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Sword Art Online II – 08 Crossplay Kirito

Summary: Finally Bullet of Bullets is upon us. As the players gather in the waiting lobby, all the various competitors brag about their skills and have their groupies hanging on. Kirito plays it to...

Anime Inspires Comics :: the THANATOS DIVER Interview

You lunatics might remember Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn. They're creators I know from the American comics scene, and are both heavily influenced by anime and manga. For a while, they were writing OTAKU COMING HOME here, an editorial series detailing their travails as Eastern-inspired fans/artists. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 593 Review

It's not that Captain Hitsugaya can't lose this fight. He can't win it either. He's fallen victim to one of Captain Kurotsuchi'swicked tricks. One that has created a literal no win situation. The Good I don't think the word "consent" is even in his mental dictionary. Show More Summary

Checking Back on SPACE DANDY and... He's Cleaned Up His Act?

I always figured that Watanabe would eventually get around o clarifying his… attitudes here, but nevertheless, SPACE DANDY #1 will always stand out as one of the most unintentionally hilarious moments in anime for me. FUNi and AdultShow More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 757 Review

This would have been so much more heroic if everything leading up to it hadn't been so misogynist.Bartolomeo shows his worth as he pushes his limits to give Luffy and Law a step up, Sabo is in a heated battle with Fujitorathat is sure...Show More Summary

Sword Art Online II – 07

Summary: Sugu decides to confront her onii-chan with his recent switch to GGO, but he keeps assuring her that everything is okay. He has a chat with Asuna who is worried about him, but...

Anime Caption Contest! -- 8/27/14

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary

Aldnoah.Zero 08 – Better Than A Prius

Summary: Hilariously, the ship Deucalion is just a Terran ship with the the core and name plate ripped out from the mecha Deucalion.  Since Darzana needs Asseylum to power the ship, she graciously agrees to...

What's Consistent About HUNTER X HUNTER #143 -- Special Review

I had ambivalent feelings, walking away from the ‘Chimera Ant’ saga. It wasn’t that I disliked HxH; I was just frustrated that these appealing characters weren’t in a plot they deserved. When hat happened, I realized my reluctance was a result of one part of the shonen formula. Show More Summary

NARUTO Ch. 689 Review

Look, Sakura was useful, everyone. With Kakashi has guide, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke combine their power to complete Team 7's final mission to seal Kaguyafor good. The Good Pretty sneaky, fellas. The most enjoyment I got out of this chapter was in the strategy of the combat. Show More Summary

This is Krillin's Origin in DRAGON BALL #14?

Nations may rise and stocks may fall, seasons will change and the stars can fall from the sky… …but we can always go back to DRAGON BALL, can’t we? I’m not going to fall into the fallacy of saying that all anime of the 80’s was better than anime today; but it’s still fun to revisit a series that’s stood the test of time the way this has. Show More Summary

HUNTER X HUNTER -- AV Mods' Roundtable

Hello everyone, I'm Taka with three of our Hunter x Hunter veteran Vicers who will share their opinions on the franchise as a whole and then shed some light on its latest arc, 13th Hunter Chairman. Taichokage (manga and 1999 anime only) and RubberLuffy will be your guides on that. Show More Summary

Parting Ways with AKAME GA KILL!

Oof. I had this same issue with CHAIKA, THE COFFIN PRINCESS… I realize it’s all fantasy at the end of the day, but there’s something about the specific sight of a gal pulling a BFG out (and a sniper a rifle, at that!) in a pseudo-medieval setting. Show More Summary

Ao Haru Ride 07 – Pink shampoo ride

Summary: Futaba and Kou sit by themselves waiting for the next train. While they play with a bottle of water and indirect kisses, another train passes by and the wind throws some of Futaba’s...


To be fair, all stripes of pulp serial are going to find a way to resurrect their heroes eventually. However, while American superhero comics will reach for all sorts of convoluted processes to bring people back (time bullets?), it amuses...Show More Summary

Community Spotlight 8/22/2014

Greetings, Anime Vice Community! So, the front page may have seemed a touch lonely since WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP was off for the week due to the Obon festival in Japan. Tom still gave you plenty of content to absorb. There was an interesting...Show More Summary


Okay, the reveal of the princess’ secret identity was a good wist. No question there, but... it really should’ve happened in the second episode. It’s worth bringing up CODE GEASS as a comparison point here. That show was also a mecha...Show More Summary

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