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How To Make Pokemon look good

Which, takes a heck of a lot mind you.But this is dark, and gritty and looks like good fun. I'd love to see it actually get made, as opposed to being just a fan-trailer. What's the saddest part though, is the simple fact that this trailer...Show More Summary

Anime Vice Transforms

Anime Vice begins a new transformation today... We're shifting focus to our YouTube channel. With the help of our comrades at the CineFix network, I'll be writing, producing and hosting a weekly schedule of anime-themed videos going forward. Show More Summary

AMV Tournament 4: Halloween!

The rules on how to vote are very straightforward and simply. In order to cast your vote you are going to send a PM to@waybig1010101 and it will include the name of three users that are to be listed from 1-3. Deadline for this election is October 14, 2014 at 12 AM Eastern Time. Show More Summary

AMV Tournament 3: Villain Winners

Let me once again thank all of you for participating the the AMV Tournament and also to take this time to apologize to everyone for taking so long. I had to deal with a few things, which took a significant amount of my time. I hope that the next AMV Tournament will be a lot more efficient then this last one. Show More Summary

Fall 2014 Anime Movies/OVAs Guide

Welcome to this Summer 2014 Movie and OVA Guide! Most of these movies and OVAs are not available legally because the movies are still in Japan while the OVAs are bundled with the DVDs and Blu-Rays. Consider this as a preview. Here are our impressions: Taka: I love the OVAs for my favorite shows. Show More Summary

AMV Tournament 3 Election Thread

The rules on how to vote are very straightforward and simply. In order to cast your vote you are going to send a PM to @waybig1010101 and it will include the name of three users that are to be listed from 1-3. Number 1 will get 3 points...Show More Summary

Anime Caption Contest! -- 8/4/14

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary


Gosh, I think this episode might’ve strummed on some nostalgic feels for me -- and only because it featured a pinball death trap. As I’ve said, I grew up with DBZ, not DRAGON BALL, so when this show provokes these sorts of sensory memories in me, it’s got more to do with what the show resembles than what the show itself is. Show More Summary

Pick Anime Vice's Most Rockin' AMV!

The rules on how to vote are very straightforward and simply. In order to cast your vote you are going to send a PM to@waybig1010101: (myself) and it will include the name of three users that are to be listed from 1-3. Number 1 willShow More Summary


Well, the CASTLEVANIA’s parallels are a lot harder to miss, this time, aren’t they? I’d really like to get a better grasp of the context the original JOJO’S manga was published in. For one, I’m curious if it was a contemporary of FIST OF THE NORTH STAR, or if it was a response to (or parody of) that series. Show More Summary

No Game No Life 02 – Lawyer Up

Summary: Even with the hint, Stephanie is unable to tell how Kurami is cheating and loses the dress that her grandfather gave her.  As Sora has the only devices connected to the internet, Stephanie is forced to go to his room to QQ moar.  Sadly, once there Sora easily baits her into a game of […]

Spring 2014 Anime Guide -- AV MOD Material

Welcome to the Spring 2014 Anime Seasonal Guide! My teammates and I prepare lots of discussion threads for you guys and gals packed with awesome trailers. Check the synopsis and click on the links to view them and hit those discussion threads. Show More Summary

HUNTER X HUNTER #48 + 49 + 50 Makes Vengeance Fun!

So I basically just watched Gon and Killua guest on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. If there’s any human interaction that can have a defined winner or loser, you can be sure Togashi’s had many thoughts about how it’d benefit from a shot of shonen kickass. Show More Summary

VIDEO: When Tom Interviewed Fans at an ANOHANA Screening

Later last month, my friends at Anime Expo invited me to play MC at Aniplex’s screening of ANOHANA: THE MOVIE at LA’s famous Downtown Independent. Truth be old, I’d never gotten to see any of the series prior to this engagement, but I could quickly see why it was another feather in the cap of NoitaminA and its innovative programming block. Show More Summary

Wake Up, Girls! 02 – Maid To Perform

Summary As expected, Sudo was up to no good. But before they know it, the girls are at some dumpy onsen resort singing their one song for a crowd of salivating men while wearing skimpy white bikinis. How can you possibly get a whole job out of one song? Well, you have to fill the […]

The Holy Shonen Trilogy: What will replace NARUTO and BLEACH?

As we pause to reflect on the year gone by, you also have to wonder about the year ahead and what it holds for us in terms of anime and manga. Something we know to expect are he ends to two super-popular shonen series: BLEACH and NARUTO. Together...Show More Summary

Zyl’s 2013 Anime List

I started a new job in January 2013 and moved into my own place which needed a lot of repairs so it’s been hectic and anime watching and blogging suffered as a result. Hopefully 2014 will be better. This post looks back on series that finished airing in 2013 (this leaves out Golden Time and […]

Golden Time 11 – Unemployment Rate at 0%

Summary: Banri is still not 100% sure that Kouko took the picture of Banri and Linda, but at least he is no longer bedridden.  However, there is some tension at the Festival Club since Banri is slightly jealous of how close Kosshi-san and Linda are, and because Kouko is now known as RoboGirl for her […]

Golden Time 10 – Gonna Make You My Beach

Summary: For a brief moment, suddenly 18anri is in control.  Unfortunately, 18anri is completely unused to being in a body again, and immediately trips, busts his chin open, and catches a bad cold.  Apparently some people can’t walk and use their immune system at the same time, to say nothing of walking and chewing gum […]

ONE PIECE #619 Gets Away with Breaking the Rules of Good Plotting

Didn’t… Smoker get his heart back? Sue me, I haven’t been keeping a score card, but I feel like there was a point a few episodes back about Trafalgar Law putting everybody’s ticker back where it belonged. I kind of suspect that the gag...Show More Summary

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