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Dutch Central Bank Refuses To Publish Gold Bar List For Dubious Reasons

My hunt for the gold bar list of the Dutch official gold reserves started in 2015. On September 26 of that year I visited a conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, called Reinvent Money. One of the speakers was Jacob De Haan from the...Show More Summary

JIM ROGERS: 'If we all bought North Korean currency, we'd all be rich someday'

Jim Rogers is nothing if not a contrarian, and one of his boldest moves is trying to bet on North Korea. The famous investor, who cofounded legendary hedge fund Quantum with George Soros, spoke to Real Vision TV, and said North Korea...Show More Summary

Dolly Parton: "Always Keep Something Just For Yourself"

The country music legend talks about her new album, Pure & Simple, and why you should stick to your crazy ideas. The country music legend talks about her new album, Pure & Simple, and why you should stick to your crazy ideas. Dolly Parton...Show More Summary

UNLOCKING GOLD'S TRUE VALUE: The Economic Code - Finally Revealed

By the SRSrocco Report, The true value of gold is much higher than the spot price quoted in the market. This is due to several factors, but the most important reason is misunderstood by just about every economist and monetary scientist in the world today. Show More Summary

The War On Whistleblowers & Why America's Next President Will Kill Julian Assange

Submitted by Jake Anderson via, I’m worried about Julian Assange. This is not a maternal instinct, but rather, a pragmatic one. The increasingly hostile statements made by top state officials and their surrogates show a widespread condemnation of whistleblowers in the halls of government. Show More Summary

A Kingdom In Turmoil: Saudi Societal Discontent Grows

Submitted by Erico Matias Tavares via Sinclair & Co., Dr. Alyami is a native of Saudi Arabia and a citizen of the US for the past four decades. From an early age he has been advocating for political, economic and social reform in his native homeland. Show More Summary

For the Weekend...

_[Guinness: noitulovE (2005)][]_: [Guinness: noitulovE (2005)]:

Caught On A Hot Mic In 1992, Larry King Assures Bill Clinton: "Ted Turner Would Serve You"

The feud between Donald Trump and CNN hit a new high yesterday when, as previously reported, CNN-owned HLN canceled the show of Dr. Drew Pinsky one week after he said that Hillary’s medical condition was “dangerous” and “concerning."...Show More Summary

NSA Whistleblowers: Hack of NSA Hacks Was Likely An Inside Job

The mainstream press is accusing Russia of being behind the release of information on the NSA's dirty hacking tools. Washington’s Blog asked the highest-level NSA whistleblower in history, William Binney – the NSA executive who created...Show More Summary

The Real Threat... Violence From The Left

Submitted by David Galland via, The impetus for today’s musings is my growing annoyance with the factoid (something touted as fact, but false) that “conservatives” are violent nuts. According to new and old media alike...Show More Summary

Music Break

From Topsy-Turvy: The Mikado explains his enlightened theory of punishment. Great film.

Interviews in Adelaide, Sydney, and Minneapolis

I done a number of video interviews lately. This seems to be the norm for a live event today. I start with a short one from when I was in Adelaide, then a longer one from Sydney, and wrap it up with what is one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever done – this time in... Read more The post Interviews in Adelaide, Sydney, and Minneapolis appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

SoMa to receive city’s first ‘protected intersection’

Constriction begins this week and should be completed by year’s end With the advent of unfettered ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, as well as an influx of residents who can afford car payments, the city has seen more vehicles take over city streets. Show More Summary

Whoops! Q2 GDP Revised Downwards To 1.1%, Core PCE Rises To 1.8%

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has released their revision of Q2 GDP.  It was revised downwards to an anemic 1.1%. The post Whoops! Q2 GDP Revised Downwards To 1.1%, Core PCE Rises To 1.8% was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

Podcast links: activist letters

Fridays are all about podcast links here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at jump...

The Hype—and Hope—of Artificial Intelligence

Earlier this month, on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver skewered media companies’ desperate search for clicks. Like many of his bits, it became a viral phenomenon, clocking in at nearly six million views on YouTube. At around...Show More Summary

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