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Compliance, Complications, and Competition

The latest from the Hill… The Senate continued its work on highway funding yesterday: It blocked Senator Ted Cruz’s effort to tie the bill to the Iran deal; approved reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank; and defeated a symbolic Affordable Care Act repeal amendment. Show More Summary

Tax Fraud in The People’s Court

Every now and then an episode from a television court show touches on taxation. Sometimes it is tangential and sometimes it is direct. At various times during the past four years, I have commented on these cases, beginning with Judge...Show More Summary

L.A. Times: 9 In 10 Students Drop Out Of Unaccredited Law Schools In California

Los Angeles Times, Nearly 9 in 10 Students Drop Out of Unaccredited Law Schools in California: Nearly 9 out of 10 students at California's unaccredited law schools dropped out, according to a Times investigation based on recent state bar data.... California is one of a handful of states in...

Tax Prof Summer Camp

Tracey Roberts (UC-Hastings), Ben Leff (American), Gary Lucas (Texas A&M), Ed Morse (Creighton), and Christine Allie (Widener-Delaware) attended the George Mason University Law & Economics 31st Annual Economics Institute for Law Professors on July 12-24.

The IRS Scandal, Day 809

Rasmussen Reports, Voters Aren’t Buying Obama’s Story About IRS Scandal: President Obama told comedian Jon Stewart earlier this week that the Internal Revenue Service didn’t target Tea Party and other conservative groups on his watch and that a lack of funding by Congress was to blame for any problems at...

TaxProf Blog Weekend Roundup

Saturday: This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts College President Becomes Uber Driver 'To Experience How Americans Work' Gas Taxes Are Highest In PA (52¢), NY (46¢); Lowest in AK (12¢), NJ (14¢) The IRS Scandal, Day 807 Sunday: Hillary Clinton's Capital Gains Tax Plan The Top 5 Tax...

Star scientists prefer low-tax states

Those of us who constructed nine-planet models of our solar system for grade school science projects have been in space geek heaven these last couple of weeks. Pluto, which was demoted from planet to dwarf planet status, has been the recent focus of scientists and the space-loving public. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton's Capital Gains Tax Plan, Briefing on Capital Gains Tax Plan: Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton Capital Gains Tax Rise Adds Complexity, 6-Year Wait Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton's Fix for Short-Termism? They Tried It in 1934 Daily Caller, Former Bill Clinton Treasury Official [Len Burman] On Hillary Tax Hike Plan: ‘I Don’t See The Logic’ Forbes, Review...

Five Treasury Checks Among 22,000 Pieces Of Mail Delivered Straight To Garage

The check might have been in the mail after all. When postal customers didn't receive their mail on time, investigators started digging and found that a postal worker delivered more than 22,000 pieces of mail to an alternate destination: his garage.

WSJ: Advice For Parents With Children Living At Home After College

Wall Street Journal, They’re Back! How to Cope With Returned College Grads, by Rob LaZebnik (Writer, The Simpsons): Congratulations. Two months ago, your kid graduated from college, bravely finishing his degree rather than dropping out to make millions on his idea for a dating app for people who throw up...

The IRS Scandal, Day 808

Newsmax, Jason Chaffetz: Expect News on Probe of IRS 'As Early As Next Week': Rep. Jason Chaffetz asserts there is evidence that the IRS intentionally targeted conservative groups under Lois Lerner, the former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit at the agency, and said "there will be news … as...

Cross-border tax inspectors give tax cheats no place to hide

You can't blame tax cheats if one of Martha and the Vandellas' biggest hits has been playing on a loop in their heads of late. Thanks to a new global effort, tax evaders will have nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. Crossing bordersShow More Summary

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

Police Release New Details In Dan Markel's Murder Dan Markel Deserves Justice Microsoft, IRS Square Off In Court Today: 'The IRS Claims It Has No Money To Answer Its Phones, Yet Can Pay Millions To Hire Private Lawyers' Indiana Tech Law School Gives 100% Scholarships To Every Student In Effort...

College President Becomes Uber Driver 'To Experience How Americans Work'

Huffington Post: A College President Goes Uber, by Lawrence M. Schall (President, Oglethorpe University): Back in the early 1970's, John Coleman was the President of Haverford College, a close neighbor of my alma mater, Swarthmore College. During his vacations, President Coleman often worked as a laborer, short order cook, or...

Gas Taxes Are Highest In PA (52¢), NY (46¢); Lowest in AK (12¢), NJ (14¢)

Tax Foundation, How High Are Gas Taxes in Your State?: This week’s tax map takes a look at state gasoline tax rates, using data from a recent report by the American Petroleum Institute. Pennsylvania has the highest rate of 51.60 cents per gallon (cpg), and is followed closely by New...

The IRS Scandal, Day 807

Judicial Watch Press Release, New Documents Show IRS Used Donor Lists to Target Audits: Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained documents from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that confirm that the IRS used donor lists to tax-exempt organizations to target those donors for audits. The documents also show...

Greek Businesses Continue to Flee to Bulgaria Because of High Taxes and Unstable Governance

Greece’s economic problems began long before the current debt crisis. In 2009, the Greek deficit was approaching the EU limit of 3% of GDP. Fearing economic sanctions by the EU, the Greek government passed tax increases to reduce deficits. ...Show More Summary

Can States Tax Your Hot Air Balloon Ride?

If you desire to travel in interstate commerce, first you must let go of the rope. That, at least, is the conclusion of the Missouri Department of Revenue with regard to the applicability of the state's sales tax to tethered (taxed) and untethered (untaxed) hot air balloon rides. Show More Summary

Q: What Kind Of Scholarly Year Are You Having?

A: Not as good as my friend and colleague Michael Helfand: (Photo Credit: Office of Pepperdine Law School Dean Deanell Tacha, July 24, 2015) Negotiating State and Non-State Law: The Challenges of Global and Local Legal Pluralism (Cambridge University Press, 2015) Arbitration’s Counter-Narrative: The Religious Arbitration Paradigm, 124 Yale L.J....

Weekly Tax Roundup

Accounting Today, 710,000 ACA Tax Credit Recipients Didn’t File Tax Returns Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton Adds Capital Gains Complexity With Tax Rise, 6-Year Wait Bloomberg, Loeb Faulted for ‘Unconscionable’ Tax Scheme in Teacher Letters Brookings Institution, Chicago Targets Streaming Services With “Cloud Tax” Neil Buchanan (George Washington), Left vs. Right on...

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