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Beating Your Pace

I love spending time outdoors in the spring. In fact, it’s a constant push and pull this time of year as I balance the need to write and the desire to get out there and walk and jog. One of my favorite things to do is go on a three mile walk/jog out of my... The post Beating Your Pace appeared first on The Simple Dollar.

What If Long Term Care Insurance Isn't For Me?

Last month, I took some of my own advice and shopped for long term care (LTC) insurance.  The cost of long term care is like a bear lurking in the woods to most of us. Is it even likely to affect me?  If it does, how long will I need [...]

Week's Winners and Losers: Microsoft Ventures to Oz

Don Ryan/AP There were plenty of winners and losers this week, with a "cheap chic" discounter quickly selling out of a hot fashion collection and a fast-food giant falling short, again. Target (TGT) -- Winner The cheap-chic retailer was the place to be on Sunday morning when it began stocking a new line of Lilly Pulitzer items. Show More Summary

5 Ways a Side Hustle Can Further Your Career

Do you feel stuck in a career rut but not sure what needs to change? Your job likely pays the bills and quitting a steady paycheck just because you're bored or unchallenged doesn't seem like a smart option. You still have to pay the rent, after all. This is where a side hustle can be both...

Simple Banking and Humble Bundles

It’s Friday! Before I check out for the weekend I want to share what’s been going on this past including an awesome deal on games and a checking account designed to help you save more money. Humble Bundles – Fun Games, Great Causes Humble Bundle raises money for great causes by offering deals on electronic […]

Comcast Cancels $45 Billion Time Warner Cable Merger Deal

Joe Raedle/Getty Images By Supantha Mukherjee and Devika Krishna Kumar Comcast (CMCSK) abandoned its proposed $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable (TWC) on Friday, saying the deal had been structured in a way that if the U.S. government...Show More Summary

Cloud Wars: Can Microsoft Overtake Amazon?

The cloud -- a service that lets people and organizations rent computing services for a monthly fee -- has turned into a battlefield of giant companies. And despite intense price-cutting by rivals such as Google Cloud Computing and Amazon's AWS, we learned on April 23, that there is profit in the [...]

How to Save Money on Consumables When Living in a Big City

Moving from a rural, small-town area to a decent-sized city near a major metropolis will definitely mean a higher cost of living — especially when it comes to your rent or mortgage payment. What I’ve discovered, however, is that it doesn’t...Show More Summary

Credit Karma Rolls Out New Service For 'Thin Files'

For the 15 million Americans who have too little credit history to generate a credit score, Credit Karma is offering a service that will also offer them tips on building up credit.

The Top 5 Index Funds to Own Now

Can you tolerate some market volatility? Is investing in passively-managed index funds still part of your diversification strategy? Hang in there if it is, because index funds are still a good choice. If you're hot on the trail for index funds to invest in, here are the top five index funds to own...

Ask the Readers: Cheap luggage or expensive luggage?

This article is by editor Linda Vergon. It’s spring! Don’t you just feel like hitting the road? Well, maybe you do if you don’t travel for a living. Either way, luggage. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with luggage over the years. Show More Summary

Buying Structured Notes For Downside Investment Protection

We could be in another financial bubble, but nobody really knows when a correction will take place. You might not even care if your investments decline by 20% or more over a year time frame if you are looking to invest over the next several decades. But alas, none of us will live forever, and Read More...

This Week in Money, Apps, and Sexy New $$ Books

Poor people spend their money, and invest what’s left. Rich people invest their money, and spend what’s left. - Jim Rohn Something tells me we have more rich people reading this today than poor people, am I right? Right? Right??? (In the voice of Ned Ryerson from Ground Hogs Day ;) “Watch out for that first step, it’s a dooz-ey!”) A big week for us here […]

That Signup Bonus for Getting a Store Credit Card Isn't Enough

Blend Images/Alamy Whether you're out on a shopping spree to take advantage of a great sale or focused on buying just one thing, who doesn't like the chance to save 10 or 20 percent more? The ubiquitous offer of a store credit card with its accompanying signup discount can seem a tantalizing way to save. Show More Summary

Weddings Cost a Small Fortune - for the Guests, Too

Getty Images The cost of weddings can be outrageously expensive -- and not only for the bride, groom and their parents. The price tag for guests has gone way up, too. An online survey of 1,882 adults by American Express finds that nearly...Show More Summary

Why Is Gas $1 More Just Across Town?

Shutterstock By Jerry Kronenberg "My mama told me you'd better shop around," Smokey Robinson once sang -- and that sure is true when your put gas in your car. "Gas stations obviously charge as much for fuel as they think they can, but...Show More Summary

We Need to Talk About Credit Card Debt

EHStock Americans are embarrassed by their credit card debt but don't like to talk about it. In a national survey, 42.4 percent of Americans reported having credit card debt, and the average balance is a staggering $10,902. According...Show More Summary

6 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself From a Lost Gift Card

Ken Tannenbaum/Shutterstock By Kyle James The other day, I was at Chipotle frantically digging through my wallet looking for my gift card. I knew it was somewhere, but couldn't find it for the life of me. In the end, my "free" burrito...Show More Summary

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