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What If The Narrative Is Wrong?

I always like to look for where conventional thinking might be wrong. I think you can find interesting investments that way. I was exchanging emails with a colleague yesterday about Twitter’s decision to get out of the developer tools business and I asked her if it was possible that the conventional wisdom about Twitter (it […]

Protecting The Right To Speak And Write And Blog

I stayed out of the public debate and discussion of the Gawker lawsuit because while I privately came down on the side of Gawker, the specifics of the case made me uncomfortable and I don’t think it was an ideal case to determine what is free speech and what is not. However, the same lawyer, Charles […]

Uncertainty Wednesday: States and Signals

After giving two examples (Zoltar, Coin Flipping), it is now time in Uncertainty Wednesday to formalize the ideas. The following picture will be useful. It shows a very simple reality/system (the blue box) we are trying to understand and the observation (the arrow) we are making to do so. Show More Summary

The Fight of Our Lifetime: Past against Future

Many of the people in power or currently grabbing for it are trying to maintain the recent past or even go back further. This is the fight of our lifetime. The Past against the Future. It is NOT: left against right, rich against poor,...Show More Summary

Should Your Have A Lifecycle VC In Your Seed Round?

Although seed investing has become increasingly the domain of specialized seed funds, large lifecycle VC’s continue to participate as well.  In the last three investments I’ve made, there has either been a lifecycle VC involved or one was interested but didn’t end up being part of the syndicate. Show More Summary

The Department of Homeland Security International Entrepreneur Rule

From GeekWire: The Department of Homeland Security has officially enacted a provision to make it easier for immigrant entrepreneurs to build startups in the U.S. The rule, proposed by President Barack Obama last summer, takes effect exactly one week before he leaves the Oval Office. The initial rule outlined a “parole” period that foreign entrepreneurs […]

Talking To Others

People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other. – Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. I judged the Debug Politics Hackathon yesterday. The winner was Second Opinion, a Facebook Messenger bot that […]

The Perfect Sunday Afternoon Entertainment

If you are in NYC this holiday weekend and looking for something to do, consider attending the Debug Politics Hackathon Showcase at 4pm this afternoon in the Flatiron District: Join us for our Product Showcase 1/15 4pm w/ @fredwilson...Show More Summary

Video Of The Week: Voice Assistant Infinite Loop

This video was left in the comments to my post about doing a side by side comparison of Google Home and Amazon Echo. It’s fun and I thought I’d make sure everyone sees it by elevating it to the main page.

Fun Friday: voice input

I’m writing this entire blog post by speaking into my phone. The only things I’m doing with keyboard input are spacing and punctuation.  It would be fun if we could all try to do this today. If you want to leave a comment try leaving a comment with voice input. If you don’t have any […]

Kickstarter Year In Review

Our portfolio company Kickstarter had another fantastic year in 2016. They put this web presentation together to show what happened. Things like turning smog into jewelry and turning subways ads into photos of cats are the kinds of things that always seem to happen on Kickstarter. And I am always amazed and inspired by the creativity […]

“Don’t run for trains”

Around nine years ago I read Nicholas Taleb’s seminal texts The Black Swan (2007) and Fooled by Randomness (2001) and I loved them both. For venture investors everywhere The Black...

Uncertainty Wednesday: Coin Flipping (Example)

I was going to start formalizing the concepts from Uncertainty Wednesday but I got a reader suggestion to do this in the context of a coin flipping example. This is what pretty much every introductory text uses because, well, coin flips...Show More Summary

The End Of Pay and Pray

For years philanthropic organizations have bought fundraising software from the likes of Blackbaud and a host of other software companies, large and small, in the hope that these tools would help them raise money. The term I like for these fundraising software packages is “pay and pray.” There is no correlation between the amount of […]

Getting A VC Job

I get asked a lot about how to get one’s start in the VC industry. I have a somewhat standard response, but realized that I never put it into a blog post.  So, here it is. FYI – this is tuned towards an individual who is still in the relatively early stages of their career. […] The post Getting A VC Job appeared first on ROBGO.ORG.

Tapping Into The Global Job Market

Globalization is certainly a double edged sword for many people, but the truth is that over the past half century, the world has globalized enormously. We are now to the point that many employers around the world are looking outside their local or national talent pools for key hires. Our portfolio company Jobbatical specializes in […]

The Inevitable Often Takes Way Longer To Happen Than You Might Think

I saw the news today that Nielsen reported that Streaming Now Officially the Number One Way We Listen to Music in America and I thought to myself “didn’t that happen a decade ago?” The report goes on to say that “on-demand audio streams surpassed 251 billion in 2016–a 76 percent increase that accounts for 38 percent […]

Choosing a New Laptop

Seems that roughly every 4 years I consider which laptop to buy and use. In 2008 I switched from a Panasonic CF-W2 to a Macbook Air.  At the time I was on my second Panasonic and I had been using each for roughly 4 years. The CF-W2s were lightweight, rugged and chock full of features. Show More Summary


Reserves is the term VCs use to describe funds they “reserve” for follow-on financings of their portfolio companies. Here are some things entrepreneurs should know about VCs and reserves: One very important thing that separates a strong VC firm from all other sources of capital is that the best VC firms reserve capital for follow-on […]

Video Of The Week: What is DNA and How Does it Work?

One of our colleagues at USV pointed us at a series of web videos called Stated Clearly. I really like this one that explains DNA and how it works in a very simple and easy to understand way.

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