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Taxes are part of travel, but at least many business trip expenses are deductible

I'm a bit slow today. I got up at O'dark-thirty to catch a flight home from San Diego, California, where I had spent four fantastic days at FinCon, an annual conference of fellow financial bloggers and other money and media folks. View from my San Diego FinCon hotel room last week. Show More Summary

Michelle Alexander Resigns From Ohio State Law Faculty For Seminary, Valuing 'Publicly Accessible Writing Over Academic Careerism'; Law Without 'A Moral Or Spiritual Awakening' Cannot Bring About Justice

Michelle Alexander, recipient of a 2016 Heinz Award ($250,000) for her work as "legal scholar, advocate, civil rights attorney and author of the seminal book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness," has resigned from the Ohio State Law School faculty to teach and study at...

LSAC Rescinds Threat (For One Year) To Stop Certifying Matriculant Admissions Data In Response To Law Schools' Use Of GRE

Following up on my previous post, the LSAC has backed off its threat, for one year, to stop certifying matriculant data in response to the use of the GRE rather than the LSAT in law school admissions: At the beginning of August, we wrote to you to explain that as...

End The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Bonanza For Graduate And Professional Schools

Brookings Institution: The Coming Public Service Loan Forgiveness Bonanza, by Jason Delisle (American Enterprise Institute): Abstract: The federal government is making more data available about the performance of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program for federal student loans. Many policymakers are not aware of this program, but the new...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1235

Wall Street Journal op-ed: A Dangerous Rush to Impeach John Koskinen, by John Conyers (D-MI; Ranking Member, House Judiciary Committee): The power of impeachment is a responsibility entrusted to the House of Representatives by the Constitution and to the House Judiciary Committee by our peers. I take this charge very...

2-step authentication system on the way for access to more IRS online services

Computer users, which nowadays means almost everyone, used to be told to follow the X-file's advice when it came to cyber security: Trust No One. IRS is moving to two-step authentication for more of its online services beginning in late October. Show More Summary

Attorney Involved In ‘Biggest Tax Fraud Prosecution Ever’ Loses Appeal Of Conviction

It was called the "biggest tax fraud prosecution ever." Former attorney Paul Daugerdas, who prosecutors called “the most prolific, pernicious and utterly unrepentant tax cheat in United States history,” lost the appeal of his prison sentence this week. Here's how he got there.

Tax Update Weekend Link Fest! 9/24/16

As an experiment, I have rounded all of the daily links for the past week in one Saturday post. This […]

2016-17 World University Rankings

London-based Times Higher Education has released its annual World University Rankings of the Top 980 universities in the world, based on this methodology of 13 variables in five categories: Here are the Top 25 Universities in the World, along with their scores: Rank School Score 1 Oxford 95.0 2 Cal-Tech...

Obama Has Redistributed More Wealth To Bottom 99% Through Tax Code Than Any Administration Since At Least 1960

Wall Street Journal, The White House Says Its Policies Slashed the Income Gap: One of the big criticisms of the current economic expansion—and also the one that ran from 2001 through 2007—is that most of the gains accrued to the best off, unleashing a populist groundswell in the presidential election...

Indiana Tech Dean Bristles At Media For Making Law School 'Look Bad' Because Only 1 In 12 Grads Passed Bar Exam, Says He's 'Not Worried' About ABA Accreditation

Following up on last week's post, Only One Indiana Tech Graduate Passed Bar Exam: Indiana Lawyer, Indiana Tech Law School Dean Says 5 Graduates Appealing Bar Results: Five graduates of Indiana Tech Law School have filed appeals with the Indiana Board of Law Examiners to have their bar exams reviewed,...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1234

Hot Air, The IRS Chief’s Meeting With the Judiciary Committee Didn’t Go Particularly Well: You may recall that only a week ago the House decided to postpone an impeachment vote for IRS commissioner John Koskinen in favor of holding hearings instead. This clearly distressed a number of conservatives who feel...

When early retirement plan withdrawals are penalty free

Saving is the key to the kind of retirement you want. The earlier you start, the better. Among the goals posted during this year's FinCon, an annual gathering of creators (including me!) of various personal finance material and advice, is to, as a couple of participants noted, retire soon. Show More Summary

Tax Foundation Distributional Estimates: What Do They Look Like In Dollars?

Regular readers of Tax Foundation reports know that we publish estimates of the distributional impact of federal tax changes: that is, we estimate how a tax reform might affect the after-tax incomes of taxpayers at different income levels. The way we usually have organized this is by percentile. Show More Summary

Weekly SSRN Tax Article Review And Roundup

This week, Ari Glogower (Ohio State) reviews a new paper by Edward Kleinbard (USC), Capital Taxation in an Age of Inequality, the first installment of a two-part project proposing a new tax instrument, the Dual Business Enterprise Income Tax (BEIT). Kleinbard’s current article explores the theory behind the Dual BEIT,...

State Bar Pass Rates Fall Despite Rising MBE Scores

Following up on my recent bar exam posts (links below): Derek Muller (Pepperdine), Despite Improvement in MBE Scores, Bar Exam Rates Appear to be Falling Yet Again: [E]ven though MBE scores rose, bar exam pass rates are declining again., Sagging July Bar Exam Results in Florida and Elsewhere Defy...

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

ABA Journal, Several states report lower bar pass rates for July exam Above the Law, Guess Which Law School Slayed The Florida Bar Exam, Leaving All Others In The Dust? Above the Law, Worst Results Ever? The ONLY Indiana Tech Law Graduate Who Passed The Bar Exam Speaks Out Pamela...

Hillary Clinton Proposes Raising Estate Tax Rate From 40% To 65%

Wall Street Journal, Hillary Clinton Proposes 65% Top Rate for Estate Tax: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would levy a 65% tax on the largest estates and make it harder for wealthy people to pass appreciated assets to their heirs without paying taxes, expanding the list of tax increases she...

Lunch Links: Clinton Increases Proposed Estate Tax Hike for Wealthiest; Poll Finds Americans Divided on Tax Plans; Missouri Voters Face Divergent Cigarette Tax Ballot Choices; Amazon to Collect Taxes on D.C. Purchases

Today is September 23, the birthday in 63 B.C. of the Emperor Augustus, Rome’s first emperor and the namesake of the month of August. Among other things he was a tax reformer, replacing arbitrary and intermittent tributes collected by...Show More Summary

Why Hire a Tax Attorney for a Tax Return Audit?

When you are notified that you have been chosen for a tax return audit, you may not be sure what to do next. How do you prepare for an intense inspection of your tax documents and ensure you can answer any questions the tax auditor may have? Hiring a tax attorney can be the best […]

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