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Video Of The Week: Three Freedoms For The Future

This is an interview that Andrew Keen did with my partner Albert about three freedoms we need for the future:

Feature Friday: Learn To Code on an iPhone

Hopscotch is a visual programming environment, like Scratch or Blockly, that runs on an iPhone. If your kids like to grab your phone and watch videos or play games on it, put Hopscotch on your phone and encourage them to make games instead of just playing them. Here’s a piece from Wired that explains how […]

If you’re not always improving you’re going backwards

On Tuesday morning I went to see legendary VC Sir Mike Moritz give a talk to launch his new book Leading – thank you Felix for inviting me. Sir Mike has spent...

Non Recurring Revenue Businesses

I’ve been thinking a little about non-recurring revenue businesses.  Particularly, businesses where transactions are large, but infrequent. I’m coming to the belief that these are under-appreciated categories of investment, especially since the gospel of recurring revenue, subscription commerce, and SaaS has been preached in recent years. Show More Summary

Skillshare: Welcoming New Investors

We first invested in Skillshare almost five years ago. At the time the company was focused on in person classes. While many of those were as engaging as I had hoped, it was difficult to grow. Coming to an in person class is a big commitment,...Show More Summary


I am really into embed codes. I think the ability to take content and software from one app and inject it into another app is one of the coolest things about the Internet. Biodigital is a 3D visual model of the human body. Think of it as Google Maps for the body. I’ve had issues […]

Not being tricked by overconfidence

It seems that lots of people in my network are reading Thinking Fast and Slow by Kahneman at the moment, at least I guess that’s why I keep hearing...

Vacation Policy

I saw a discussion among our USV portfolio CEOs yesterday in one of the many communication channels we offer our portfolio companies.  The question was about vacation policy. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that most of our portfolio companies offer unlimited vacation to their employees and that there is almost no abuse of […]

Twilio: Powered by Innovation

I am bummed to be missing Twilio’s annual Signal Conference this year. Not just because Jeff does a fantastic keynote, but because Twilio always announces a truckload of amazing new goodness. Here are just two great things from yesterday:...Show More Summary

Major demographic shift – more people are living with their parent

When I was studying social science in the 1990s one of the major trends was more and more people living alone. Academics were extrapolating trends and predicting 30%+ of us...

Living Forever

I’ve been thinking about our lifespan recently. That sounds grim, but it’s actually not. One thing that spurred this thinking is that my wife’s great aunt just turned 100. She is essentially my wife’s grandmother figure and they are very close. I first met her over 10 years ago when she was turning 90, and […] The post Living Forever appeared first on ROBGO.ORG.

Flashback: The Lycos NYC Office in 1995

I was taking the subway uptown yesterday afternoon and as I stepped out of the train I thought I saw the word Lycos on the advertisement on the station wall. Upon closer observation, it was not an advertisement for Lycos, but by then I was already thinking about my visit to the Lycos NYC office […]

Don’t Pivot, Do the Eurostep

In honor of the NBA Playoffs, I thought I’d sprinkle a little basketball lingo into this post I’ve been thinking about for a while. I think the most dangerous place to be for an early stage, venture funded company to be is where things are “sort-of-working”. Show More Summary

VR/AR: Experiencing is Believing

I can still remember the first time that I experienced the web, which was on a workstation in a lab at MIT in late 1993 (Mosaic had come out in January of that year). The experience of easily accessing remote content and navigating from one site to another simply by clicking on a link was transformative. Show More Summary

Extremely rapid early growth opens the path to venture capital

“Venture capital is only appropriate for the small percentage of businesses that want to go loss making to grow very fast.” is a sentence I say a lot. As...

When Teams Get Hot

Right now the OKC Thunder look unbeatable. They made the Spurs look old and they are now making the Warriors look slow. That’s quite something to accomplish. Let’s see if they can keep this up. It isn’t easy. I am reminded of the Mets last fall. They went on a hot streak that quickly took […]

You tell me!

There's no possible way I can get up to speed on what a founder knows about their industry, plan, goals, or team, in just a few hours or even days. Hell, I could spend weeks on it and, hopefully, it wouldn't make a difference. You should know way more about this than I ever could. Show More Summary

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