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Alison Sweeney: The Biggest Winner When 'Opportunity Knocks'

Alison Sweeny (from The Biggest Loser, Days of Your Lives) is no stranger to TV and Radio, but she is more than just an award-winning actress. She is business powerhouse, a wife, a mother of two beautiful children, and one of the most loved people on TV. I recently interviewed her for my podcast The Renegade Millionaire Show.

The 8 Steps To A Successful Early Retirement

Want to shuck the working life at 62, or 60 or even 55? Unless you inherited big money or built your own fortune, early retirement is a challenge. But it can be done, and done well. Here is how.

The Legacy Optimizer Strategy - How To Turn A $325,000 IRA Into A $786,000 Benefit For Your Heirs

A recent client of mine found herself in a very interesting position. My client and her husband both had very handsome pensions that paid them more in retirement than they were making while they were working. Each month, they had a surplus and were putting a portion of it into a savings [...]

The Last 10 Things I Bought: A Newly Single Mom Discovers, The High Cost Of Finding Love

Dooley, 36, lives in a Chicago suburb. She spends to keep the peace among her two boys and to maybe find Mr. Right.

8 Ways To Win, Or Lose, A College Admission Offer

College applicants who scour US News & World Report's college rankings would be better served focusing on how well the score on the M "IQ" scale.

7 Financial Blunders You Should Avoid in Marriage

Getty Images Marriage is amazing.That is, if all goes well. And many times, it doesn't.There are many issues married couples must deal with that singles don't experience -- and they aren't simple issues to solve, either.Think about it. Show More Summary

Emails Reveal Coca-Cola’s Hand in Anti-Obesity Group

Emails show that Coke's $1.5 million donation to the non-profit did influence their work

Facebook Expands Free Internet in India

“As of today, everyone in India nationwide can access free internet services"

10 Stocks to Invest in During the Holidays

If you've been out to the malls or shopped online recently, you'll be fully aware that the holidays are approaching. For many companies, the months of November and December are make or break time. Retailers rely on holiday sales to hit revenue targets. Investors can take advantage of this holiday...

Consumers, Stores Face Off Over Depth of Holiday Discounts

Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesTarget shoppers on Black Friday, November 2014 By Kylie Gumpert and Nandita BoseNEW YORK and CHICAGO -- Target's (TGT) 10 percent discount on a $30.49 pair of embroidered curtains wasn't nearlyShow More Summary

Spending Your Life

Recently, I had the great pleasure of reading an excellent article from Wait But Why entitled Your Life in Weeks. The premise of the article was that if you break down a person’s life into a series of weeks, you can create an interesting view of their life, what they achieved throughout it, and so... The post Spending Your Life appeared first on The Simple Dollar.

Small Cap, Mid Cap, Or Large? The Right Mix For Your Portfolio

Building a diversified portfolio means investing in a mix of large, stable corporations and smaller companies with growth potential. Here's what you need to understand about market capitalization and how it should inform your asset allocation strategy. Small Cap, Mid Cap, Or Large? The Right Mix For Your Portfolio appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

Third-Quarter GDP Growth Revised Upward to 2.1%

David Goldman/AP By Lucia MutikaniWASHINGTON -- The U.S. economy grew at a healthier clip in the third quarter than initially thought, suggesting resilience that could help give the Federal Reserve confidence to raise interest ratesShow More Summary

The 5 Major Money Personalities: Which One Do You Have?

Though researchers disagree on just how much of our personalities are dictated by our genetics and how much comes from the way we were raised, one thing is clear: Your personality has a huge effect on how you relate to money. In terms of financial personalities, there are five major types. See if you recognize […]

Investing 101: Start Small and Be Consistent

When the talk turns to investing, many people shut down. “I can’t invest, I don’t have enough money,” is a common refrain. The good news is that you don’t need a large chunk of capital to start investing. Thanks to today’s resources, it’s possible to start investing when you have as little as $25. Show More Summary

Do You Feel Prepared for Your Financial Future?

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. Many of us get so caught up in the now that we forget about the importance of preparing for the future. Unfortunately, according to a survey from John Hancock, many of us don’t feel ready for their financial futures. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Black Friday Craziness Is Worth It

It seems like all the cool kids poke fun at Black Friday, and I get it. Black Friday is crazy! However, there are also some great reasons for hitting the stores the day after Thanksgiving. Here's why you might choose to head out and score some amazing deals on one of America's biggest shopping...

How to Escape a Job You Hate

Feeling disengaged and uninspired at work? If so, you’re not alone. A recent Gallup Poll revealed that only 31.5% of American employees felt engaged at work in 2014, while 51% reported feeling “not engaged” in their jobs or careers.Show More Summary

Talking turkey about Black Friday savings

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. Were you imagining a thermos of hot coffee, maybe even a sleeping bag or tent to protect you from the elements as you camp out for hot Black Friday deals? Maybe you enjoy the mad rush of adrenaline you get when you spot and lunge for the last remaining iPad that’s on sale at an improbable price. Show More Summary

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