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See the High Line Designer's Elegant Proposal for Pershing Square

Video presentation details a redesign focused on the park's long history On Thursday, the four finalists in a challenge to redesign Pershing Square revealed final presentations on how they'd makeover LA's most unsatisfying park space. Show More Summary

Gold And Negative Interest Rates

Submitted by Dan Popescu via, The Inflation Illusion We hear more and more talk about the possibility of imposing negative interest rates in the US. In a recent article former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke asks what toolsShow More Summary

See the Pershing Square Redesign That Would Bring Farming to Downtown LA

A video presentation from SWA and Morphosis details plans for a "net-positive ecotopia" On Thursday, the four finalists in a challenge to redesign Pershing Square revealed final presentations on how they'd makeover LA's most unsatisfying park space. Show More Summary

The hilarious 'Damn Daniel' meme blew up sales for the company that makes white Vans (VFC)

Daniel definitely helped the company that makes Vans sell a ton of white Vans.  In case you missed it, the "damn, Daniel" meme blew up in February. It's a video of one friend named Josh Holz calling out his teen friend Daniel Lara over and over for wearing Vans. Show More Summary

Black Coffee: Not Tonight, Honey … I’ve Got a Headache

It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little joe … Welcome to another rousing edition of Black Coffee, your off-beat weekly round-up of what’s been going on in the world of money and personal finance. Let’s get right to it this week … Credits and Debits Credit: Let’s get this week’s news from […]

Societal Sustentation 45: (A Lack of) Math Competency

While Procurement needs to be able to deal from a full deck of skills (and SI has compiled a list of 52 unique IQ, EQ, and TQ skills a CPO will need to succeed, which will eventually be explored in future posts over on the Spend Matters CPO site once the outside-in issues, agenda items, […]

DDB Turned Lonely Island's 'I Just Had Sex' Into a Song About Endangered Species

Yeah, they hit that. Want to hear the deets? Some swaggering cartoon pandas sing a slightly more animalistic version of Lonely Island's viral blockbuster "I Just Had Sex" in a new campaign about endangered wildlife. Those bears aren't looking for back slaps just because they got lucky, though. Show More Summary

For the Weekend

Taryn Miller: [Your Friend: Gumption: Come Back From It](

6 Storytelling Ideas For Video Marketing

Wanna use videos on your social media to attract more customers? Keep reading. Telling an awesome story to convert leads into clients has become the norm. No one wants to just see the promo "buy buy buy!" anymore. It's all about the currency of emotional connection. Show More Summary

Your money and your future

Your money: Almost no one knows how to think about money and investing. Squadrons of people will try to confuse you and rip you off. Many will bore you. But Andrew Tobias has written a book that might just change...        

Stop Making Sense

Narayana Kocherlakota has a new post entitled, “Trump Starts Making Economic Sense”: About a month ago, I urged the presidential candidates to explain what policies and leadership they would like to see at the Federal Reserve. So I was glad to see Trump address Fed-related issues in an interview with Fortune magazine last week. His key […]

The real identities of 'Tyler Durden' and Zero Hedge have been revealed

The men behind the legendary finance blog Zero Hedge have been unmasked after one former blogger with the site revealed the identity of his employers. Speaking with Bloomberg, Colin Lokey — described as a "political science graduateShow More Summary

U.S. Jobless Claims Hover Near Lowest Level in Four Decades (But Wage Growth Stinks)

Today’s miserable GDP report (only 0.5% GDP growth in Q1) doesn’t seem consistent with the banner headline “U.S. Jobless Claims Hover Near Lowest Level in Four Decades.” (Bloomberg) — Jobless claims last week hovered around four-decade lows, showing the labor market remains the strongest part of the U.S. Show More Summary

Way Out West! The Federal Reserve’s Failure At Spurring Affordable Housing Growth (While Blowing Asset Bubbles)

What happened to the supply of affordable housing in the US (particularly in The West)? New home sales for under $200,000 has trickled to a drip rather than a flow. But remember The Fed’s enactment of the zero interest rate policy and...Show More Summary

Are Your Eyes Playing Twix on You? Twins Freak People Out in Candy's Fun New Ad

Playing on the double-sticked nature of the product, Twix in the Nordics pulled a modern—and more discomfiting—version of Doublemint's "Double Your Pleasure." Patchwork Group in Denmark helped prep the campaign, which will run in all Nordic nations. Show More Summary

The new Valeant CEO's pay package is putting the company in serious danger

If you blinked, you may have missed it — a lot of politicians did. It's the part of incoming Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO Joe Papa's pay package that makes it a dangerous deal. Bloomberg reported Wednesday that Papa agreed to a $67 million...Show More Summary

The "Truth" About Modern Cause Marketing

By Stephanie Hill, EVP Strategy and Client Relations, Assembly Just like promoting any consumer brand, starting a lasting conversation about a particular non-profit, cause or charity requires collaboration across all lines of marketing communications. Show More Summary

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