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Forward Partners Code of Ethics Regarding Sexual Harassment

Earlier in the year, there were a significant number of victims who came forward to share stories of sexual harassment by investors. Some of those investors were prominent VCs....

Why Amazon Should Come To NYC

USA Today reported that NYC is working on a proposal to encourage Amazon to locate its second headquarters “HQ2” in NYC. I can’t imagine a better place for HQ2 than NYC. Here are ten reasons why Amazon should stop thinking about any other place and just pick NYC: NYC is headquarters to many global companies. […]

The SaaS Founder’s Journey – What Matters At Each Stage

As anyone involved with startups will tell you, focus is key to success. But, it can be very hard when there is a huge overload of topics clamoring for a startup CEO’s attention. In order to achieve the necessary focus and understand what you need to accomplish to ensure success/survival, you need to truly understand...

An Uplifting Win

I was very pleased to see that “This is Us” was nominated for 11 Emmy’s and that Sterling Brown won the award for Best Actor in a drama series. This is Us was my favorite show in the last year and I’ve been encouraging my friends to watch it for a while. I enjoyed it […] The post An Uplifting Win appeared first on ROBGO.ORG.

On Being Positive

At the beginning of last year I jokingly said that one of my resolutions was to try to always be positive with startups I hear about. Fast forward to a year+ later and I am still sticking with this resolution – staying positive in a sea of what can sometimes seem like endless negativity. It […] The post On Being Positive appeared first on Eric Friedman.

World After Capital: Progress Report

My book World After Capital has been an ongoing project for a couple of years now. I am excited that as of this weekend I feel it includes all the ideas I want in there. Some of them, such as strategies for overcoming the dominance of nation states, are so far in a protozoic stage, but at least they are there. Show More Summary


I remember when I was in my early 20s and just starting out in the venture capital business, I came across an old wall street saying that “a market climbs a wall of worry.” I didn’t understand it and that made me want to. I read a bit about the saying and came to understand […]

Some Thoughts On Burn Rates

The startup and venture capital businesses are based on a general idea that you can and should invest heavily into your business in order to increase value creation, amplify it, and accelerate it. These investments mostly take the form of operating losses, driven by headcount, where the monthly expenses are larger, often much larger, than […]

Audio Of The Week: Andy Weissman on Twenty Minute VC

In this podcast, my partner Andy talks a lot about USV’s investment process. It’s a good interview.

Work Like You Mean It: Why I backed Wethos to change the future of work.

If economists tried to measure the cost of the malaise that the election of 2016 left, we'd undoubtedly see billions, if not more, lost in worker productivity. At the same time, I don't think I've ever seen more political engagement in my lifetime--and not just political engagement, but all sorts of action around causes they care about. Show More Summary

Fun Friday: Crypto Crystal Ball

Chris Burniske posted this Twitter poll a few days ago: Given the tense #crypto market environment right now, are you expecting: — Chris Burniske (@cburniske) September 14, 2017 I voted for option one. I think the crypto markets will be under pressure for at least the remainder of the year. But I am a buyer […]

Kickstarter Japan

Yesterday was a big day for our portfolio company Kickstarter. They launched in Japan, a market that has been dying for Kickstarter to come to for years. Here’s a couple photos from the launch event in Tokyo yesterday: Fortunate and grateful to launch Kickstarter in Japan today with exceptional people in Tokyo and NYC. A […]

The Most Important Startup Question

Because of the huge overload of topics clamoring for a startup CEO’s attention, it can be really hard to figure out where to focus. As anyone involved with startups will tell you, focus is key to success. I believe there is one question that should dominate startup founders’ thinking, as it brings all aspects of...

Uncertainty Wednesday: Weather (Intro)

So far in Uncertainty Wednesday we have mostly built up concepts and ideas, with only one extended example.  Given the two massive hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the weather received a lot of attention, including the question to what extent the occurrence and/or severity of these storms lets us draw any conclusions about climate change. Show More Summary

Cornell Tech

I took a ferry up the East River yesterday evening to attend a dinner celebrating the official opening of Cornell Tech which happens this morning. Situated on Roosevelt Island, underneath the Queensboro Bridge, Cornell Tech is a graduate school of engineering and business that is focused on the technologies and industries of the 21st Century. […]

AR “Browsers” On The Phone

Jacqueline gave us an update yesterday on the latest with Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. These AR “browsers” are coming soon to Apple and Google phones. We think this is a big deal because for the first time AR developers will have standard environments to build to that are already in the hands of 1bn people. Jacqueline […]


Going to work today will feel odd because the weather reminds me so much of 2001. Gorgeous blue skies. Not quite summer anymore, but also not yet fall. The weather is one of my strong memories from 2001. The other memory concerns later in the day. Show More Summary

September 11th – A Day Of Remembrance

I have written a lot about September 11th on this blog over the years. I started it a couple years post 9/11 and while I was and NY was still very much in its wake. Time has a way of making traumatic things fade away and that has happened to some degree. But a smell, a […]

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