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Tired Of Paying Nearly $100 For Tax Prep Software? This Company Will Save You A Ton

Taxes are hard enough, when it comes time to do yours, you shouldn't be paying more than you have to. TaxAct offers a simple tax service for a fraction of the cost. Tired Of Paying Nearly $100 For Tax Prep Software? This Company Will Save You A Ton appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

Top Job Seeker Tax Deductions

Traveling to job interviews. Dry-cleaning your best suit. Printing resumes on quality paper. Working with a job search coach. If you engaged in any job search activities in 2016, you may be able to deduct the related expenses from your taxes. One of the most important things to note about job search tax deductions, is […]

The Dirty Dozen: My Twelve Biggest Financial Mistakes of the Last Ten Years and How I Wish I Had Done Things Differently

When I write about my own personal finance experiences, it’s easy to report on the things I did well. Writing about the good moves makes a lot of sense, after all. Those are the moves that resulted in a clear-cut personal finance gain without a lot of sacrifice, and those are the moves that really are well worth sharing. Show More Summary

How to Afford a Luxury Car Without Breaking the Bank

It is something that any car enthusiast has dreamed done: stopped and stared at a luxury car and wished they could trade in their current commuter car for a more plush model. Your standard 1.4 litre engine may get you to work fine, but the thrill of driving a high-end car would make your commute... Show More Summary

Best Money Tips: What to Stockpile By the Month

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on what to stockpile each month, simple ways to lower your taxes in retirement, and tips for negotiating your apartment lease. Top 5 Articles Seasonal Stockpiling – What to Buy When at the Grocery Store — March is...

Seven Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Your Job Search

How much does it cost to find a new job? A lot of it depends on your industry, job level, and how long the process lasts. According to Jobvite’s latest data, it takes an average of 28 days from application to hire – but that’s assuming you get that all-important first call for an interview. Show More Summary

5 Financial Mistakes That Won't Hurt Your Credit Score

Certain financial mishaps can cost you dearly when it comes to your FICO credit score. Pay your credit card bill more than 30 days late, and your score can drop by 100 points. Declare bankruptcy or lose a home to foreclosure? Your score will fall by even more. In general, lenders today consider a...

Architect, Designer, or Contractor: Who Should You Hire for Your Project?

I'd like to add a bathroom to my home, but my budget will be limited. One thing I've been wondering: What professionals will I need to hire to do the job? Should I spend money on a designer or architect to plan the space out? Or should I just hire a contractor and tell them where I want the toilet,...

Are Timeshares Ever Worth the Investment?

Despite scams and hard sales tactics that have tarnished the reputation of timeshares, the American Resort Development Association says sales are rising — and timeshares are attracting increasingly younger buyers. The average age of today's timeshare owner is 39. According to MarketWatch,...

The 5 Best Deep Conditioners

Your hair takes a beating all day. It has to withstand chemical processing, heated styling tools, and the harsh weather elements, along with pollution. Fortunately, deep conditioners can restore health and beauty to your hair in minutes. A good deep conditioner can instantly condition the hair...

7 Traps to Avoid With Your 401(k)

More and more Americans are choosing an employer-sponsored 401(k) as their preferred way to build up their nest eggs. As of 2014, an estimated 52 million Americans were participating in a 401(k)-type plan. When used properly, a 401(k) can be a powerful tool to save for your retirement years, but...

If you're a millionaire, the GOP health plan gives you $50K. If you're poor, it costs you $1,420

Medicaid cuts and changes to Obamacare's tax subsidies will disproportionately affect the poor and wealthy, Vox reports.

Your retirement is in trouble, and you’re doing nothing about it

You know you could be doing a better job of saving, but chances are you don't have a plan.

Self-employed workers fall behind on retirement savings

More than a third of freelancers don't have a retirement savings account — and those who do aren't saving consistently.

Best Deals for Thursday 03/23

Link for teaser title: Premium, Bluetooth Headphones - HIFI ELITE Super66, SAVE as much as 83% OFF, and more... SAVE 65% OFF Fiesta...

5 Monthly Expenses That Can Be Reduced in a Single Afternoon

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In order to make ends meet and save money for extras, you have to treat the family budget like a family business. That means keeping an eye on your finances month after month and regularly evaluating ways you can cut costs. Show More Summary

Episode 760: Tax Hero

One professor had a way to make filing taxes easy and painless. It worked. People loved it. But then a big tax lobby heard about it...

Join Our Tweetchat on Thursday 3/23, 12pm Pacific for a Chance to Win Prizes

Join our Tweetchat this Thursday at 12:00 pm Pacific for lively conversation and a chance to win one of two $10 Amazon GCs! Use #WBChat to participate. This week's topic: Using Social Media to Save Money! Learn about utilizing hashtags to find deals, social media accounts to follow to find...

Six ways the 2017 federal budget affects investors

Find out if the capital gains inclusion rates have changed and which investments to say goodbye to The post Six ways the 2017 federal budget affects investors appeared first on

Seven business tax changes in the federal budget

Tax planning might be a little more difficult for small businesses and the government cracks down on loopholes The post Seven business tax changes in the federal budget appeared first on

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