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Yascha Mounk's 'The People vs. Democracy' describes an America on the brink

Former Congressman Mickey Edwards says Yascha Mounk's "The People Vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom is in Danger & How to Save It" is brilliant, a scary ride and an important window into America's fragile democracy.

Stuff We Like: March 2018 Edition

Welcome to another edition of Stuff We Like! I have a few items I wanted to share because they’ve been making my life fun, easy, or both – so prepare ye for randomness! First, if you follow me on Instagram, you might know I have a Very Worried Dog, Buzz the Anxious. Show More Summary

Believe in your kid!

Awaken the Genius in Your Child Tauraso and Batzler 1981 The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale was the 1950s answer to self-help. It has been recycled through books like The Secret (2006) and a host of other self help gurus. Show More Summary

Feeding the Future: On the Algorithmic Apocalypse

Science fiction often presents two nightmare visions of the future: one when the world has ended, and one when the world hasn’t, where “progress”—technological, typically—determinedly continues, for better but mostly worse. Whichever...Show More Summary

The Rec League: Get Your Groove Back

This request comes from Sam. Thank you, Sam! It’s been a rough year for me work-wise, and my confidence has taken a bit of a beating. I’m trying to pick myself up for a better year next year, but I’d love some inspiration/encouragement from my favorite genre. Show More Summary

The disappearing acts of Joseph Gray, master of military camouflage

Mary Horlock goes in search of the ingenious camoufleur, whose war work and private affairs were equally skilfully concealed

A Book of Chocolate Saints: an Indian novel like no other

Jeet Thayil’s strongly autobiographical work rejects the questions of family and identity that preoccupy most contemporary Indian fiction

Paris at its most liberated: the turbulent 1940s

The mix of jazz, pornography, politics and existentialism was especially potent when fuelled by alcohol and amphetamines

Why are there no pubs called after Lord North?

Perhaps because he lost the American colonies — or was reputedly very ugly. But his wit is fondly celebrated in Gimson’s Prime Ministers

The Friendly Ones: a novel about prejudice of all kinds:

Philip Hensher explores the forming of friendships in a society complicated by differences of class, race and culture

For some soldiers, the VC was easier to win than to wear

Brian Izzard tells the sad story of how a handful of the bravest were stripped of their medal – often for theft, as a result of destitution

From a Low and Quiet Sea: making art from a perilous journey

Donal Ryan puts aside Irish provincial life to tackle the story of a Syrian doctor, grief-stricken after the loss of his family

From persecutor to preacher: the journey of St Paul

The many gaps in the apostle’s life can only be filled by conjecture. Tom Wright believes the key to his character was zeal

Corpses, clues and Kiwis in Ngaio Marsh’s posthumous novel

Roderick Alleyn interrupts his undercover mission in the Canterbury plains to solve a perplexing local murder – overnight

If you keep a pet raven, look out for your jewellery and car keys

Truman Capote’s bird eventually revealed a vast cache of stolen objects – carefully concealed behind a library edition of Jane Austen

The 2018 Whiting Award Winners

The ten winners of the 2018 Whiting Awards were announced tonight in a ceremony featuring a keynote by Nobel Prize laureate Toni Morrison. Based on “early accomplishment and the promise of great work to come,” the annual Whiting Award gives $50,000 to ten emerging writers in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Show More Summary

A Crafter's Guide To Self-Care Shows How To Knit Yourself Back Together

Making yourself a sweater won't solve all your problems, but for Alanna Okun, there's solace in yarn.

Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes rarities garner big bids in London auction

Scores of items belonging to poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, including Plath's typewriter and her copy of her novel "The Bell Jar," were auctioned in London on Wednesday. The star of the event was a first edition of "The Bell Jar" signed by Plath, which sold for just under $123,000, followed...

The Advice Columnists Who Prescribe Literature as Medicine

Katy Waldman writes about a new crop of literary advice columns, such as the New York Times’ “Match Book,” the Paris Review Daily’s “Poetry Rx,” and Lit Hub’s “Dear Book Therapist.”

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