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Not Eligible To Claim The $2,500 American Opportunity (College) Tax Credit, Try This

If your child's scholarship makes you ineligible to claim the $2,500 American Opportunity Tax Credit for college expenses, claim a portion of the scholarship as taxable income to your child and pick up $2,500 per year in tax savings...

What the $18.5 Million Dollar Discover Student Loan Fiasco Means for your Student Loans

Earlier this month, Discover Bank and affiliates was ordered to refund $16 million dollars to customers and fined $2.5 million dollars by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a federal agency dedicated to protecting consumers. The reasons for the ruling was illegal private student loan servicing practices ranging from misprints on [...]

Unless Your Average, College ROI And Best Value Rankings Are A Waste Of Time

Yes, some colleges do have higher ROI values on average, and that is helpful to a point, but your return on investment is really all about you. Your return on investment (ROI) from a college degree depends on what cost you actually pay, how you pay that cost, what you major is and where you get that first job. Show More Summary

Forbes 2015 Best College List: You Can Afford The Top Ten, But Not The Bottom Ten

Surprisingly, with a $140,000 income and $100,000 in cash, middle class families can afford the top ten colleges on Forbes 2015 Best College list, but not the bottom ten colleges. In this post I explain why. Check out Forbes best Colleges for 2015, and learn how you can afford the best colleges for your family.

U.S. Economy, Corporate Profits And Personal Income Revised Downward

The U.S. economy is weak, corporate profits are down, growth in personal income is low, and the global economy is slowing. The U.S. is not exactly on a path to economic nirvana. Why? We'll examine these and other issues in this arti...

Pay Off Student Loans Or Build Up A Nest Egg: Experts Discuss What To Prioritize

We tasked a CFP® and a student loan pro with debating when to plump up your nest egg or crack into that college debt.

Aubrey McClendon's New Empire Fights For Survival As Oil Slump Deepens

By Soma Biswas Aubrey McClendon’s second chance at building an oil and gas empire is showing cracks. The billionaire founder and former CEO of Chesapeake Energy launched a half dozen new energy companies from scratch immediately after resigning from Chesapeake early 2013. His new ventures, housed under the American Energy Partners (AEP) [...]

More Millennials Living at Home than Ever Before

The boomerang is back as more young adults are living at home than during the Great Recession. Ecnomists ask, is it bad?

Millennials, Help Your Baby Boomer Parents Wake Up To Their Retirement Crisis

Millennials, your Baby Boomer parents are in crisis. They may believe everything is fine, but are they ready for the realities of retirement? Multiple studies and reports show that Baby Boomers will need a combination of Social Security, employer-sponsored retirement plans, and personal savings. So, how can you help? Read some helpful tips on broaching the subject.

Social Security Q&A: Will My C Corp Taxes Increase My Benefit Amount?

Today’s Social Security question is about whether taxes paid as an owner of a C corp will increase Social Security benefits.

Your Money: In Delta’s Frequent-Flier Magic Trick, Not Just Rabbits Disappear

Over the last 18 months, the airline has been engaged in some sleight of hand, no longer posting a chart explaining how many miles a free ticket will require.

5 Best Credit Cards with No Balance Transfer Fees

Making a balance transfer to another credit card can be an effective way to pay down credit card debt. If you’re currently paying a lot of interest each month on a current balance, it can feel like an uphill battle as you make a payment each month. A balance transfer option can allow you to...

Episode 643: The Taxi King

Gene Freidman built a taxi empire in New York City. Now his empire is starting to crumble.

This Week In Credit Card News: Very Slow Move To Chip Cards, Mike Tyson Promoting Bitcoin

Could Mike Tyson Become The New Face For Bitcoin? Although bitcoin has taken some major steps toward mainstream adoption over the past year, the cryptocurrency’s user base is still largely dominated by tech-savvy individuals who see digital currencies as an important innovation. However, Bitcoin Direct is looking to change the cryptocurrency’s image by making Mike […]

Some Things Money Can’t Buy – How About A USTA 5.0 Tennis Rating

One of the most comical, yet sad things every aging athlete must face is that we no longer are what we once were. Our minds are there, willing us to keep fighting, but our bodies don’t cooperate. This is a post about perseverance. At the beginning of the year, I highlighted several personal goals in a Read More...

Market Wrap: Wall Street Ends Lower as Weak Oil Weighs

Spencer Platt/Getty Images By Noel Randewich NEW YORK -- Wall Street ended on a sour note Friday as a drop in energy stocks eclipsed wage data that supported expectations that the U.S. Federal Reserve might hold off on an interest rate. Exxon...Show More Summary

Back-to-School Shopping on a Budget

It’s that time of year again! As a kid, you looked forward to going back to school; new classes and teachers, reuniting with old friends and most importantly, new clothes and supplies. Now as a parent, going back to school takes on a whole new meaning when you are paying for everything. In fact, according […]

Wealth Matters: Modern Families and Modern Money Worries

Financial advice is normally geared toward traditional families, but single-parent, same-sex or multigenerational households may gain from tailored advice.

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