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The IRS Scandal, Day 1109

The Maddow Blog: Republicans get serious about impeachment, but not Obama’s, by Steve Benen: Quick quiz: when was the last time the U.S. Congress actually impeached an appointed executive branch official? It was 1876 – 140 years ago – when the House impeached Ulysses S. Grant’s War Secretary, William Belknap,...

Milwaukee Bucks' tax data stolen in phishing scam

Milwaukee Bucks players' tax information is now in the hands of identity thieves. The Milwaukee Bucks and fans celebrate a win. (Photo by Jeramey Jannene via Flickr Creative Commons) The National Basketball Association team is the latest...Show More Summary

Trump's veterans' fundraiser apparently coming up short

Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominees, skipped the Des Moines, Iowa, debate back in January. The Donald was feuding with Fox News, the debate's host, then and opted instead to hold his own event. Click image for full CNN report and video. Show More Summary

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

Lindgren: The Most Under-Represented Groups In Law Teaching Are Whites, Christians, Republicans, Males Why Are There So Few Conservative/Libertarian Law Profs, Even Though They Are More Productive Scholars Than Liberal Law Profs? NY Times: Amidst 33% Enrollment Decline (From 260 1Ls To 174), University Of Minnesota Funds $16 Million Law...

The 10 Most-Cited Tax Faculty

Brian Leiter (Chicago) has updated his ranking of the Ten Most-Cited Tax Faculty to now cover the 2010-2014 period (2009-2013 data here): Rank Tax Prof Citations Age 1 David Weisbach (Chicago) 420 53 2 Michael Graetz (Columbia) 410 72 3 Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan) 360 59 4 Daniel Shaviro (NYU) 350...

Small Bar Prep Company Files $50 Million Antitrust Action Again BARBRI, 11 Law Schools

Wall Street Journal, Bar Prep Company Accused of Boxing Out Smaller Rival: The nation’s largest bar exam-prep company is facing allegations that it elbowed a smaller rival out of the market, capitalizing on special relationships with law schools that it had nurtured with donations and gifts. BARBRI and several [11]...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1108

Forbes: IRS Commissioner's Smidgen Of Impeachment, by Robert W. Wood: The House Judiciary Committee meets May 24, 2016 to consider IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. As Don Corleone said to the Heads of the Five Families, “How did things ever get so far?“ President Obama was less than convincing with his...

Trump's 1978 & 1979 tax payments: $0

Back in the late 1970s, around the time Donald J. Trump was proclaiming he was worth more than $200 million, two federal tax returns showed his income as -$3.8 million -- yes, that's a minus sign, not a dash -- meaning Trump was in the hole as for his earnings. Show More Summary

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen facing House censure ahead of possible impeachment action

Rep. Jason Chaffetz is hedging his bets on getting John Koskinen kicked out of his Internal Revenue Service office. Chaffetz, the Utah Republican who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has been seeking the impeachment of the Internal Revenue Service commissioner for almost a year. Show More Summary

Weekly Tax Roundup

ABC News, Trump Team Revises Golf Course Value Amid Tax Controversy Bloomberg, Clintons’ Speech Fees Plummet as Trump Cites $557 Million Income Bloomberg, Millionaires Targeted in L.A. Tax Proposal to Ease Homelessness Bloomberg, Tax Dodgers Targeted by Both Sides in U.K. Referendum Campaign Bloomberg BNA, Same-Sex Partner Not Spouse for...

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

Above the Law, The 20 Law Schools With The Most Unemployed Graduates Above the Law, The Forecast For Legal Analytics Is Mostly Sunny Above the Law, Everything That’s Wrong With Legal Education — According To Law School Deans Above the Law, Law Firms Have Best Quarter In 8 Years...

Weekly SSRN Tax Roundup

Dirk Broekhuijsen & Koen van der Velde (Leiden), The Retroactive Effect of Changes to the Commentaries on the OECD Model Brett Freudenberg (Griffith), Beyond Lawyers: Legal Literacy for the Future Davide Mascheroni, Italian and Swiss Voluntary Disclosure Policies: A Critical Comparative Analysis Andrea Monroe (Temple), What We Talk About When...

Wyden Pursues Tax Reform for Derivatives, which is Long Overdue

Yesterday, top Senate Finance Committee Democrat Ron Wyden proposed major changes in the taxation of financial derivatives, contracts such as swaps, options, and forwards that derive their value from an underlying asset or index. The key to his proposal is a requirement that dealers annually mark-...

Weekly Student Tax Note Roundup

Casey Ball (J.D. 2016, Arizona State) & Courtney Moran (J.D. 2016, Arizona State), Penny Lane, Literally: Funding Roads One Vehicle Mile at a Time, 5 Willamette Envtl. L.J. ___ (2016) Benjamin Field (George Washington), Why Low-Income Housing Tax Credits are Flowing to Gentrifying Neighborhoods Eleanor Wood (J.D. 2016, Minnesota), Note,...

Woman Denies Using Mexican Folk Curse To Intimidate Witness, Admits Tax Fraud

A Tennessee woman has admitted her role in a $10.8 million scam intended to defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Law Firm Employee Admits He Hid Referral Fees, Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud

A former employee of Lundy Law pleaded guilty this week to four counts of subscribing a false federal income tax return. He is accused of hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in income from the IRS.

Lunch Links: New Jersey Deficit, Rhode Island Surplus, Tampon Exemption Reaches Europe

Today is May 20, the date in 1899 when the first traffic ticket was issued (to a taxi driver speeding down Lexington Avenue in Manhattan at 12 mph). Traffic tickets generate over $6 billion a year in revenue for state and local governments. Here are some interesting links I came across: Fewer Shareholders Pay U.S. Show More Summary

Tax Roundup, 5/20/16: Smart doctor, dumb taxpayer. And: nice buildings to house budget cuts.

It’s not brain surgery. You can be smart enough to be a brain doctor while being dumb enough to get caught […]

Fordham Symposium:We Are What We Tax

Symposium, We Are What We Tax, 84 Fordham L. Rev. 2413-2753 (2016): Mary Louise Fellows (Minnesota), Grace Heinecke (J.D. 2016, Fordham) & Linda Sugin (Fordham), We Are What We Tax, 84 Fordham L. Rev. 2413 (2016) Goldburn P. Maynard Jr. (Louisville), Perpetuating Inequality by Taxing Wealth, 84 Fordham L. Rev....

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