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Light Reading: Mushi to Medama

Another light novel I read through on a whim: Mushi to Medama (Bug and Eyeball). This is the first volume in a short light novel series by Akira, who uses ??? for his name. I’m going to assume that’s a pen name, but it stuck out enough for me to recognize while perusing the Baka-Tsuki library. […]

The Innocents Finally Start Dying in HUNTER X HUNTER #76-80!

As morbid as it sounds, I’m honestly glad for all the scenes where the bad guys kill innocents and second-string Hunters. Yes, my heart sank for the brother and sister who were devoured by the Chimera soldiers. Yes, I cringed when they tore apart the gal with the beehive hat. Show More Summary

NARUTO Ch. 670 Review -- AV MOD Material

The more things change. The more they stay the same. Naruto awakens in a realm between life and death. Although, he's not alone. Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths, enlightens our hero to the origins of the world and his part in the cycle of destiny. Show More Summary

NARUTO #5 -- Retro Review

Oh, boy… kancho. Back in high school, there were a number of exchange students from Korea who loved to play their country’s version of that prank. The teachers had o pull them aside and quickly explain how running around and forcibly goosing peers simply wasn’t as acceptable in America. Show More Summary

Tom's Strange Saturday... Watching J-Pop Superstars L'ARC -- EN -- CIEL

To be totally forthcoming, I didn’t know what to make of L’Arc – en – Ciel when I was first invited to catch their National Stadium concert… and I’m still not entirely sure what to make of them, a week or so later. J-Pop is a bit outside our usual wheelhouse at Anime Vice, but I’m always game for new (and frequently strange) experiences. Show More Summary

Anime Caption Contest! -- 4/1/13 -- AV MOD MATERIAL

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 742 Review -- AV MOD Material

Kyros was a hero of the people who many adored and just as many reviled. The family he created for himself was destroyed byDoflamingo, and the first true step in the final revolt is in the hands of Usopp. Everything depends on his victory. Show More Summary

BLEACH #2 -- Retro Review

I figure five episodes is an adequate sampling size, yes? Since I’m about to wrap up my taster bite of NARUTO, I might as well take a few more nibbles out of BLEACH to complete my HST experience, no? My first major interaction with this franchise was with the two movies hat CN broadcast a couple years back. Show More Summary

Winter 2014 Roundtable -- AV MOD MATERIAL

What stood out in the winter 2014 guide? BigHeart711: My picks were Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc, Pupa, and Magical Warfare. After checking out the promos for each of them, I thought Magical Warfare and Pupa would make a difference while Wooser would end up being as fun as it's first season. Show More Summary

You Need to Power Through HUNTER X HUNTER #71 + 75

Listen… I’m well aware that a lot of shonen shows weren’t really made for me. Most of the time, I still think the age rating is an accurate “10+” in that, yes, it’s acceptable for ten-year-olds, but anybody over that can still enjoy it (and, more importantly, pick it apart for an episode-by-episode column). Show More Summary

NARUTO #4 -- Retro Review

As far as sitcom set-up’s go, the premise of a drowsy, twenty-something ninja master reluctantly having teach a bunch of over-eager kids is pretty rich. I can immediately see why Kakashi is such a popular cosplay choice. Yeah, his outfit’s...Show More Summary

Light Reading: Iris on Rainy Days

Iris on Rainy Days (Ame no Hi no Iris) is a standalone light novel by Takeshi Matsuyama, released back in 2011. This is another story I read on a whim from Baka-Tsuki, and overall I’d say it was quite an interesting read. I’ve generally liked the sorts of stories about robots that I’ve seen from […]

KILL LA KILL's Ending is Limp, Anemic and... Meaningless?

Wow. The show couldn’t even commit to a meaningful death scene in its last episode. Again, there are a number of small instances in this episode which demonstrate what’s been wrong with the show in broader strokes… INDUCTIVE EXAMPLEShow More Summary

SAMURAI FLAMENCO Gets Naked at the End!

Hah. I guess an unfulfilled marriage proposal was about as much as they were going to get away with on public TV, huh? Who else was surprised when Goto and Masayoshi weren’t holding hands as they walked off into the sunset? Even though...Show More Summary

Community Spotlight 3/28/2014 -- AV MOD Material

Greetings, Anime Vice Community. As many of you are well aware, we didn't exactly have a spotlight last week. This was due to the site being down for the lion's share of the weekend, but it's all up now. That or this is all in my head. Show More Summary

GUILTY CROWN Roundtable Discussion -- AV MOD Material

Welcome to Team Guilty Crown's round table discussion where KuroNekoXIII, Takashichea, and Wraith wraps up the wiki project by reviewing the anime together. Be sure to check KuroNeko and Taka's episode reviews of Guilty Crown, too. 1st...Show More Summary

An Anime Novice Takes On... DRAGON BALL Z

Though I grew up when DRAGON BALL Z was an integral part of early ‘90s kid culture, I’ve never watched a full episode. Sure, I’d seen it on in the background at play dates, and my little brother later consumed episodes at a breakneck speed, but other than knowing its general place in anime history, I haven’t fully explored the universe. Show More Summary

NARUTO Ch. 669 Review -- AV MOD Material

While Might Guy has exploded with power to fend off Madara, his allies aren't willing to let him battle this incredible foe alone. The Good Yeah, because it's not as if you owned five kage at once. It's about time that we finally got some rather intense action in this action-based shonen series. Show More Summary

HUNTER X HUNTER #67-70 Get... Uncomfortable

HUNTER X HUNTER regularly demonstrates the tremendous gulf between how a plot sounds on paper... and how it plays on screen. If told you that that this stretch largely concerned a high stakes dodgeball game then, boy, you’d have a very different mental image of how it actually worked out. Show More Summary


Oh, it’s so great to see you guys again… TIGER & BUNNY has handled the start-and-stop of a serial rather well. The show did end with a plot thread or two left dangling: but it still tied up its major arcs so that you, the viewer, were left in that sweet spot of wanting more without feeling gipped. Show More Summary

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