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We break down 30 years of SF historical footage

It’s like 1,000 Herb Caen columns all at once, running at 60 minutes The YouTube channel History Owl uploaded about three decades worth of San Francisco history in a one-hour format on Monday. If you’ve ever wondered what Market Street...Show More Summary

Great Wall of China gets covered in cement, does not look great

The “repairs” were made in 2014, but have only recently come to light In what is surely the worst Great Wall of China-related news since the trailer for that Matt Damon movie was released, it has recently come to light that a 700-year-old...Show More Summary

LA planning to sell Angel’s Knoll to a developer

Could the former (500) Days of Summer park become the site of a residential tower? The future of a former park in Downtown LA is starting to get a little less murky, as Councilmember Jose Huizar has called on city staff to take the first...Show More Summary

101 smallest things you can do for your city

Sometimes the smallest things we can do for our neighborhoods can have the biggest impact. At Curbed, we know the power of a vegetable garden planted in a vacant lot or a library installed on a sidewalk. For Micro Week, we want to share 101 urban interventions and ideas that show how even the tiniest changes can make our cities better places. Show More Summary

Thailand’s new tallest tower looks like it was designed in Minecraft

The 77-story skyscraper has a pixelated style designed by architect Ole Scheeren More than 1,030 feet tall, the MahaNakhon tower just built in Bangkok’s financial district is the tallest building in the country. The skyscraper was designed...Show More Summary

How LA’s Olympic Bid could steer the games in a new direction

The city’s low-key bid could pave the way for more sustainable planning around the games When it comes to hosting the Olympics, most cities would like to be Barcelona. Nearly a quarter century since hosting the games in 1992, Barcelona...Show More Summary

Millennium claims vanishing water table to blame for tower tilt, blames Transbay

“Reckless dewatering” the culprit, Millennium Partners founders claim The word of the day is "dewatering." That’s supposedly what’s behind the dramatic sinking of the Millennium Tower, Millennium Partners founders told reporters at a...Show More Summary

Explore the world in miniature with these incredible tilt-shift films

From big cities to the charming countryside For the past five years, Berlin-based filmmaker Joerg Daiber has been transforming locales all over the globe into amusing miniature worlds. From big international cities like Chicago and Hong...Show More Summary

How emergency alerts fail us, and how we can fix them

Today’s misguided alert reveals a critical opportunity to upgrade our emergency messaging system. It’s become part of modern life: The simultaneous jump of everyone in the room, the signature chime, and the grating vibrations while people reach for pockets and purses. Show More Summary

7 things I learned from spending 36 hours in a tiny house

The experience was chock full of surprises Swoon over or roll your eyes at them, tiny houses are hard to overlook these days. They’re shared obsessively across Pinterest and appear in a bajillion cable TV shows, all while making headlines around the country as an affordable housing alternative. Show More Summary

Are solar roadways on the road to reality?

Groups in the U.S., France, and the Netherlands are trying to make the dream of solar roadways a reality It’s been called the Mother Road and the Main Street of America, but soon, Route 66 will become the testing ground for an experiment that developers hope may change our roadways. Show More Summary

Beyoncé concert created a traffic nightmare in LA—here's why

Lots of reasons Anyone moving through the streets of Los Angeles in maybe a three-mile radius of Dodger Stadium Wednesday night must have noticed that it was way more congested than usual. The ballpark's traffic is known to be rough,...Show More Summary

Brand new tiny house caters to a traditional taste

A classic escape Wisconsin-based tiny house builder Escape Homes just launched a new model, and it’s a departure from its current line of tiny houses on wheels, which skews more modern with rectilinear profiles and large glass windows. Show More Summary

Meet Amsterdam’s first Bike Mayor

Anna Luten talks about being the first-ever cycling representative for the bike-crazy city Like many Amsterdammers, 28-year-old Anna Luten grew up with biking in her blood and rode to school every day. Cycling through the city becoming second nature. Show More Summary

Forest Lawn architect’s own Hollywood Hills home asks $1.1M

A storybook home by the designer behind SoCal’s greatest cemetery This little Normandy-style cottage in the Hollywood Hills is right out of a storybook—and that sort of makes sense, as its the home that Forest Lawn Memorial Park architect...Show More Summary

7 vintage diving boards for summer’s last splash

These gorgeous high dives are a relic of our aquatic past. Pools may be on the outs as splash pads become the cooling urban infrastructure of choice. But high dives—once a striking architectural centerpiece of all pools—are an especially endangered species. Diving platforms were ubiquitous in the pools of yesteryear. Show More Summary

An aerial video update of the new Apple Campus

The big wheel keeps on turning You’ve got to wonder what everybody down in the construction site of the ongoing Apple Campus 2 thinks about the constant drone traffic overhead. They must know we’re watching them all the time. Is it weird?...Show More Summary

See the California Incline reborn in this time-lapse video

Watch 15 months of construction in less than two minutes Today is great day for Santa Monica motorists, because today is the day we welcome back the California Incline, the historic bridge thats links Pacific Coast Highway and Downtown Santa Monica. Show More Summary

LA's Dorothy Chandler Pavillion shines in this wacky but beautiful perfume ad

The 52-year-old venue still looks stunning Los Angeles appears in endless television commercials. But a new ad from high-fashion brand Kenzo and director Spike Jonze makes use of a Downtown landmark we don’t already see a million times on TV: the Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Show More Summary

Urban air pollution is worse than we think—but better data might solve the problem

MIT researchers made jaw-dropping discoveries by changing the way they measure exposure to air pollution. Imagine how ineffective a weather forecast would be if meteorologists assumed that no one ever left their homes. Now, imagine that...Show More Summary

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