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Weekly Legal Education Roundup

ABA Journal, ABA's Legal Ed Section seeks comments on proposed revision to admissions test standard ABA Journal, Northwestern enters top 10 in latest US News law school rankings; Harvard drops to No. 3 Arizona Republic, Arizona Summit Law School Moves to Affiliate With a Private, Nonprofit University Debra S. Austin...

Tax Policy In The Trump Administration

Americans for Tax Fairness, Corporate Tax Dodging Outlined in New Report Hurts Jobs and Working Families Americans for Tax Fairness, Trump Trying to Eliminate the Biggest Tax He Pays: The Alternative Minimum Tax Bloomberg, Merkel to Warn Trump That U.S. Tax Changes May Spark Retaliation Bloomberg, Trump’s Counties Lose Out...

Kansas Looks at Filling Revenue Gap with Sales Tax Base Broadening

Kansas continues to grapple with a years-long budget problem. Since Kansas adopted a problematic pass-through carve-out in 2012, the state has been facing structural issues. Revenues have fallen, officials have missed revenue projections, and general fund expenses have been reduced only slightly. Show More Summary

Tax Roundup, 3/17/17: More on Iowa Sec. 179 guidance. Also: a free webinar. And links!

Iowa and the lost basis problem. Iowa conformed its 2015 income tax computations to all of the federal “extender” changes except […]

Despite Trump Tax Returns, He Is Right To Repeal AMT

Trump paid $38M in taxes in 2005, and Alternative Minimum Tax was a big reason. But that doesn't mean he is wrong about repealing the AMT.

Taxes From A To Z (2017): B Is For Back Pay

It's Taxes From A To Z (2017). Today: B is for Back Pay.

So What Would YOU Do to Avoid Taxes?

A few days ago, a new survey from WalletHub was released, revealing some interesting responses from Americans with respect to taxes and a few other topics. Because I mention only a few of the questions, I recommend visiting WalletHub’s...Show More Summary

2018 U.S News Law School Rankings: Average Student Debt

Following up on my posts (links below) on the 2018 U.S. News Law School Rankings: Matt Leichter, Only 13 Law Schools Didn't Report 2016 Graduate Debt to U.S. News: Each year U.S. News & World Report lists law schools by the average indebtedness of their graduates. Importantly, the figures exclude...

Hemel & Herzig:The GOP Health Care Plan’s Fatal Flaw

New York Times op-ed: The G.O.P. Health Care Plan’s Fatal Flaw, by Daniel Hemel (Chicago) & David Herzig (Valparaiso): [N]early seven years after his death, Senator Byrd may ensure that the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, lives another day. One of Byrd’s many legislative accomplishments over a half-century...

Jewish UC-Hastings Law Student Victim Of Hate Crime: Mezuzah On Frame Of Dorm Door Burned

NBC Bay Area, UC Hastings Law Student Targeted by Vandals in Possible Hate Crime: A Bay Area law student was the target of vandals last week, and police are investigating it as a possible hate crime. In what is being called an act of anti-Semitism at UC Hastings College of...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1408: Why Won't The Media Cover It?

The Hill op-ed: Why Won't the Media Cover IRS Scandals?, by Jenny Beth Martin (President & Co-Founder, Tea Party Patriots): Sometimes the most insidious attack on our individual liberty arises not from the government’s wholesale trampling on those rights, but instead from a widespread chilling effect, in which individuals “self-police”...

Asking the IRS To Do More With Less, Again

President Trump wants the IRS to “combat identity theft, prevent fraud, and reduce the deficit through the effective enforcement and administration of tax laws,” according...

Do I Qualify For Innocent Spouse Relief?

There are three different types of innocent spouse relief. The IRS offers these defenses to taxpayers who want relief from the joint and several liability that is imposed on married taxpayers who file joint returns. Traditional Innocent Spouse Relief To qualify for traditional innocent spouse relief, you must meet all of the following conditions: Continue […]

Tax Prof Wedding: Tessa Davis

Continuing a joyous TaxProf tradition (see individual wedding links below): Tax Prof Tessa Davis (South Carolina) and Jon Huggett were married on March 11: We held the wedding at a beautiful old home by a pond just outside of Columbia, South Carolina. As my position at South Carolina was what...

Taxes From A To Z (2017): A Is For Affordable Care Act Reporting

It's Taxes From A to Z (2017)! A is for Affordable Care Act Reporting. With repeal looming, do you have to report health care coverage? Pay the NIIT? Pay the individual mandate penalty? Here's what you need to know.

Tax cheats rejoice as Trump's inaugural budget calls for continued IRS funding cuts

Let me make this very clear from the get-go. I never, ever, ever recommend that anyone cheat on his or her taxes. But if you're inclined to be a bit aggressive with your Form 1040 strategies, your odds of catching a tax examiner's eye are decreasing. Show More Summary

Joint Tax Committee:Overview Of The Federal Tax System

Joint Committee on Taxation, Overview Of The Federal Tax System As In Effect For 2017 (JCX-17-17) (March 15, 2017): This document... provides a summary of the present-law Federal tax system as in effect for 2017. The current Federal tax system has four main elements: (1) an income tax on...

Positive Legal Education: Flourishing Law Students And Thriving Law Schools

Debra S. Austin (Denver), Positive Legal Education: Flourishing Law Students and Thriving Law Schools: There is a wellbeing crisis in the legal field and legal education may be the catalyst. Law students are the most dissatisfied, demoralized, and depressed of graduate student populations. The Socratic method is infamous for inducing...

Kleinbard:Trump's Reckless Spending And Tax Cuts

CNN op-ed: Trump's Reckless Spending and Tax Cuts, by Edward D. Kleinbard (USC): President Trump's budget outline combines a surge in military spending with massive tax cuts, purportedly in the name of stimulating our stagnant economy. This strategy follows closely the fiscal agenda of Ronald Reagan — modern history's most...

CBO Report Compares U.S. Corporate Tax to G20

At approximately 39 percent (the combined federal and average of state and local rates), the United States has the highest marginal corporate tax rate in the OECD and the third highest in the world. This is often cited as an important reason why the United States should reform its corporate income tax. Show More Summary

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