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Senate Finance Panel Tax Bill Would Trim Taxes At First But Raise Them For Half Of Households By 2027

The Senate Finance Committee’s version of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act would cut taxes by an average of $1,300 in 2019, according to a...

Wells: International Tax Reform By Means Of Corporate Integration

Bret Wells (Houston), International Tax Reform By Means of Corporate Integration, 20 Fla. Tax Rev. 70 (2016): This Article focuses on a single organizing question, namely how should a dividend paid deduction regime be designed so that it achieves acceptable international tax outcomes. By focusing on the international tax implications...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1657: Lois Lerner Fears Retaliation If Her Tea Party Targeting Deposition Is Made Public 

Wall Street Journal, Lois Lerner Doesn’t Trust You: “You Can’t Handle the Truth,” the Former IRS Official Tells the American People: In his courtroom apologia in the film “A Few Good Men,” Jack Nicholson’s Col. Nathan Jessup made the words famous. Now, in her bid to keep her testimony in...

The Right Way, And The Wrong Way, To Measure the Benefits Of Tax Changes

At the core of the political debate over the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is an intense and sometimes emotional argument over who benefits. Not...

The House Version Of The TCJA Would Modestly Boost The Economy

The House-passed version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) would benefit the economy modestly over the next 20 years but by far less...

2018 Tax Brackets

See what the 2018 tax brackets are, what the standard and personal exemptions are, and whether you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Trump has filed his 2016 taxes, or so it seems from remarks by former IRS commissioner

John Koskinen's days of giving formal testimony as head of the IRS ended when his commissioner term concluded earlier this month. However, an interview he gave the week after leaving the tax agency post has raised questions about Donald Trump's tax returns and taxpayer privacy. Show More Summary

Eyal-Cohen Presents The Cost Of Inexperience Today At Loyola-L.A.

Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama) presents The Cost of Inexperience at Loyola-L.A. today as part of its Tax Policy Colloquium Series hosted by Katie Pratt and Ted Seto: Free market entry is vital in preventing concentration of market power and eliminating large deadweight losses. Yet, in recent years, studies show that newcomers...

Cost, Affordability, And Access In Legal Education

Stephen Daniels (American Bar Foundation), The Perennial (and Stubborn) Challenge of Cost, Affordability, and Access in Legal Education: 'We Will Continue to Muddle Through': This paper explores the long-term challenge of legal education’s financial viability and focuses on the business model that serves contemporary legal education. That model — based...

NCSL May Revisit Stance Fighting State & Local Tax Deduction Repeal

The National Conference of State Legislatures may revisit a decision to reject tax reform that repeals the state and local tax deduction.

Federal Tax Reform Might Push New Jersey to Reform Tax System

New Jersey has the worst state business tax climate of the 50 states and the third highest state and local tax burden. If federal tax reform prompts New Jersey to overhaul its tax code, it’s long overdue.

Colinvaux: The House Tax Bill Could Be The End Of Charities As We Know Them

Chronicle of Philanthropy op-ed: The House Tax Bill Could Be the End of Charities as We Know Them, by Roger Colinvaux (Catholic): If the tax bill passed by the House of Representatives becomes law, partisan politics would overtake the nonprofit world, casting institutions designed to promote the public good into...

With Year-End On The Way, Don’t Forget About Tax Form Due Dates

The end of the year will be here before you know it - and that means year-end tax forms, like forms W-2 and 1099, will soon be on their way.

Exceptions to The Three-Year Statute of Limitations for IRS Tax Audits

The general rule of the IRS is to audit returns that have been filed in the last three years. Because of this, some taxpayers may breathe a sigh of relief once the three-year period has expired, but the rules regarding the statute of limitations are not quite that simple. There are circumstances where the IRS […]

So Guess Who Pays for the Senate’s Tax Cuts for Corporations and Wealthy Americans?

For years I have been arguing that tax cuts for the wealthy are not as beneficial for the economy and the economic well-being of all Americans as are tax cuts for the non-wealthy. Those cuts would permit vast numbers of Americans toShow More Summary

Cunningham: Compliance Costs Of The ABA's New Bar Passage Data Collection Requirement Outweigh Its Benefits

Larry Cunningham (Vice Dean, St. John's), Collecting Ultimate Bar Passage Data: Weighing the Costs and Benefits: Friday afternoon the ABA Associate Deans’ listserv received a message from William Adams, Deputy Managing Director of the ABA. In it, he described a new process for collecting data on bar passage. A copy...

Lesson From The Tax Court: It's Not Really Self-Assessment

Myths are not reality, even if they do reflect basic truths. A cherished myth in tax law is that ours is a system of “voluntary self-assessment.” Last week’s opinion in Ramsay v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2017-223 (Nov. 15, 2017), teaches a lesson about that myth. This myth is not reality....

ABA Tax Section Publishes New Issue Of Tax Times

The ABA Tax Section has published 37 Tax Times No. 1 (Nov. 2017): FROM THE CHAIR So Much To Do, So Little Time By Karen L. Hawkins (Hawkins Law, Yachats, OR) Notwithstanding the challenges of going forward with a meeting in Austin, Texas, in the midst of one of the...

TaxProf Blog Weekend Roundup

Saturday: This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts Cornell Law Prof: I Never Thought The Free Speech Mob Would Come Me. Until They Did. The 'Trump Bump' Grows As College Grads From Both Sides Of The Political Spectrum Flock To Law School Colon: ETFs And In-Kind Redemptions Sunday: ABA...

PATH Act's route to tax-free wrongful conviction restitution

Fifteen Chicago-area men have had their names, and legal records, cleared. If they eventually get monetary restitution for the time they spent in jail for crimes they didn't commit, they also could get some tax relief. (Click CNN screenshot...Show More Summary

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