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The Candidates’ Tech Agenda

Hillary Clinton laid out her tech agenda yesterday. You can see it here. I like much of it, particularly the emphasis on getting our kids the skills they need to be competitive in the 21st century. I am so with her on that. I googled Donald Trump tech agenda and found nothing substantive. I would […]

AFSE Commencement Speech

Four and a half years ago, in January 2012, I announced on this blog that New York City was opening a new high school called the Academy For Software Engineering (AFSE). Yesterday, AFSE graduated its first class. 110 of the 120 students who enrolled four years ago made it to graduation. And each and every […]

Marketing Attribution: Creating a Growth Engine at Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack

I recently sat down with Bill Macaitis. I’ve been a big fan of Bill’s since we brought him in as CMO at Zendesk. He has since gone on to be CMO at Slack. In an age where product gets most of the attention, Bill is the kind of marketer founders crave. He knows exactly what...

What Your Opportunity Slide is Missing – Make Investors Believe

This article is part of our series “Pitching to Investors” that shares real examples and practical advice from the Matrix General Partners on creating your pitch deck. The intro to the series is here: Five Ways to Nail Your Pitch and Win Over Investors. Our goal of this series is to help entrepreneurs nail their...

An Advisor Equity and Advisor Pool Breakdown

I have been sharing the below with folks via email and privately, but realized I should do so publicly. (also a huge shout out to Ben Alden, GC at, Betterment for contributing heavily, and encouraging me to post – go follow him on Medium @BenAlden)...Show More Summary

Brexit and (Direct) Democracy

I have been writing here on Continuations and in my book World After Capital that we need to be vigilant and defend democracy. Many people are taking the Brexit vote as evidence that direct democracy is a bad idea. While I am not necessarily a strong advocate for direct democracy I do think this conclusion is flawed. Show More Summary

AVC Demographics

If I was going to start selling ads on AVC (I am not), here are the advertising categories I should target according to Google Analytics: Nothing too surprising in here but it is interesting that entertainment (Film and TV) scored so high. I guess you don’t spend all of your time reading AVC ????

Are those people idiots? How to think about competition.

A lot of founders who pitch me tell me that they're the only ones doing something. They're in the same ballpark as a major player, doing something just one tiny bit off from what they are, and they expect this company to get their lunch eaten over the next seven years while an IPO-sized company is grown right under their noses. Show More Summary

Some Thoughts On Brexit

Clearly the UK’s decision to leave the EU is a big deal. The implications for the UK and Europe are large. And there is a feeling that similar politics will be adopted in other parts of the world. All of that is concerning. But my immediate reaction to the news when I woke to it […]

Video Of The Week: Made In America

The Gotham Gal and I are making our way through the OJ Simpson documentary, Made In America. It’s a fascinating tale that weaves OJ’s story with the story of race relations in LA from the 60s to the 90s. It is very well done. Here’s a podcast where my friends John and Will discuss it […]

Some Thoughts on Brexit

I went to bed last night at a time when some of the early results started to indicate that Brexit might happen and woke up to that reality. Here are some thoughts that are kicking around my head: 1. The results are another example of how easy it is to underestimate the level of frustration that has accumulated in parts of the population. Show More Summary

Feature Friday: iPhone Hearing Test

Last week in a blog post, I wrote: My daughter’s iPhone can’t deliver a strep test to her, yet. But it can deliver an eye exam and a hearing test. So I thought I would showcase one of these iPhone based medical tests on feature friday today. If you download an app on your iPhone […]

Best Seed Pitch Ever

I read yesterday evening that our portfolio company Twilio, which priced its IPO last night, is going to live code from the NYSE this morning. That brought a powerful flashback to the first time I met Jeff Lawson, founder and CEO of Twilio. It was 2008 in our old offices on the 14th floor of […]

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Yesterday we publicly announced our 2016 fund and with it an evolution that has taken place behind the scenes at USV. Andy and I are now the managing partners with Fred, Brad and John continuing to invest and participate fully in the firm. Show More Summary

Seed and pre-seed – trends and definitions

The increasing capital efficiency of startups has been changing the face of venture for the last decade or so. The first thing to happen was that the bar for...

USV 2016

My partner John has a post up on USV this morning talking about our new fund, USV 2016, which we quietly raised earlier this year. We added our final portfolio company in USV 2014 last week and we are making our first investment in USV 2016 this week, led by John. In John’s post he addresses […]

Writing Checks Doesn't Make You an Investor

I met with a family office investor yesterday and we were talking about his family's interest in diversifying their investments into early stage companies. They mostly participated in real estate transactions--an asset class where actual due diligence is conducted, deals take months, even years to close, and assets are sometimes held for decades. Show More Summary

Europe is underweight in Micro-VC

ValueWalk have reported on new data out from Prequin that shows continued growth Micro-VC fundraising. Micro-VC growth has been going on long enough now that I’m hearing LPs question whether we’ve...

Mattermark data shows US venture is slowing down – Europe may be insulated

Stage-by-Stage Change in US Venture Capital Deployed (Deal Value) – Mattermark                 Stage-by-Stage Change in US Venture Capital Deal Volume – Mattermark...

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