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IRS Puts Brakes On E-Filing PINs After More Automated Attacks

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that the Electronic Filing Personal Identity Numbers (e-filing PIN) tool is no longer available on or by toll-free phone.

Ryan Proposes Big Tax Cuts for Business and Investors, Moves Towards a Cash Flow Tax

House Republicans Propose Big Tax Cuts for Business and Investors, Move Towards a Cash Flow Tax House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) unveiled his long-promised rewrite...

Paul Ryan And House GOP Unveil A Better Way For Tax Reform

A Better Way for Tax Reform: Our Principle In a Confident America, the tax code and the IRS work for us, not against us. Our Challenge Our tax code is a mess, and that’s putting it lightly. Multiple brackets. High rates. Special interest breaks everywhere. Rules and regulations that are...

As Markets Fall On Brexit News, Understanding When A Loss Isn’t Really A Loss

In a record-breaking referendum, a majority of voters opted for the United Kingdom to exit the European Union. At the news, markets dropped, worrying investors. But did you actually lose money? Here's how to understand realized losses from losses on paper.

Tax Panel At Today's National Business Law Scholars Conference At University Chicago

Tax panel at today's National Business Law Scholars Conference at the University of Chicago Law School: The Intersection of Business and Tax Law: Ilya Beylin (Columbia), Taxing Fictive Orders: How an Information Forcing Tax Can Reduce Manipulation and Distortion in Financial Product Markets Limor Riza (Carmel Academic Center), Charitable Contributions...

Weekly Tax Roundup

Accounting Today, Accountant Who Hid on Appalachian Trail Jailed for Embezzling Millions from Pepsi Bottler Bloomberg, UBS Gives IRS Records on U.S. Citizen’s Account in Singapore Bloomberg BNA, California Awards Millions in Tax Credits for Housing, TV Shows, Economic Development, by Jason Plotkin Bloomberg BNA, Homestead Tax Exemption Fraud is...

IRS stops issuing e-file PINs after new hacker attack

Hackers continue to assault the Internal Revenue Service's online options, forcing the agency to shut down yet another website tool. Another automated bot hacking attempt by identity thieves has forced the IRS to stop issuing e-file PINs. Show More Summary

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

ABA Journal, Tech Companies Hire Law Students for Internships Above the Law, Are Lawyers Overpaid? Above the Law, Beyond Biglaw: On The Stigma Of Living ‘At Home’ Above the Law, Will The $180K Biglaw Starting Salaries Attract A New Group Of Law School Lemmings? Daily Tar Heel, UNC Law School...

Weekly SSRN Tax Roundup

Robin Boadway (Queen's University) & Jean-Francois Tremblay (Université du Quebec), Modernizing Business Taxation Allison Christians (McGill) & Marco Garofalo (McGill), Using Tax as an Investment Promotion Tool Rita Cunha (University of London), BEPS Action 6: Uncertainty in the Principal Purpose Test Rule Shane Darcy (National University of Ireland), ‘The Elephant...

Details of the House GOP Tax Plan

This morning, the office of Speaker Paul Ryan released a blueprint for tax reform that would overhaul major components of the U.S. tax code and lower taxes for households and businesses. The key details of the plan are listed below: Individual...Show More Summary

Lloyd Doggett Nails the GOP Corporate Tax "Reform" Proposal

Congressional Republicans have just released their "new" corporate tax proposal. As usual for the GOP, the proposal again calls for steep cuts in the corporate tax rate. Lloyd Doggett, the Texas Democrat and member of the House Ways and Means...

Department Of Education Panel Recommends Suspension Of ABA's Power To Accredit Law Schools Due To Its 'Lack Of Attention To Student Achievement'

In stunning news, the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) voted on Wednesday to recommend that the U.S. Department of Education suspend for one year the ABA's power to accredit new law schools due to the ABA's "lack of attention to student achievement": [T]he panel on Wednesday...

Tax Roundup, 6/24/16: If you have $73,500 worth of used household goods, consider a garage sale.

Brexited. The U.K. has voted against being subject to unpopular, irrational rules imposed by an unaccountable and remote elite. Glad we […]

Lunch Links: House Tax Plan; Marijuana in Massachusetts; and yes Brexit

Today is June 24, the date of the UK’s enactment of the Iron Act 1750, which repealed taxes on British exports of finished goods to America, and on American raw material exports to Britain. Because other trade taxes remained, its purpose was to focus American trading with Britain and discourage American manufacturing. Show More Summary

How Unsweet a Tax

So Philadelphia now has a so-called “soda tax, though legal challenges could postpone or eradicate the enactment. And, as I pointed out in Bait-and-Switch “Sugary Beverage Tax” Tactics, the tax applies to products other than soda, and although justified as an anti-sugar-consumption measure, doesn’t touch most sugar-containing items. Show More Summary

UC Law Professor Sees Bitcoin As Tax Haven For Gig Economy

CCN.LA, UC Law Professor Sees Bitcoin Becoming a Tax Haven for the Gig Economy: Bitcoin is especially attractive to workers in the gig economy who exchange skills for money. So far there is no effective enforcement method for tracking bitcoin. Omri Marian, a law professor at the University of California...

Designing A Transactional Law Clinic For Life-Long Learning

Patience A. Crowder (Denver), Designing a Transactional Law Clinic for Life-Long Learning, 19 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 413 (2015): This article makes an important contribution to existing clinical scholarship generally, and, more specifically, to scholarship about transactional lawyering and transactional law clinics. It is one of the first articles...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1142

PJ Media, Impeachment and the IRS Scandal: Should John Koskinen Face the Music?: [T]he instant matter involving Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, pertains to an investigation into not a mere “endeavor” (largely unsuccessful in the Nixon case) to abuse IRS powers but actual, concrete abuse, of those powers, including...

Ryan Again Vows To Repeal Obamacare, Unveils GOP Alternative

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) had promised that the Republicans in the House would offer a proposal that would replace Obamacare. This week, he revealed the plan, which relies on individual tax credits as well as expanding health savings accounts (HSAs).

Debate Continues Over The NY Times Coverage Of The Law School Crisis

Paul Campos (Colorado), Ask the Expert (June 18, 2016) Paul Campos (Colorado), Is “Steve Diamond” a mole for the law school reform movement? (June 19, 2016) Paul Campos (Colorado), Is There Any Defense for Continuing to Federally Fund Bad Law Schools? (June 22, 2016) Paul Campos (Colorado), Opinion Mongering: A...

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