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Ohio State Bar Association Futures Commission Report 2017

Ohio State Bar Association, Futures Commission Report 2017: Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio Law School Grads Face Debt of Nearly $100,000 and Few Job Prospects

Thimmesch:Online Shopping And Tax Privacy

Adam Thimmesch (Surly Subgroup): Online Shopping and Tax Privacy The privacy implications of online commerce are complicated and fascinating. On the one hand, it allows individuals to protect their privacy by shopping for sensitive items without the knowing glances of store clerks, fellow patrons, or those passing by. On the...

Yes, Killing The ACA’s Investment Tax Now Would Make The Next GOP Tax Bill Easier. Here's Why

The chaos surrounding Senate efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act will prolong the debate over what Republicans will do about the nearly $1 trillion...

Social Security Warns On New Scheme Similar To IRS Phone Scams

Financial scams involving individuals posing as government employees aren't limited to those Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone scams. There's a new scam making the rounds - and this time, it involves individuals claiming to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Tax Court Declines to Follow Rev. Rul. 91-32

Last week, the Tax Court released an important opinion in Grecian Magnesite Mining, Industrial & Shipping Co., SA v. Commissioner, 149 T.C. No. 3, where the court declined to follow Rev. Rul. 91-32. For more than 25 years the IRS has...Show More Summary

Colorado has collected more than half a billion in pot taxes

Some type of marijuana use is legal in more than half of the United States. State and local coffers get associated pot taxes, but that could stop if the feds start cracking down on what is still an illegal drug in Uncle Sam's eyes. (Photo courtesy U.S. Show More Summary

Schizer:Border Adjustments And The Conservation Of Tax Planning

David M. Schizer (Columbia), Border Adjustments and the Conservation of Tax Planning, 155 Tax Notes 1451 (June 5, 2017): In this article, Schizer argues that U.S. corporate and shareholder taxes need to be reformed, and the corporate rate should be much lower. In reforming this dysfunctional regime, according to Schizer,...

Ousted Cincinnati Dean Jennifer Bard Named Penn State Visiting Professor

Press Release, Jennifer Bard to Join Penn State Law, College of Medicine as Visiting Professor: Jennifer S. Bard, an internationally recognized expert in the fields of law, public health and bioethics, will join the faculties of Penn State Law and the Penn State College of Medicine this summer for a...

10 Things To Know About Tax Practice

Above the Law: 10 Things to Know About Tax Practice: Today’s topic: tax law. 1. What do you do in a typical day? A typical day usually begins with reading daily tax publications. There are always many changes and developments to keep up with in tax law. It’s a challenge...

If Retained, R&D Tax Credit Should Be Reformed

As Congress contemplates implementing comprehensive tax reform, several of the deductions and credits that pepper the U.S. tax code are being reevaluated and considered for elimination in an effort to offset the cost of tax rate cuts and simplify the overall tax code. One of the more prominent credits being evaluated is the R&D tax […]

The Requirements for Traditional Innocent Spouse Relief

Traditional innocent spouse relief is one of three types of defenses available to taxpayers when the IRS is attempting to collect tax that is attributable to a return filed jointly with your spouse or former spouse. The IRS can collect from either spouse for tax assessed on a joint return, but innocent spouse defenses allow […]

Is Your New Tax Professional Secretly A Robot?

Could a robot be doing your tax return? There was a time when that sounded far-fetched. But according to EY Americas Tax Talent Leader Martin Fiore, it's happening already.

How High Are Individual Income Tax Collections in Your State?

The individual income tax is the third largest source of tax revenue for state and local governments, accounting for 22.9 percent of collections in fiscal year 2014. Property taxes and sales taxes comprise larger shares of state and local tax collection at 31.3 percent and 23.3 percent respectively. This week’s map shows the combined state […]

Allard:The California Bar Exam Is The Tip Of The Lawyer Licensing Iceberg

TaxProf Blog op-ed: California Bar Exam Developments: Tip of the Iceberg, by Nick Allard (Dean, Brooklyn): Legal climate change is starting to dramatically crack the frozen status quo of the antiquated bar exam and testing industry. Now we should collectively move forward with determination and deliberateness to address bar exam...

Wendi Adelson Named Executive Director Of The Immigration Partnership & Coalition Fund

Following up on yesterday's post, On Three Year Anniversary Of Dan Markel's Murder, Wheels Of Justice Continue To Turn Slowly: Gates Cambridge, Press Release: A Gates Cambridge Scholar has been named executive director of an organisation focused on raising funds to finance existing legal services for undocumented individuals with no...

Getting Paid To Go To The Doctor And Other Tax-Favored Perks

Are you taking advantage of your employee benefits? Be sure not to overlook your health savings account.

My Advice To The Senate Finance Panel About Tax Reform

On July 18, four former assistant Treasury secretaries for tax policy testified before the Senate Finance Committee on the prospects and challenges of achieving tax...

What Does the New Colorado “Amazon” Tax Mean for You?

The new tax law closes the loophole by forcing retailers that don't collect sales tax to report the amount that Colorado customers spend The post What Does the New Colorado “Amazon” Tax Mean for You? appeared first on IRS & State Tax News, Tips, Opinions and More.

Liscow & Woolston:How Income Taxes Should Change During Recessions

Zachary D. Liscow (Yale) & William A Woolston (Stanford), How Income Taxes Should Change During Recessions, 70 Tax L. Rev. (2017): This paper offers recommendations for how the design of labor income taxes should change during recessions, based on a simple model of a recessionary economy in which jobs are...

A Portrait Of Asian Americans In The Law

A Portrait of Asian Americans in the Law: Published by Yale Law School and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, A Portrait of Asian Americans in the Law is a systematic analysis of how Asian Americans are situated in the legal profession.... We address five broad sets of...

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