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Lunch Links: April 26, 2016

Today is April 26, the day of the “Acela Primary” – voting in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Illinois Considers an 11.25 Percent Tax on Small Businesses: The proposal would convert the state’s single-rate...Show More Summary

Tax Roundup, 4/26/16: Thanks for coming to help, we’ll spare you what we do to our residents every day. And: the LBJ-Koch link!

Welcome, stranger. Really. Governor Branstad signed into law a bill that allows out-of-state firms providing assistance in Iowa disasters to avoid […]

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Share A Delaware Tax Loophole Address

Gawker, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Share a Delaware Tax Loophole Address: Thanks to Delaware’s strict corporate secrecy laws, more than 285,000 companies are registered, for tax reasons, at a two-story building in Wilmington—more than any other address in the world. Among them are holding companies belonging to Hillary Clinton...

Interest In Negative Income Tax Spreads: 'Freeing The World Of Bullshit Jobs'

FiveThirtyEight, What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money?: Daniel Straub remembers the night he got hooked on basic income. He had invited Götz Werner, a billionaire owner of a German drugstore chain, to give an independent talk in Zurich, where Straub was working as a project manager for...

Former UC-Berkeley Law School Dean Files Grievance Over Attempt To Revoke His Tenure In Wake Of Sexual Harassment Complaint

Former UC-Berkeley Law School Dean Sujit Choudhry, who resigned last month amidst a sexual harassment scandal, which prompted calls for the revocation of his faculty tenure, has filed a grievance with the university's tenure committee: Before President Napolitano used the power of her position to publicly condemn me, portray my...

Senate Holds Hearing Today On Navigating Business Tax Reform

The Senate Finance Committee holds a hearing today on Navigating Business Tax Reform: Thomas A. Barthold (Chief of Staff, Joint Committee on Taxation) James R. Hines, Jr. (Professor, University of Michigan) Sanford E. Zinman (Owner, Sanford E. Zinman, CPA, Tarrytown, NY Gayle Goschie (Vice President, Goschie Farms, Silverton, OR)...

Corporate Integration:An Important Component Of Tax Reform

Scott Greenberg (Tax Foundation), Corporate Integration: An Important Component of Tax Reform: Corporate integration would not fix all, or even most of the problems with the U.S. business tax system. The United States has one of the highest statutory corporate tax rates in the world, a counter-productive set of rules...

The IRS Scandal, Day 1083

National Review, A Victory for Free Speech — and Democracy: The Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a conservative-oriented nonprofit, has won a victory in its lawsuit against California attorney general Kamala Harris, who is attempting to do with her investigatory powers what Lois Lerner did with the IRS’s: weaponize them for...

What Can You Do to Get a Bigger Tax Refund in 2017?

While no one wants to pay taxes, it’s an inevitable part of life. If you make money then you have to pay the government a portion of that money. It really doesn’t matter how you make your money, you will have to pay some of it to Uncle Sam. Show More Summary

Tax Records You Should Keep After Tax Day (And How Long To Keep Them)

It's true that the Internal Revenue Service wants you to hang on to your important records. But you don't have to keep all of your tax and financial records forever. Here's what you need to know about what to keep and what to toss.

Kahng Presents Who Owns Human Capital? Today At Pepperdine

Lily Kahng (Seattle) presents Who Owns Human Capital?, 93 Wash. U. L. Rev. ___ (2017), at Pepperdine today as part of our Tax Policy Workshop Series funded in part by a generous gift from Scott Racine: This Article analyzes the tax law’s capital income preference through the lens of intellectual...

2016 Outstanding Women In Tax

Tax Notes, 2016 Outstanding Women in Tax: Several months ago, we decided to honor some of today's outstanding women in tax. We asked Tax Notes readers and other Tax Analysts stakeholders to nominate women from the public and private sectors who have had a significant impact on tax practice and...

Arizona and Massachusetts also will lose tax money on Tom Brady's court-approved suspension

Tom Brady could be sitting out the start of the 2016 National Football League season. Tom Brady taking the field in Denver Colorado, on Dec. 18, 2011, as the Patriots and Broncos were about to play. Photo by Jeffrey Beall (Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons. Show More Summary

Nearly One-Fourth Of Texas Law School Grads Are Unemployed Or Underemployed

Dallas Morning News, Nearly One-Fourth of Texas Law Grads Are Unemployed or Underemployed: Just a decade ago, earning a law degree was the sure fire way to a guaranteed job and a six-figure income. Not so much anymore. Despite paying as much as $200,000 for their legal education, nearly one-fourth...

Shaviro:The Mapmaker's Dilemma In Evaluating High-End Inequality

Daniel Shaviro (NYU), The Mapmaker's Dilemma in Evaluating High-End Inequality: The last thirty years have witnessed rising income and wealth concentration among the top 0.1 percent of the population, leading to intense political debate regarding how, if at all, policymakers should respond. Often, this debate emphasizes the tools of public...

Lunch Links: April 25, 2016

Today is April 25, the most perfect date of the year. I'm pleased to share interesting tax news we've come across today, although I'm posting it a little bit after lunch as we fly across the country (more on that tomorrow). Lawmakers...Show More Summary

Law School Rankings By Employment Outcomes:Ohio

Following up on my previous posts on Law School Rankings By Employment Outcomes: California D.C./Maryland/Virginia New York Derek Muller (Pepperdine) blogs legal employment outcomes among Ohio's 9 law schools: Ohio State (86.9%, only 2 law school funded jobs (LSF)) and Cincinnati (80.7%, 0 LSF) are head and shoulders above the...

Ecuador President To Use Emergency Powers To Impose Wealth Tax on Millionaires To Fund Earthquake Reconstruction

Financial Times, Ecuador President Promises ‘Millionaire Tax’ to Fund Quake Recovery: Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador, has promised new measures to raise the billions of dollars needed to rebuild a country left reeling by its worst earthquake in decades, including a one-off tax on millionaires. As Opec’s smallest member struggles...

Get Published And Win An A In Tax Law

Want to get published and Win an A in Tax Law? My popular contest for law and paralegal students is back. Here's what you need to know.

Tax Roundup, 4/25/16: Getting ready for the April 2017 tax deadline. And: starting on third base.

Getting ready for the next filing season. The 1040 filing deadline was a week ago today. As always, the most fun […]

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