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HUNTER X HUNTER -- Chairman Election Arc Review

You just don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone… Sure, I stopped watching HxH episode-to-episode (episode X episode?) with the ‘Chimera Ant’ arc, but I still couldn't help but check in periodically to see what Gon and Killua were up to. Show More Summary

Fall 2014 Anime Guide

Welcome everyone! BigHeart711 and I prepare the best Fall 2014 Anime Guide for you guys and gals. Here are our quick impressions of shows that have caught our eyes. Stay tuned for the OVAs & Movies Guide that is going to hit this week as well as the Fall 2014 Simulcast Guide for the next 2 weeks. Show More Summary

The Worst DRAGON BALL Villain?

Eeesh. From my scholastic wrestling experiences, I can assert that B.O. is actually one of the deadliest offenses an opponent can throw at you. I close my eyes, and vividly smell it. That distinct, onion-scented aroma - - and it's nauseating just thinking about it. Show More Summary

NARUTO Ch. 693 Review

The population of the entire world is still caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, but Naruto and Sasuke have something to settle before they can really let this war end. The Good They'll have to rename this place the Valley or Reruns. I'm really getting tired of only finding the will to praise the art of NARUTO, but the story has gone beyond derailed. Show More Summary

ONE PIECE #663 -- Special Review

I’ve often joked about how Luffy would most likely suffer a catastrophic emotional breakdown if he ever actually found the One Piece. You know, what’s this man-child going to do? If he gets what he says he’s searching for, then there’s...Show More Summary

Anime Caption Contest! -- 9/29/14

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary

Ao Haru Ride 12 (Final) – Eyes that look away

Summary: When things cool down between Kou and Futaba the two of them realize they are in a really embarrassing situation. Futaba notices that she is being witness to a face that Kou has...

Sword Art Online II 10 – The power of Shinon’s butt

Summary: As Kirito and Shinon continue to hide in the cave, Kirito tells her everything he knows. He explains about the deaths of Xexeed and Lighted Salted Tarako. Then suddenly… Kirito… has a theory…...

Community Spotlight 9/26/2014

Greetings, Anime Vice Community! Tom and Matt host several Vice Pits this week that cover anime movies, such as HAL and ONE PIECE FILM: Z; and they discuss how SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL compares to other past anime revivals. Also in the News,...Show More Summary


Welcome to the Kuroko's Basketball Roundtable! Since the manga series for Kuroko's Basketball ended September 1, 2014, we wanted to commemorate this event. I'm here with sickVisionz, my partner in crime, who is known for his expertise in the music and anime industry. Show More Summary

Revisiting RANMA 1/2 After Too Long

I re-visited the Episode #1 of this - - back when Neon Alley was first offering the series again - - and it was immediately clear why the show had stood the test of time. Like, well enough for folks to get legitimately stoked about its return. Show More Summary

DRAGON BALL Redeems Krillin for Me

When I was watching YU YU HAKUSHO, you lunatics liked to harp on how influential the “Dark Tournament” was - - how every following shonen basically ripped it off. I remember hinking that was a weird notion. That was seriously the first...Show More Summary

A Long Rant About Why HUNTER X HUNTER Frustrates Me

When Vicers (including Sam) wax rhapsodic about HxH, the praise often seems to center on it simply doing things that other shonen serials generally don’ t do... Would you expect, say, NARUTO to build up the threat of the Chimera AntShow More Summary

Sword Art Online II 10

Summary: As Death Gun raises his gun to kill Shinon, Kirito appears in the nick of time to shoot him, making him retreat and change with his sniper rifle. Running at full speed, Kirito...

Sword Art Online II 09

Summary: With the BoB fully underway, all of Kirito’s harem watches it’s progression within ALO, when they see the emergence of Death Gun. As he’s about to shoot Pale Rider, Shinon puts a well...

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