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Go SoundCloud Go

Our portfolio company SoundCloud introduced a new subscription offering yesterday called SoundCloud Go which compliments its existing subscription offering called Go+. Combined with the longstanding free service, SoundCloud now has an...Show More Summary

Courage and facing up to failure

I’ve just read Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal, a book lots of people seem to be talking about all of a sudden. It’s a great book, and one I highly...

Uncertainty Wednesday: PSA Test Example

After a 2 week hiatus for travel here is another Uncertainty Wednesday. After going through probability I had promised a concrete example. As a 50 year old male one that is close to home is prostate cancer. The system in question is the prostate and simplistically it can be in two states (A) healthy and (B) with cancer. Show More Summary

Machine Learning For Investing In Consumer Goods Startups

Our portfolio company CircleUp has been building a marketplace for startup investing, by accredited and institutional investors, in consumer goods companies (natural foods, personal care, beverage, home goods and apparel). In four years of operation, over $300mm has been raised on CircleUp by entrepreneurs to scale their consumer goods startups. But underneath all of this […]

Japan Ski Trip

Last night we got back from an epic ski trip to Hokkaido, Japan. Going there as a family was my 50th birthday wish and something I had been looking forward to for several years. I am thrilled to say it was everything I had hoped for....Show More Summary

Superstar Firms

Watching Amazon take home two Oscars last night brought home the point that they are a juggernaut, a massive business capable of throwing its weight behind all sorts of new businesses. It turns out these superstar firms, not robots, may be the most important economic issue right now. This piece from the Economist argues that […]

The American Formula

It’s that time of year when investors (including me) spend the morning reading Warren Buffett’s annul shareholder letter. There are always nuggets of wisdom and insight in these letters and I enjoy them very much. In this year’s letter, Warren spells out the formula that America has used to build the greatest economy in the […]

Audio Of The Week: Andy and Flyover

Here’s a podcast my partner Andy did with Flyover Labs recently:

The Monthly Match

Last month, when the Gotham Gal and I and our friends Brad and Amy combined to match $20k of donations to the ACLU and ended up raising $120k on a weekend that saw the ACLU raise over $25mm, we committed to do a match every month for all of 2017. Part of me wants to keep […]

Getting Human Resources Right

The news out of Uber last weekend was horrifying. A woman engineer was unable to get human resources to deal quickly and appropriately with a sexual harassment claim. I don’t know anything more than what I learned in her blog post. Uber is investigating and the full story will likely emerge in due course. I […]

Boxes vs. Conveyor Belts

Commerce businesses are notoriously difficult for a number of reasons.  Multiples in this category are usually pretty low, due to low margins, capital intensity, and competitive rivalry.  Also, Amazon has made it such that consumersShow More Summary


Late last year, USV invested in Numerai, a hedge fund that uses data scientists all around the world to “crowdsource” stock price predictions. I blogged a bit about Numerai then. If that business model wasn’t cutting edge enough for you, the Numerai team has now gone a step further and issued a crypto-token called Numeraire to incent […]

The Bloomberg Startup Barometer

I came across this index from Bloomberg that tracks the health of the startup ecosystem. This index “incorporates both the money flowing into VC-backed startups, as well as the exits that are making money for investors. To smooth out some of the volatility, we calculated the average value for the last 12 weeks.” I like […]

Why Ethereum?

AVC regular William Mougayar gave this presentation at the European Ethereum Developers Conference, Edcon, in Paris a few days ago. In his talk, William argues that Ethereum, unlike Bitcoin, is developing into a rich environment with many different services coming together to provide developers a wide platform to build on top of. I am increasingly […]

Establishing Trust as a VC

There are a lot of relationships that would be a little weird if they hadn't become commonplace--the kind of thing where someone raised by wolves might not adjust to so easily. A waiter requests money from you at the end of a meal, a...Show More Summary

The Robot Tax And Basic Income

In my work to prepare for the Future of Labor conversation we had at NewCo Shift a few weeks ago, I talked to a number of experts who are studying job losses due to automation and thinking about what might be done about it. Two ideas that came up a number of times were the […]

Video Of The Week: Mark Cuban At Upfront Summit

I posted the discussion my partner Andy and I did at the Upfront Summit last week. There were other great conversations at the Upfront Summit. This discussion with Mark Cuban was great. I totally agree with Mark that we need more tech companies to go public and have been saying that publicly for several years.

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