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Anime Caption Contest! -- 3/9/15

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary

The Only American Anime Artist Working in Japan Speaks

Thurlow getting chummy with Naruto at THE LAST wrap party. If you were ever confused when the name “Henry Thurlow” popped up in the credits of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, TOKYO GHOUL or other Studio Pierrot projects, wonder no longer, because the man has finally stepped up and re-introduced himself to the American otaku community. Show More Summary

Aldnoah.Zero S2 09 – The Fortune’s Fool

I really like how Aldnoah.Zero does their battleship logistics where constant resupply runs and retrofits are required to keep the Deucalion afloat after taking damage from each engagement. Unlike other mecha shows where their...

Kimiuso 19-20: There are too many cats in this show

After Kousei lost his ability to hear and his will to continue playing the piano his world lost all of its color. He met Kaori and her single-mindedness and straightforwardness where a great motivation...


Just when you thought the show couldn't get any more... bizarre. And look... I swear, I swear, I sweat that's not an idle comment. When you add all the seasons up together, we're already past episode #60, and you'd think the weirdness would've plateaued a while back - - somewhere around episode #35, maybe. Show More Summary

Community Spotlight -- 3/6/2015

Welcome, Anime Vice Community! It's been a DRAGON BALL sort of week. First, Tom shared with us the trailer for the new film,DRAGON BALL Z: REVIVAL OF F; then a review for the game DRAGON BALL Z: XENOVERSE. In a little bit of news that hasn't caught much attention recently. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 617 Review

I doubt they make corrective lenses for future near sightedness. With the appearance of the Reio's right arm to hold the worlds together, the first cracks in Yhwach's armor have finally developed. Back on the Soul Society, the Captains are ready to move on to the Reiokyu, and Captain Shunsui's plan to use Aizen may have been too large of a gamble. Show More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 778 Review

A literal process of elimination. Tired of Pica targeting the weak and injured, Roronoa Zoro cuts the mountain man down to a mole hill before finally silencing his squeaking voice for good. The Good Don't bet the farm on that one, Pica. Show More Summary

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #21 -- Watch & Learn

Wait - - did Shinichi actually sleep with Murano? Or was that just a fantasy flitting through his troubled mind? It's hard to tell when everything is bathed in dreamy, blue lighting, and the scene in question is directly followed by a scene where our deliriously sees his enemy's face on every one's body. Show More Summary

DRAGON BALL Z: XENOVERSE -- Quick Impressions

From MORTAL KOMBAT IX to the EVANGELION Rebuilds, and on to TERMINATOR GENISYS, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and the new STAR TREK movies, there's something in the zeitgeist that's been inspiring all these long-running franchises to start offering in-story time-travel conceits to actually explain their reboots. Show More Summary

Durarara!!x2 Shou: 08 – Email Everyone On the Site

Summary: As Izaya’s gofer, Masaomi is back in town and his first order of business is to try to read chat logs.  Unfortunately, the logs have all been deleted, and the fan is about...

Durarara!!x2 Shou: 07 – Two Kinds of Sea Slugs

Summary: It’s time for some Russian background information, and we learn about the screwy Colonel Lingerin Douglanikov (who used to employ Dennis and Simon) and the machine-like Drakon.  They are big-time weapons dealers, but even Drakon...

DRAGON BALL Z: FUKKATSU NO F -- New Movie Trailer!

No matter how many times I hear Goku's voice actress, she never stops sounding atrociously distracting. Look, she was perfectly appropriate when the character was a scrappy little scamp. That is simply not the case anymore, though. And that is definitely not the voice that should be coming out of a grown ass, muscle-bound man's mouth. Show More Summary

DEATH PARADE #7 -- Watch & Learn

I got my wish and, of course, I'm still not happy. Last time, I said I'd prefer to see more episodes building up the mythology of this bar's staffers (as opposed to more told-in-one morality plays involving the defendants on the week). Show More Summary

Anime Caption Contest! -- 3/2/15

"Caption me!" Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can...Show More Summary


It's been a while since a villain's name has been too deep of a cut for me to guess, but I'll readily admit that I never heard of the Alessi Bros before I had to google them for this episode. If you're as confused as I was, then maybe this music video will jog your memory some... Show More Summary

Anime Vice RPG Spotlight -- 3/2/15

Once again we return to the Anime Vice RPG News Blogs… as I’m currently bloggin’ on my own blog (mostly in Spanish) I might not be able to do it weekly as I used to do this sort of things, but I’ll try my best to make one or two per month. Show More Summary

Aldnoah.Zero S2 08 – The Light of Day

Sandwiched between multiple Martian Kataphrakts and having no time to analyze the weaknesses, it seems fitting that Inaho reacts defensively and doesn’t end up saving the day like every other engagements. Just because he...

Community Spotlight -- 2/27/2015

Welcome, Anime Vice Community! Tom and Sam took a look at how anime fandom has evolved since the 90's in the Vice Pit this week. Tom took yet another shot at NARUTO SHIPPUDEN only once again stumbled upon a filler episode, and to celebrate...Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 616 Review

I believe this qualifies as a deux ex machina. To save the known universe from falling to pieces, Ukitake is willing to sacrifice his life to stand in for the place of the slain Reio by becoming his right hand. The Good The answers are finally being revealed. Show More Summary

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