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Newswire: Talentless hack William Shakespeare needed a co-writer for Henry VI

For centuries, William Shakespeare has been regarded as one of the most brilliant writers in the history of the English language, but apparently Mr. Globe Theatre wasn’t as good as we’ve all been led to believe. In fact, it turns out...Show More Summary

Newswire: R.I.P. Jack Chick, comics scaremonger

Jack Chick, the prolific comics artist and publisher whose paranoid and hate-filled tracts were a subject of perverse fascination for generations of Americans, died this past Sunday, according to a Facebook post by his company. He was 92. Show More Summary

Nicotine by Nell Zink

Ian MacAllen reviews Nicotine by Nell Zink today in Rumpus Books.

Writer success is not a magical occurrence

I have met many first year authors that see writer success as downright magic. It’s a long road to build the first book. The process starts with a person building up courage, then word count, then editing, then cover design, then writing descriptions, […] The post Writer success is not a magical occurrence appeared first on Long Tail Writing.

Books of The Times: Review: In ‘Alfred Hitchcock: A Brief Life,’ Fear Drives a Master of Suspense

The latest biography by Peter Ackroyd examines what lurks behind the film director’s obsession with order and control.

New Oxford Shakespeare Edition Credits Christopher Marlowe as a Co-author

Marlowe is being listed on the three “Henry VI” plays, parts 1, 2 and 3, which have long been believed to be the work of more than one writer.

High School Hillary

HIllary Rodham Clinton, Election 2016 Jess Kibler Teenager Hillary Rodham just wants to become class president so she can make her high school—and maybe even the wider world—a better place to be. This is the premise of The Young Hillary Diaries, a new satirical web series from Lifetime. Show More Summary

Hungry Ghosts

Amy Lam Soleil Ho ’s writing is clear and distinct, and most of all, her voice is incisive—sharp like the knives she wields as a chef. As one of the cohosts of the podcast Racist Sandwich, Ho delves into the place where food culture meets race and gender. Show More Summary

Five Fictional Characters We'd Love To Have As Best Friends

Imagine for a moment that the characters from your favourite books are real people, that they're your friends. You're able to invite them round your house to eat cake and watch Great British Bake Off. You can drop them a text and meet them down the pub for a quick drink and a catch-up. Show More Summary

New Music Monday: Mystic Davis and Diztroy

Katie Presley Earlier this summer, Ann Powers wrote for NPR Music about the success the production duo The Chainsmokers have found on the shoulder of the female vocalists they keep featuring. The article digs into the way the pair, both white men, have spun gold out of the charisma of their collaborators instead of developing their own. Show More Summary

Hopping Over The Rabbit Hole: How Entrepreneurs Turn Failure Into Success

When legendary record executive Walter Yetnikoff was asked to explain his job, he replied, "I mingle, schmingle and bingle." Yetnikoff went on to write Howling at the Moon, a very entertaining book about the music industry that was heralded...Show More Summary

She Is Jazz, And Good For Her

I take my children to the library every Monday. We return our stack of books from the previous week, and then my daughter—age four—runs around grabbing new tomes for me to soothe her to sleep with. Being four, she chooses according to what’s on the cover. Show More Summary

Kathryn Hall's Perfect Score

Here on the West Coast it seems like there are new wineries popping up all the time, but what does it take to be a successful wine maker? We asked Kathryn Hall, author of The Perfect Score, to share some insights.

Step Aside Shakes

Hold on to your starched collars: In breaking Shakespeare news, Oxford University Press announced that in its new edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe will receive credit as co-author on the Henriad plays. Show More Summary

Incredible Escapes: How JFK Tried to Suppress Documentaries about Digging Tunnels under the Berlin Wall

Historian Greg Mitchell, author of The Tunnels, talks with us about this fascinating and very human slice of history that reads like a Cold War spy thriller.

What Is It About Baseball? W.P. Kinsella, José Fernández, and the Dust of the 2016 Season

Baseball can do that, I guess.  It can remind you of everything that once mattered to you, everything that matters still.  It can brush the great promise of tomorrow against the agreeable sting of the past, and the sorrows of today. The post What Is It About Baseball? W.P. Kinsella, José Fernández, and the Dust of the 2016 Season appeared first on The Millions.

Newswire: Read a short story from Bait, Chuck Palahniuk’s new adult coloring book

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, but Chuck Palahniuk is an unexpected name to join the trend. Sure, his writing conjures evocative imagery in the minds of his readers, but coloring books are an artist’s medium. Palahniuk...Show More Summary

Book Review: Reductress’ clever, funny book teaches women How To Win At Feminism

Called “The Onion for women,” Reductress is a much-needed antithesis to the faux-feminist women’s magazines and their ilk that purport to empower women while really reinforcing the many ways women are taught to feel inadequate. Subversive,...Show More Summary

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