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Participate in WAV Group’s 2017 MLS Services and Support Survey

Gain perspective about your MLS Services and Support Offerings. Do you want to be the best MLS you can be?   Are you interested in what your members and REALTORS® across America have to say about the services and support that MLSs offer?...Show More Summary

Redfin Offers Method To Modernize IDX

“Let’s modernize IDX by linking to the listing broker!” IDX or Internet Data Exchange is a thesis that was developed by the collaboration between Brokers and MLSs that outlines a set of display rules for listings on broker websites. The idea behind IDX is that of cooperation among brokers. Show More Summary

Uncertainty in real estate: How does it affect business?

Uncertainty is the name of the game in real estate -- right now, and always. Brad Inman took the Connect stage with Ken DeLeon of DeLeon Real Estate, Mauricio Umansky of The Agency, Dolly Lenz of Dolly Lenz Real Estate and Glenn Kelman of Redfin to dive into what this ever-shifting landscape means for different business models...

Why I believe real estate agents are worth every penny

I believe that real estate agents get paid well for what we do, however, I believe we’re worth it. Good agents can put money in their sellers’ pockets...

How to be the listing agent no one wants to work with

I get a bad taste in my mouth when listing agents are, at best, fudging the details and, at worst, lying to my face. These misleading seller's reps may be able to rope in buyer’s agents once, but don't expect to fool them twice....

Overcome these 5 seller objections to get the listing

How do the best listing agents get sellers to sign on at every listing appointment? The answer has nothing to do with secret scripts or sneaky sales tactics. The best real estate agents win listings and clients by striving to understand prospects’ needs and addressing their concerns from the start...

How to have a smooth settlement in 4 easy steps

Congratulations! Your clients ratified a contract and are well on their way to settlement. Now what happens next? Do you simply submit the contract to the title company, and move onto the next deal? I sure hope not...

10 savvy ways to save your hard-earned commission

As real estate agents, you work hard for your money, and you wait longer than most to get a paycheck. Sometimes, things don't work out -- the deal falls through -- and you don't even get paid for the work that you do. You're money is precious...

buyMyplace enters deal with FlexiGroup to offer interest-free credit

“We want to give vendors the best outcome when it comes to the sale of their property and a smooth transition to their next home," Heath said. "House prices are increasing and by giving vendors an interest-free option to make improvements...Show More Summary

Airtasker co-founder launches ‘LinkedIn for Property’ start-up

The co-founder of odd-jobs website Airtasker is transitioning to the property market with a new start-up venture he describes as' LinkedIn for property'. Jonathan Lui told the Australian Financial Review his new business, Soho, aimsShow More Summary

How became Turkey’s no.2 property portal in 18 months

Ahmet Kayhan is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the property data company REIDIN in addition to being the CEO of  Turkey’s leading property portals: He is a guest speaker at the forthcoming PPW conference in Lisbon andShow More Summary owner tests the ‘holy grail’ of agent software

Take FiveStreet's lead-follow up, mix it with Top Producer's CRM and add Reesio's transaction management. What do you get? One system to rule them all, and a big real estate tech experiment from Move Inc...

Another angry investor sues Zillow over co-marketing

Another Zillow Group shareholder has filed a federal lawsuit against the company and it appears the real estate giant could soon face a slew of similar suits...

Phishing: Preventing the Bait and Hook in the Pond of Security for Brokers

Remember a time when a fishing rod, some bait, and a lake was all that was needed for a quiet afternoon of relaxation and fun. Today, we need to deal with a different kind of “phishing”. This phishing has gone wild in the digital world and has become the preferred method by the bad guys in obtaining easy access to your corporate email platform. Show More Summary

It’s the Biggest Marketing and PR Mistake

Stay on message. Those three little words sound so simple. But it amazes me how difficult it seems for companies – and their messengers – to do this. It should be the core of their marketing and PR compass. Consistency and repetition: That’s what every well-crafted marketing and PR program adheres to over the long haul. Show More Summary

Inside the most expensive property in Hamptons’ history

Along the Atlantic Coast, east of the Big Apple, is an area known worldwide for its exclusive beaches, lavish parties and covetable opulence. Its massive summer estates and pristine waterfront views come with an air of privacy that is essentially unmatched. It's beautiful. It's luxurious. It's the Hamptons...

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman to answer all your burning questions — live

Catch the Facebook Live interview broadcast exclusively on Inman and moderated by RealScout CEO Andrew Flachner on Wed., Sept 20, 2017....

Seller Beware–Your Exclusive Agreement May Not Be Expiring When You Think

Seller Beware–Your Exclusive Agreement May Not Be Expiring When You Think With nearly 30,000 licensed real estate agents in New York City and only about 12,000 transaction per year, it is no surprise that some less than savory agents turn to desperate measures to ensure that they make a few dollars. … Continue reading ? True Gotham

Survival of the richest: Real estate’s technology arms race

What kinds of products are included in the real estate technology landscape? How much of their funding is invested, and how much of it comes from agents and brokers? Where will we see the most growth in the next few years, and whichShow More Summary

Mic drop: MLS exec announces merger deal

AUSTIN -- Lauren Hansen concluded this year's Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) conference by urging her fellow MLS execs to "be the change" they want to see in the real estate industry. She led by example...

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