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See inside this college student's 145-square-foot home

One University of Texas student will be able to graduate debt-free, all thanks to a tiny house.

Your old suit can help someone in need ace a job interview

When it comes to job interviews, half the battle is figuring out what to wear and that can be a big problem for those who are unemployed.

Choosing The Right Solo 401(k) Plan For Your Business

When it comes to deciding what type of Solo 401(k) plan is best for your business, it is important to look at all the options the plan provides to make sure it will satisfy your retirement planning, tax, and investment goals.

7 Personal Finance Milestones Every 20 and 30 Year Old Should Hit

Do you know if you're on track with your financial goals? Where are you in comparison to other young adults in their 20s and 30s? Take inventory of your career and finances with this quick checklist. Here's a list of the top seven milestones that every young adult should strive towards. 1. Be Debt...

The Greek Debt Spiral Grows Closer

Greece is a nation in trouble. A debt default seems certain and the fallout will be felt around the world. Get the latest in this article!

Military Members Better At Monitoring Their Money

Compared with the rest of the U.S. population, military families are doing a better job at keeping tabs on their personal finances.

What Are Raleigh Homes Selling For Now?

As we continue our house selling and hunting project, I thought this guest post will give you an idea of the local market.  During the search for homes in Raleigh, you’ve likely come across a wide assortment of price points, with variances dependent on specific neighborhoods. Each offers a selection of recreational activities, restaurants and […]

How Do Your Student Loans Rates Compare?

Is the rate on your student loan too high? Here's what you need to know to find out if your interest rates are fair and -- if not -- how to lower your student loan interest rates. How Do Your Student Loans Rates Compare? appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

Sketch Guy: The Short Stories We Tell Ourselves About Everyday Spending

People love to blur the numbers, even with everyday subjects like credit card spending.

Here’s where to stash your cash while waiting for the Fed to finally raise interest rates, probably this fall

Susan Ladika It has to happen sooner or later. After months of dithering, it appears the Federal Reserve will actually start to push interest rates higher, ending years of record low returns on bank accounts. While it could start as soon as July, the Fed seems more likely to initiate this epic change in policy in September [...]Show More Summary

8 Creative Ways to Save Money on Food

As I am now a single dad, I am always looking for ways to cut my grocery bill. Obviously I avoid eating out a lot, skip fast food, and clip coupons. But I started to wonder, are there other ways to save money on food, perhaps weird or bizarre ways, that I haven't tried? So, I started digging, and...

11 Most Underrated Summer Vacation Destinations

Skip the high prices, crowds and traffic and hit up these underrated summer destinations instead.

Will BMW Pay $800 Million To Fix Cause Of Sudden Engine Failure?

In the last five years, BMW, the maker of "the ultimate driving machine," has recalled about 700,000 vehicles for technical problems with the potential to cause their engines to fail. A lawsuit filed June 23 suggests a new reason that some BMW engines are failing -- water accumulating in the lowest part [...]

U.S. Health Care Costs Rise Faster Than Inflation

U.S. health care costs continue to rise, despite the advent of the Affordable Care Act. In this article, we'll look at the annual increase for health care and compare it to overall inflation.

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