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Uncertainty: startups’ unfair advantage

I just read a review of a new Wiley book Design a better business which argues that: better businesses are ones that approach problems in a new, systematic way, focusing more...

Audio Of The Week: Kara Swisher Talks To Bill Gurley

Regular readers know that I am a big fan of Bill Gurley. He and I are in the same generation of VCs. We started our careers in the PC era and learned VC in the first generation of the Internet era. Bill and I also bring a “fundamental investor mindset” to our work which is […]

Fun Friday: How Will You Watch Monday’s Presidential Debate

I am super excited to watch the Presidential Debates on Twitter. I wrote this yesterday afternoon: I am so excited to watch the debates on Twitter. The @bpolitics team is the perfect choice to do Twitter style play by play. #gamechange — Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) September 22, 2016 I know the Bloomberg Politics team. […]

Toronto: Growing a Great Startup Ecosystem

Yesterday evening, Allen Lau from Wattpad helped me organize a small casual dinner with other entrepreneurs and investors in Toronto. We have three existing investments in Toronto: Wattpad and Figure 1 in the city and Kik in Waterloo. Show More Summary

Team and Strategy

I’ve been in board meeting blitz since the summer ended. Many of the companies I work with are well past the startup phase and are well into or even past the growth/scaling phase. And the thought that keeps occurring to me as I go from board meeting to board meeting is the key to success […]

Uncertainty Wednesday: Limits on Observations (Resolution)

Today Uncertainty Wednesday continues with limits to observations. Limits to observations are — along with limits to explanations — the key sources of uncertainty that we face. Following the discussion of foundational limits to observations from last week, next up is observational resolution (this is a category I forgot in my initial list). Show More Summary

Feeding The Trolls

Danah Boyd has a nice post up about what it was like to live on the block that the second bomb was placed this past weekend in NYC. But the post is really about something way more important. It is about the fact that we are increasingly letting the trolls drive us nuts. The trolls […]

Ahmad Khan Rahami's Grandmother

I shared a version of this in my weekly tech newsletter yesterday: Many of you are new to this newsletter--especially those who came out to our event last Thursday. It's mostly about tech, but sometimes it isn't. When it isn't, it's honest and hopefully thought provoking. Show More Summary

Visualizing Kickstarter

A visual data company company called Polygraph looked at over 100,000 Kickstarter projects in the US and wrote a really cool blog post about them. This table shows the different character of the biggest cities on Kickstarter: NYC over indexes for film, theater, and dance. LA over indexes for film in a big way. SF […]

I am Voting for Hillary

The 2016 Presidential race is not a typical election between two candidates based on the merits of their positions on key issues. Instead, it is a stark choice between Hillary Clinton, whose positions you may disagree with, but who is...Show More Summary

Host a ScriptEd Advanced Class This School Year

Here’s something great your company can do to help inner city kids, engage your employees in rewarding volunteer work, and do all of this inside the four walls of your office. ScriptEd is a non-profit working to help youth from low-income high schools access careers in the tech industry. They recruit developers to volunteer to […]

Chelsea Bomb Explosion

Yesterday evening Susan, our older son Michael and I had just returned from dinner at a nearby restaurant when we heard a very loud boom and it felt like the windows and floor briefly shook. My immediate thought was that this was an explosion. Show More Summary

AVC Down Time?

Yet another post about something I supposedly don’t actually care about ???? I am pursuing a theory that the cause of the AVC down time that I posted about last week has to do with a burst of traffic from social media (mostly Twitter) that happens right after I publish a post on AVC. I […]

Video Of The Week: Citibike Rage

AVC regular Rob Underwood sent me this video a couple days ago: This happened at a Community Board 6 (Cobble Hill Brooklyn) meeting this week. Here’s a news report that explains the context of what happened here. I am posting this for several reasons. I am a huge Citibike fan and user. I’ve already used it […]

Retail foot traffic is dropping like a stone

When I read in David Kelnar’s ‘Respect your elders’ and five other powerful trends shaping consumer retail that in the US retailers suffered a 48% decline in shop visits between 2010 and...

Feature Friday: The NFL on Twitter

Last night was a revelation for me. I’m not joking. I wasn’t really expecting to be blown away by the experience of watching football on Twitter. I was. I installed the new Twitter app on our AppleTV and watched the entire Jets Bills game on Twitter last night. It looks like this on the TV […]

The learning and growth trade off

I’ve finally got round to reading Andy Grove‘s High Output Management, widely regarded as a classic on management that was originally published in 1983. The Foreword to the latest...

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