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Kantai Collection 01 – Setting Sail

Summary Mysterious ships from the deep, the Abyssal Fleet, have taken over the oceans, and the only ones who can fight them are girls with the souls of ancient warships, the shipgirls. Arriving at...

Kimiuso 12 – Ninja Emi

Summary: We continue our trip after a not-unwelcomed break with Kousei and Kaori preparing for their gala concert. Kousei still pretty much sucks and it doesn’t help that he is still reluctant about the...

DRAGON BALL -- The Red Ribbon Saga Didn't End?

You know, I assumed the destruction of the Red Ribbon Army’s headquarters would’ve marked the end of the “Red Ribbon Army Saga” - - but that’ll teach me not to consult the episode guide. Goku’s little four-episode visit to Bulma’s home...Show More Summary

Community Spotlight -- 1/9/2014

Happy New Year, Anime Vice Community! Sure, I'm technically a week late, but this is my first time addressing you all this year. So, it counts. I may have taken a few weeks off, but Tom was delivering a steady stream for you anime junkies. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 611 Review

Just try not to step in the remains, guys. Ichigo and pals arrive late but with enough time to be of some help the the fallen Zero Squad. However, Yhwach may have completed his ultimate task already. The Good The beginning of the true end? Yeah, the heroes have finally arrived. Show More Summary


Well, after the tranquil events of last week’s episode, I predicted that the next installment of Unlimited Bladeworks would be an action-packed extravaganza. And Episode 12 certainly did not disappoint. The story gets off to a rollicking...Show More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 772 Review

What an odd couple. Another heavy hitter for the Don Quixote Family falls to a rather unexpected challenger. The Good Wedding and a funeral. If you sweep aside the whole Rebecca scene at the beginning, you're going to get some laughs out of just about every moment within this chapter. Show More Summary

CASE CLOSED #762 -- Special Review

It goes to show how that there’s just so much anime running at any given time. How often have we talked about the Holy Shonen Trinity and neglected to mention this cute, bespectacled elephant in the room? Think ONE PIECE’s 678 episodes...Show More Summary

GHOST IN THE SHELL Movies Developments

It’d be hilarious if that was all the animation that’d actually been finished by this point. When half of he clip is company logos, can you call it a teaser anymore? Never mind a trailer... So yes, there’s another GHOST IN THE SHELL movie coming out later this year. Show More Summary

BLACK LAGOON #1 -- Retro Review

I never got to watch all of this, and that always bugged me. What sense does it make, letting Sam make our site’s statement on this manliest anime? We’re correcting that, now. When I first checked out BLACK LAGOON, it struck me as what WANTED might’ve looked like if Joel Silver produced it. Show More Summary

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #13 Features Some Real Idiots

If “Hello Sadness” isn’t the angst-iest title for an episode ever… Look, I think the teenage melodrama has actually been handled pretty well. There’s actually a pretty good explanation underpinning he familiar “talk about your feelings”...Show More Summary

Winter 2015 Anime Movies/OVA Guide

Welcome everyone! We have this winter season's OVA and Movie guide for you guys and gals. While the movies and OVAs are still in Japan, please consider this as a preview of what to come if it gets licensed and picked up in your home country. Show More Summary

AH! MY GODDESS! #4 -- Retro Review

“Ah My Goddess” episode 4 brought a smile to my face and made me laugh. But I can’t make up my mind if that makes me an immoral person, because all the scenes in this episode hat made me laugh involved our heroes doing things that, while hilarious, were blatantly illegal and probably should’ve gotten them thrown in jail. Show More Summary

Anime Caption Contest! -- 1/6/15

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary

AH! MY GODDESS! #3 -- Retro Review

As someone who deeply enjoyed the original “Ah My Goddess” 5-episode OVA from the 90s, when I heard that modern day animators were planning to expand the “Ah My Goddess” series into a full-season-long anime, I was curious to see howShow More Summary

Winter 2015 Anime Guide

Welcome everyone! BigHeart711 and I prepare the best Winter 2015 Anime Guide for you guys and gals. Here are our quick impressions of shows that have caught our eyes. Stay tuned for the OVAs & Movies Guide that is going to hit this week as well as the Winter 2015 Simulcast Guide for the next 2 weeks. Show More Summary


As I continue to watch more and more episodes of Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, I think I’ve begun to sense a pattern emerging. Even numbered episodes seem to showcase fun, exciting, incredible action-sequences, while odd numbered episodes...Show More Summary


In keeping with my theory that even-numbered episodes of his show are no-holds-barred action extravaganzas while odd-numbered episodes are breather episodes, Unlimited Blade Works episode 11 certainly spared no expense in portraying epic levels of…calm, restfulness and tranquility. Show More Summary


Considering that, for over a decade, Universal Studios had a 4D attraction based off TERMINATOR 2, it probably shouldn’t be so odd to picture theme park rides based off the likes of ATTACK ON TITAN or RESIDENT EVIL. Still, the gnostic...Show More Summary

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