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Metro considering rapid bus line in northern San Fernando Valley

It would serve the CSUN campus, which generates 200,000 car trips weekly Los Angeles’s network of train and rapid bus lines has expanded immensely since the Blue Line opened in 1990. But there’s still one area the growing transit network has scarcely touched: the northern part of the San Fernando Valley. Show More Summary

NOW Can We Admit the War On Terror Has Failed?

In the wake of the terror attacks in England, France, Germany and elsewhere, can we finally admit that the war on terror is an utter and complete failure? 10 Ways to Reduce Terrorism So if the war on terror has failed, what should we do to stop terrorists? I. Show More Summary

Wellesley College Says Controversial Speakers "Impose On The Liberty Of Students" By Making Them Think Too Much

Authored by Alex Morey and Samantha Harris via, In anti-intellectual email, Wellesley profs call engaging with controversial arguments an imposition on students In an email to fellow faculty yesterday afternoon, a committee...Show More Summary

UBS: There's a flurry of M&A in retail brokers and E-Trade could be next (ETFC)

Competition in the retail broker space has been heating up lately and along with it, consolidation among the major players. Last April, Ally Financial announced the purchase of TradeKing for $275 million. Then, in October, TD Ameritrade...Show More Summary

Do Wars Help or HURT the Economy?

Does Defense Spending Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs … Or Is It BAD for the Economy? Preface: Trump wants to drastically increase military spending. At the same time, France, China, Japan and other countries are ramping up their military spending. Show More Summary

HomeLight TV Ads: The Smarter Way to find a Real Estate Agent

At the bar prior to the Seattle Sounders home opener Sunday night, I was shocked when I looked over and saw the tail end of a Homelight television spot. Most recent: Older iteration: The smarter way to find a real estate agent. I get why they use that as the core tag line, though not sure it captures the imagination enough. Show More Summary

Bill Murray: How Art Can Change Your Life.

Bill Murray is a wonderful storyteller. A couple of years ago, I linked to this wonderful interview with Bill Murray by Howard Stern. In this radio interview, Murray said the key to being funny was being able to tell stories....

GE Healthcare is planning to add 5,000 software engineers (GE)

GE Healthcare is going all-in on software. The division employs about 5,000 software engineers right now, which make up 10% of GE Healthcare's total employment. GE Healthcare CEO John Flannery told Business Insider he expects that number to double over the next several years. Show More Summary

Tax Return Preparation as a Side Job

Though from time to time I find material for this blog when I watch television court shows, there are far more shows and episodes than I’ve had an opportunity to view. A reader sent me a link to an episode of Judge Faith, a show that I have not seen, which involved a dispute between two former friends. Show More Summary

Journey into the heart of Ikea

How 12 hours in the biggest Ikea in the U.S. destroyed my soul The country’s largest Ikea opened in Burbank, California, last month. At 456,600 square feet, twice the size of, and one mile away from, the old Burbank Ikea, this new store...Show More Summary

Which Actor Was the Best Doc Holliday?

Mary Doria Russell, author of a novel on Doc Holliday, gives her choice in True West magazine. The winner is here.

I am fascinated by hands

Hands fascinate me. I can remember TV commercials when I was 40 talking about hands. About dish washing soap that kept your hands looking young, even if you were 35 or older. The concept of 35 being old astonished me. But, we're a youth...Show More Summary

Happy Birthday to Dame Vera Lynn

Okay, this is a day late. Her birthday was on Monday. The Telegraph noted that her picture was projected on the white cliffs of Dover. The bluebirds went wild. She is 100 years old and one of Britain's national treasures. Rightfully so. You may recall that her song "We'll Meet Again" was played at the end of "Dr. Strangelove." [HT: Suzanne Stork]

One brewery's latest beer took the trip from the toilet to the tap

If you can get past the idea of "toilet beer" — think of it like bathtub gin! — then you may be able to experience a taste of the future and a damn good beer to boot. SEE ALSO: Starbucks Challenges Paper Cup Waste via SustainabilityShow More Summary

Emirates Airlines Responded to Trump’s Laptop Ban by Updating an Ad Featuring Jennifer Aniston

On Tuesday the Trump administration announced a ban on laptops, tablets, Kindles, and other electronic devices larger than cell phones on flights from 10 Middle Eastern and North African airports on eight non-U.S. airlines. Misguided...Show More Summary

7 Things Kids Can Teach Us About Marketing

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time with kids, you’ve probably had a moment where you noticed they have more to offer than just their shirt stains and uncovered sneezes: they have wisdom. We recently came to realize that they also can remind us of valuable marketing lessons. Here are some of our favorites:…more

Experiment suggests high-rises depress people

But smart design could mitigate the effects San Franciscans who stubbornly oppose upzoning height limits on new buildings may now have some neuroscience on their side, although the results of experiments that suggest human beings find...Show More Summary

The US head at one of the top trading firms in the world says he's cracked a Wall Street riddle

How do you do more with less? It's a question just about every business head on Wall Street has had to ask themselves over the last five years. A tough trading environment for fixed income, currencies and commodities, coupled with increased...Show More Summary

Incentivizing politicians

There’s a link between two of the biggest political stories of the last few days: David Davis’ admission that he hasn’t yet done a calculation of the costs of the UK leaving the EU without a trade deal; and George...

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