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How Traders And Investors Can Thrive In Low Volatility Markets

Traders and investors are struggling with low volatility markets. Here are four ways to succeed when markets are seemingly not moving.

Grandparent 529 Plans: A Smart Strategy For RMDs

529 plans can offer significant benefits for retirees trying to figure out what to do with RMDs (required minimum distributions), allowing them to maintain control and, if necessary, access to the assets, tax-deferred growth, and a gifting legacy.

How to Prevent Money Fights From Ruining Your Marriage with Jayson Gaddis

Money can be a stressful topic, especially in marriage. Learn how you two turn money fights around and build wealth together!  Don’t Let Money Fights Ruin Your Marriage Have you […] The post How to Prevent Money Fights From Ruining Your Marriage with Jayson Gaddis appeared first on Couple Money.

Saving Money Is Easy When You Know This Simple Trick

If you search Google for “how to save money,” you’ll get 396 million results. See for yourself; I’ll wait. With that many results, how is it possible that people still have trouble saving? I’m sure that one of your New Year’s resolutions was to save more money too. Let me use a little analogy: One […]

Why Nasdaq Is Even More Optimistic About Blockchain Than It Was 3 Years Ago

Fredrik Voss, Nasdaq's head of blockchain initiatives, discusses what the company has accomplished with the technology, how his firm evaluates potential projects and the industry debate the technology has generated.

Student Loan Debt In 2017: A $1.3 Trillion Crisis

In the U.S., the student loan debt crisis impacts over 44 million borrowers who hold over $1.3 trillion in student loan debt.

This Is The World's First Cryptocurrency Issued By A Hedge Fund

While launching a cryptocurrency brings legal, technical and business risks, it could also create the first hedge fund with a network effect.

If You're Lucky Enough to Receive a Pension, Here Are 6 Things You Need to Do

Pensions are becoming a thing of the past — so if you're still entitled to one, consider yourself lucky. Once you have a pension, however, what will you do with it? How will you manage it? Here are a few suggestions on how to handle your well-earned windfall. 1. Request an Updated Pension...

Egg Pan, Sugar Softener, and 50 Other Uses for Citrus Peels

After years of drought, it's raining in California, and that means backyard citrus trees are springing to life, delivering green, yellow, and orange packets of deliciousness. But after you make your key lime pie, your lemonade, and your fresh juices, pause before throwing out those peels. Far from...

5 Sales Strategies Your Bank Uses to Make Money

Many people fail to realize that their banking institution is, in fact, a business. And as such, they're using a wide range of marketing and sales strategies on you, whether you realize it or not. It's up to you to be the smart customer. Let's review five of the sales strategies you should keep an...

6 Credit Card Mistakes That Could Be Ruining Your Credit

It's difficult to overstate how important your credit record and credit score are. Not only will good credit enable you be approved for the most attractive credit cards, it's vital for receiving the lowest rates on a car loan, a mortgage, and on home and auto insurance premiums. It can even make...

Ask the Readers: Have You Ever Loaned Money to Family?

Lending money to family (and friends for that matter) can be tricky. It's natural to want to help a relative out of a financial bind, but relationships can change for the worse when money enters the equation — especially if the money loaned isn't paid back when you expected it to be. Have...

The Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards of 2017

The Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards of 2017 appeared first on Canadian Finance Blog.

3 Strategies to Keep Track of Your Purchases To Save Money

I’m a big fan of buying in advance for items that I know that I’ll need.  For years when my kids were little, I’d go out shopping a day or two after Halloween to buy my kids discounted Halloween costumes for the next year.  I never paid...Show More Summary

5 Things to Remember Every Time You Face a Financial Failure

Failure is a universal phenomenon, but it's one that makes you feel isolated and alone when it happens to you. When it comes to financial failures — from thwarted entrepreneurial ambitions, to poor investment decisions, to overwhelming debt — the feeling of failure is magnified by the...

Best Money Tips: Frugal People Need These Things in Their Wallet

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on things every frugal person needs in their wallet, ways to save on your next restaurant meal, and things you should never throw away. Top 5 Articles 10 Things Every Frugal Person Needs in Their Wallet — Many people...

Here Are the Best Cards for People Who Hate Credit Cards

Link for teaser title: If you hate credit cards because of complicated terms and reward...

Don’t Fall for These Credit Repair Scams

Have you ever struggled with credit problems? If so, chances are you’ve probably wished, at least once, for a solution to erase all your credit troubles. After all, bad credit can cause your life to be quite stressful and more expensive. Show More Summary

Flex Mom: Finding The Balance Between Working And Staying Home

A conversation with Sara Blanchard, author of Flex Mom: The Secrets of Happy Stay-at-Home Moms on finding the sweet spot between working and staying at home.

Change Review: Can Artificial Intelligence Change The Way We Think About Spending?

Budgets suck, but tracking your spending is important. Enter Change. The new services uses AI to watch your wallet. Read our Change review. Change Review: Can Artificial Intelligence Change The Way We Think About Spending? appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

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