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The Forbes 2018 Tax Guide

Advice on filing your 2017 tax return, making the most of the new tax law and avoiding tax scams and headaches. 

New: IRS Announces 2018 Tax Rates, Standard Deductions, Exemption Amounts And More

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has (finally!) announced a number of tax-related provisions for 2018, including, of course, the latest tax rate schedules and tax tables. This announcement is the official interpretation of the Tax Jobs and Cuts Act of 2017.

Lawmakers seek IRS property tax deduction clarification

Are you still waiting to file your taxes because you want additional guidance from the Internal Revenue Service about the 2018 property taxes you prepaid last year? You are not alone. A group of Democratic lawmakers, some of who metShow More Summary

IRS revises 2018 inflation changes to follow newly enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions

Yes, you did read my 10-part 2018 tax year inflation adjustments series last year. Thank you. Then Congress and the prez went and changed the laws, meaning the adjustments had to be adjusted. Here are some of the key inflation changes...Show More Summary

Oscars' box-office bump helps increase tax revenue, too

Many of us used to spend Saturday afternoons at the movies. Streaming and on demand options have cut into those ticket sales, but Oscar nominations and wins still boost ticket sales and the taxes collected on those admission slips. (Photo from Keith Page archives via Kevin Dooley on Flickr) It's an honor to win an Oscar. Show More Summary

Guns, Soda, and a Modest Proposal

Last month, I had to tell my middle-school age children that something really bad happened at a high school. Not at the high school just over a mile from our home in Michigan, but at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Our children were horrified by the tragedy, and given a recent action by our school board, by something else.

How Do Estate And Inheritance Taxes Affect Entrepreneurs?

A new paper and brief explore how estate and inheritance taxes (or wealth transfer taxes) affect entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs. It is a contentious issue...

Using The False Claims Act To Close The Tax Gap

The IRS estimates that for the years 2008-2010, taxpayers owed but did not pay an average of $458 billion annually in federal taxes —mostly because...

More Proof Supply-Side Economic Theory Is Bad Tax Policy

Readers of this blog know that I am an advocate of demand-side economic policy. Logic and experience have established the failure of tax cuts for the wealthy to improve the economic condition of most Americans. Even some beneficiaries...Show More Summary

A Second Man Who Made a Difference in the Tax World

Two weeks ago, in One Man Who Made a Difference in the Tax World, I reacted to the passing of Leonard L. Silverstein by describing the positive impact he had on the tax world and on my career. Now comes more sad news. Saturday a week ago, Leon G. Show More Summary

In the Tax World, Form Matters More Than Substance

There are times when doing something the wrong way is a problem even if the outcome is the desired result. Sometimes, the “no harm, no foul” principle makes sense. Sometimes, even when it make sense, things don’t work out well. In the...Show More Summary

Race, Cognitive Biases, And The Power Of Law Student Teaching Evaluations

Gregory S. Parks (Wake Forest), Race, Cognitive Biases, and the Power of Law Student Teaching Evaluations, 51 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 1039 (2018): Decades of research shows that students' professor evaluations are influenced by factors well-beyond how knowledgeable the professor was or how effectively they taught. Among those factors is...

Cooper: Soldiers With Fortunes? Rethinking The Tax Treatment Of Fallen Combatants

Jeffrey A. Cooper (Quinnipiac), Soldiers with Fortunes?: Rethinking the Tax Treatment of Fallen Combatants, 9 Colum. J. Tax L. 113 (2017): Section 2201 of the Internal Revenue Code provides a partial estate tax exemption for members of the armed forces who die in, or as a result of, combat operations....

The Uneasy History Of Experiential Education in U.S. Law Schools

Peter A. Joy (Washington University), The Uneasy History of Experiential Education in U.S. Law Schools, 122 Dickinson L. Rev. ___ (2018): This article explores the history of legal education, particularly the rise of experiential learning and its importance. In the early years of legal education in the United States, law...

The New Tax Law Shifts The Focus Of Estate Planning To The Income Tax

Daily Business Review, 2017 Tax Act Changes the Focus of Estate Planning to Saving Income Tax: Traditionally, estate planning to maximize what passes to the next generation after taxes meant planning to reduce the federal estate tax. This was accomplished by reducing the size of a person’s estate at death...

What The New York Times' TurboTax Defense And A 'Liberal Law Professor' Say About The Trump Tax Cuts

Wall Street Journal op-ed: The TurboTax Defense, by James Freeman: A New York Times correction blames the popular software, but a liberal academic still isn’t satisfied. The search continues for Americans who will not benefit from the Trump tax cuts on individual and corporate income. The New York Times has...

ABA Defends Denial Of Cooley Law School's Request To Open New Location

ABA Journal, Denial of Cooley Law's Request to Open New Location Is Reasonable, ABA Motion Argues: Given that Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School already admits students who don’t appear capable of finishing law school and being admitted to practice law, it was reasonable to deny the school’s...

Philipps Presents Gendering The Analysis Of Tax Expenditures Today At NYU

Lisa Philipps (Osgoode Hall) presents Gendering the Analysis of Tax Expenditures: Bridging Two Solitudes in Canadian Fiscal Policy at NYU today as part of its Tax Policy Colloquium Series hosted by Lily Batchelder and Daniel Shaviro: This paper seeks to connect two fiscal policy files that have attracted significant scholarly...

Solomon Presents Drivers And Effects Of The 2017 Tax Act Today At Georgetown

Eric Solomon (Ernst & Young) presents Drivers and Effects of the 2017 Tax Act at Georgetown today as part of its Tax Law and Public Finance Workshop Series hosted by Lilian Faulhaber and Itai Grinberg: Introduction On December 22, 2017, the President signed “An Act to provide for reconciliation pursuant...

Maine Tax Conformity Bill a Step Toward Better Policy

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act didn’t end the debate on tax reform – it’s shifted the discussion to state capitols across the country, and Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) is joining the conversation. Governor LePage has put forth a comprehensive tax bill that cuts taxes by $111 million over the next two years and […]

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