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A simple way to make transit more safe

Voters will help decide the fate of America’s public transportation When a commuter train crashed into the platform at the Hoboken, New Jersey, station earlier this month, Governor Chris Christie called it an “extraordinary tragedy.”...Show More Summary

Pix4D app empowers drones to capture 3-D models of properties

Real estate technophiles, rejoice! Agents can now mix two of the hottest technologies in the industry -- drones and 3-D models -- into one: aerial interactive 3-D models. It's a mouthful but also a powerful tool for bringing homes alive to your customers...

Warriors star Steph Curry looks to pass on Bay Area home for $3.7 million

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has put his home in Walnut Creek, Calif., in play at $3.7 million — $500,000 more than what he and wife Ayesha paid for the property last year. The couple, who decamped to another part of the Bay Area earlier this year, have made considerable improvements...

Meet Motto Mortgage, Re/Max’s mortgage brokerage franchise

Many heavyweights in the real estate industry remember 1973 because it was the year Dave Liniger founded the real estate franchisor Re/Max with his wife, Gail. Will 2016 be marked by future industry players for similar reasons...


How building for the future can clash with respecting the past Historic preservation takes many guises: It protects the physical history of a place, and pays homage to the culture and events that shaped a town’s character. Preservation...Show More Summary


How we get around influences how we live The primary factor in midcentury urban planning and subsequent flight to the suburbs involves what was then America’s biggest industrial product: the automobile. Highways shortened commutes, encouraged...Show More Summary


How to build a destination out of urban decay In most instances of gentrification, a new influx of residents—typically more affluent, and often white—displaces existing dwellers in tandem with rising home prices. Things aren’t so cut-and-dry...Show More Summary


How people use existing neighborhoods for new purposes The United States was founded by immigrants, and the diversity of our people is not a new story. Two cities at opposite ends of the continental mass have been home to multiple demographic...Show More Summary

10 streets that define America

What do America's streets—and the people who inhabit them—say about the state of our country in 2016? What can we learn about our ever-changing country from individual streets? To get to the heart of that question, Curbed took a deep...Show More Summary

The rise of the out-of-state mom and pop investor: New companies seek high income coastal buyers for out-of-state investment properties.

It appears that rental Armageddon has now gone mainstream.  Nearly a decade ago when the first housing bubble was taking off, cautious buyers lamented about the high prices in many coastal areas as they do today.  “But real estate is the only way to get rich!”  Okay.  Then why not buy rental properties out of […]

Podcast: The year I spent doubling my business

Just one year ago, Doug Grantham was already a pretty successful agent. As a life-long resident of the Gulf Shores-Orange Beach, Alabama, market and an 11-year veteran in the real estate business, his local expertise had served him well and his gregarious personality made unnamedhim a 50-deal-per-year agent...

Who needs location, location, location when you can go anywhere?

I was raised 12 miles from the celebrated Route 66 in Southern Illinois. When I came of driving age, iconic cars that hit the road included the Shelby Cobra, the Dodge Charger, the Plymouth Road Runner, the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang. Cars were in my blood like the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. But not anymore...

3 masked real estate opportunities you’ve never considered

It can be hard to see the entirety of our industry and the consumers we serve. We all tend to be very focused on what is right around us. At the same time, our industry is changing and increasingly challenged to keep up with the many new expectations of homebuyers and sellers...

Why I use Reddit (and you should, too)

Ever heard of Reddit? If you have, and are not a user, you’ve probably heard about the “dark and ugly” corners. Those are the sensational ones covered in the press were horrible things happen. Reddit is a lot more than that...

How this election will impact the housing market

It’s no secret that our country as a whole has some deep concerns about our current presidential election. It doesn’t matter if you like one of the candidates or dislike them both, everyone seems to have concerns about how this election will impact the economy and the nation...

Is being ‘politically correct’ in our discussions inauthentic?

As we come to the close of a fiery election season, nothing brings the claws to the forefront quite like politics. But debates on hot button issues happen online and behind closed doors all the time. Some of them are more productive than others...

4 ways to make your real estate website better than the rest

Every real estate business needs a website for its marketing potential, and most agents do, too. Because it's such a common marketing outlet for agents, it's difficult to stand out among the dozens of others targeting your area....

What 35 years of NAR surveys tell us about real estate

The National Association of Realtors began its Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers survey 35 years ago. And in anticipation of this year's Halloween release, NAR has released five noteworthy real estate trends over the past 35 years....

Daily market update: October 25, 2016

Mortgage rates plus all the latest real estate market news...

New vs Old - Tuesday

Still on our sunshine break in Palma, we head back to the Airbnb apartment. It was a leap in to the unknown, a bit like the first time I downloaded the Uber app and unwittingly brought a nice chap named Mohammed to our door, when I just wanted to see what the trip cost might be. Show More Summary

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