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On The Beach

I’m taking the weekend off to spend it with my entire family (parents, brothers, wives, children) on the beach. Here are a couple podcasts that Harry Stebbings did with my partners Albert and Brad in case you want to spend some time going deep on USV this weekend Podcast w/ Brad Podcast w/ Albert:

A Typical Example of #GiveFirst

I’ve started working on my next book, currently titled #GiveFirst: A New Philosophy for Business in the Era of Entrepreneurship. As a result, my brain is especially tuned to good examples that show a particular aspect of what we refer to as #GiveFirst at Techstars. Show More Summary

Video Of The Week: William Talking Blockchains At Google

AVC regular William Mougayar gave a talk about blockchains at Google a few weeks ago. It’s a good overview of where we’ve been and where we are going in the blockchain sector.

Founder Fights in Boulder

The final event at Boulder Startup Week a few months ago was Founder Fights. A bunch of founders got in a boxing ring for a real, USA Boxing sanctioned event (three rounds, two minutes each). To see a two minute version of what played out, take a look at this great video montage from the event... Read more The post Founder Fights in Boulder appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Evolving “openness” at marketplaces

I just read the following quote in a post about platform failures: Because platforms depend on the value created by participants, it’s critical to carefully manage the platform’s “openness”...

Hard Forks

The crypto-currency Ethereum completed a hard fork on Wednesday. The Ethereum core developers, after getting a vote of support from the Ethereum community, hard forked Ethereum to “get back” the roughly $40mm of Ethereum that was taken in the hack of The DAO. Hard forks are a bit of a lightning rod issue in the […]

What Did You Do? What Will I Have Done?

You may have noticed that my posting here on Continuations has been sporadic at best these past few weeks. The reason is simple. I have felt downbeat by what’s been happening in the world and the United States. The rolling back of democracy across the globe in favor or populist authoritarians is depressing. Show More Summary

FOMO – A dangerous game for VCs

“No VC has ever failed because of NOT having invested into a company.” This quote is from Alexander Ruppert’s The first year in Venture Capital?—?Lessons (to be) learned. I wouldn’t...

Stack Documentation

Our portfolio company Stack Overflow (or Stack as I prefer to call them) has launched something new and interesting today. It is called Stack Overflow Documentation. This is what Stack co-founder and CEO Joel Spolsky told me about Documentation a few weeks ago: The current state of developer documentation is pretty abysmal. It’s spread all […]

Trashing Tumblr

So Scott Galloway thinks Tumblr was nothing more than a “porn site.” I think that is a ridiculous comment coming from someone who says ridiculous things. Tumblr was, and still is, a vibrant social media platform. Just talk to the tens of million of of people who have had Tumblr blogs and have gotten tremendous […]

Sift Science Series C: Powering Trust Online

Today our portfolio company Sift Science announced not only their $30 million Series C, led by Insight Venture Partners, but also several new product offerings. This is exciting because it reveals the team’s larger vision of “Powering Trust Online” and makes that concrete by going beyond payments fraud to address content, promo and account abuse. Show More Summary

Berlin: Startup Home As A Service

I thought this was outrageously brilliant. Thanks to Andrew Hyde for sending it to me. For a long time I’ve ranted against naming your startup community “Silicon Whatever.” Instead, I believe every startup community already has a name. Show More Summary

Dear Fred

I get so many emails from people who are thinking of starting a company and they share their idea with me and ask me if they should do it. They want my feedback on their idea. These are, for the most part, people I have never met and have no context for. I came across […]

The Thing About the Best Pitches

The best pitches have a hook. The very first sentence gets me leaning forward, not back. They have an unrelenting storyline--and they don't let a boring team slide get in the way if your team isn't the most exciting part of what you're doing. Show More Summary

Some Thoughts On Steem

About a year ago, in the middle of the Reddit soap opera that played out last summer, I wrote a post about how someone could (and would) build something like Reddit on the blockchain. A number of developers and entrepreneurs have done that and the one that has garnered the most interest is called Steem. […]

Active vs Passive Investing

When you buy a stock in the public markets, that is passive investing. When you buy 10% of that public company in the open market and then seek to obtain board seats, that is active investing. When you buy a REIT, that is passive investing. When you buy vacant land, build an apartment building, and […]

UK venture post Brexit – plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” is an old French saying that translates literally as “The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing” Before the Brexit...

Remembering the Life and Career of Bill Campbell

Last week at Fortune’s Brainstorm Conference, Adam Lashinsky led a panel discussion about Bill Campbell, who passed away earlier this year. There are some great anecdotes about Bill in this 30min video.

What Do You Do? What Do You Say?

It’s friday morning and we are waking up to yet another story of a twisted madman engaging in mass murder. We did this last friday. What do you do? What do you say? Yes, we should Pray For Nice. They can use our prayers. And yes, we should give generously to the victims and their […]

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