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PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #23 -- The Dumbest Episode

Oh, kiss my ass. What a bunch of hokum. Give me those wasted 22 minutes back. Please. My suspicion that we were in store for another pointless non-ending was on the money. There's no way the show can right itself, now. It's too late....Show More Summary

HARLOCK -- Most Expensive Anime Ever?

The Captain's finally docking on America shores. Years after our eyeballs exploded over those pretty, pretty international trailers, an English-dubbed edition of HARLOCK: SPACE PIRATE will be screening here for very limited engagements at the end of this month. Show More Summary

Aldnoah.Zero S2 10 – Out of the Past

For its last three episodes, Aldnoah.Zero is looking to have everything and everyone in the very same place where it all began with the discovery of the Hypergate over half a century ago. The...

Anime Caption Contest! -- 3/16/15

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary


If Jojo #2 was going to cheat at the bar game, anyway, shouldn't he have used Hamon? Weren't there several episodes devoted to demonstrating how a Hamon master can control the surface tension of liquid, specifically? I'd figure that'd...Show More Summary

Community Spotlight -- 3/13/2015

Welcome, Anime Vice Community! Tom and Sam asked the question if PARASYTE jumped the shark at some point in a special Vice Pit, and the direction of the series doesn't seem to be going well for our esteemed otaku commander. If you have...Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 618 Review

To confront the devil Yhwach, Captain Shunsui offers a deal with the devil everyone in the Soul Society both knows and fears. The Good Would you like to play a game? Okay, I'm so pleased to see that Shunsui didn't go into this negotiation with Aizen waving all the keys in front of him without any level of precaution. Show More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 779 Review

Bellamy, you poor, deluded fool. Can Luffy throw a punch at a man he calls a friend? He'll have to make a hard choice, if he wants to reach Doflamingo and save the people of Dressrosa. The Good I never imagined this would be so hard to witness. Show More Summary

DEATH PARADE #9 -- Watch & Learn

So is this is going to be a three-parter, now...? The slow pacing I griped about last time has been justified somewhat by the payoffs here. Somewhat. I called the surprise of the two defendants trading victims, but I wasn't expecting the show to tilt that surprise into another thematic, deconstructionist riff on the horror host archetype. Show More Summary

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #22 -- Watch & Learn

Now, who else appreciated Gotou donning such comfortable and sporty threads for this physically-demanding final battle? We so often quibble about the impractical costumes in anime: here's a villain finally applying the Parasites' cold logic to his outfit. Show More Summary

Richie Branson Wants You in the Otaku Gang!

The Otaku King, Richie Branson, has returned again with a really fun and innovative new project. Taking an open source approach to nerdcore, he's released some instrumental music tracks so anybody - - you, you and you - - can saddle up with the #OtakuGang. Show More Summary

Durarara!!x2 Shou: 09 – Safety First

Summary: Shizuo is so fixated on beating up whoever framed him that he keeps cool for once; eventually Haruya and his boys realize that Shizuo was probably set up.  Elsewhere, Aoba keeps pressuring Mikado...


One of the most memorable, and enlightening, gaming experiences I ever had was at E3 a few years back, when I stepped up to play STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN and VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 in quick succession. I'd grown up with all three franchises,...Show More Summary

DEATH PARADE #8 -- Watch & Learn

For the most part, this show gets away with the absurdity of the deadly games because it always keeps a bit of frivolous, self-awareness. Most times, when they get past that, you can appreciate the drama and pathos of the competition. Show More Summary

Anime Caption Contest! -- 3/9/15

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary

The Only American Anime Artist Working in Japan Speaks

Thurlow getting chummy with Naruto at THE LAST wrap party. If you were ever confused when the name “Henry Thurlow” popped up in the credits of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, TOKYO GHOUL or other Studio Pierrot projects, wonder no longer, because the man has finally stepped up and re-introduced himself to the American otaku community. Show More Summary

Aldnoah.Zero S2 09 – The Fortune’s Fool

I really like how Aldnoah.Zero does their battleship logistics where constant resupply runs and retrofits are required to keep the Deucalion afloat after taking damage from each engagement. Unlike other mecha shows where their...

Kimiuso 19-20: There are too many cats in this show

After Kousei lost his ability to hear and his will to continue playing the piano his world lost all of its color. He met Kaori and her single-mindedness and straightforwardness where a great motivation...


Just when you thought the show couldn't get any more... bizarre. And look... I swear, I swear, I sweat that's not an idle comment. When you add all the seasons up together, we're already past episode #60, and you'd think the weirdness would've plateaued a while back - - somewhere around episode #35, maybe. Show More Summary

Community Spotlight -- 3/6/2015

Welcome, Anime Vice Community! It's been a DRAGON BALL sort of week. First, Tom shared with us the trailer for the new film,DRAGON BALL Z: REVIVAL OF F; then a review for the game DRAGON BALL Z: XENOVERSE. In a little bit of news that hasn't caught much attention recently. Show More Summary

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