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Fun Friday: The Story Of My Avatar

I got this tweet today: @fredwilson have you ever told the story of your profile pic? — Jim Christie (@jamechristie) March 24, 2017 The answer is yes I have but it was eight years ago. I thought it would be fun to re-run that post. Here is is:  I saw this tweet when I got […]

Government Just Gave Your ISP Even More Power: You Can Take it Back!

Yesterday the Republican-controlled Senate voted to allow ISPs to sell customer data including browsing history without prior customer consent. I tweeted that in response it is “Time to tunnel all home traffic through a proxy.” First let me explain for a less technical reader what that means. Show More Summary

AI For Legal Cases

Our portfolio Casetext was in the news yesterday for raising $12mm, but the more interesting thing about Casetext is their product, called CARA. CARA is a research assistant for lawyers that offers a super simple proposition: Securely upload a brief and discover useful case law CARA uses Casetext’s wikipedia-like database of >10mm court cases and […]

Weighing in on Judge Gorsuch

A number of people have asked me to share my views on Neil Gorsuch in more detail. I’m sure the curiosity stems from the intersection of my personal relationship with Neil and my absolute distain for President Trump. I am aware given the current political climate that views on this are very polarized. And while a SCOTUS pick... Read more

The Disqus Demo Day Story

I’ve told bits and pieces of this story here on AVC over the years but I don’t think I’ve ever told the whole story. Y Combinator (YC) Demo Day has been going on over the past few days up in Silicon Valley and it prompted me to remember a demo day in Boston (where YC […]

Uncertainty Wednesday: PSA Test Example (Part 4)

Last time in Uncertainty Wednesday, I announced that we would look at the PSA Test Example using absolute numbers instead of probabilities. Now you may recall that we defined probability as how likely something is to happen. And in introducing...Show More Summary

Stocktoberfest East

My friend Howard Lindzon, who I met on this blog something like twelve years ago, runs an annual conference for fintech entrepreneurs and investors called Stocktoberfest. Yesterday he hit me up on sms and told me they are doing Stocktoberfest East in NYC next week on March 29th and 30th. He asked me if I would […]

Enough with the unicorn bashing

It’s fashionable in certain quarters now to slate some of the billion dollar startups that have been created recently and the investors that helped them get there. Zebras Fix What...

Through the Looking Glass

He took his vorpal sword in hand: Long time the manxome foe he sought — So rested he by the Tumtum tree, And stood awhile in thought. – from Lewis Carroll, Jabberwocky Jabberwocky and the vorpal sword always makes me think of Princess...Show More Summary

Back From Vacation

Amy and I just took a two-week vacation. We were mostly off the grid, to the extent we could be given several things we were working on together. We hid from the world, caught our breath, and regrouped. I often get asked what my rhythm is on a vacation like this. It’s simple – I... Read more The post Back From Vacation appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Prove to Yourself that it isn't True

It's really easy to be dismissive these days--because people talk a lot of shit. There's probably no more dismissive group than founders--because you have to dismiss a lot of doubt and negativity on your way to success. However, a lot...Show More Summary

Using Debt Like Growth Equity

If you are in the venture or startup business and don’t read Dan Primack, consider changing that. He’s great. From his newsletter this morning: Indebted: Last week we noted that Wal-Mart subsidiary had acquired ModCloth, an online retailer of vintage women’s apparel. No financial terms were disclosed, but this didn’t feel like a success […]

When Will Blockchain-based Decentralization Matter?

I became interested in Bitcoin reasonably early and was fortunate to invest in some early mining (although as with all good investments in retrospect not nearly enough). There is currently a fight brewing in Bitcoin world with the possibility of a hardfork a la Ethereum into two different currencies. Show More Summary

The Decentralized Startups

If someone were to ask what the most successful startups of this decade are, the answer would likely be Snap (market cap $22bn). Uber and Airbnb might also be on the list although those companies were launched in the prior decade (2009 and 2008 respectively). But what might be missed is the massive success of the […]

Audio Of The Week: The Riff

My partner Andy and my friend David are doing an “interview cast” which is “a 24 minute conversation about one topic, with one expert.” They call it The Riff and their first episode is about the evolving news media landscape with CNN journalist Laurie Segall. Here it is:

What Price Change?

The publication of the budget is a good moment to revisit my personal opposition to Trump. If you have read my draft book “World After Capital” you know that I want a lot of change. Much of the changes that I am looking for are more radical than anything in the Trump budget. Show More Summary

Fun Friday: March Madness

We are on spring break with our son Josh this week in Utah and we caught most of the games yesterday. I am not a huge college basketball fan, I prefer the pro game, but there is something about march madness that is so great, particularly these first two weekends where the games come fast […]

Uncertainty Wednesday: PSA Test Example (Part 3)

OK, so technically it is Thursday but as it turns out I had kind of an epic day yesterday and so Uncertainty Wednesday is a day late (thus introducing some uncertainty about when you will get your next dose of Uncertainty Wednesday)....Show More Summary

Assessing product demand – top down and bottom up

It’s common for VCs to look at the market size for a potential investment from a top down and bottom up perspective. The top down perspective takes market research, often from...

Dronbase API and Dronebase Pilot

I love it when companies quickly get into a market, start delivering a product or service, and then, over time iterate on their products and services to expand the market and their share of it. Contrast that with a company spending years getting something right before shipping their first product. I much prefer the ship […]

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