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The Bloomberg Startup Barometer

I came across this index from Bloomberg that tracks the health of the startup ecosystem. This index “incorporates both the money flowing into VC-backed startups, as well as the exits that are making money for investors. To smooth out some of the volatility, we calculated the average value for the last 12 weeks.” I like […]

Why Ethereum?

AVC regular William Mougayar gave this presentation at the European Ethereum Developers Conference, Edcon, in Paris a few days ago. In his talk, William argues that Ethereum, unlike Bitcoin, is developing into a rich environment with many different services coming together to provide developers a wide platform to build on top of. I am increasingly […]

Establishing Trust as a VC

There are a lot of relationships that would be a little weird if they hadn't become commonplace--the kind of thing where someone raised by wolves might not adjust to so easily. A waiter requests money from you at the end of a meal, a...Show More Summary

The Robot Tax And Basic Income

In my work to prepare for the Future of Labor conversation we had at NewCo Shift a few weeks ago, I talked to a number of experts who are studying job losses due to automation and thinking about what might be done about it. Two ideas that came up a number of times were the […]

Video Of The Week: Mark Cuban At Upfront Summit

I posted the discussion my partner Andy and I did at the Upfront Summit last week. There were other great conversations at the Upfront Summit. This discussion with Mark Cuban was great. I totally agree with Mark that we need more tech companies to go public and have been saying that publicly for several years.

Funding Friday: Off Assignment

I backed this journalism project a few days ago and I thought I would highlight it to all of you here today. Off Assignment is a publication that allows writers to go off assignment and tell the stories they really want to tell. Here’s a video that explains it in more detail:

Top Hat and Toronto

We announced an investment in Toronto based Top Hat yesterday. I RT’d my partner Albert‘s post on the investment with this bit: “We now have five investments there, placing Toronto third as a location in the USV portfolio after New York and San Francisco.” — Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) February 15, 2017 Toronto is a great place […]

Uncertainty Wednesday: Two Week Hiatus

Apologies to all those who were anticipating an Uncertainty Wednesday post today. I am taking a two week hiatus. Today for announcing our investment in Top Hat and next week I will be out skiing. Will resume the week after that with a detailed example.

Etsy’s Valentine’s Day Party

Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, Etsy invited press and analysts to its headquarters in Brooklyn and took the covers off a bunch of things they have been working on for most of last year and will launch shortly. For those that don’t know, USV was one of the first investors in Etsy and have been on […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

My two favorite holidays are Thanksgiving when we are thankful for family and food and Valentine’s Day when we celebrate love and the people we love. Love is a powerful thing, maybe the most powerful thing. And I am blessed to have a lot of it in my life.  So I hope everyone in AVC […]

Who is the Best Wrong Person for the Job?

I asked a founder the other day the following question: Can you describe a candidate that would be a fantastic hire somewhere else that would never thrive in your organization? If you can't answer that, it's going to be really difficult to find the people that will thrive in your company. Show More Summary

Money as a Commons: Basic Income, Demurrage  and Crypto Currencies

One of my favorite questions to ask business students is why companies require external financial capital (equity or debt). Answers tend to turn quickly towards some need to invest, e.g. in developing software or building a plant. But that doesn’t fully answer the question. Show More Summary

Shout Out To SoundCloud

At the Grammy’s last night, Chance The Rapper, one of the night’s big winners, gave props to SoundCloud in his acceptance speech for Best Rap Album: Chance talked about the importance of artists staying independent and his shoutout to SoundCloud was a well deserved acknowledgement of the power of platforms like SoundCloud in helping artists […]

What We Don’t Do

Strategy is hard and becomes increasingly important as companies grow and scale. One thing I advise teams to focus on when they go through a strategy exercise is to identify the things they won’t do. One way to do this is to make a list of all the things people inside (and outside) the company […]

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