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Why startups need to control their own destiny

I was in a board meeting last week, and as we reviewed the results one item quickly jumped off the page – the company did a great job signing up a couple of Tier 1 partners but a less than stellar job driving results.  This was not surprising as what happens more often than not... The post Why startups need to control their own destiny appeared first on BeyondVC.

Small business startup kit for 2007 – mostly free!

A friend of mine called me the other day to ask for advice on what services (email, voice, apps) he should use to run his business with the caveat being that he wanted to spend as little upfront capital as possible and also have minimal...Show More Summary

Bringing the Valley to New York

There are many things that I am thankful for this year, but one of the best things that could happen to the New York tech scene is the growth of Google.  Last year Google opened a huge office in Chelsea and moved about 500 employees into the new location.  While I initially thought that most... The post Bringing the Valley to New York appeared first on BeyondVC.

The AI NexusLab

NYC is an emerging hub for AI and AI startups. That is because of the large number of mathematicians, scientists, and programmers trained in AI who work on wall street, because of leading institutes like NYU’s Courant School that work on cutting-edge science in the field, and because of a number of programs aimed at […]

Communicating with your board

A couple weeks ago I sat down with a new CEO of one of our portfolio companies, and we discussed goals for 2007 and what I and the board expected of him.  Yes, there was your usual conversation about getting more customers, building out a team, and ramping up revenue while managing costs, but one... The post Communicating with your board appeared first on BeyondVC.

Bring out yer dead…I’m not dead

We all know that there is something different this time about the web startup market.  As I have written before, it costs next to nothing to get a service on the web (look at MyBlogLog as an example), the market is much bigger as broadband penetration has grown from 10% to 50% over the last... The post Bring out yer dead…I’m not dead appeared first on BeyondVC.

One hurdle to a true wireless revolution – ease of use

It is pretty clear that Scott McNealy’s pitch years ago that the "Network is the Computer" is finally coming into fruition with broadband penetration at 50% and wireless data speeds getting faster and faster every year.  Having aShow More Summary

Why vision statements matter

Vision statements matter.  Sometimes we get too focused on the daily bump and grind, the next product release, and forget about the big picture and what we are trying to accomplish (see an earlier post on Vision).  Trust me, the word vision became a dirty word during the bubble as many companies were long on... The post Why vision statements matter appeared first on BeyondVC.

The trend is your friend – leveraging the power of commoditization and the efficiency of the web

I always like to say that the "trend is your friend," and it is pretty clear that one of the most powerful trends in the technology industry is the commoditization of existing markets which are currently served by high-priced, proprietary...Show More Summary

Free web-based calling!

For those of you who read my blog, you know that I am big believer in frictionless sales.  (see an earlier post) "Frictionless sales means reducing the pain for customers to adopt and use a service/product and consequently reducingShow More Summary

The fine line between dilution and delusion

It has been stated that there is a fine line between genius and insanity but who’s to tell where one ends and the other begins.  I can also say that there is a similarly fine line between dilution and delusion but this one is easier to draw.  Recently my partners and I were discussing the... The post The fine line between dilution and delusion appeared first on BeyondVC.

Uncertainty Wednesday: Independence (Cont’d)

Last Uncertainty Wednesday, I introduced the concept of independence. I ended the post by asking whether independence was likely to be a strong or a weak assumption. To answer this let us look at the possible values for elementary events. Show More Summary

Nokia’s coopetition with carriers

I noticed today that Nokia released a free mapping program called Smart2Go which can easily be downloaded over the air to cell phones.  In and of itself, I did not find the news terribly interesting as Google Maps is a great app which is also free and there are countless others going after the space. ... The post Nokia’s coopetition with carriers appeared first on BeyondVC.

Etsy Studio

Yesterday was a big day for Etsy, a company that I have been invested in for eleven years and on the board of for ten of them. The company launched Etsy Studio, an entirely new marketplace dedicated to craft supplies. Craft supplies have always been available on Etsy and still are. But they are a […]

GOffice – what’s the big deal?

It is not a surprise that Google officially launched Google Apps Premier which is a bundled package of their hosted offerings for word processing, spreadsheets, email, calendaring, and instant messaging.  I wrote about this in the fall...Show More Summary

Do it yourself (DIY) in the enterprise (continued)

Last year I wrote about the newfound productivity of the prosumer, the consumer who is bringing technologies into the workplace in a DIY (do it yourself) fashion.  If IT can’t or won’t get something done, users can simply checkShow More Summary

Algorithmic technology on the web

Matt Marshall (amazing how he does it!) recently broke the news on my fund’s (Dawntreader Ventures) latest investment which is still in stealth mode.  Now that the news is out, all I can say is that there is tons of data on the web, most of which is unstructured, and that the company, Peer39, has... The post Algorithmic technology on the web appeared first on BeyondVC.

Microsoft’s next battleground – wireless

I am sure you have seen the news all over the web and Techmeme about Microsoft’s purchase of TellMe, which is rumored to be around $800mm.  As you can see from this Microsoft press release, the big opportunity is for Microsoft toShow More Summary

Microsoft VC Summit 2007

The day after Microsoft’s TellMe aquisition, I was at Microsoft’s eighth annual VC Summit.  Unfortunately, I missed Steve Ballmer’s opening discussion, which in my opinion, is always one of the most entertaining and informative...Show More Summary

Second Life for Kids

As a VC that invests in early stage companies, part of my job is to discover new opportunities and business models.  While much of today’s online and social networking growth is being driven by teens and college students, very rarely...Show More Summary

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