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4 Life-Changing Things I Learned By Asking Strangers If I Looked Fat

On a sunny afternoon, a group of friends and I gathered at the park and began asking women how they felt about their bodies, first by asking them, "Do these pants make me look fat?" Here's what I learned spending an afternoon at the park asking strangers this oddly personal question: 1. Show More Summary

The Vampire That Hollywood Missed

Picture a dimly-lit apartment containing hundreds of shelves filled with paperbacks, hard covers and first editions. Picture a man who sits at a desk in the center of the apartment, reading for hours a day. He won't let you open the blinds because the light might hurt the books. Show More Summary

How to Read Like a (21st Century) Poet

A lot of times (okay, six times so far) a friend or acquaintance will reach out in an email and ask some sort of variation along the lines of this question: "Josh, I would also like to write and publish my poetry -- how can I go about...Show More Summary

Shakespeare’s NYC

Coming soon: short films for each of Shakespeare‘s 154 sonnets, all set in New York City.

Nick Cave’s ‘The Sick Bag Song,’ an Epic Poem Composed on Tour

The musician and author’s new literary work is a mash-up of prose, poetry, song lyrics and autobiography that he is selling directly online.

Inside the List

Jo Nesbo’s “Blood on Snow,” which is No. 9 on the hardcover fiction list, was inspired by Nesbo’s desire to do for Oslo what Jim Carroll did for New York in “The Basketball Diaries.”

‘The Triumph of Seeds,’ by Thor Hanson

Seeds go to thrilling lengths to assure their species’ survival.

‘Rust: The Longest War,’ by Jonathan Waldman

The scourge of rust — a mighty, and most unlikely, enemy.

‘Infested,’ About Bedbugs, by Brooke Borel

A look at the biological and cultural history of bedbugs.

‘Shame and the Captives’ and ‘The Evening Chorus’

Against a backdrop of World War II and far-flung prison camps, two novels explore the strain imposed on ordinary lives.

‘Galileo’s Middle Finger,’ by Alice Dreger

An academic and activist looks at the conflicts that arise when science challenges popular beliefs.

‘American Warlord,’ by Johnny Dwyer

An American teenager killed for sport during Liberia’s civil war.

Crime: Arnaldur Indridason’s ‘Reykjavik Nights,’ and More

Indridason’s latest novel illustrates the qualities that make his books so deeply pleasurable.

Spotlight On Children's Books and Author Karen T. Bartlett

As an author, parent and educator, I am a huge proponent of getting kids to read real books. Ebooks are fine, of course. But holding a real book in your hands and turning the pages is a precious experience that all children should have. Show More Summary

Young Eliot

There’s a new biography of T.S. Eliot out, and this one concentrates on the poet’s American childhood and his transition from a youthful Tom to the now-famous T.S. (just in case you needed some context for that new writer’s retreat....

Graphic Novel Friday: Daredevil

By night, Daredevil is a blind hero with super-senses as a result of a radioactiveDdvl_waid chemical spill. By day, his alter ego, Matt Murdock, runs his own law firm to defend the defenseless. A superhero law drama? Why, that sounds like a great idea for a…television show!

Newswire: Riverdale to get the Sharknado it deserves in Archie crossover event

Those Riverdale kids must be pretty jaded by now. They’ve been terrorized by Jason Voorhees, mended political fences between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, beamed up to the Enterprise, and most recently stared down a Predator. And now, Deadline is reporting that Archie will be able to cross “surviving a Sharknado” off of his bucket list. Show More Summary

Choosing the Poetry of Life

There is a moment in everyone's life when all the cards are on the table, all the chips, too -- the moment of truth when the entire universe, it seems, is conspiring to call one's attention to the choice we have every single day to let...Show More Summary

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