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Buyer Beware

I got this question on Twitter yesterday: Are there any parallels you can draw between ICOs and private investment rounds? — Daniel Olshansky (@olshansky) June 13, 2017 And I responded with this: Yes, buyer beware. Do your homework. Don’t be greedy. — Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) June 14, 2017 I could say a lot more and […]

Do Androids Get Songs Stuck in Their Heads? My investment in Amper Music.

This weekend, Heathens by Twenty One Pilots has been stuck in my head. It has such a great sound--and I wanted to figure out what else I could listen to that sounded like it. I don't mean bands that are liked by other people who like Twenty One Pilots. Show More Summary

Ahmad Khan Rahami's Grandmother

I shared a version of this in my weekly tech newsletter yesterday: Many of you are new to this newsletter--especially those who came out to our event last Thursday. It's mostly about tech, but sometimes it isn't. When it isn't, it's honest and hopefully thought provoking. Show More Summary

Investment Recommendation: Claroty Series A

Today, Claroty came out of stealth, announcing a Series A financing led by Bessemer. $32 Million is is a lot for Series A, but this is an important company for our nation and our planet. To explain why, I thought I'd share this excerpt from our internal investment memo. Show More Summary

Interviews in Adelaide, Sydney, and Minneapolis

I done a number of video interviews lately. This seems to be the norm for a live event today. I start with a short one from when I was in Adelaide, then a longer one from Sydney, and wrap it up with what is one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever done – this time in... Read more The post Interviews in Adelaide, Sydney, and Minneapolis appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

My GEL 2016 Talk (Video)

Here is my talk from the wonderful GEL conference earlier this year covering some of the ideas from my draft book World After Capital

The Path to Learning requires Failing: The DAO

Both individually and collectively we learn more from our failures than from our successes. Failures make us question our assumptions, successes generally don’t. I therefore welcome the hack of the DAO (even if I wind up losing the 0.5 BTC I had converted to Ether and invested). Show More Summary

11 Years of the USV Investment Team

As part of the hiring process for our two year analyst position, we asked everyone who has worked at USV in an investment team role to make a two minute video (the same thing we ask applicants to do). We asked them to answer these two questions – when did you join USV and how […]

The Greatest Strength of America is Immigration and Integration

Like many immigrant families and many Jewish families I grew up around a kitchen table, often outside my house and experiencing food, culture, life and other people through meals. I remember fondly my dad (from Colombia) wanting to eat out of the house and experience the best multi-cultural foods one could actually find in middle-class, […]

Pursuing excellence at startups – balancing speed and quality

We’ve been thinking a lot about excellence at Forward Partners recently, for our own operations and to help our portfolio companies. At one level it’s an easy topic. As...

Entrepreneurial Density

I’ve been throwing this term around for a while and thought it was worth writing about, as I believe that understanding entrepreneurial how density can shape an entrepreneurial ecosystem is very important. But first, a link back to some ideas around entrepreneurial communities in general. My partner Brad literally wrote the book about this (highly... Read more

Robert Downey Jr., Usher Join $15 Million Investment in MasterClass

Usher is best known as a singer-songwriter, dancer and actor, but is also an investor in tech startups. New Enterprise Associates, Robert Downey Jr. and Usher are among new the investors in MasterClass, a site that offers interactive and video courses taught by big names including athletes, actors and singers. The San Francisco company, […]

The One Video Every Silicon Valley Investor Should Watch

There was so much great content at the Upfront Summit but I think one that held a special place in minds of most people I talked to was our panel on diversity led by my partner Hamet Watt (<– what? you’re not following him?). The message of the panel was very clear – “We don’t need your help. […]

Embracing Your Community as a Strategy

5 years ago I sat at our annual meeting bored beyond belief. It wasn’t just that I have ADD making boring meetings excruciatingly painful – it was that the format was tired, unimaginative, uninspiring and not very useful. We did what many VC funds did – we presented our annual results, we stood up and […]

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