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Welcome Villi

The venture business is a strange profession. It doesn’t require a single skill or discipline. It requires a range of expertise. Great venture capitalists have extensive networks built on top of meaningful relationships. They have a broad understanding of technology and a good sense of what’s coming next. They are...

Two types of intelligence and the current state of AI

These pictures were painted by a robot called Pix18. He or she (it doesn’t feel right) is a decommissioned factory robot trained to paint by picking up a paintbrush...

Small Ball

Small Ball is a style of play in basketball when a team sacrifices size/height for speed and shooting. The Golden State Warriors, the best team in the NBA this regular season, are a good example of a team that often uses this strategy. As the venture capital business and entrepreneurs are increasingly bulking up in […]

Stuck in the Middle With You

It’s safe to say that all eyes globally are on the United States right now with an election that feels more like a script of House of Cards… Continue reading on Both Sides of the Table »

Fundraising is a numbers game

These are Forward Partners dealflow stats for the first four months of 2016 832 leads 47 first meetings (6% of leads) 8 second meetings (17% of first meetings) 2 deals (25%...

Coin Center Keynote

On Monday night, Coin Center had their annual gala dinner in NYC which coincided with the Consensus Conference. I had the pleasure of giving a keynote which I will post in its entirety. Hello. My name is Fred Wilson. This is my One Name profile. It is verified and resident on the blockchain at […]

The Next Generation of Angel Investors

Earlier this year, two dozen former students of mine, their friends and colleagues, formed Golden Angels Advisors. Their goal is to help the next generation of investors grow their expertise in both new ventures and early stage investing. Over the...

The consistency of Amazon’s revenue growth is amazing

Amazon just posted strong Q1 results and investors sent their share price up 11%. If you’ve been reading this blog for some time you will know I’m a huge admirer of...


Yesterday was the launch of a new organization in NYC that I have been working on since last fall. This new organization is called Tech:NYC and will be led by Julie Samuels. It will be co-chaired by Tim Armstrong and me. For years the tech sector has been represented in the city and state and […]

The Trend Back Towards Smaller Seed Rounds

When we started NextView 6 years ago, most seed rounds were relatively small. If a company raised $1M in a seed, that was pretty substantial. Our average round size in our first fund was about $1.2M. Actually, the average in the first...Show More Summary

The Business Blockchain

I’ve been reading The Business Blockchain this weekend. It was written by AVC community member William Mougayar. This book started out as a Kickstarter project which I blogged about at the time. If you backed that project you will get a copy of this book. If not, you might want to get a copy on […]

How do you get a check from this firm? The Process page.

Some firms prefer to lead. Others never do. At some firms, principals can lead deals. At others, only partners can. At some firms, everyone is called a partner. Who can lead a deal then? ¯\_(?)_/¯ Sometimes, it depends on the size of the deal. Show More Summary


I like to look at Google Trends from time to time to see what it can tell me about things. I realize that search keyword activity is only one data point in a complex system and that with the move to mobile, it is less important than it was in the web only era. And […]

Video Of The Week: The Nitty Gritty Podcast

Bond Street, a startup company that makes small business loans, has started a podcast to tell stories about small business entrepreneurs and the companies they create and run. They call it the Nitty Gritty Podcast. The first episode features an entrepreneur who is also a friend of ours, Gabe Stulman. Gabe is a restaurant operator […]

Being a VC isn’t about having all the answers

Being a VC isn't about having all the answers. It's about knowing the right questions to ask and finding the right folks who can answer them — Steve Schlafman...

Funding Friday: Three Noteworthy Projects

It’s funding friday again. Here are three projects I thought you all should know about. Black Medicine Iced Coffee – This is an equity raise on CircleUp for a new iced coffee brand. Not only does the product look great but you can get a $1.3mm pre-money valuation for a product that did over $300k in […]

The world’s most successful pivot

Facebook has just posted another impressive quarterly result, and that comes on the back of relentless innovation in their consumer facing and advertising products. Bots running on Messenger make the...

The “Losing Jobs To China” Discussion

I am bothered by the ongoing discussion about how the US has allowed China (and other lower cost countries) take our manufacturing jobs. That is true, of course. But it does not address the larger context which is that manufacturing is becoming more and more automated and many of these jobs will not exist at […]

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