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Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - "Grease". Neil Cicierga - "Imagine All Star People". Bee Gees - "Night Fever". There were two perfect disco-related moments on my recent trip to New York. One was when I was running down...

Could This Kid Be The Next Justin Bieber? Listen To Mikey Fusco's Track Soldier For Love And Find Out!

Chivalry isn't dead after all! If you like Pop, R&B and a dash of Reggae, then you'll LOVE the new song Soldier For Love! This hot summer anthem is the debut solo single of Mikey Fusco, who could very well be the next Justin Bieber with his blend of soulful pop! [ Related: Did Vanessa Hudgens Really Keep [...]

Destiny: Our Initial Thoughts on House of Wolves

Destin Legarie, Jose Otero and Fran Mirabella are back and discussing their thoughts on all the new House of Wolves content in Destiny.

Artist of the Week – The Hot Dark

[zbplayer] The Hot Dark is a collaborative post new wave jazz rock dance sextet (there’s a mouthful) from northern California whose uptempo, sprawling and diversely crafted songs have a way of pulling music lovers into their potions of vocals and instruments to listen more closely. Nearly two years since we first featured the band, The [...]Show More Summary

Daily Downloads (Hope for Agoldensummer, Paper Lights, and more)

Every day, Daily Downloads offers free and legal music and/or stream. Today's free and legal mp3 downloads: Caralis: "Be Automatic" [mp3] Caralis: "Clicks In" [mp3] Dorit Chrysler: Live on WFMU [mp3] Dottie Scharr: Dottie Scharr EP [mp3] Guns: "Ricochet" [mp3]...

IGN AU Pubcast 117: Cum on Feel the Doof

The AU team talk The Witcher 3 and how much we love Mad Max: Fury Road's prince of post-apocalyptic power chords.

PlayStation Blogcast 165: You Got Severed

What are the games, movies, and music you always turn to for good ol' fashioned comfort? We discuss your picks, and we also chat with the dev team behind the upcoming PS Vita game Severed.

the interview show: Perfume Genius

I caught Mike Hadreas aka Perfume Genius behind the Vogue Theatre when he was in town opening for Belle & Sebastian. He had snuck out back for a quick vape and I got him to talk about his bubbling anger, his growth as a songwriter, the fact that every article about him uses the word “sexuality“and more. […]

The Chronicals of Hernia

Kryzys - "Mam Dos?c?" [Buy] I wish I spoke every single language in the world. Every time, I listen to songs in a foreign language, I always wonder what they are singing about. I remember when I was growing...

Free Cake for Every Creature – Moving Songs – 2015

I wanna be a funny lady when I’m forty / but for now I’m not sure what I’m doing Katie Bennett’s move from Upstate New York to Philadelphia inspired this collection of quarter-life questioning. Or questing–because she comes upon an awesome directive: and all you gotta be / when you’re 23 / is yourself /call yourself an [...]

Daily Downloads (Dana Falconberry, An ATO Records Sampler Album, and more)

Every day, Daily Downloads offers free and legal music and/or stream. Today's free and legal mp3 downloads: Bianca Caruso: Bravado album [mp3] Birthday Girl: Rituals EP [mp3] Dana Falconberry: The Lowering Night EP [mp3] Gene Serene: "Singularity" [mp3] from The...

Unlocked: We Want Hearthstone on Xbox One

We asked, and you answered: Here's IGN's Xbox hardcore telling us what they want and expect from Microsoft in June.

Godlike Season 1 Finale

The Smite gang is joined by Hi-Rez eSports coordinator Blake as they reminisce and wrap up the season.

remember kissing on the cobblestones (this shouldn’t be hard work)

I’ve been pinging around a couple European countries for these last few weeks that I’d never been to before, across five borders and three currencies and at least five languages, with plenty of time to think. Trains are good for thinking, aren’t they? I’d missed the steady mechanical whoosh and the panorama of a thousand […]

Rebel Kites – Atlas Sky

If the music paints a grand, expansive prairie vista it just takes the rich vocals to usher in the majestic herd of bison (and all this from a London band!). Yes, ‘Atlas Sky’ is that kind of song, a cinematic experience that reveals its greatness over several acts. Show More Summary


METZ - "Spit You Out" This is queasy-making music. "Spit You Out" is built on an unrelenting bass riff that bores a hole straight into your brain. Churning along with the giant drums is a slimy guitar riff, and...

Beyond: What's the Big Deal about Doom?

There's a brand new Doom game on the horizon, but what does that mean in 2015?

Wil Wheaton Beams Into Mission Log

Our friends at Mission Log are doing a wonderful job chronicling the development of the Star Trek philosophy, providing a detailed of each episode sequentially week after week. This week, however, they’ve added a “supplemental” with an exclusive almost two-hour interview with Wil Wheaton. The candid discussion focuses more on the young actor’s experience on […]

The Point Radio: Becoming Charles Manson

In a few days, NBC kicks off their binge worthy event series, AQUARIUS and taking the challenging role of Charles Manson is actor Gethin Anthony. He talks about the work that went into getting the part just right. Plus HBO’s BESSIE is creating mega buzz this month. Cast member Bryan Greenberg talks about what it … Continue reading The Point Radio: Becoming Charles Manson ?

/Filmcast Ep. 318 – Mad Max: Fury Road (GUEST: Bradley King, Director of Time Lapse)

David, Devindra, and Jeff discuss when thought crime becomes real crime, and how it feels to have made a movie that’s torrented highly. Special guest Bradley King joins us for this episode. Be sure to check out Bradley’s film, Time Lapse, available right now on iTunes. Show More Summary

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