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Pending home sales spike to 10-year high in April

Steady job creation over the past five-plus years, unattractive rent costs and the anticipation of a mortgage rate increase are propelling homebuyers into the spring market at a faster rate than expected, according to the National Association of Realtors. Show More Summary

So your tech failed you — figure it out

I can’t call myself a digital native because that term is reserved for people who are the same age as my adult children. I’ll just say that I have had internet access in my home since the 1980s, and I fully appreciate the difference between a 300 baud dial-up modem and a 1,400 baud dial-up modem because that is all we had back then. Show More Summary

The residential home flip isn’t dead — it’s changing

Flip the traditional flip approach by keeping the investment for the long-term rather than selling as soon as possible post-renovation. This portfolio-type investment strategy of “hold, accumulate, then flip” has been afforded to and...Show More Summary

Trash talked behind your back? 7 ways for Realtors to deal

Realtor Rob Thompson was once contacted by a future client for an unusual reason. Another agent, who had never met Thompson, had "so vociferously denounced" Thompson that the client "felt they had to meet me," he said...

Agent to Agent: Protecting your commission

The situation: As a Miami real estate agent’s deal is nearly closed, the commission is being threatened by an outside source... The post Agent to Agent: Protecting your commission appeared first on Inman.

Pac Heights Victorian, Perfect for Bibliophiles, Asks $4.1 Million

1883 charmer keeps the theme classical without feeling outdated Photo via Vanguard Properties What with so many renovations boasting open floors plans and pristine-clean aesthetics, we sometimes forget that books used to play a major part in a home's decor. Show More Summary

Larry King Apparently Someone That People Aspire to Sleep Like

His new home goods line will give you the authentic Larry King sleeping experience While normally the prospect of sleeping like an 82-year-old man might not seem like the most appealing idea, Larry King is very rich, so he probably has really nice sheets and stuff. Show More Summary

Modernism in Disguise: Unsung High-Rises, Hotels, and Offices

Symbolic, streamlined towers and buildings that offered idiosyncratic additions to the skyline As midcentury architectural styles evolved during the ‘60s and ‘70s, new ideas on representation and re-appropriation led to new visions for high-rises, hotels, and office complexes. Show More Summary

Ethereal Brass Matrix Envelops Customers in Seoul Cosmetic Flagship

The brass framework was inspired by the lantern The Korean Beauty wave—also known as K-Beauty—has crashed upon the shores of the cosmetic and skincare world with no signs of ebbing. For Sulwhasoo, one of South Korea's biggest and most...Show More Summary

Obamas reportedly plan to lease a D.C. mansion post-presidency

Real estate circles buzzed Wednesday over reports that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have decided to lease a nine-bedroom mansion in one of Washington's poshest neighborhoods when he leaves office in January. With a sprawling terrace and a castle-like exterior, the home sits on...

How Realtors Can Improve Their Search Engine Rankings

Real estate is changing in many ways and the manner in which potential homebuyers and sellers are researching and addressing their real estate needs is being shaped by the web. Real estate agents need to be ever aware of these trends and how to setup their organizations best to succeed. Show More Summary

Hodor Door Stopper Is More Tragic Than You Would Think a Door Stopper Could Be

Hodor, indeed If you don't want to have the most recent episode of Game of Thrones spoiled, then you should certainly stop reading this post right now, and probably stay off the internet indefinitely (although if you took our adviceShow More Summary

Daily market update: May 26, 2016

Mortgage rates plus all the latest real estate market news...

3 Revitalized Downtowns Honored With 'Great American Main Street' Award

Annual award honors preservation efforts that help revitalize a community Main Streets are an American institution as cherished as bald eagles and apple pie. This year, the National Main Street Center—a subsidiary of the National Trust...Show More Summary

Malibu dual agent transaction could set new precedent

Hiroshi Horiike, a retired Chinese millionaire, bought a Malibu house in 2007 for $12.25 million cash. The advertised square footage was 15,000 square feet, but the actual square footage was under 9,500. Horiike sued the listing agent, Chris Cortazzo, and Coldwell Banker, the broker, for violating fiduciary duties...

Podcast: Greg Harrelson on the true meaning of extraordinary

If we already know we can, then to me, that’s ordinary, not extraordinary. Every single one of us can assess ourselves and our capabilities. When we know that we can do things, we usually go ahead and take on a challenge -- knowing full well that we are capable of overcoming that challenge. That’s ordinary...

Podcast: A step-by-step guide to becoming a mega agent

If you're wondering how to become a mega agent, look no further. Today, we're talking about the real estate treasure map and how it can lead you to consistent success. Commit to the powerful spokes you need to make your business wheel turn, a relentless lead follow-up plan and a schedule that works for you, and you'll be armed with what you need to make it big in the business...

Soho Properties receives $219 million for 45 Park Place tower

Soho Properties Chairman and CEO Sharif El-Gamal recently announced the company's securing of $219 million to put toward construction of a high-rise residential condo property in Tribeca...

Malibu Made Easy

Introducing Cavalleri 68 Secluded Two and Three-Bedrooms from $975,000 Cavalleri Road, Point Dume | The Mark Company

Community spotlight: Alexandria

Alexandria is the quintessential town. It's rich with history and full of charm, and its streets are dotted with leafy trees and quaint storefronts. It is a place to live, work and play close to everything in Washington D.C., but far away from the stressful hustle of urban life...

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