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Lionel Messi is going on trial for allegedly not paying his taxes

Lionel Messi, the highest paid footballer in the world, is going on trial in Barcelona today on charges of defrauding Spain of €4.1 million (£3 million; $4.6 million) in unpaid taxes, according to the Guardian. The FC Barcelona striker...Show More Summary

The Endless Dodge - Why Washington Doesn't Come Clean On The Downing Of MH-17

Submitted by Roberty Parry via (h/t Contra Corner blog), A newly posted video showing a glimpse of a Buk missile battery rolling down a highway in eastern Ukraine has sparked a flurry of renewed accusations blaming Russia for the July 17, 2014 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 killing 298 people. Show More Summary

I don't think this is what Beyoncé had in mind ...

I recently went to a Beyoncé concert. Not as good as a Cowboys game, but impressive talent nonetheless. Meanwhile, this guy has some talent and is covering her material... just not enough of his body. All The Single Ladies,...

The Abnormal Returns 10:10 Campaign

With Memorial Day in the rear view mirror Summer is officially here. For many Summer is associated with all manner of water-related...

This is the Priciest Handbag Ever Sold

You're sitting down? Great: There's a person on Earth who owns a $300,168 handbag, CNN Style reports. Christie's auctioned off the Diamond Himalaya Niloticus by Hermes on Monday, breaking a world record with the crocodile bag that features white gold and diamonds. The sale by a private Asian collector...

Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Obama Speaks At Arlington National Cemetery - Live Feed

Having pledged to end the wars of his predecessor, President Obama came into office almost eight years ago as an anti-war candidate but instead has now been at war longer than any other American president. Mr. Obama, who won the Nobel...Show More Summary

Teaching World War II in Schools

A fascinating talk by historian Rick Atkinson. [One of the finest uses of statistics I've ever seen in a presentation.]

Stars in Their Courses

Civil War historian Shelby Foote is interviewed about his book on the Gettysburg campaign. [I could listen to Shelby Foote read the telephone book.]

The Global Bear Market In Freedom

Submitted by Erico Matias Tavares via Sinclair & Co., Americans will be celebrating Memorial Day this weekend, to honor those who fought and died for the values they have traditionally cherished the most as a nation: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The world has changed dramatically in recent decades. Show More Summary

Modern Life: Hiking the Grand Canyon

Some tips on hiking The Grand Canyon. [The part about "You might not be rescued" is candid.] Hiking The Bright Angel Trail. Rim to rim in a mere four minutes. [A highly condensed version.] Hiking down to the Havasupai Falls. This area is far from the usual scenic parts of the Canyon. Permits are required. More info here.

One chart that shows why Apple’s next iPhone needs to be a hit (AAPL)

Apple might have a little dilemma on its hands. According to Google Trends, people are more interested in the older iPhone 6 from 2014 than the iPhone 6s that was released in 2015. Sure, the margin of interest between the iPhone 6 and 6s is pretty narrow. Show More Summary

11 Years of the USV Investment Team

As part of the hiring process for our two year analyst position, we asked everyone who has worked at USV in an investment team role to make a two minute video (the same thing we ask applicants to do). We asked them to answer these two questions – when did you join USV and how […]

How Russia Is Preparing For WWIII

Authored by The Saker, I have recently posted a piece in which I tried to debunk a few popular myths about modern warfare. Judging by many comments which I received in response to this post, I have to say that the myths in question are still alive and well and that I clearly failed to convince many readers. Show More Summary

Sweden: Is Islam Compatible With Democracy?

Submitted by Ingrid Carlqvist via The Gatestone Institute, It is not a secret that democracy can be used to abolish democracy. It may have finally begun to dawn on the people that Swedish Sweden will soon be lost forever, and in many...Show More Summary

European Multiculturalism and Islam

Here is the first part of a speech by journalist and author Bruce Bawer on Islam, multiculturalism, and Europe. You can find links to the subsequent portions near the YouTube video.

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