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Best Deals for Friday 10/21

Link for teaser title: Don't miss these FriYay deals! 81% Off Caravelle New York Women's Japanese Quartz Watch, 73% Off UV Protection...

10 Best Tools for Finding an Apartment on the Cheap

Depending on where you live, finding a new apartment can be tough … or downright overwhelming. Seinfeld once joked that in New York, the obituaries section should be coupled with the property section in a newspaper, because that's pretty much the only way to find a decent place. But...

Best Money Tips: Make These 7 Moves to Retire Early

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on smart moves for early retirement, how to have a tailgating party indoors, and ways to save money on a family vacation. Top 5 Articles 7 Smart Moves For Reaching Your Early Retirement Goals — Aim to save 10% of your...

8 Money Lessons We Can Learn From Baseball

We're deep into baseball's postseason, and we'll soon be left to fend for ourselves in the long, cold winter. But even in the offseason, the National Pastime can teach us many good lessons, like, the value of working as a team, and how even the best people can fail more often than not. Baseball...

Sign-Up for the Best Travel Reward Card and Get a $200 Bonus

Link for teaser title: This card offers 1.5 miles per dollar for all your purchases. Plus, get...

The 5 Best Credit Cards For Military Members

If you're in the military, you're entitled to some amazing credit card benefits. Here are our picks for the five best credit cards for military members. The 5 Best Credit Cards For Military Members appeared first on Money Under 30®. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

Oh, The Judging!

My wife: “Honey – I got hit on today!!” Me: “Umm…. congrats?” Wife: “That never happens anymore! He was upset that I rented, but he was definitely hitting on me.” At this point I start paying attention more ;) Me: “How do you go from “hitting on me” to “renting?”” – I cautiously asked. Her: “Oh, I was at this expo hall during […]

How to Be a Financial Grownup: Highlights from Our Chat With Bobbi Rebell

Bobbi Rebell joined us for our #WBChat on October 20th to celebrate the launch of ner new book, "How to Be a Financial Grownup!" Our #FinancialGrownup #WBChat featured tons of useful advice on how to be a financial grownup and Bobbi's tips made the chat extremely informative. In total we...

Your Money Adviser: Understanding the Terms of Your Student Loans

A new report finds that students aren’t borrowing the federal limit before seeking private or state loans, which tend to have costlier terms.

Getting the Super Rich to Pay Taxes

The fact that someone as rich as Donald Trump can pay no taxes is news to many. It’s not news to the super rich. The super rich have a standard way to avoid the taxman that doesn’t require losing a billion in real estate. They simply don’t declare any income. Instead, [...]

Time To Sell American Tower And Other Low Yielding REITs

While bank CDs and money market funds have been paying next to nothing for the past 8 years, good REIT managers have delivered double digit total returns. But, Sam Miklosko, says it’s time to sell REITs like American Tower that yield less than 3%.

Are You Using a Coupon Code to Save On Your Internet Service?

Everyone knows by now to look for a coupon code online before you ring up the register, but when was the last time you actually took the time to look for one? An internet coupon code can save you a great deal of money on back-to-school clothes, cleaning supplies, and almost anything else you can […]

31 Days to Financial Independence (Day 10): Trimming Your Spending – Utilities

“31 Days to Financial Independence” is an ongoing series that appears every Thursday on The Simple Dollar. You might want to start this series from the beginning! Last time, we started looking at the average American family budget, going through each category and examining how one could trim the cost of typical expenses in that category. Show More Summary

To Fight California Tax Bills, Procedure Counts

California's high taxes and aggressive tax enforcement are legendary. But tax disputes in California can have a few silver linings.

How Does a Secured Credit Card Work?

Readers: This is article 24 of 25 from my no-nonsense “Credit Card Basics” quick-reference series. Secured credit cards are primarily used to help people build credit. Like any other regular credit card, a secured credit card comes with a credit line; as such, any payment activity is reported to the major credit bureaus. However, unlike […]

What’s the Difference Between a Conforming Loan and a Nonconforming Home Loan?

Before you buy a home, it’s important to choose a mortgage that gives you the best possible terms, based on your credit history, income, and the size of your down payment. Finding the right loan can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a mortgage. Show More Summary

A Terrible Way To Protect A Retiree From Inflation

A lot of people seem to think commodities (especially gold) are suitable guards against inflation. I want to explain why that’s not true – at least over any useful time frame – and then tell you about some of the much better tools available. Commodities are just things. They don’t produce any [...]

Prepaid Cards About to Get Safer and Better

If you have a bank account with a debit card, your money is pretty safe. If your card is lost or stolen, you can cancel it and get a replacement. As long as you check your statement and report fraudulent charges, you can get the money back. For various reasons (poor credit history, lack of proper...

Best Money Tips: Pantry and Freezer Staples You Should Buy in Bulk

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on staples that are worth buying in bulk, strategies to increase the value of your estate, and how to make money on Airbnb. Top 5 Articles 10 Pantry and Freezer Staples Worth Buying in Bulk — You won't have to worry...

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