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Patricia Lockwood likes to write in bed. 'Priestdaddy' is her memoir

Patricia Lockwood became a famous poet on the Internet, a statement that raises many questions: Is “famous poet” even a thing? Isn’t poetry a stodgy and dignified endeavor, more suited to print magazines like the New Yorker than ephemeral, frivolous spaces like Twitter? And how was it that some...

Foiled by Foil

Alcoa’s Book of Decorations : A Year-round Treasury of Easy-to-do Decorations for Holidays and Special Occasions von Hagen 1959 Submitter: I can’t decide what I love most about this book — there is just too much awesome awfulness to choose from! From “Conny of Alcoa” (is that like Saul of Tarsus?) perched on the edge of […]

Marie Howe Is Magic: Reading Magdalene

Howe’s Magdalene is ambitious in its reach and strangely timely, as American society has swung to the right and, in the process, against the tide of equality for women.

Antonia Honeywell's novel 'The Ship' asks what happens when we get everything we thought we wanted

The thought of getting on a ship and leaving our civilization behind, with all its faults and drawbacks, may seem appealing in the current political climate. However, as Antonia Honeywell shows in her debut novel, “The Ship,” it comes with its own complications. Sixteen-year-old Lalla lives in...

Nonfiction: A Life in 40 Questions: Harrowing Stories of Child Migration

In “Tell Me How It Ends,” Valeria Luiselli describes her encounters with undocumented migrant children and the circumstances that produced them.

Nonfiction: Are the New Megadonors Distorting American Society?

David Callahan’s “The Givers” examines a new wave of philanthropists: how they operate, what makes them tick.

Fiction: A Battering of Chances Against the Cosmic Wheel

In his new collection, “Living in the Weather of the World,” Richard Bausch proves yet again that he’s a master of the short story.

Letters to the Editor

Readers Respond to the presumed loneliness of Hill Country, the absence of bibliography and more.

A Survivalist's Literary Survival List

Writer/adventurer Brendan Leonard (The Great Outdoors: A User's Guide provides an illustrated Cocktail Party Primer for some of the greatest adventure narratives, both fiction and nonfiction.

Brontë Essentials: Six Modern Books Inspired by ‘Jane Eyre’

Evidence of Charlotte Brontë’s enduring popularity is everywhere, not least in the large number of adaptations and re-tellings her books have inspired. Check out these six books -- wildly different in tone and style -- that all share the same inspiration. The post Brontë Essentials: Six Modern Books Inspired by ‘Jane Eyre’ appeared first on The Millions.

Fiction: Two Immigrant Families Intertwine During London’s Summer of Bombs

Margot Singer’s novel “Underground Fugue” follows the intermingled fortunes of four Londoners in the summer of the terrorist bombings.

Fiction: A Collection of Tales Large and Small Finds Humor Among the Ruins

The down-and-out moments in Deb Unferth’s story collection, “Wait Till You See Me Dance,” manage to be both witty and emotional intimate.

Elizabeth Warren Really Does Not Like Donald Trump

“This Fight Is Our Fight,” new on the hardcover nonfiction list, is nominally about the economy. But the index reveals a more personal target.

Fiction: Finding Sobriety in the Rural Rituals of Her Remote Orkney Home

In “The Outrun,” Amy Liptrot recalls her decade as a London party girl, followed by the spectacular solitude of Scotland.

In Harper Lee’s Letters: Books, Fame and a ‘Lying’ Capote

Wayne Flynt, a friend of Ms. Lee, has written a book, “Mockingbird Songs,” in which he shares thoughts and correspondence regarding the literary enigma.

Bold Spirit by Linda Lawrence Hunt

In 1896, Helga Estby went for a walk with her seventeen-year-old daughter, Clara. They started off from Spokane, Washington, and ended up in New York City. The story of that walk is the topic of the nonfiction book, Bold Spirit: Helga...Show More Summary

Down the Rabbit Hole of Experimental Fiction: Michael J. Seidlinger on Becoming a Reader

Michael J. Seidlinger discusses returning to House of Leaves for Ig Publishing’s "Bookmarked" series, his love of narrative structure, and what he'd do if he ever met Mark Danielewski.

244. Sleepy Bitches Talk RT: Our Advice for 2017 Romantic Times Convention

Sarah, Amanda, Carrie, Elyse, and RedHeadedGirl, along with several of our pets, gather in sleepy, relaxed fashion to talk about Romantic Times, and give our advice for making your RT experience the best it can be. We start with Sarah...Show More Summary

9 Addictive YA Reads

Originally published on Kirkus. For more from Kirkus, click here. It’s Not Like It’s a Secret by Misa Sugiura “Well-paced, brimming with drama, and utterly vital. (Fiction. 14-18)” Sugiura debuts with an angst-y coming-of-age narrative set at the intersections of identity, family, and first love. Show More Summary

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