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Sturgeon:Martin Luther King And The Three Dimensions Of A Complete Life

Starting to Look Up: Be the Best of Whatever You Are, by Al Sturgeon (Dean of Graduate Programs, Pepperdine): Fifty years ago, and just one year before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached a sermon at the New Covenant Baptist Church in Chicago titled, The Three Dimensions of...

Your MLK Day volunteer time is not tax deductible, but some related contributions might be

On this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday, the last MLK Day that Barack Obama will serve as U.S. President, the 44th commander in chief will once again spend part of his afternoon volunteering. President Obama and younger daughter Sasha helped out during an earlier MLK Day at DC Central Kitchen. Show More Summary

The Demise Of Charlotte Law School Resurrects Talk Of New Law School At University Of North Carolina-Charlotte

Charlotte Observer, Charlotte School of Law Crisis Resurrects Talks of a Law School at UNCC: Long-running problems that may close the Charlotte School of Law have resurrected talks of a public law school at UNC Charlotte. Chancellor Phil Dubois told the Observer Thursday that “given the developments” at the law...

IRS Whistleblower Awards Jump 322%

The IRS's Whistleblower Office has released its FY 2016 Annual Report to Congress: Accounting Today, IRS Awards to Whistleblowers Grew Last Year: The Internal Revenue Service’s Whistleblower Office ramped up the number of monetary awards it gave to tax tipsters last year, according to a new report. In fiscal year...

Why Justice Matters: The Tax Trial Of Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther King was on the receiving end of harassment by government officials - including state and local tax authorities. In 1960, he made news as being the first person ever criminally charged in the state of Alabama on tax fraud. Here's what happened.

Tax Roundup, 1/16/17: Spin-offs, Iowa 179 prospects, and more links for the ice-bound.

We’re having an ice storm in Central Iowa today. I made it in to the office safely. There was little […]

Who Pays the Price for Trickle-Down Tax Policy Failures?

Readers of MauledAgain know that I consider demand-side economics to be far superior to supply-side economics. As a recent facebook meme put it, put $100 in the hands of a poor person, and that person will spend it because that person needs to do so. Show More Summary

Professional Degrees Yield Substantially Higher Salaries Compared To Other Graduate Degrees

Sandy Baum (Urban Institute) & Patricia Steele (Higher Ed Insight), Who Goes to Graduate School and Who Succeeds? (Jan. 2017): During the Great Recession, those with college degrees fared much better than those without degrees, but a number of college graduates struggled to find satisfactory employment, leading many to graduate...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1348: How The Trump Administration Can Stop IRS Abuse Of Political Groups

Weekly Standard, How the Trump Administration Can Stop IRS Abuse of Political Groups: For more than six years, the Internal Revenue Service has been trying to fend off accusations that its process for granting tax-exempt status discriminated against applicants expressing political views at odds with those of the Obama administration....

10 Quick Facts About The Upcoming Tax Season That You Need To Know

Ready to file your tax return? Here are 10 quick facts about the upcoming tax season that you need to know.

More tax whistleblowers were rewarded last year, but they got less money

It's been 10 years since the Internal Revenue Service Whistleblower Office was created to reward those who turn in tax cheats. It's been a pretty good decade. In particular, notable advances were made last year, according to the Whistleblower Office's fiscal year 2016 annual report. Show More Summary

Leef:Feds Should Eliminate Student Loans For All Law Schools, Not Just Charlotte

Forbes: We Have Too Many Law Schools, But This Isn't The Way To Thin The Herd, by George Leef (Pope Center for Higher Education Policy): It makes no more sense for the government to help a student with a 175 LSAT pay for Harvard than to help a student with...

Tax Policy In The Trump Administration

Bloomberg, Kansas Offers Cautionary Tale for Trump's Tax Ambition Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, ACA Repeal Means Tax Cuts for Drug Companies and Health Insurers Frank Clemente (Americans for Tax Fairness ) & Ron Pollack (Families USA), How Obamacare Repeal Helps Rich, Hurts Poor (USA Today op-ed) CNBC, Larry...

University Of Washington Delays Launch Of New Law School In Tacoma

Following up on my previous post, University of Washington (Seattle) To Open Separate Second Law School In Tacoma: The News Tribune, UWT Delays Launch of New Law School: Leaders at University of Washington Tacoma have postponed a proposal to create a law school on the growing campus, citing strong competition...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1346:IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins Resigns, Effective Jan. 20; GOP Questioned His Role In Tea Party Targeting

Accounting Today, IRS Names Acting Chief Counsel Following William Wilkins’ Departure: The Internal Revenue Service has chosen William M. Paul to step into the role of acting chief counsel after William Wilkins stepped down this week.... Wilkins has been the IRS’s chief counsel since 2009. Like many Obama administration...

Phishing criminals pose as potential tax clients to infiltrate tax preparers' systems and steal data

Millions of taxpayers prepare their own returns using tax software. Even the Internal Revenue Service encourages this do-it-yourself approach with Free File. So it's no surprise that many tax professionals are looking at ways to retain and add to their client base. Show More Summary

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

The IRS Scandal, Day 1339: House GOP Reactivates 'Holman Rule,' Would Have Permitted Reducing Lois Lerner's Pay To $1 Students In College Bible Class Get Trigger Warning, Permission To Skip Studying Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ The IRS Scandal, Day 1341: Another View Of The Republicans' Reactivation Of The Holman Rule...

IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins Resigns, William Paul Named Acting Chief Counsel, Effective Jan. 20

National Law Review, IRS Chief Counsel William J. Wilkins Resigns Effective January 20, 2017: William J. Wilkins has tendered his resignation as Chief Counsel effective as of noon on January 20, 2017. Mr. Wilkins was nominated by President Obama to replace Donald L. Korb, who resigned from the position in...

Mnuchin Used Dynasty Trust Estate Tax Loophole Obama Has Tried To CLose

Bloomberg: Mnuchin May Have Used Tax Loophole Obama Attacked, by Zachary Mider: Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the U.S. Treasury Department, may be taking advantage of a loophole that allows the nation’s richest families to shield their wealth from estate taxes for generations into the future. Mnuchin placed...

Wintertime tax links!

A Saturday in winter is a great time to curl up with the TaxProf’s Weekly Tax Highlight And Roundup of Tax Update links […]

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