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Anime Expo 2014 Recap

Vice Pit Sentai Squad! Of course, throwing Anime Expo on July 4 makes plenty of sense. It’s a long holiday weekend. It’s probably easier o book the convention space. Also, call me crazy, but I’ll bet there are more than few hardcore otaku who’d rather check out the new Watanabe project han coo over some fireworks. Show More Summary

NARUTO Ch. 683 Review

I actually agree more with Tobirama. Hashirama is naive. Victory seems out of reach as Naruto and Sasuke are now worlds away from each other. In the real world, the Hokage try to piece together what's going on, and Obito may finally be able to right some of his life's sins with the time he's been given. Show More Summary


Since this is a two-parter, it made sense to cover both episodes. And what an emotional one-two punch, huh? Alas, poor Avdol -- we hardly knew thee! If nothing else, Araki’s truly demonstrated himself to be a storyteller who’s neverShow More Summary

Ao Haru Ride 01 – Unattractive Bread

Summary: Meet Yoshioka Futaba. During her middle school days she was a shy, cute girl that can only be described as “girly”. Her cuteness kept girls away and her shyness made her uncomfortable around...

ALDNOAH ZERO #1 -- Special Review

Well, that was ballsy way to tie this pilot off with a cliffhanger. The title character’s gets assassinated! A whole city gets nuked! Holy shit -- what could happen next?! I was about to dismiss this episode as another textbook example of why frontloading is one of the deadliest - - and sadly, most common -- pitfalls for a series opener. Show More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 752 Review

What was once a trap becomes a shortcut. Doflamingo has Luffy cornered in what he hopes is a watery grave for the Straw Hat captain, but no one can hope to contain this wild pirate king for long. Across the city, Leo has a plan that's really thinking outside the box. Show More Summary

DRAGON BALL :: Should You Watch Dub or Sub?

Y’know, it gives me such a belly laugh, hearing Goku’s squeaking war cries when he’s smashing all the parts of Pilaf’s death trap apart with his staff, but… I can’t help but think I’d be laughing harder if this were dub. Yep. I’m going...Show More Summary

SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL #1 -- Special Review

Sam and I actually caught this during the SAILOR MOON panel at AX: watching it up on the big screen beside hundreds of diehard fans. Since 99% of my anime experience happens while I’m alone at home, it’s always a sharp contrast, seeing how that same material plays in front of a live audience. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 587 Review

Thanks for at least trying to knock some sense into him, Chad. Yhwach and Uryu have broken into the Reiokyu, leaving Ichigo, Chad, and Orihime reeling from their friend's betrayal. The Good Highlight of the chapter here. If it wasn't for Renji and Bazz-B, this chapter might have been a complete wash for me. Show More Summary

Anime Vice Battle User of July 2014: Low

Congratulations to Low! Here is his introduction written by Low whom I had the pleasure of interviewing. Low got into anime many years ago as a kid. He forgot the name of the first anime he watched, something with a girl island princess, and a granny who is reborn as this girl's little sister. Show More Summary

Sword Art Online II – 01

  Summary: It’s this week’s edition of MMO Stream, the premier netshow dedicated to online gaming as player Zexceed, the winner of the most recent Gun Gale Online (GGO) tournament proclaims his superiority to...

NARUTO Ch. 682 Review

Go home, Kishimoto. You're drunk. With the fate of the world in the balance, Naruto decides to bet everything on THAT justu to win. It doesn't go well -- in every sense of the word. The Good Once we get past an astoundingly idiotic opening...Show More Summary

KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA -- The Future of Anime in America?

Tomorrow, KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA will be available on Netflix, in its entirety. While plenty of anime series come up and down from that selection slate without needing much comment, what’s noteworthy about his is that the show’s being presented as a ‘Netflix Original.’ And that’s a matter of semantics, obviously. Show More Summary

JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Wastes Some Opportunities

All right, I’m actually confused, now… Didn’t Rubber Soul say that he ate Kakyoin? That’s how he’s able to assume others' forms, right? And wasn’t that his answer to Jojo #3, clarifying that he wasn’t actually possessing Kakyoin? So…...Show More Summary

Summer 2014 Anime Guide

Welcome to the Summer 2014 Anime Seasonal Guide! My teammates and I prepare lots of discussion threads for you guys and gals packed with awesome trailers. Check the synopsis and click on the links to view them and hit those discussion threads. Show More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 751 Review

As Sabo tests out his new powers while holding off the Navy, Luffy and Law are being led to a shortcut that may be too good to be true. This could be a literal dead end for our hero. The Good Someone give the translation team a raise. Show More Summary

So is DRAGON BALL Better than DBZ?

This whole time, I’ve been watching DRAGON BALL from a bit of a clinical distance. It’s all been about cooly assessing the show, and academically analyzing how it relates to the later series (and to the shonen tradition, in general)....Show More Summary

July 2014 RPG Highlights: Night at the Castle

Hello and welcome to the RPG section of the monthly highlight thread. This month, we'd like to highlight one of the more popular RP's currently ongoing, Night at the Castle. An interesting vampire-themed RPG involving cowboys, succubi, beast warriors, samurai, priests, seamstresses and boxers- and that's only the player characters. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 586 Review

The 13 Court Guard hold off the Stern Ritter from following Ichigo, but a more surprising enemy stands between him andYhwach. The Good This needs to be made into a poster. It's pretty rare for BLEACH to start off SHONEN JUMP over the other titles in the Shonen Trilogy. Show More Summary

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