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Extra Money Could be Bittersweet Next Tax Season Due to the Affordable Care Act

The National Association of Enrolled Agents recently released a warning that the Affordable Care Act Marketplace may complicate tax returns. The NAEA is an organization of tax professionals that are specially licensed through the Department of Treasury and can represent individuals directly to the IRS. Show More Summary

Boo to this Halloween trick: scary state sales taxes on candy!

Last year, I forgot to buy Halloween candy. The hubby and I ate an early dinner, turned off all our lights and hid upstairs until the trick-or-treaters finished their rounds. This year, our house smells like chocolate! Our Halloween candy bowl! I was smart enough to wait until this morning to open the bags of candy. Show More Summary

Weekly Tax Roundup

Stuart Bassin, Court Rejects AICPA Challenge to IRS Annual Filing Season Program for “Voluntary” Return Preparer Registration Bloomberg, Deal to Lock in U.S. Tax Cuts Is Bubbling Up on the Hill, by Richard Rubin Bloomberg, Ryan Moves Idea Factory to Tax Panel in New Stage for Ambitions, by Richard Rubin...

Market Volatility Alone Can Cause Inequality

A new paper by French economists Emmanual Saez and Gabriel Zucman discusses a new technique for using tax returns to estimate top wealth shares. They find that wealth inequality has been increasing such that the top 1 percent now control...Show More Summary

Weekly SSRN Tax Roundup

Alex Brill, Sally Satel & Alan Viard (American Enterprise Institute), Should E-Cigarettes Be Taxed?, 143 Tax Notes 267 (2014) Ciao-Wei Chen (Iowa), Bradford Hepfer (Iowa), Phillip Quinn (Washington) & Ryan Wilson (Oregon), Tax-Motivated Income Shifting and the Information Environment Hanna Filipczyk, Why is Tax Avoidance Immoral? Ethics, Metaethics and Taxes...

Kyl & Moore: Obama's Soak the Rich 60% Tax Hike on Investment Income Is Drowning the Kiddle Class

Wall Street Journal op-ed: Obama Soaks the Rich, Drowns the Middle Class; The Ripple Effect of the President’s Tax Hikes Is Swamping Take-Home Pay, by Jon Kyl (American Enterprise Institute) & Stephen Moore (Heritage Foundation): The curse of the U.S. economy today is the downward trend in “take-home pay.” This...

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

Above the Law, Law School Admissions Officers Express Optimism (Although Why Is Unclear) Stephen Bainbridge (UCLA), Is Being a Trial Lawyer the Measure of a Law Professor's Competence? Heather Garretson (Thomas Cooley), Repairing the Disconnect between the Classroom and the Bluebook: An Interdisciplinary Method Justin Hansford (St. Louis), I Went...

Weekly Student Tax Note Roundup

Conor Clarke (J.D. 2015, Yale) & Edward Fox (J.D. 2015, Yale), Note, Perceptions of Tax Expenditures and Direct Spending: A Survey Experiment, 124 Yale L.J. ___ (2015): This paper presents the results of an original survey experiment on whether the public prefers “tax expenditures” to “direct outlays” — that is,...

Tax Roundup, 10/31/14: Halloween! And: mortgage interest? Put it on the tab.

The deduction for home mortgage interest is hugely popular among those with huge home mortgages. Taxpayers get to deduct all […]

What Will Next Week’s State Ballot Measures Tell Us About Taxes?

While most national attention is focused on which party will control the Senate and who will win the 36 gubernatorial races, many states also have fiscal initiatives on their ballots. And a few may provide some clues to how the public feels about the trade-off between taxes and government services. Show More Summary

The Inequality of Halloween?

From the outset, I have made it a point to work Halloween into MauledAgain, usually looking for the silly or goofy but occasionally taking a more serious approach. The posts began with Taxing "Snack" or "Junk" Food (2004), and have continued...Show More Summary

3 Tips for Righting Your Money Wrongs

Of all the potential problems life can serve up to us, money problems rank among the most stressful without a doubt. Ruminating about mounting debt, having trouble paying bills, knowing we are making bad choices can do quite a number on us mentally. If denial is no longer doing it for you, and you are […]

Florida Hosts 10th Annual International Tax Symposium Today

The University of Florida Graduate Tax Program hosts its Tenth Annual International Taxation Symposium today (live webcast here): Panel Discussion, Selected BEPS Issues (Yariv Brauner (Florida), Monica Gianni (Florida), Mindy Herzfeld (Tax Analysts) & Jeffrey Rubinger, Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod)) Adam H. Rosenzweig (Washington University), Source as a...

The Coming 'Civil War' Between Doctrinal Faculty and Experiential Faculty as Law Schools Downsize

David Barnhizer (Cleveland State), ‘Drumbeats of Doom’ and the Downsizing of Law Faculties: The “drumbeats of doom” are everywhere for law schools. Let’s review just a few. Thomas Jefferson School of Law is bankrupt. Cooley law school closed its Ann Arbor campus. Ave Maria was launched in Ann Arbor and...

Gerzog: A Simplified Verifiable Gift Tax

Wendy Gerzog (Baltimore), A Simplified Verifiable Gift Tax: The purpose of this article is to create a simpler and more accountable federal gift tax. The proposed tax would simplify gift completion rules, adopt a hard-to-complete rule of transfer taxation, reduce the annual exclusion while expanding the consumption exclusion, and, by...

Math for Law Students

Terrance O'Reilly (Willamette), Math for Law Students: Topics include fractions, decimals, absolute values, powers/exponents, rounding, percent and percentage change, average, median, bytes, interest, future value, present discounted value and linear functions.

The IRS Scandal, Day 540

Legal Times: IRS Official Fights Video Depo, Citing Fear of Harassment: An Internal Revenue Service employee caught up in the controversy over tax-exempt groups wants a federal judge to block a subpoena for her videotaped testimony. The official, Holly Paz, cites privacy and safety fears. A group that applied for...

2015 income tax rates, income brackets Rates the same, but income amounts increased for inflation

This is why people hate taxes. OK. There's no one "this" when it comes to tax loathing. But here's one big reason: confusing dates. Right now we're working on ways to reduce our current year's tax bill. To do that, we must make many tax moves by Dec. Show More Summary

Cornell's Free Online Tax Code Now Offers Links to IRS Letter Rulings

The wonderful, free online Internal Revenue Code from Cornell's Legal Information Institute ("LII") now contains links to private letter rulings for each Code section (just click on the "IRS Rulings" tab above the statutory language (e.g., here)). Over 58,000 rulings are linked to across the Code's 850 section. From LII...

MIT Law School: Legal Education in the 21st Century

Daniel Martin Katz (Michigan State), The MIT School of Law? A Perspective on Legal Education in the 21st Century, 2014 Ill. L. Rev. ___ : Despite some of the blustery rhetoric attendant to the ongoing market transition, lawyers and the market for legal services are not going away. Lawyers serve...

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