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Video Of The Week: How To Emerge From The Internet Dark Ages

In this talk, Muneeb Ali, founder of our portfolio company Blockstack, calls the period we are in right now “the dark ages of the Internet” and explains why he sees it that way. He goes on to talk about how we can emerge from this period.

Funding Friday: The L-Ternative Bridge

Every day 300,000 people take the L train to and from work. I am not sure if that is 300,000 people or 150,000 people going in and out, but either way, it’s a lot of people. And the MTA is going to shut down the L train for 15 months, starting in April 2019. So […]

The Promise Of Parkland

This post is not about the tragedy that happened at Parkland or the gun safety debate that has been re-energized by it. Those are both worthy topics but I’m not opining on them today. I do hope that this tragedy, among so many like it, will result in meaningful changes in our society in terms […]

Strategy for Angels and Stages of Investing

There is a national trend in angel investing as angel investors continue to retreat from seed and startup stage deals and seek ventures with more established track records. Contrary to the public musings we’ve seen in Milwaukee, it’s not a...

The Square and the Tower: Networks and Power, from the Freemasons to Facebook

I listened to Sam Harris talk to Niall Ferguson yesterday on Sam’s Waking Up podcast. Niall is a historian, an author, a journalist, and an academic. He has just published a new book on a topic that is near and dear to me, USV, and many of you; networks and hierarchies, and how these two […]

Crypto/Blockchain Safe Harbor

During the initial growth of the Internet, the United States enacted a variety of Safe Harbors, such as the DMCA, that allowed new innovation to unfold. We now need a similar approach to crypto tokens in order to help build the blockchain infrastructure. Show More Summary

Prioritizing Content Consumption

A reader recently wrote me this email: I’d be very interested in a blog piece from you on how you prioritise what content to read/watch/listen to. There’s so much out there, and it doesn’t stop. You seem to balance a very busy job with significant content consumption and some healthy time off. Curious as to […]

Why Decentralization Matters

As you can see, I am not writing this presidents day weekend. I explained why on friday. Instead I’ve been posting things that I found worth sharing with all of you. Today, I want to share a blog post written by my friend Chris Dixon about decentralization. This is a portion of the post that […]

Audio Of The Week: A Decentralized AI Platform

My friend Gordon texted me this podcast and said “AI, blockchain, and homomorphic data. Trifecta!” I gave it a listen and indeed some very interesting concepts are discussed in this one.

Video Of The Week: Is Crypto the Future of Early Stage Funding?

A lot of people in the crypto sector have suggested that ICOs and tokens are the future of early stage investing and highly disruptive to my business (venture capital). In this video (yet another from the Upfront Conference), VCs and other investors discuss why that may not be the case.

Fun Friday: Skiing

The long Presidents Weekend has always been ski time for our us. And the same is true this year. We’ve arrived in ski country with a bunch of friends and plan on being out on the mountains for the next three days. Skiing (and Boarding) is an incredible combination of being outdoors in the mountains […]

The Power of Continued Innovation: MongoDB Adds Transactions

Yesterday I did a fireside chat at our portfolio company Shippo and someone asked the question how a company can continue to be successful and grow over a long period of time. My answer was: continue to innovate. A company that wonderfully represents that spirit is MongoDB. Show More Summary

The Dronebase API – Assign Drone Missions Directly In Your Workflow

Our portfolio company DroneBase announced another round of funding today but the more exciting thing to me is that they have built out and are scaling the operational layer for the drone industry. From their announcement: DroneBase recently completed over 100,000 commercial drone missions for enterprise clients across various industries such as real estate, insurance, […]

Uncertainty Wednesday: Spurious Correlation (Part 3)

So the last two Uncertainty Wednesday posts have been about spurious correlation. Today, I want to give an example of easy it is to observe spurious correlation. To that end I wrote a little Python program which I will show below that rolls two independent dice. Show More Summary

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. It’s a day to celebrate and and care for the people we love. A special shout-out to my son Josh who was born twenty two years ago today.

The Changing Venture Market In 3 Images

Want to visualize how the venture funding market is changing? Look no further than these 3 slides (from a presentation put together by our friends at Greenspring). I don’t think much commentary is needed here. Average round size at Series A is increasing dramatically. Venture is being increasingly driven by large rounds (especially at the... Read more

Stash Your Cash

My partner Rebecca announced our most recent investment yesterday in a company called Stash. Stash is a simple mobile app that you connect to your bank account and each week (or month) you stash some of your cash away (ie save) and the app invests it for you in a portfolio of funds that it […]

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