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H&R Block Releases Statement On IRS Security Summit, Additional Identity Theft Measures

On November 19, 2015, IRS Commissioner Koskinen, together with Security Summit participants, announced a new public awareness campaign dedicated to protecting taxpayers against identity theft. The "Taxes. Security. Together." campaign...Show More Summary

IRS, Tax Partners Announce Taxpayer Tips, New Measures In The Fight Against Identity Theft

On November 19, 2015, IRS Commissioner Koskinen and Summit participants announced a new public awareness campaign dedicated to further protecting taxpayers against identity theft. The "Taxes. Security. Together." campaign is designed to raise public awareness and complement the protections the IRS, states and tax industry are putting in place for upcoming tax season.

Women, African-American Lawyers Make Little Progress At Big Law Firms

NALP, Women, Black/African-American Associates Lose Ground at Major U.S. Law Firms: Women and Black/African-Americans show declines in representation at major U.S. law firms, according to the latest law firm demographic findings from the National Association for Law Placement (NALP). NALP's recent analyses of the 2015-2016 NALP Directory of Legal Employers...

Treasury Pulls its Punches on Earnings Stripping

Treasury released its much anticipated second round of guidance on inversions, which failed to live up to expectations.  Treasury made only small technical changes to the definition of an inversion.  News reports suggested something much larger—namely limits on earnings stripping, which would have made inversions (and other combinations of U.S. Show More Summary

Tax Roundup, 11/20/15: IRS issues workaround for absurdly complex “repair regs.” And: more good ACA news!

In a tacit admission that the new repair regs are nightmarishly complex, the IRS has issued a new “safe-harbor” procedure for […]

More Banks Spill Tax Evasion Secrets To Avoid Criminal Charges, Account Holders Beware

With FATCA, FBARs and non-prosecution agreements, the IRS has an array of techniques to find offshore accounts.

Flat Tax Flat Lines

We are told by Katie Pavlich that “Carly Fiorina has proposed a three page tax code” and that ”This is what it looks like.” Curious, I took a look. It’s certainly out of date, or would require a lot of amended returns, because it would be effective for taxable years beginning after December 31, 1994. Show More Summary

Risk, Security, and Reform

The IRS Advisory Council says the tax system is “increasingly at risk.” The council released its annual report this week. Of all issues facing the IRS, the council’s top priorities are “securing adequate funding for the IRS and preserving a strong, balanced, and independent Office of Professional Responsibility.” You can prevent tax refund fraud. Show More Summary

Treasury, IRS Issue New Rules To Curb Tax Inversions

Notice 2015-79, 2015-49 I.R.B. ___ (Dec. 7, 2015) Treasury Dep't Fact Sheet, Additional Treasury Actions to Rein in Corporate Tax Inversions Jared Bernstein (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities), Protecting the Tax Base: Why it’s Important to Block Tax Inversions Bloomberg, U.S. Takes Steps to Make Corporate Inversions More Difficult...

Florida Coastal Law Grad Seeks Supreme Court's Help To Discharge $260,000 Student Loan Debt In Bankruptcy

Following up on my previous post, 7th Circuit: Florida Coastal Law Grad Cannot Discharge $260,000 Student Loan Debt In Bankruptcy: Patrick Gregory (Bloomberg BNA), Law School Debt, 'Hopelessness' and the Supreme Court: Mark Tetzlaff has close to $300,000 in law school debt and is seeking the U.S. Supreme Court’s help...

NTA 108th Annual Conference on Taxation

The three-day National Tax Association 108th Annual Conference on Taxation continues today in Boston. Today's highlights: International Corporate Tax Policy Session Chair: Kimberly Clausing (Reed College) Wei Cui (British Columbia),Show More Summary

Wake Forest Symposium: Revisiting Langdell — Legal Education Reform And The Lawyer’s Craft

Wake Forest Law Review Symposium, Revisiting Langdell: Legal Education Reform and the Lawyer’s Craft: Embracing the inseparability of legal doctrine and legal practice sheds much light on the lawyer’s craft, on useful law school curriculum reform, and on what the bar might reasonably expect from law schools. Through this unified...

The IRS Scandal, Day 925

WND, IRS Target: 'Justice in Their Hands Is a Mockery': On Friday, [Oct. 23,] the Justice Department announced it was closing its investigation of former IRS official Lois Lerner and would not be filing any charges, chalking up the scandal instead to mismanagement. However, the head of one of the...

‘Real Housewives’ Stars Joe & Teresa Giudice Hit With Federal Tax Lien

With most of her prison sentence under her belt, Teresa Giudice is facing a new challenge. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has filed a $551,563 tax lien against Teresa and her husband, Joe, for several years of unpaid taxes.

If the Great American Smokeout doesn't work for you, get help and deduct the stop-smoking program on your taxes

Hey, smokers. How's it going for you on Great American Smokeout day? This annual American Cancer Society event occurs the third Thursday of November. It was created as a way to encourage smokers to kick the habit for good. It's a good idea, but I'm not sure it really works. Show More Summary

Osofsky Reviews Oh's Will Tax Reform Be Stable?

Leigh Osofsky (Miami), A New Tax Policy Criterion: Stability (Jotwell) (reviewing Jason Oh (UCLA), Will Tax Reform Be Stable?): Fairness, efficiency, simplicity, and revenue-raising capability (not necessarily in that order) have long been the hallmarks of good tax policy. In a forthcoming article, Will Tax Reform Be Stable?, Jason Oh...

Pittsburgh Tax Review Publishes New Issue

The Pittsburgh Tax Review has published Vol., 12, No. 2 (Spring 2015): Joel S. Newman (Wake Forest), Sales and Donations of Self-Created Art, Literature, and Music, 12 Pitt. Tax Rev. 57 (2015) Arthur J. Cockfield (Queen's University), David Foster Wallace on Tax Policy, How to Be an Adult and Other...

Two Important New Retirement Savings Initiatives from the Obama Administration

In recent weeks, the Obama Administration has taken the two most important steps in nearly a decade to increase access to retirement savings for more than 55 million Americans who currently do not participate in a retirement saving plan. Show More Summary

$23 Billion In Annual Federal Tax Credits For Higher Education Have No Effect On College Attendance

NBER, Who Benefits From Federal Tax Credits For Higher Education?: Researchers find that tax credits for higher education have little or no effect on college attendance; the credits are essentially transfer payments - and not primarily to the needy. In 2014, the federal government spent about $23 billion on three...

McMahon: Gendering the Marriage Penalty

Stephanie Hunter McMahon (Cincinnati), Gendering the Marriage Penalty, in Controversies in Tax Law: A Matter of Perspective (Anthony C. Infanti, ed. Ashgate 2015): In 1969 Congress amended the Internal Revenue Code to create a marriage penalty. The penalty was not felt by all married couples: Only those couples in which...

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