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Tax Roundup, 4/14/15: Some things extend, some things don’t. And: IRS offers crummy service, blames preparers.

Yes, extensions are your friend. But not everything extends. April 15 is do-or-die day for these things: – Paying at […]

Tax Ideas, A “Fix,” Limits and Honors

Paul Ryan and Orrin Hatch want businesses to share ideas on tax treatment of “pass-throughs.” As owners of pass-through businesses such as partnerships and sole proprietorships, millions of business owners pay their firms’ income taxes through the individual code. Show More Summary

Show Us The Money: Tax Delinquents Owe NC $1 Billion – As they scramble to balance the state budget, N.C. lawmakers could use a little help from Koren Robinson. Robinson, who starred at N.C. State and later in the National Football League, owes the state nearly a half-million dollars... The post Show Us The Money: Tax Delinquents Owe NC $1 Billion appeared first on.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against BJ’s Wholesale Club Alleges Improper Sales Tax Collection In Florida – The Continuation Of A Disturbing Trend – On March 17, 2015, Laura Bugliaro (the “Plaintiff”) filed a class action lawsuit against BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. (“BJ’s”) in the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida. The complaint alleges that BJ’s...Show More Summary

Tax Court: A Snickers Bar Is Not a Deductible Business Expense

In Cvancara v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2013-20, the Tax Court disallowed a business expense deduction for a Snickers bar consumed while working.

The Temperature Rises In Law School Crisis Debate

Deborah Jones Merritt (Ohio State), Clueless About Salary Stats (Apr. 11, 2015) Michael Simkovic (Seton Hall), Offsetting Biases (Apr. 11, 2015) Paul Campos (Colorado), The First Rule of Law School Employment Statistics (Apr. 13, 2015) Stephen Diamond (Santa Clara), The Elephant in the Room Spooks Colorado Law’s Paul Campos (Apr....

Graetz: How Do We Fix America’s Tax System?

Michael Graetz (Columbia), How Do We Fix America’s Tax System?: The United States hobbles itself in today’s international economy by continuing to rely so heavily on income taxation. The truth is that we need a tax reform that is considerably bolder than either Congress or the president is now contemplating....

Tacha: Who Needs a Lawyer Anyway?

Deanell Reece Tacha (Dean, Pepperdine), Who Needs a Lawyer Anyway?, 66 Rutgers L. Rev. 729 (2014): You are the people who must be the spokespersons for the enduring and essential need for well-trained lawyers who can guide the nation and the world through the challenging and exciting issues and disputes...

The IRS Scandal, Day 705

Letter From Orrin Hatch (Chair, Senate Finance Committee) to John Koskinen (Commissioner, IRS) (Apr. 13, 2015): At a recent Senate Finance Committee hearing, I noted the long, historic relationship of the Internal Revenue Service and the Senate Finance Committee. The challenges of the IRS in the coming years will be...

5 Ways To Pay Your Tax Bill Now

Ready to file and pay your taxes? Here are five ways to pay the IRS.

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Tax Bill In Full

What do you do when you owe tax and you can't pay your tax bill in full? Consider these options - from making an Offer in Compromise to an installment agreement.

10 Notorious Tax Cheats: Paul Daugerdas, Tax Attorney Turned Multibillion Dollar Cheat

Calling him "the most prolific, pernicious and utterly unrepentant tax cheat in United States history," prosecutors called for a lengthy sentence for former Jenkens & Gilchrist Chicago head Paul Daugerdas. He was, prosecutors had alleged, responsible for the "largest tax fraud ever."

5 last-minute tax filing tips

April 15 is Wednesday. Don't panic. You can do it. I know because I'm in the same boat. I've spent the last few hours sorting through my documents -- and yes, finally downloading some 1099s from my online accounts -- and putting things in order so that I can plug it all into my tax preparation software. Show More Summary

Republicans Seek to Repeal Estate Tax, Preserve Step-Up In Basis At Death

Bloomberg, Why Republicans Want a Bigger U.S. Estate Tax Repeal Than Ever: Congressional Republicans have narrowed the estate tax so much that it affects only about 5,500 wealthy American households a year. Now they want to eliminate the tax altogether -- with a bonus for heirs. Under the latest plan,...

WaPo Fact Checker: Who Wrote the 'IRS Code'?

Washington Post Fact Checker, Who Wrote the ‘IRS Code’? Hint: It Wasn’t the Internal Revenue Service: On tax reform, we, right now, have more words in the IRS code than there are in the Bible — not a one of them as good. –Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), speech at International...

Blair-Stanek: Crisis-Proofing Tax Law

Andrew Blair-Stanek (Maryland), Crisis-Proofing Tax Law, 57 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. __ (2016).: While Congress and the Federal Reserve battled the 2008-09 financial crisis with high-profile bailouts, the IRS fought a parallel, little-noticed battle to ensure that many harsh tax rules did not deepen the crisis. Remarkably, the IRS’s...

Liberty Tax Asks, "Where Do Taxpayers Store Their Receipts?"

In Baby Wipe Containers, Grocery Bags and Even Popcorn Tins VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/13/15 -- Liberty Tax, Inc. (NASDAQ: TAX) Did you hear the one about the taxpayer who brought his receipts to his tax preparer in aShow More Summary

John Oliver and Michael Bolton Defend The IRS

(Click on YouTube button on bottom right to view video directly on YouTube to avoid interruption caused by blog's refresh rate.) Daily Beast Slate Wall Street Journal Washington Post (Hat Tip: Mike Schler.)

GE Bites Tax Bullet, Repatriates $36 Billion in Foreign Profits

Wall Street Journal, GE Bites Tax Bullet in Move to Help Share Buybacks: As General Electric Co. unveiled a reshaping of its balance sheet and operations, the company’s decision to repatriate $36 billion in foreign cash brings a large tax bill and raises concerns about whether multinationals’ efforts to minimize...

HBO's John Oliver defends the IRS as April 15 nears And Grammy winner Michael Bolton serenades the tax agency

Wednesday is Tax Day. Those of us who've yet to file (guilty!) our taxes have until midnight our local time on April 15 to get our returns (and money) to the Internal Revenue Service. That means that these next three days are filled with frustration and anger, much of it directed at the IRS. Show More Summary

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