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Welcome to the Kuroko's Basketball Roundtable! Since the manga series for Kuroko's Basketball ended September 1, 2014, we wanted to commemorate this event. I'm here with sickVisionz, my partner in crime, who is known for his expertise in the music and anime industry. Show More Summary

Revisiting RANMA 1/2 After Too Long

I re-visited the Episode #1 of this - - back when Neon Alley was first offering the series again - - and it was immediately clear why the show had stood the test of time. Like, well enough for folks to get legitimately stoked about its return. Show More Summary

DRAGON BALL Redeems Krillin for Me

When I was watching YU YU HAKUSHO, you lunatics liked to harp on how influential the “Dark Tournament” was - - how every following shonen basically ripped it off. I remember hinking that was a weird notion. That was seriously the first...Show More Summary

A Long Rant About Why HUNTER X HUNTER Frustrates Me

When Vicers (including Sam) wax rhapsodic about HxH, the praise often seems to center on it simply doing things that other shonen serials generally don’ t do... Would you expect, say, NARUTO to build up the threat of the Chimera AntShow More Summary

Sword Art Online II 10

Summary: As Death Gun raises his gun to kill Shinon, Kirito appears in the nick of time to shoot him, making him retreat and change with his sniper rifle. Running at full speed, Kirito...

Sword Art Online II 09

Summary: With the BoB fully underway, all of Kirito’s harem watches it’s progression within ALO, when they see the emergence of Death Gun. As he’s about to shoot Pale Rider, Shinon puts a well...

ONE PIECE Ch. 761 Review

What secret does Doflamingo hold over the heads of the Celestial Dragons, and how did Trafalgar Law survive a terminal illness to gain the powers of the Op-Op Fruit? The answers to these and many other questions began sixteen-years ago in the North Blue. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 597 Review

Liltotto gets some payback for Pepe's betrayal, Yhwach slips past the attacks of the Zero Squad, and Ichigo is finally on his way back from where he only recently left. The Good Wouldn't it be super interesting to finally learn more about her? Well, too bad. Show More Summary

TORIKO is 10X Better in Dub

We gave TORIKO plenty of chances to grab us, and it was never able to shake off the odor of a cartoon-by-committee. The fact that the series ended earlier this year, before it even got to episode #150, more-or-less proved that Toei's golden touch doesn't have a perfect streak. Show More Summary

ONE PIECE #662 -- Special Review

Trust me, I get that Oda doesn’t give two shits about stuffy rules of logic - - and I’m totally on board with that! However, while I can look at flintlock rifles firing like semi-automatics and laugh at the whimsy, I have a harder time seeing past our rubber hero getting stuck behind bars. Show More Summary

Anime Caption Contest! -- 9/22/14

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Also, I want to make a shout out to Dekken for suggesting these cool images especially making that awesome Erza's Victoria's Secret Compartment GIF for this week's theme. Show More Summary

Ao Haru Ride 11 – Stormy Ride

Summary: When Kou’s parents divorced, his mother became his everything and his promise with his brother became his reason for living. He wanted to study hard and get a nice job so that she...

Community Spotlight 9/19/2014

Greetings, Anime Vice Community! Tom dove deeper into NARUTO SHIPPUDEN only to discover Mecha Naruto, and his experience with the latest ONE PIECE episode may be drawing him back into Oda's world. On the other hand, Matt posted a rather interesting look into the movie HAL. Show More Summary

DRAGON BALL #19 + 20 -- Retro Review

It never really hit me until I saw him and Krillin wearing hese ill-fitting gangster suits, but Goku might as well be Eric Cartman at his point. Sure, to get specific, the personalities aren’t too alike, but DRAGON BALL feels a hell out of lot like a SOUTH PARK parody of KARATE FANATIC at this point. Show More Summary

OVERLOOKED ANIME :: HAL Features Robots and Romance in a New Light

At first blush you might be tempted to equate HAL to HER, he recent American film release starring Joaquin Pheonix and the voice of Scarlett Johanssen; both combine speculative science fiction and romance to challenge what we think of as a “relationship,” after all. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 596 Review

Captain Kurotsuchi has come to rescue Byakuya using the undead victims of Giselle as his personal corpse army. The Good Yeah, this turn was unsurprising. I'm enjoying the prospects of how Kubo is melding the Kurotsuchi fight into Byakuya. Show More Summary

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