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5 Historic Summer Homes For Sale Right Now

They're all right on the water. Welcome back to Period Dramas, a weekly column that alternates between roundups of historic homes on the market and answering questions we’ve always had about older structures. In just a few days, the (unofficial) start of summer will be upon us, which means we'll be searching for any excuse to get out of the city. Show More Summary

Silicon Valley condos and townhomes selling in record time

With each passing day, it seems as though homes are selling faster and faster in Silicon Valley. In fact, closing time has nearly been cut in half from January to April in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, marking a record-breaking month for Silicon Valley real estate...

Pac Heights Victorian, AKA the 'Full House' Home, Asks $4.1 Million

1883 charmer keeps the theme classical without feeling outdated—oh, and it also was featured on that ABC show of note Photo via Vanguard Properties UPDATE: Your editor deeply apologizes for this slip, but this is also the Full House home, as a Curbed SF commenter points out. Show More Summary

Driverless Cars Will Shrink Our Roads and Radically Reshape Urban Space

Autonomous vehicles will radically change the urban landscape; one designer sees an era of "feral space" and DIY entrepreneurship It’s become a matter of when, not if, driverless cars are coming, meaning discussion about the developing technology has shifted towards the design of cars, changing ways of live, and the economic impact of robot drivers. Show More Summary

Ask Flipped: My Closet Is a Portal to a Fantasy World, So Where Am I Supposed to Hang My Clothes?

It sounds fun, but it's very inconvenient Welcome back to Ask Flipped, where we answer very real questions from readers who are having problems with home decor, design, or anything else. Do you have a question? Write it on a post-it note and throw it into a strong gust of wind. Show More Summary

12,000 People Rode the Expo Line Extension Monday

Metro has revealed ridership numbers for the newly extended Expo Line's first full business day Metro's newly extended Expo Line had a slightly tumultuous first Monday, with a train breaking down and a car ending up on the tracks early in the morning. Show More Summary

The 11 Hottest Rental Neighborhoods in Los Angeles Right Now

Everybody's interested in scoring an apartment in these in-demand 'hoods Apartment hunting in Los Angeles isn't easy. We've got a low vacancy rate, rents are expected to continue their upswing, and the city's got a deserved reputation as being a rough place to be a renter. Show More Summary

San Francisco Parks Trounce 95 Other Cities in US Rankings

Land Trust Ranks city parks fifth best in nation; sixth place Portland green with envy San Francisco has the fifth best public parks system in the country. That might not sound terribly impressive when you come out and say it, but considering...Show More Summary

These Bricks Are Made of Cigarette Butts And You'd Never Know It

Imagine a world in which bricks are made of cigarette butts. It's pretty easy According to the leader of a research team at RMIT University in Australia about 6 trillion cigarettes are produced every year, which results in 1.2 tons of cigarette butt waste. Show More Summary

Using advanced data to improve your bottom line

CHICAGO -- Discussing advanced real estate analytics over gut feelings and old-school approaches can bring about a fervor similar to religion. There are many in the middle, but believers and skeptics always seem to speak loudest. Avi...Show More Summary

Why interest rates are going to rise

Why are leading housing economists such as Sean Becketti of Freddie Mac, Mike Fratantoni of the Mortgage Bankers Association and National Association of Realtors' Lawrence Yun still worried about rates on the long term? Although Becketti has lowered estimates to 3.9 percent by the end of this year, he still expects rates on a 30-year fixed to hit 4.5 percent in...

New Study Reveals Best Cities for Recent College Grads

See which cities offer jobs, affordable housing, and potential friends New York or San Francisco? Kansas City or Columbus? Austin or Charlotte? The east coast, west coast, or the heartland? If you're a young person who's ever weighed these options by writing out a pros-and-cons list, chances are that you're worried about where to live post-college. Show More Summary

Is America’s Next Great Urban Park on the Las Vegas Strip?

Called The Park, a newly opened public space seeks to turn part of Vegas into a pedestrian-friendly urban oasis Inside the park—literally named "The Park" as both a brag and a reference to its central location—the landscaping features all the details one would expect from a modern, cutting-edge public space. Show More Summary

Knockout Midcentury House in Connecticut Asks $1.8M

Glass walls galore Location: Wilton, Connecticut Price: $1,780,000 Located in Wilton, CT—a town over from New Canaan, the capital of midcentury modernism in the northeast—this 1966 gem was designed by architect Robert Graf, who worked for the firm of Harvard Five member Eliot Noyes. Show More Summary

Construction Workers Discover 1800s Shipwreck Buried in Boston

Is there treasure aboard? We're not going to rule it out Giving credence to our theory that you should just go around digging random holes because you never know what cool stuff you might find, a construction company recently uncovered a shipwreck from the 1800s in Boston's Seaport District completely by accident. Show More Summary

The Rapidly Shrinking American West Highlighted in Interactive Map

Sprawl is shrinking the frontier fast; we're losing a football field of land every 2.5 minutes Urban sprawl is eating up significant swaths of western wilderness, so says a new report and interactive map created by the Center for American...Show More Summary

The Lost California Boomtown of Agua Mansa

The citizens of Agua Mansa had been huddled in the town church all night. It had been raining for 15 days straight, and the river that was their lifeblood, the Santa Ana, had become a raging torrent. On January 23, 1862, those lucky enough to catch a few moments of sleep, on a pew or the hard chapel floor, awoke to an apocalyptic scene. Show More Summary

LA Renters Need to Make Almost $29 an Hour to Afford a 2-Bedroom

It's not much better for a one-bedroom A recent survey found that one would need to bring in $145,000 a year to pay rent on a two-bedroom, market-rate unit in LA. But what about someone not looking for a market-rate unit but just trying...Show More Summary

'Narnia' producer Vincent Sieber lists his midcentury home in Nichols Canyon

Film producer Vincent Sieber, whose credits include “The Hive” and the upcoming fantasy flick “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair,” has put his home in the Nichols Canyon area of Hollywood Hills West for $2.995 million. Designed by prominent local architect Edward H. Fickett, the 1950s...

Video headlines: NAR bans Zillow from events and more

Real estate expert Arno de Vos shares the top stories on Inman: NAR bans Zillow from its trade shows in 2016, an online brokerage offers frequent flyer miles to buyers and more...

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