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Benjamin R. Barber, Author of ‘Jihad vs. McWorld,’ Dies at 77

Mr. Barber’s 1995 book presciently analyzed the forces leading to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and the rise in tribalism around the world.

The Maclean’s Bestsellers list: Week of April 25

From Neil Gaiman to Terry O'Reilly, these are the hottest fiction and non-fiction titles of the week The post The Maclean’s Bestsellers list: Week of April 25 appeared first on

Recipe Road Test: Instant Pot® Risotto with Bacon and Peas

My favorite new kitchen machine and the companion cookbook. My weeknights just got easier...

Pansies by Alexis Hall

There are so many things right about Pansies, and I loved the author’s For Real  so much, that it feels like a betrayal that I did not love Pansies with the same deep and abiding love that I felt for For Real. Although I loved the writing, as I wrote this review I kept seeing more problems with the story and the grade plummeted as a result. Show More Summary

A Life Altered by War and Transmuted Into Fiction

Thirty-five years ago, Salman Rushdie published an essay titled “Imaginary Homelands,” in The London Review of Books. “It may be that when the Indian writer who writes from outside India tries to reflect that world, he is obliged to deal in broken mirrors,” Rushdie wrote. Show More Summary

Tiny Shudders: On Elizabeth Strout’s ‘Anything Is Possible’

Strout’s genius is her ability to wring deeply moving stories from ungenerous sources; to reveal, through hurried gestures and single syllables, the welter of feeling the Lydias and Olives of the world are trying to conceal. The post Tiny Shudders: On Elizabeth Strout’s ‘Anything Is Possible’ appeared first on The Millions.

Sci-Fi Writer William Gibson Reimagines the World After the 2016 Election

The author’s next novel hinges on a different outcome in the presidential race, as well as 22nd-century time travelers.

What the century-old murders of Osage people say about the U.S.

To this day, Oklahoma descendants of the victims live side-by-side with descendants of the killers The post What the century-old murders of Osage people say about the U.S. appeared first on

Only Patricia Lockwood Could Get Away with Priestdaddy

As we know from her poetry, Lockwood’s humor can shape-shift into something else entirely, something quite moving.

Proto Project Runway

Dress Designing Fashions Figures Fabrics Facts Evans 1971 I am a marginal sewer at best, but even I can see the information isn’t too bad in this book. Of course, the fabrics and styles change but skills for tailoring and patterns probably haven’t changed too much. I am sure modern designers use computers. The book […]

Robyn Carr Celebrates 10 Years of Virgin River Novels

We talk with Robyn Carr about 10 years of Virgin River, her new Sullivan's Crossing series, and the perils of camping.

“In the end, everything turns out / right”

Recommended Reading: “An Old Man, Full of Days” by Matthew Minicucci. The post “In the end, everything turns out / right” appeared first on The Millions.

Tuesday New Release Day: Shafrir; VanderMeer; Tanizaki; Cameron; Strout

Out this week: Startup by Doree Shafrir; Borne by Jeff VanderMeer; The Maids by Junichiro Tanizaki; The Last Neanderthal by our own Claire Cameron; and Anything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout. For more on these and other new titles,...Show More Summary

Match Book: In Search of New Memoirs That Go Light on Catastrophe

A reader (and writer) of memoirs notes that dysfunction and disease haunt the genre. What can he read that’s trauma-free?

Nonfiction: The Truth Is Out There, and the Feds Paid to Find It

In “Phenomena,” Annie Jacobsen explores the government’s research into things that go bump in the night.

Fiction: A Brilliant, Incendiary Joan of Arc Story for a Ravaged Earth

In Lidia Yuknavitch’s novel “The Book of Joan,” a space colony of survivors orbits a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Life-Long Obsessions: The Millions Interviews Claire Cameron

Grief doesn’t go away, it’s something you live with. And hopefully it becomes something that makes you stronger. I suppose that’s why it keeps coming up in my work, because I’m trying to figure it out. The post Life-Long Obsessions: The Millions Interviews Claire Cameron appeared first on The Millions.

HaBO: Hero First Sees Heroine Riding Bike Through Town

This HaBO is from Susan, who remembers this love at first sight scenario: I’m looking for help finding a relatively recent book that I only read the description and a short sample of. I was interested enough to think that I wanted to...Show More Summary

Robert M. Pirsig, Author of ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,’ Dies at 88

The novel became an unlikely publishing phenomenon in the mid-1970s and a touchstone in the waning days of the counterculture.

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