should Ask Before Every Major Purchase

Recently, my husband had to buy a new bathrobe. The old one, which had completely worn out after a decade of wear, was the exact same ridiculous pastel coffee mug robe that Brad Pitt sported ironically in the movie Fight Club. The coffee mug robe cost $188, and had been a gift from me because my...

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