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Polsky Presents The Up-C Revolution Today At Loyola-L.A.

Gregg D. Polsky (Georgia) presents The Up-C Revolution (with Adam H. Rosenzweig (Washington University)) at Loyola-L.A. today as part of its Tax Policy Colloquium Series hosted by Ellen Aprill and Katherine Pratt: Over the past few years, a revolutionary new tax structure, known as the Up-C, has become increasingly popular,...

Frank Presents Papers On High-End Inequality Today At NYU

Robert Frank (Cornell) presents five short articles today at the NYU High-End Inequality Colloquium Series (more here) hosted by Robert Frank (Cornell) and Dan Shaviro (NYU): Does Inequality Matter? (Slate, Dec. 5, 2011) Why Has Inequality Been Growing? (Slate, Dec. 6, 2011) The Progressive Consumption Tax (Slate, Dec. 7, 2011)...

Succession Planning in Law Schools

TaxProf Blog op-ed: Succession Planning in Law Schools, by Rick Bales (Former Dean, Ohio Northern): In business, one of the principal responsibilities of a leader is to groom a successor. At General Electric, for example, CEO Jeff Immelt spends about 40% of his time on developing the company’s future leaders....

Call For Tax Papers And Panels: SEALS 2017 (Boca Raton, Florida)

Now that we are deep into the fall semester, it's time to think about SEALS 2017! The conference will be held July 31-August 6 in Boca Raton, Florida. The conference submission tool is now open, and Jennifer Bird-Pollan, Leandra Lederman, Francine Lipman, and Shu-Yi Oei, as the Tax Resource team,...

An Ever-Expanding Tax To-Do List

Last week I started a project that has been on the to-do list for longer than it should have been. The tile floor in the laundry room, at least 45 years old, was breaking up. The plan was to replace the floor. After moving everything but the washer and dryer out of the room, I realized that it would make sense to paint the room. Show More Summary

Clinton would increase the CTC for very low-income workers and young children

Hillary Clinton has proposed two important changes to the child tax credit (CTC). The first would phase in the credit starting with the first dollar...

A Tough Endgame

As I was doing my mother in law’s taxes, over three years ago, I wrote, Mom – You don’t itemize, describing her tax return a bit and the fact that her medical deductions weren’t enough to flow to her itemized deductions, and so she remained a Standard Deduction filer. Since her taxable income put her […]

Amazon will begin collecting sales tax from Alabama shoppers on Nov. 1

Attention Alabama online shoppers. If you're planning to buy from Amazon, you'd better hit the shopping cart enter button soon. On Nov. 1, an 8 percent tax will be added to your purchases from the digital retail giant. Online sales tax collection is the Holy Grail for state revenue offices. Show More Summary

IRS Announces Relaxed Retirement Plan Rules For Victims Of Hurricane Matthew

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that 401(k)s and similar employer-sponsored retirement plans, including 403(b) and 457(b) plans, can make loans and hardship distributions to victims of Hurricane Matthew and members of their families.

Tax Roundup, 10/24/16: Former Tax Court Judge Kroupa pleads guilty to tax crimes. And: STOs, disasters, and Monday links!

I am in Washington D.C. today for a conference of TIAG, the international alliance of independent accounting firms. In addition […]

New Jersey's Gas Tax Increase is Just One Part of the Story

On November 1st, New Jersey residents will start paying considerably higher gas taxes, with the rate rising from 14.5 to 37.5 cents per gallon (cpg) as part of a broader tax deal negotiated between Governor Chris Christie (R) and Democratic leadership in the state legislature. Show More Summary

How Would the Trump and Clinton Tax Plans Affect Your Taxes?

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both introduced plans that would change the federal tax system. Hillary Clinton’s tax plan would increase federal revenue by about $1.4 trillion over the next decade. Her plan would make the current tax code more progressive by raising taxes on top earners and cutting taxes for families with young children. Show More Summary

Lunch Links: Schumer Pushes for Social Security Boost; Impact of Passing Tobacco Tax Initiatives in Missouri; Marylanders to Vote on Further Tax for Subway Improvements

Today is October 24, the date in 1931 when the George Washington Bridge, connecting Manhattan with New Jersey over the Hudson River, opened for traffic. Along with the Holland Tunnel, opened four years earlier, they enabled non-ferry vehicular crossing to New York City. Show More Summary

California Prop 55: Extending Higher State Income Taxes for Education and Health

Proposition 55 on California’s November ballot would extend higher state income taxes first adopted in 2012 after the passage of Proposition 30. The higher tax rates apply as an extra 1 percent of tax on income above $263,000 ($526,000...Show More Summary

Johnson:Were Trump's Fake Losses Legal As Tax Deductions?

Calvin H. Johnson (Texas), Were Trump's Fake Losses Legal as Tax Deductions?: Trump claimed almost a billion of tax losses on his 1995 tax return. Trump did not lose anything like that in economic substance because he never put that much money into his transactions. If he never put it,...

Weapons Of Math Destruction: How U.S. News' 'Craven' Decision To Eschew Affordability In Its Rankings Increases Inequality

The Traps of Big Data (reviewing Cathy O'Neil, Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy (2016)): As O’Neil defines it, a weapon of math destruction, or WMD, has three elements: Opacity, Scale, and Damage. Combined, these factors create traps with feedback loops, capturing victims in...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1264

Politico Morning Tax, Light Meet Tunnel: The Albuquerque Tea Party and Unite In Action should get a ruling on their tax-exempt status one way or another next month, under a recent order from a federal court. Judge Reggie B. Walton ordered the IRS to make a final decision on the...

TaxProf Blog Weekend Roundup

Saturday: This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts ABA Council Approves 75% Minimum Bar Pass Rate Retired U.S. Tax Court Judge Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud While She Sat On The Court Greg Mankiw Happily Paid $2,500 For A Hamilton Ticket, But Asks: Why Should 80% Go To Resellers...

Sweden looks at taxes to reduce wasteful consumerism

Would a tax break be enough to change your shopping habits? One Scandinavian country is hoping to test that theory, and possibly permanently reshape consumers' attitudes, when it comes to many common household goods. Brian Beatty of Zen Cog Bicycle Company in Jacksonville, Florida, repairs a bike. Show More Summary

Tax Papers At ClassCrits IX Conference At Loyola-Chicago

Critical Perspectives on Tax Law Les Book (Villanova), Bureaucratic Oppression and the Tax System, 69 Tax Law. 567 (2016) Samuel Brunson (Loyola-Chicago), Avoiding Progressivity: RICs, Pease, and the AMT David Herzig (Valparaiso), Let Prophets Be (Non) Profits Shu-Yi Oei (Tulane), The Troubling Case of Offshore Tax Enforcement Distributing Wealth, Law...

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