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Friday "Wow" Break

The first time I heard the Rhapsody D'Auvergne Opus 73 for Piano and Orchestra by Camille Saint-Saens I was driving to a business appointment on the west side of Phoenix. I later searched for its title. It is performed here by the Chinese Arts Society of Toronto Youth Orchestra. Wow.

Boston: Rhinofy-Hitch A Ride

Talk about forgotten men. Brad Delp offs himself and years later he’s just a footnote in the history of rock and roll, his crime being a member of the most successful new band of 1976/7, which burst on the scene with an album so perfect, so pristine, so hook-laden, that the cognoscenti could only lambaste...Read More

Video Interlude: Watch Drone Footage of Santiago Calatrava's New Dallas Bridges

A rendering of the finished Margaret McDermott Bridge. Image provided by Office of Santiago Calatrava. Infrastructure issues may plague many municipalities, but some are still finding ways to fund sprawling new construction projects. In late August, the Margaret Hunt...

Bad To The Bone: Employment Growth Less Than Expected, Not In Labor Force Breaks 94 Million

Today’s jobs report is bad to the bone. How can it be bad to the bone if the U3 unemployment rate fell to 5.1%? That number is music to The Fed’s ears in their quest to raise their target interest rate! The post Bad To The Bone: Employment Growth Less Than Expected, Not In Labor Force Breaks 94 Million appeared first on The Wall Street Examiner. Show More Summary

This Nicki Minaj-Confronting-Miley Cyrus Throw Pillow Will Really Tie Your Living Room Together

When buying furniture, it's important to consider how it's going to age. Can this go with everything? you would do well to ask yourself. Or, Is this going to go out of style in a couple years? Or, Is...

Are Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Distant Cousins?

While conspiracy theories of Trump's run as a disruptive influence in the Republican ranks to 'help' Hillary seems to be floundering following his pledge and jibes yesterday, it appears the two have more in common than anyone could have believed. Show More Summary

Piggies, Composting, and a Benjamin Franklin Update!

First, let’s get to the important part…. Look what I came across on my morning walk yesterday!!! A PIG! On a  leash! As in someone’s PET! Hahahahha… The best find yet on my walks, even beating out that $20 bill from three weeks ago (woop!). And apparently this guy here knows how to open the refrigerator and pee in a litter box as well. In […]

What the Hell is Automated Spend Analysis?

While reading a “must-read” post on “next generation spend analysis” (which shall not be named or linked to because it was not must read and contained no useful information on spend analysis, and definitely did not contain anything that would make it next generation), the doctor encountered the claim that automated spend analytics yields spend […]

Meet "Buzz" Draghi: To Infinity and Beyond

Mario Draghi, Monetarist MuleThe never-ending push for 2% price inflation is absurd to the point of being counterproductive.However, stubborn central bank mules don't care about history or common sense. They just keep doing what their...Show More Summary

How Much Economic Power Do Dads Have?

False claims and inaccurate statistics about modern families abound. Many of these focus on dads, the most misunderstood part of the modern family. Mainstream media is filled with headlines and references to surveys that get fathers completely wrong. You can't understand the modern family without understanding the modern dad. Show More Summary

A working mom on her employer’s unpaid family leave policy

Claire Prestwood, an employee of the federal government and new mom, spoke of the difficulties of a mere 12-week unpaid maternity leave. Photo by Tetra Images/Getty Images Editor’s Note: Netflix made headlines last month when it announced that it would offer a full year of paid parental leave to most of its employees. Show More Summary

Video Interlude: Watch 638 Trucks Pour the Concrete For Downtown LA Megaproject Metropolis

Early last year, the Wilshire Grand—which will one day be the tallest tower in the West—set records with a massive concrete pour for its foundation. Not quite a record-setter, the concrete pour over at Metropolis, the Greenland USA megaproject...

Welcome To Liberland: The Tiny Strip Of Land In Europe Where 360,000 People Have Applied For Citizenship

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, If we accepted everyone, we would be larger than Iceland. – Liberland founder, Vit Jedlicka If there was ever a sign that people are hungry, starving actually, for freedom and an escape from the corrupt and overbearing global status quo, this is it. Show More Summary

Mobile beats consoles for August TV ad spend

GUEST: GamesBeat has partnered with, which measures TV advertising in real time, to bring you a monthly report on how gaming brands are spending and which are generating the most digital chatter. This is the first, which shows the results for August. Top spenders In August, video game companies spent almost $30 million in TV […]

Ren & Stimpy Co-Creator Is Now Making Talking-Meat Cartoons for a Midwestern Grocer

If you can't find an immediate connection between St. Louis-based cured-meat maker Volpi Foods and Emmy-winning cartoonist Bob Camp, you're not alone. But if a century-old food company wants to make a splash with digital content starring...Show More Summary

“No Safe Assets Anymore” So “Focus On Precious Metals” – Faber

DAILY PRICES Today’s Gold Prices: USD1130.05, EUR 1005.88 and GBP 739.63 per ounce. Yesterday’s Gold Prices: USD 1140.00, EUR 1010.73 and GBP 746.46 per ounce. (LBMA AM) “No Safe Assets Anymore” So “Focus On Precious Metals” – FaberShow More Summary

An Extraordinary Life

Back by popular demand. If you watch anything today, this should be a contender: John Huston receiving the AFI Life Achievement Award.

Interest Rates and Bond Yields: Where are They Headed? September Hike Ideal? Is the Bond Bull Market Over?

With all the chatter about whether the Fed will hike on September 17 or not, let's do an interest rate and bond yield recap of where various rates are, where they have been, and where they are likely headed.Effective Federal Funds RateAs of yesterday, the effective federal funds rate was a mere 8 basis points. Show More Summary

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