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Why Mutual Funds And 401(k)s May Be Hazardous To Your Wealth

A freewheeling talk about the problems of mutual funds and 401(k)s with the author of 'Empire of the Fund'

It's Not Yet Time To Sell Real Estate Investment Trusts

For years now, real-estate investment trusts (REITs) have paid dividends that are roughly 100 times what savings accounts and money market funds have been paying in interest. Throughout this time, investors have been quick to sell REITs whenever the Fed talks about raising interest rates. Show More Summary

Beyond Money Management: What Every Aging Investor Should Expect from Their Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are oftentimes identified by investors as mere asset managers – consultants whose sole objective is to ‘pick winners’ and generate returns. While numerous financial services professionals can still be described in this way, this limited approach is becoming less applicable to everyday Americans, and for a couple of [...]

Student Loan Consolidation And Refinancing Guide

Do you have too many student loans to keep track of? Get answers to frequently-asked questions on federal student loan consolidation loans and private student loan refinancing. Find out the pros and cons to consolidation, if you're eligible, and how to apply. Student Loan Consolidation And Refinancing Guide appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

Avoid New Venture Shortcuts That Scare Away Investors

Certainly there are many other shortcuts that will discourage investors, but every entrepreneur will find that it pays big dividends to be proactive on the key items outlined here. If your startup is dependent on investor funding, you should remember that your first competitors are peer startups who are also fighting for scarce resources.

4 Ways To Refinance Your Debt And Save Money

Advice to refinance if you have a high-rate mortgage, car loan, student loan or credit card.

What Bernie Sanders Accomplished. And What He’s Left Unfinished

The Vermont Senator has managed to change the Democratic party in two very important ways

Thriving Through Financial Disruption

Life has a way of going on as normal—until it doesn't. It might be a job loss, an unexpected medical expense, an accident or sudden death. These events cause emotional turmoil and come with a financial price tag. The chaos that naturally ensues from an unexpected disruption can destroy even [...]

How Much Should You Charge For Your Airbnb Rental?

You've decided to put your spare room on Airbnb. But how much should you charge? What about the cleaning fee? Cancellation policy? How to price your Airbnb rental. How Much Should You Charge For Your Airbnb Rental? appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

Aging In The 'Right' Place

Why a wider range of housing options is needed as Americans grow older.

Wally World Retirement

What do Clark Griswold and Retirement have in common? More than you can imagine

The 10 Core Principles of The Simple Dollar

IDEA: Start a personal finance blog. Two Cents? Articles focused on practical stuff, positive, straightforward, earnest. Personal finance is easy to understand but hard to actually do. A friendly voice – do people need a “money friend”?...Show More Summary

3 Steps To Taking Your Finances Completely Paperless -- And Why You Should

Shutterstock Technology is supposed to make our lives easier by giving us access to information at the push of a button. Sometimes, it works. For example, I was trying to figure out who sang “The House of the Rising Sun” the other night. Was it The Eagles? I didn’t think so, but [...]

What's The Difference Between A Bank, Credit Union And Brokerage?

You may use all three types of companies to manage your money, but do you really know what makes them unique?

Before You Take On Financial Aid, Read This

Congratulations, you're college bound! Now that you've been accepted to a school of your choice, how do you pay for it? While higher education is a great, even necessary, investment in your future, the cost of college can become a huge burden on you and your parents. Show More Summary

Should You Lower Your Distributions If Your Portfolio Underperforms The Stock Market?

Changing directions, another optimistic assumption of classic safe withdrawal rate studies is that retirees are able to earn precisely the underlying index returns net of the risks. Three truths dispute that idea: Actively managed funds do not precisely match the underlying benchmarks, Many investors may make behavioral and timing mistakes of buying [...]

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