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Welcome To The Pepperdine Law School Class of 2020

Courtney and I are very much looking forward to getting to know the incoming Pepperdine Law School Class of 2020 at a series of summer dinners, beginning tonight.

New York Times College Rankings

New York Times Sunday Review, Top Colleges Doing the Most for the American Dream: Welcome to the third annual College Access Index. It's a New York Times ranking of colleges — those with a five-year graduation rate of at least 75 percent — based on their commitment to economic diversity....

States Offer Sales Tax Holidays For 2017 As Early As This Weekend

Sales tax holidays are back for 2017. In addition to school supplies, sales tax holidays may apply to hurricane preparedness and energy efficiency - some starting as early as this weekend.

Richard Bierschbach (Cardozo) Named Dean At Wayne State

Richard Bierschbach (Cardozo) has been named Dean at Wayne State, succeeding Jocelyn Benson, who was the youngest woman to ever be a law school dean (and the only law school dean to run the Boston Marathon while eight months pregnant), who stepped down to be CEO of a national campaign...

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

GOP Senate Cuts UNC Law School's Budget 30% As Payback To Liberal Faculty (Especially Gene Nichol), Rankings Slide From 20 (1979) To 39 (2017) Private Investigator's Attempt To Obtain Donald Trump's Tax Return Led IRS To Shut Down FAFSA Data Retrieval Tool; Who Hired Him? One Year After Arrest Of...

Raskolnikov:A Tale of Two Tax Plans — What Trump And Ryan Get Wrong

Foreign Affairs: A Tale of Two Tax Plans: What Trump and Ryan Get Wrong, by Alex Raskolnikov (Columbia): Republicans have long panned the U.S. tax system; now they have a plan to change it. In fact, two plans. The first comes from Congress, the second from the White House. The...

Memorial Day tax holidays offer LA & TX shoppers savings

Good morning, early-rising Louisiana and Texas shoppers! I know all y'all are headed out to take first advantage of your states' special sales tax holidays this holiday weekend. Both Louisiana's hurricane preparedness reduced-sales-tax event and Texas' no-sales-tax on certain Energy Star appliances started at 12:01 a.m. Show More Summary

88% Of Law Firms Have 'Chronically Underperforming Lawyers': 'Decreasing Demand For Legal Services Is Endemic In The Profession'

ABA Journal, Law Firm Leaders Report Lawyer Oversupply and 'Chronically Underperforming Lawyers': Fifty-two percent of law firm leaders responding to Altman Weil’s Law Firms in Transition Survey said their equity partners are not sufficiently busy. Sixty-two percent said nonequity partners are not busy enough, and 25 percent said associates don’t...

The Last Weekly Tax Highlight And Roundup?

On August 1, 2016, I announced that, due to my growing other commitments, I was reducing the amount of time that I devote to TaxProf Blog by dropping my weekly tax, legal education, SSRN, and student tax note roundups. Happily, Joe Kristan took over the weekly tax roundup, Scott Fruehwald...

House Problem Solvers Caucus -- yes, it's a real group! -- sets sights on passing tax reform, infrastructure bill

Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-New Jersey), center, makes a point as he and fellow Problem Solvers Caucus member Rep. Tom Reed (R-New York), right, talk with MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle about their efforts in late April to prevent a federal government shutdown. Show More Summary

Congressman Proposes New Tax To Pay For Trump’s Border Wall

A proposal called the Border Wall Funding Act of 2017, with the alternative title, "To amend the Electronic Fund Transfer Act to impose a fee for remittance transfers to certain foreign countries, and for other purposes" was introduced on March 30, 2017, by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL).

Weekly SSRN Tax Article Review And Roundup

This week, Ari Glogower (Ohio State) reviews a new work by Chris William Sanchirico (Penn), Optimal Redistributional Instruments in Tax Policy and Law & Economics: Survey and Assessment, in The Oxford Handbook of Law & Economics, Vol. 1: Methodology and Concepts 321 (Francesco Parisi, ed., 2017) In his new work,...

Weekly Legal Edcucation Roundup

ABA Journal, Some Charlotte School of Law students receive federal loan money Bloomberg Law, Are Law Schools with Low Bar Pass Rates at Risk of Closing? Stephen Diamond (Santa Clara), Time to Rethink the California Bar Exam, San Diego Dean Stephen Ferruolo Testifies Bill Henderson (Indiana), A Measure of Overcapacity...

Can the IRS Collect From a Non-Liable Spouse?

The IRS may be able to collect delinquent tax debt from a non-liable spouse in some cases. This means that tax debt that was accrued by one spouse on a return filed separately, may still result in collection action being taken on the other spouse. However, the IRS cannot pursue collection from a non-liable spouse […]

Last Post.

As I posted yesterday, Roth & Company is joining Eide Bailly. The move of our practice to the new firm […]

“Creative” Attempt to Boost Tax Revenue Fails Court Test

In Pennsylvania, state law prohibits localities and school districts from subjecting billboards, wind turbines, amusement park rides, and silos used to store animal feed to the real property tax. Why these structures and not, for example,...Show More Summary

Henderson:The Number Of Law School Graduates Has Fallen 28% Amidst Declining Demand

Bill Henderson (Indiana), Supply of Law Graduates Is Shrinking, But So Is Demand: The ABA just released 10-months out employment data for the class of 2016. The percentages of grads employed in full-time/long term Bar Passage Required and JD Advantage jobs is up (72.5% compared to 70.1% in 2015). However,...

Tax Policy In The Trump Administration

Bloomberg, Mnuchin Cites Border-Tax Concern as House Panel Seeks Tweaks Bloomberg, Mnuchin Says No Guarantee Tax Reform Won't Benefit the Rich Bloomberg, Mnuchin Warns Some Partnerships and LLCs Won't Get Tax Break Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, U.S. $26 Billion Short of “Fair Share” for Development Aid Yet Trump...

Wells Fargo Found Liable In Abusive Tax Shelter Scheme

After losing a $350 million tax shelter case last year, Wells Fargo has now lost a second court fight, this time over IRS penalties for the shelter.

NY Times:How London And Vancouver Tax Breaks Hollowed Out Hollywood's Visual Effects Industry

New York Times Sunday Magazine, Why Hollywood’s Most Thrilling Scenes Are Now Orchestrated Thousands of Miles Away: The visual effects industry, and the “movie magic” blockbuster films spend huge shares of their budgets on, are being lured away from California — and into two of the most expensive cities in...

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