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Yuru Yuri S2 08 – Just An Ordinary Love Song

Written by: Zyl at Sea Slugs! Anime Blog Summary: It’s all hands on deck for the members of the Amusement Club as they are drafted to help Kyouko meet another imminent doujinshi deadline. All except Chinatsu whom the rest desperately try to keep away from their hard work by requesting her to sing songs, amuse herself like an Egyptian, make tea. Right at [...]

Shounen Sitcoms and Other Anime TV I Want

 Folks, there is a reason why I am a blogger here, and am not developing TV shows for major networks. And the that I have never tried to get any work developing TV shows for major networks, actually, but the reason I've never tried is because I doubt anyone would put me in charge of anything like that. Show More Summary

Right Stuf is Up to Somethin'

So, Right Stuf is up to something, and they've issued a press release on it, but even I don't know the details. Suffice it to say, you can win stuff, and it looks like they'll be announcing a new license to boot-- so we can't go wrong...Show More Summary

Squadcast Episode 37: The Napping Podcast

Oh man, we were so tired today, I'm amazed we managed to wind up with 45 minutes of Squadcast for everyone-- much less that it was more or less coherent (I think)!Join me, John, and AHR and get the early scoop on our adventures withShow More Summary

Squadcast Episode 36: FLCL Is Win

This week's Squadcast was just me and AHR, since John is still off and out of town, and we kept things pretty light, mostly just talking about whatever came to our heads...but we DID talk about a couple of news items, most notably the FLCL license rescue, Chu-Bra!!, and the potential Bakemonogatari prequel/sequel adaptations. Show More Summary

Squadcast Episode 35: We Go Wii-Hunting

 Where oh Where is my Wii? This week John and I reported in from our Texas outpost in Fort Worth, where we currently are, so it was just the two of us, and boy, did we miss AHR (and you will too). Nonetheless, we survived the podcast...Show More Summary

Squadcast Episode 34: Chi's Christmas Vacation

 This cat looks like Hitler. Ahhh, the holidays. I confess, I was tempted to put some holiday music into this one-- but John's suggestion of including the Pokemon Christmas music evaporated that wisp of idea pretty quickly. I think you'll enjoy my alternate choice, a tiny bit of the Chi's New Address opening theme. Show More Summary

Squadcast Episode 33: The Worst Podcast Ever

 I like giving people Geass eyes. Actually, this is far from the worst podcast ever. In fact, it's pretty good. It was just one of those things-- the name stuck in my head. Before we even recorded, really. So, sorry about that.  ButShow More Summary

Squadcast Episode 32: Our Hearts Skip (a) Beat

John and Gia mourn the ending of Skip Beat , Ana discovers The Wallflower , and all three of us chat about filler versus taking breaks versus original endings in anime adaptations. Oh, and all that newsy stuff too. Without further ado!...     Aaaaand...Show More Summary

Squadcast Episode 31: Post-Thanksgiving Stress Disorder

I hope you guys aren't too upset at us taking last week off for our Thanksgiving celebrations-- especially those of you from Canada or other countries that didn't celebrate T-day this Thanksgiving --and hopefully this week's Squadcast will make up for it. Show More Summary

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