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Heart Surgery & Hospital Stays: Deducting Medical Expenses On Your Tax Return

Paying for hospital stays and other out of pocket medical expenses can be expensive. What can you deduct on your tax return? And what if those expenses aren't for you but for someone else like your parents? Here's what's deductible (and what's not).

Paying Your Taxes In Bitcoin? Bill Would Make It Easy.

Thinking of paying your taxes in Bitcoin? That might not be so far-fetched. While you can pay your taxes now in Bitcoin using a third-party processor, states like Utah and New Hampshire are considering making it an official payment option.

Jim Poterba Wins Holland Award

The National Tax Association gave this year’s Dan Holland Medal for outstanding contributions to the study and practice of public finance to MIT professor Jim Poterba. Jim, who is also president of the National Bureau of Economic Research, is a terrific economist and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Show More Summary

IRS Loses ‘Lavish Spending Is Tax Evasion’ Case, Big Spenders Rejoice

If you spend big on luxuries while stiffing the IRS, is that willful tax evasion? The IRS might say so, but a recent court case says you can spend away.

Blue State Voters Sent A Repeat Message On Taxes

Maybe the pundits shouldn't be so shocked by Republican Larry Hogan's win in the Maryland governor's race. Blue state voters have done it before, when tax hikes got out of hand.

Cheap Talk, Scoring, and Promises

Congress is in recess through the mid-term elections. The Daily Deduction will post each Monday until then.  Counting devices before they hatch? Should the GOP take the Senate in November, medical device makers may see a renewed push to repeal the 2.3 percent excise tax on their products. Show More Summary

Lois Lerner And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander's Horrible, Terrible Very Bad Day is the Flip Side of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Lois Lerner Just had a Bad Day Too, Not Unlike Many Taxpayers. Maybe She'll Move to Australia?

IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights

In June 2014, the Internal Revenue Service released a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” at the recommendation of the Taxpayer Advocate Service. The publication attempts to clearly outline the fundamental rights a taxpayer has when filing their...Show More Summary

Back To School 2014: Casualty Loss And Theft Deduction

Most taxpayers know that deductions are available for businesses which suffer a loss as a result of a theft or casualty (like a natural disaster). But did you know that individual taxpayers can claim a tax deduction for those losses, too?

Best Tax Excuse Ever? ‘Phobia Of Bureaucracy’

Tax Excuses Can Get Stale, But a French Minister Used "Administrative Phobia" Why He Failed to Pay Taxes for Years.

From AR-15s To Rubber Bullets: How Did Police End Up With Military Gear On American Streets?

When images of the police in Ferguson, Missouri, wearing camouflage, wielding assault weapons and navigating military-style vehicles, many Americans were shocked by the sheer amount of military equipment on the streets. Where did it come from? And how could a relatively small suburb in middle America afford it?

NY Man Who Died During Arrest Attempt Allegedly Targeted For Selling Untaxed Cigarettes

On July 17, 2014, officers from the NYPD attempted to arrest 43 year old Eric Garner for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. Garner was no stranger to the charges, as he had heard it all before. The day, however, didn't end as it had before. Moments after officers attempt to cuff Garner, and he refused, he was dead.

Holy Taxation, Batman! Remembering Batman’s Tax Villain

“Holy Taxation, Batman!” Yes, even Batman was aware of his civic duty. Robin uttered those words in Batman (Season 2, episode 4, The Cat and the Fiddle) in response to Batman’s request for money for the parking meter. But that wasn’t Batman’s most famous brush with taxation. Believe it or not, one of Gotham City’s [...]

IRS Email Hunt Shows Lerner Switched To Texts, Which Aren’t Kept….’Perfect’

Lost IRS Emails? Turns Out Lois Lerner's Texts Might Show Even More. When Lerner Asked If Texts Were Saved, They Said No. "Perfect," said Lerner.

Donald Sterling Won’t Sell Clippers After All—Too Late To Call Off The IRS?

Donald Sterling Agreed To Sell the Clippers to Steve Ballmer for $2 Billion But Has Reneged. Are Taxes Still Due Even if He Won't Sell?

Union: Privatizing The Sale Of Alcohol Will Kill Children, Lower Tax Revenue

At happy hour tonight, I had a vodka martini. My liquor of choice? 1681 Penn vodka crafted by Philadelphia Distilling. 1681 Penn has only recently landed in state stores. In Pennsylvania, you can’t buy liquor outside of state stores. Or wine. Or have wine shipped to you. While our state produces great beers from the [...]

What Is Old? Not 63 And Not Me, Say Aging Baby Boomers

Good news: despite concerns about meager retirement savings, the baby boomers aren’t going to have to work into old age. The catch is, they’ll pull off that trick by redefining what's "old."

Tax Roundup, 5/1/14: Iowa remains on top! Oh, that’s bad.

The Iowa House of Representatives has adjourned for the year.  That makes it official: Iowa will continue to have the […]

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