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How to Program a BaoFeng Radio

??For people who’re about to enter the world of radio communication, Ham radios are best ones to go for. And as long as ham radios are concerned, Baofeng is one of the leading brands in the market.The radios series from the brand and modules that are from these series are full of highly user-focused features. Show More Summary

Top 10 Best Baofeng Radio Reviews Of 2018 (Updated)

?To amateur radio users like you and me, Baofeng is the current favorite ham radio brand. And it couldn’t be any better if you get one of the best Baofeng radios in outdoor operations, personal communication or professional networking.However,...Show More Summary

Best Plasma Cutter Reviews for The Money 2017

Science has discovered plasma in 1879. But who had known that this will be a tie-breaker between the stiffness of metals and effort of humans?With the help of a plasma cutter, it’s possible to cut any metal like a knife cuts butter.If...Show More Summary

How to Cut Stainless Steel Sheet

Looking for a tool that would be sufficient to cut your stainless steel sheet? Well, then there are several options. Which one to pick, depends on the thickness of your stainless steel plate.You can use simple power tools, circular saw, for example, if the thickness is under a quarter inch. Show More Summary

Plasma Cutter Troubleshooting: That You May Face While Working

Are you new to operating a plasma cutter or used to it? Whether you have years’ experience or you’re up to use one as a novice, you’ll surely face some problems.Plasma cutters are becoming so popular, and the price has also fallen that its use is on the increase. Show More Summary

Plasma Cutter Time and Temperature: Detailed Guide

Going to use a plasma cutter for the first time? Then it’s always helpful to be acquainted with the answers of some basic questions related to it. For example, what is plasma, the mechanism behind the high-temperature of plasma, etc.The definition of plasma can be given in simplest term. Show More Summary

How to Use a Plasma Cutter

Are you looking for a machine to use for cutting or gouging or piercing a metal sheet? Then a plasma cutter is probably the best possible choice! The best thing is that it gives you the freedom of ‘freeform cuttings.' Also, it costs low, is portable and minimizes the HAZ (heat affected zone).But how to […] The post How to Use a Plasma Cutter appeared first on Sea Slug Team.

Plasma Cutting Circle Guide

Need to cut circles on metal plates with a plasma cutter? Then you’ve probably heard of circle cutting guides too. So, what is this circle cutting guide? And how to use it?By using a plasma cutter, you can pierce, gauge or bevel metal plates. Show More Summary

Best Shortwave Radio Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

You along with your gang are up to a backpacking camp in some place where technology is the last thing that’s available nearby. No internet, no electricity and even no mobile network! At any instance, what’s that one gadget you’ll use...Show More Summary

Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital PLL Radio Review

Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital Radio is a 2013 release from the famous manufacturer- Tecsun. Being a radio-lover myself, I was quite excited about what’s new in there and how they’ll improve my music experience. To be frank, I got more...Show More Summary

Tecsun PL-360 Digital PLL Portable AM/FM Shortwave Radio Review

While you think of a list of features that a modern shortwave radio can offer? Well, whatever answer comes in your mind, I think you will definitely keep ‘Good Sensitivity’ at somewhere top of the list.Tecsun PL-360 is one such model that promises to provide great sensitivity. Show More Summary

How To Make Shortwave Radio Antennas

What do you think, how do you contribute most of an ‘interruption free’ program in the air? Whether it’s your shortwave radio or old fashioned TV set, the antenna is the answer.It’s the radio antenna that receives signals from the air. Show More Summary

How to Communicate Through Shortwave Radio

Tuning on an SW radio, you can not only listen to the local broadcasts but also the international ones. Now the question is, How to tune it on? How to switch to ones’ favorite station in a shortwave radio? How to adjust signals and change...Show More Summary

Difference Between Shortwave Vs. Longwave Radio

Do you think all the radio stations air their programs in the same way? There’re shortwave radio, long wave radio, and the recent additions- FM, and internet radios. All of them are used in different contexts, locations, audiences and different needs. Show More Summary

Closing Up Shop

Just wanted to put up a post that I won’t be renewing the hosting for Sea Slugs when it comes up next month.  I want to thank all the readers as well as the...

Macross Delta 10 – Kaname’s song

Summary: Freyja, Makina and Reina are helping the Ragnyannyan draw some customers to their festival stand. Mirage and Hayate are also helping while they question what decisions in their lives lead them to this...

Looking Ahead: Rewrite

If you could, would you change yourself or would you change the world? Rewrite is a story about learning that by changing oneself one should be able to change the world. Also about realising...

Macross Delta 09 – Screaming

Summary: We learn from Kaname that Var is caused by fold bacteria and that people with fold receptors, such as the Walkure, have high resistance to Var. Mirage and Hayate are still the only...

Macross Delta 08 – Resonance

Summary: The Knights have their eyes set on the traitor, Freyja, and there’s little that Hayate is able to do to protect her in this situation. Mirage tries to run a strategy involving a...

Macross Delta 07 – No cat puns allowed

Summary: Yuri hacking! Yuri furries! Yuri infiltration! Yuri escape! See, I can do a summary in less than 10 words if I try. Impressions: Hey, it was that or a summary filled with cat...

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