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DRAGON BALL Z -- The Live Action Web Series?

It's just the week for J-pop culture fan films, apparently... Only a day or two after Joseph Kahn offered an R-rated POWER / RANGERS (and courted a swift Cease & Desist notice), Robot Underdog has put LIGHT OF HOPE out through Machinima. Show More Summary

DEATH PARADE #6 -- Watch & Learn

I was about to comment on the show's intro, and how inappropriate it feels. Normally, I skip it during streaming, but I stuck around to watch it for whatever reason this time. And boy, did it feel like the crew did one for the fans, going straight ahead and putting a 4KOMA parody in the show itself. Show More Summary

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #20 -- Watch & Learn

Now, where the hell has this show been? I'm not just a gorehound. That two-parter where Shinichi had an overlong shonen stats exchange with the three-in-one parasite didn't do much for me. What does get me excited, however, is when the show is stepping forward logically. Show More Summary

POWER RANGERS -- The R-Rated Reboot Trailer?

I always chuckle whenever anybody blanches over the prospect of the inevitable POWER RANGERS remake taking a “darker” angle. Music video director Joseph Kahn visualized something just like that, late last night, and it's already gone viral. Show More Summary

DEATH PARADE #5 -- Watch & Learn

“Yo Mama so fat, she plays pool with the planets.” At last. Some anime finally illustrated that joke. I brought up SANDMAN, early on, and it's proving to be just as relevant a comparison point as TWILIGHT ZONE and NIGHT GALERY. The staff...Show More Summary

Aldnoah.Zero S2 07 – Here to There

Heavily foreshadowed in the last episode, Princess Asseylum finally wakes up and sets forth bringing about profound change within the Aldnoah.Zero universe without doing much of anything at all. Having her say Slaine’s name...

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN #400 -- Special Review

Didn't get a chance to watch THE LAST this past weekend, but I felt checking in on ol' Naruto anyway. And it figures he wouldn't appear anywhere in this one random episode I picked... I'm not a regular NARUTO devote, but I have to sympathize with fans of the show. Show More Summary


Well, this show's always been about escalating things, hasn't it? It's ramped up the weirdness, the intensity... hell, even the pranks. And now, the homoeroticism kicks up. I mean, they even went as far as to have Avdol's head wiggle around when the magnetism made it look like he was going down on Jojo #2 in front of that mob of bystanders. Show More Summary

Anime Caption Contest! -- 2/22/15

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary

Kimiuso 18 – The sleeping beauty ballet

Summary: With a small prayer to the gods, Kousei begins a performance meant to wake up the broken violinist. It begins well, but well won’t cut it this time when his emotions need to...

Community Spotlight -- 2/20/2015

Welcome, Anime Vice Community! Tom and Sam keep the ball rolling with even more Vice Pit reviews for the week. This time, the pair discuss the English release of Toriyama's JACO: THE GALACTIC PATROLMAN and MASTER KEATON. The American public at large more often get a lot of things wrong in regard to anime. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 615 Review

What more is there to fight over now that the Reio has fallen? Every corner of the known universe has begun to fall apart at the seams with no apparent hope of salvation. The Good But we hardly knew him. There are times that you really just need to put aside rational or critical thought to enjoy an action-based series. Show More Summary

DEATH PARADE #4 -- Watch & Learn

Perhaps the console gaming generation won't appreciate this as much but, let me tell you, joystick knob falling off in the middle of a match are just the worst. You scramble to pick it up, but it's rolling across the floor. You hope you can get back in time, screw it on and salvage the situation, but it's already too late. Show More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 776 Review

Isn't it amazing how you can get away with cursing in other languages? To finally get revenge for this fallen wife, Kyros cuts down the Don Quixote flag-man to half staff with his sword. The Good He must have a really strong core to fight on one leg. Show More Summary

CASE CLOSED #767 -- Special Review

Was that actually even a mystery...? Last time, I joked about how there were only three suspects at that kite-running sabotage. The deduction and resolution might've felt a little quick, but hey, it had at least 45 minutes of breathing room. Show More Summary

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #19 -- Watch & Learn

I never thought I'd say an episode of PARASYTE was boring, but... eesh. The surprise about the freak in the jumpsuit actually being the serial killer from the vague murder scene in the first episode? It actually puts a point on how the phrase, “Too litte, too little” applies to this show more often, and more pejoratively, than I'd have hoped for. Show More Summary

DRAGON BALL: The General Blue Saga -- Does It Hold Up?

Ah. So this is where the Red Ribbon Army finally lives up to its name. The boon and the bane of watching an endless shonen serial is that you're essentially getting a first draft delivered every week. When it works, you're tapping into pure, unfiltered inspiration. Show More Summary

DEATH PARADE #3 -- Watch & Learn

Wait... so the girl was damned for having plastic surgery done to resemble/impersonate the guy's childhood crush? I suppose that's vanity by a broader definition, but it's still rather harsh. And maybe a little over-complicated? Take...Show More Summary

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