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NARUTO Ch. 685 Review

One of these things is not like the others. Kaguya faces a storm of Naruto clones as she tries to find the original among the copies, and Sakura provides Obito with the power to rescue Sasuke from his dimensional prison. The Good Seriously,...Show More Summary

Does JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Work as a Horror Story?

I still haven’t figured out what Hol Horse’s name is supposed to be in reference to. My first guest would be some folksy Neil Young album I’m just not familiar with, but that’s probably not it. Do any of you craftier Vicers know the answer to this riddle? Maybe it’s just a consequence of trying to mix horror and action. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 589 Review

You see what we're missing by not having more Yoruichi. Ichigo and the gang prepare to follow after Yhwach and gain a new party member for the journey. Elsewhere in the Soul Society, Ikkaku and Yumichika struggle against Bambietta destructive power as Giselle pulls her undead puppet's strings. Show More Summary


Gosh, I think this episode might’ve strummed on some nostalgic feels for me -- and only because it featured a pinball death trap. As I’ve said, I grew up with DBZ, not DRAGON BALL, so when this show provokes these sorts of sensory memories in me, it’s got more to do with what the show resembles than what the show itself is. Show More Summary


We’re sampling the summer season’s selection! Check out our other pilot write-up’s – ALDNOAH ZERO SWORD ART ONLINE II RAIL WARS YAMISHIBAI + AI-MAI-MI GLASSLIP AKAME GA KILL The timing of this is pretty funny. See, I was walking around Little Tokyo with a friend recently. Show More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 753 Review

I'm actually curious to know what Dagama said to get this result. Luffy may just be able to make it to the Flower Field and past the Doflamingo Family officers now that the infighting among the tournament participants has come to an end, thanks to the strategic mind of Dagama. Show More Summary

SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL #1 & 2 -- Special Review

When SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL was announced a few months back, I must admit I gasped audibly and my eyes glistened, shoujo-style, in anticipation. I vividly remember getting up early for school one day and discovering the original SAILORShow More Summary

Summer 2014 Simulcast Guide

Welcome everyone, this is the final Summer 2014 simulcast guide. We encourage Vicers in the community to view anime legally whenever possible. For this season, I have FUNimation, Crunchyroll, Daisuki, Niconico, Wakanim UK, and HULUsimulcasts...Show More Summary

JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Pays Homage to Stephen King?

Look at that! Anne’s back. And it looks like my hunch about her getting set up to be Jojo #3’s eventual love interest is actually panning out. Though, there’s really no points in guessing on that. Nearly every woman who gets introduced in this show winds up being a Joestar’s girlfriend. Show More Summary

Aldnoah.Zero 03 – How’d Your Nolokeras Fit All Dat… Into Dem Barriers? (Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle)

Summary: Although things look pretty dire, Inaho is super sharp, and immediately spots several weaknesses in Trillram’s Nolokeras.  With that shield that absorbs both kinetic energy, materials, and waves, it is impossible to see from the...

AKAME GA KILL! #1 -- Special Review

We’re sampling the summer season’s selection! Check out our other pilot write-up’s – ALDNOAH ZERO SWORD ART ONLINE II RAIL WARS YAMISHIBAI + AI-MAI-MI GLASSLIP Call it a didactic streak, but I’ll respond pretty favorably o a show if it delivers what I deem to be a relevant and pointed message. Show More Summary

Community Spotlight 7/18/2014

Greetings, Anime Vice Community! Fresh off of Anime Expo, Tom was in high gear with the episode reviews and Vice Pit videos this week. There was also a moderator created round table discussing Spring 2014 season of anime. You certainly didn't lack for some content on the front page. Show More Summary

GLASSLIP #1 -- Special Review

So mysteeeeeerious. A new show by animation studio P.A. Works, you say? The people who brought us the stellar THE ECCENTRIC FAMILY (UCHOTEN KAZOKU) and the heart-warming, tear-jerking NAGI NO ASUKARA (NAGI-ASU)? Why yes, I would like o watch that, please! Thank you for pointing it out! Since this is the third P.A. Show More Summary


We’re sampling the summer season’s selection! Check out our other pilot write-up’s – ALDNOAH ZERO SWORD ART ONLINE II RAIL WARS Most times, I scratch my head over these micro-series. The content’s so short, I can’t really get that invested in any one little snippet. Show More Summary


Netflix dropped an original anime series on us on July 4 – and I guess original means “was broadcast in Japan in April” now – but they’re distributing it worldwide so it’s new to us. Animated with cel-shaded computer graphics and released...Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 588 Review

Yhwach's plan has fallen into place, and he's come to destroy the Reiokyu and all that inhabit it. However, Tenjirou Kirinjiplans to greet these intruders with a nice, lava-hot bath. The Good How the mighty have fallen. I have some issues...Show More Summary

Ao Haru Ride 02 – Playing friendship

Summary: Futaba is asked by her homeroom teacher to pick up some prints. The prints are heavy so when her “friends” refuse to help her Kou’s words about her playing friendship ring in her...

RAIL WARS! #1 -- Special Review

This is Naota. He likes trains and the prospect of a job that can never possibly fire him. On a lark, I was showing a list of this summer’s pilots to a friend of mine who has really only ever seen one show: BAKA AND TEST (don’t ask)....Show More Summary

Spring 2014 Anime Roundtable

Spring was heavy with Loli and Harem Hello everyone and welcome to the Spring 2014 Roundtable! With the end of the spring season, we are here to wrap our thoughts on last season by sharing what was the best, worse, and underrated anime shows. Show More Summary

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