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The Direct Connection

It is an amazing thing. I can sit here in my home office and type into my computer and then hit publish and directly connect to millions of people around the world. People have told me stories of seeing AVC in a browser in China, Africa, and many other far flung places. And the people […]

Thanksgiving: Entrepreneurs

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday: time with family and food is great as is having a reminder to be thankful. Today I want to say how thankful I am for entrepreneurs. For the people who are crazy enough to believe that they can create something from nothing (ok, not exactly ex nihilo, more on that in a second). Show More Summary

The second problem with bubbles: overfunding

The first problem with bubbles is well known. Valuations crash, lots of companies aren’t able to raise money and go bust, and most of the good ones are only...

A Chart To Ponder

I was looking at some charts this morning. This one of the NASDAQ got my attention. You can see the wind we’ve had at our back since the financial crisis of 2008/2009. Seven years of good financial markets. My career as a fund manager started in 1996. We had five years of good times followed […]

Update on Clayton Christensen’s theory of disruption

Clayton Christensen’s book The Innovators Dilemma, originally published in 1997, changed my understanding of innovation, the evolution of value chains and gave me a theory of disruption that has served me...

It’s the questions not the answers

Slack recently had an outage, which happens to every company, and people noticed on Twitter – wow what a reaction! Slack being down for a long time is kind of a bummer when you a) pay for it b) your whole team is remote — Jeff Atwood...Show More Summary

Experiment On Continuations: Video Ask Me Anything

I love answering questions. On long car rides nothing makes me happier than when our kids ask me something difficult to explain. Makes the drive go by much more quickly. I blame this habit on my Dad who used to be a vocational school teacher in Germany. Show More Summary

Where Fin-Tech Is Struggling with Regulation

A survey released last week by Silicon Valley Bank identified regulation as the biggest concern among financial technology founders and investors. Bruce Wallace, chief digital officer of SVB Financial Group, the parent of Silicon Valley Bank, delves into the trends behind that concern.

Disney’s new streaming service is the way of the future

I’ve long thought that producers of TV and movie content should build direct relationships with their customers over the web. It’s been slow to happen though, largely because the...

Shiftgig Raises $22 Million to Match Hourly Workers to Local Jobs

The company has raised $22 million in Series B venture funding to expand its mobile marketplace, which connects employers with locally available, and previously vetted, hourly workers.

Power Law And The Long Tail

If you look at the distribution of outcomes in a venture fund, you will see that it is a classic power law curve, with the best investment in each fund towering over the rest, followed by a few other strong investments, followed by a few other decent ones, and then a long tail of investments […]

A Bulge, Not a Bubble

Even as recently as Web Summit at the beginning of November I was asked about a Bubble as part of a panel. It has since occurred to me that the problem with using that word to denote possibly overextended valuations is that is suggests a sudden correction in the form of a “popping” or “bursting” of a bubble. Show More Summary

Daily Fantasy Sports: Games of Luck or Skill?

The battle between New York's attorney general and daily fantasy sports companies, which heads to court this week, comes down to this: is it gambling.

How Startups Can Build a Recruiting Machine (Webinar)

The competition for hiring the best top talent in startups has never been higher. The best people are almost never on the market, so it’s imperative to develop recruiting processes to find and sell passive candidates. It may take months or years of relationship building with these candidates to find the right moment when they are open...

Quizlet Raises $12 Million to Take Its Popular Study Tools International

The Quizlet app turns user-generated study materials into educational games. A San Francisco company called Quizlet Inc. has raised $12 million in Series A funding to expand its digital study tools. The Quizlet app started out as a 15-year-old hacker’s homespun replacement for traditional paper flashcards in 2005. Show More Summary


There are some investments that take years to make. They are often our best investments. Quizlet took something like five years to go from a company we got interested in to a USV investment. In March 2009, we hosted an event we called Hacking Education. That was the official start of our focus on education. […]

Startups May Find it Harder to Sell Shares in Mega Secondary Deals

Secondary deals that allowed founders, employees and early investors in startups to cash out before an IPO are getting harder to pull off because of uncertainty in the pre-IPO market.

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