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I read this story about how hackers got into Colin Powell and John Podesta’s emails. It is somewhat shocking to me that Google’s algorithms allowed fake emails from Google to get into a Gmail user’s inbox. One of the many reasons I use Gmail over any other email service is its algorithms that keep spam […]

We Were Right – Just a Decade Early

This is a line my friend Jerry Colonna uses when something like the AT&T – Time Warner deal occurs. As time passes, the line has shifted to “We were right – just fifteen years early.” Jerry was Fred Wilson‘s partner at Flatiron Partners. Show More Summary

Some Thoughts On Airbnb’s Struggles In New York State

As many readers likely know, this week New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill called S6340A/A8704C, which will levy heavy fines on individuals who advertise short-term rentals of residential multiple dwelling units in New York. This ends an effort that lasted several months to convince the Governor to veto this bill which was passed by […]

Audio Of The Week: Michael Moritz on Studio 1.0

This is almost a year old, but most of it is still very relevant.

VC post 2015: the new normal

The charts above are both from the new KPMP/CB Insights Venture Pulse Report. There’s a lot more data contained within, but my read from these is that VC investment is down significantly since...

The Problems with EULAs are Infecting Hardware: What Will it Mean to “Own” Your Car?

Watching Tesla’s video of a door-to-door self driving car offers an amazing glimpse into an autonomous and robotic future But there was also a disturbing footnote to the announcement: you are not allowed to let your self-driving Tesla...Show More Summary

Fun Friday: Cubs Fever

My friend Dave sent me this hat a few days ago: I hope to be wearing it for the next week and a half. The Cubs have not won the World Series in 108 years. Unless you are a Dodgers or Indians fan, I think you have to get on this bandwagon. Do you all […]

Automotive data – believe the hype?

McKinsey have just released a report which predicts: that the global revenue pool from car data monetization could be as high as $750 billion by 2030 That caught my attention...

10/25: What’s New For Techstars in Kansas City

On Tuesday 10/25 from 4pm – 6pm I’ll be hosting a discussion and happy hour with David Cohen where we will discuss what’s next for Techstars in Kansas City. If you are around and interested, or just interested in saying hi, come by and have a drink with us. Register here. The post 10/25: What’s New For Techstars in Kansas City appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Techstars in Kansas City

Yesterday Techstars announced the launch of Techstars Kansas City. This is a city-based horizontal accelerator similar to the ones we have in Boulder, Boston, Seattle, Austin, New York City, London and Berlin. Applications open in January 2017 and the program will run in July 2017. Show More Summary

A New UI For Coinbase

For those of you who buy and sell and hold Bitcoin and Ethereum at our portfolio company Coinbase, there is an entirely new redesigned UI for you at It will be rolled out to all of the users in the next couple weeks. Here’s screenshot of what the new dashboard looks like: The redesign […]

Golden Angels Announces IRR Results

It’s not very often that angel networks disclose results. Most of us are ready and willing to discuss our approaches, beliefs or methods, but usually stop well short of providing the proof of our assertions. Today, Golden Angels is publishing...

Excited to be an Investor in The Wing

It means a lot to me to find financial opportunities investing in companies that I can be really proud of--education companies like Tinybop and Tinkergarten, or companies at the forefront of fair labor practices like Homer Logistics....Show More Summary

Uncertainty Wednesday: Explanations

Now that Uncertainty Wednesday has covered the various ways in which our ability to observe reality are limited, we will look at limitations on explanations. Again for those readers just starting this series, the basic framework has uncertainty resulting from limits on observations and explanations of reality. Show More Summary

Looking for New Science Fiction?

If you – like me – love science fiction, I encourage you to support the new sci-fi magazine Compelling Science Fiction. The editor, Joe Stech, lives in the Boulder area and has been actively involved in the Boulder/Denver startup community. Show More Summary


I like what Larry Lessig wrote here about leaks, particularly this part: Neera has only ever served in the public (and public interest) sector. Her work has always and only been devoted to advancing her vision of the public good. It is not right that she should bear the burden of this sort of breach. […]

Denver: Conversation With Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca (Founder and Chairman Lowercase Capital and star of ABC’s Shark Tank) is in Denver on Tuesday 10/25 at Galvanize from 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM to support Hillary Clinton. Chris has been a friend for many years, is a remarkable investor, and a super compelling speaker. Show More Summary

Enjoying The Struggle

The NY Times has a great longish piece on David Letterman today. This quote got my attention: Maybe life is the hard way, I don’t know. When the show was great, it was never as enjoyable as the misery of the show being bad. Is that human nature? Building companies includes a lot of “misery […]

Birth of a Theorem by Cedric Villani (Book Review)

I recently finished reading “Birth of a Theorem” by the French mathematician Cedric Villani. It is a terrific book even if you understand only a fraction of the math in it (I certainly did not understand most of it). Villani does a great job bringing the reader along on his quest to prove a theorem that would qualify him for the coveted Fields medal. Show More Summary

My Talk at Kauffman Fellows Reunion VC Summit – Building the Next Great Ecosystem

I’ll be doing a talk on Monday, October 24 – 12 noon PDT at the Kauffman Fellows Reunion VC Summit titled Building the Next Great Ecosystem that is being live streamed. Steve Case is doing a talk on Tuesday, October 25 – 7:30am PDT titled The...Show More Summary

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