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Blueprint for a Kiss by Nancy Warren

I knew nothing about this book going into it. My selection process was, “Let’s try something new, oh, I think I might’ve read and liked something by Nancy Warren five years ago, let me give that one a try.” I didn’t even read the cover copy beforehand. Show More Summary

YA Author Sabaa Tahir Talks About Success, BookCon and the Magic of Fantasy

Young Adult fans, rejoice: BookCon, the consumer-facing event of BEA (Book Expo America), have announced that this year the event will see an 'unparalleled YA presence': "The surge in YA's popularity has fuelled a love of literatureShow More Summary

“A Imperfect Dad”

43 minutes agoEntertainment / Books : The Millions

“As much as I claimed that I read for my own edification, it was a lie. The books I was most drawn to were those that were loved by someone in my life. Reading them, I thought, would teach me all I needed to know about them—nice and safe, from a distance. Reading them with […]

Word Origin Comics: Getting Burnt Out on Love

Albert Schweitzer suggested that we think with deep gratitude of those who have lit the flame within us. Not all, however, feel thankful for incendiary encounters. Certain past loves are simply too hot to handle. Their memory burns strong, but have reduced many to an ash over them. Show More Summary

‘Do No Harm,’ by Henry Marsh

A neurosurgeon’s account combines biography, descriptions of operations and considerations of policy.

‘The Rocks,’ by Peter Nichols

A novel traces a couple’s long estrangement, then their courtship.

The 16th century book that launched a thousand travel books

Travel writing has been around for about two thousand years with both the Romans and Greeks documenting their experiences of early exploration. However, the 16th century marked the real start of travel writing with advances in printing technology and numerous explorers – from Francis Drake to Martin Frobisher – traveling to the corners of the […]


One morning, my grandmother’s brother, Avraham, decided to stop being religious. He shaved his beard, cut off his side curls, shed his yarmulke, packed his things and resolved to leave his hometown of Baranovichi and begin a new life. Show More Summary

The Age of Euphemism

Amongst the many indignities of modern life is the ever increasing demand to mince words. We live in the age of euphemism and you are always forced to look over your shoulder to make sure there isn't someone about to flunk you for language failure. Show More Summary

Newswire: The courts keep making British newspapers apologize to people

In an effort to shore up the nation’s reputation as a place of primness, propriety, and proper protocol, the British courts appear to have spent most of the last week forcing various parties—i.e., tabloid newspapers—to issue apologies to other parties—i.e., the various celebrities that the papers have hacked, robbed, and defamed. Show More Summary

Kiss & Tell: Scoundrels and Rogues Who Will Steal Your Heart

Elizabeth Hoyt and Julia London deliver a pair of memorable rough-around-the-edges heroes in their enticing new historical romances, Dearest Rogue and The Scoundrel and the Debutante.

A coming of age story—in a dystopian afterlife

Book review: Canadian author Neil Smith's debut, 'Boo', posits a creepy, off-kilter reality for the youthful dead The post A coming of age story—in a dystopian afterlife appeared first on

America’s first and favourite dirty secret

Book review: Ardis Cameron's look back on the legacy of 'Peyton Place' The post America’s first and favourite dirty secret appeared first on

Off Leash: On André Alexis’s ‘Fifteen Dogs’

Alexis’s conceit, in which dogs are caught between human and canine worlds, in a sense reflects their real-life predicament: dogs are creatures upon whom owners project distinctly human intelligence and emotions.

Summer Reading: Women's Fiction Style

As the summer season heats up, some people like to take a dip into the ocean or the pools, others like to dip into their summer reading. Here are some titles to get you started whether you are at the beach or just wish you were. WHAT...Show More Summary

'Disclaimer' -- A Conversation With Renee Knight

Photo: Colin Hutton Renee Knight worked for the BBC directing arts documentaries before turning to writing. She has had television and film scripts commissioned by the BBC, Channel Four, and Capital Films In April 2013, she graduated...Show More Summary

Living Like Fitzgerald

Looking for a new summer home? Something with an impressive literary pedigree? You’re in luck! Now you can buy the house where F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gastsby for the low, low price of $3.8 million.

Bums! NSFW!

A Woman Looks at Men’s Bums Jenkins 1983 Submitter: Found this gem in our university library and had to share. It’s a book of photographs of, well, the title is fairly self-explanatory really! It’s from 1983 (which surprised me, from the looks of it I’d have said 1970s). It hasn’t been borrowed since 2001, but […]

Keeping Secrets

Let’s be honest, there are things that we have all left unsaid. Either we felt uncomfortable voicing our thoughts, or maybe we were afraid. However, no matter the reason, I believe that each one of us at some point in … Continue reading ?

Snatch This Charcoal From My Hand, Grillmaster...

This weekend the smell of outdoor cooking will fill the air as grills, smokers, and Big Green Eggs are lit in backyards across America. I, too, will be joining in and trying not to burn anything this year. Fortunately, there has been...Show More Summary

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