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Much to Sympathize With

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Recommended Reading: Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Nervous Breakdown self-interview. (FYI, you can read an excerpt of Nguyen’s latest book over at Bloom.)

Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Convergence: Infinity Inc. spotlights teen heroes of the ’80s

DC’s Convergence event has reunited many creators with classic properties they worked on in the past. This week, Infinity Inc. co-creator Jerry Ordway returns to the teen superhero team, but this time as writer instead of artist. AsShow More Summary

Fuck Joy!

The concept of joy naturally has a positive connotation, but it's really camouflages the need for escape and oblivion. Joy may be associated with so called Dionysiac type experiences in which wine and other substances produce the illusion...Show More Summary

Into Her Own

Hollywood Notebook by Wendy Ortiz is both a book of poetry and a memoir. Composed of several prose poems, the book depicts her evolution into a poet in her early thirties, following up where her previous memoir Excavation left off. At The Rumpus, Lesley Heiser analyses the book, with references to Phil Klay’s Redeployment and […]

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

Jonathan Russell Clark reviews Satin Island by Tom McCarthy today in Rumpus Books.

He Who Must Not Be Named

It goes without saying that Hitler is a taboo subject in Germany, which is why it’s remarkable that a German novelist, Timur Vermes, has caused a sensation with his book about a time-travelling Fuhrer. In the Times, Janet Maslin reviews the first English translation of Look Who’s Back. You could also read Merve Emre on […]

On the birth of a lamb

John Lewis-Stempel, farmer and author of Meadowland, witnesses the delivery of a brand new sheep in this beautiful exclusive piece

Sidetracked Home Executives

Sidetracked Home Executives Young and Jones 1983 Submitter: This one came to us as a donation, but a quick check of our system finds that one library still has it on their shelves and another library has the 2001 “Rev. and updated ed.” I love that it is trademarked. Holly: I hope the 2001 edition was completely revised […]

Kiss & Tell: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My: Why We Love Shape-Shifter Romances

We all have little bit of animal inside us. Some romance heroes and heroines, however, have a lot more.

The Value of Writing Programs: On Why I Don’t Have an M.F.A.

The question shouldn’t be whether or not getting an M.F.A. is a worthwhile for those privileged enough to agonize over the cost. Instead we should ask: how can we better support people who want to write?

Gallery Crawling

This past Friday, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust hosted their quarterly gallery crawl in the cultural district downtown. The library had a buttons-and-fliers booth there, as we do at a lot of downtown events. I just went as a citizen; I … Continue reading ?

My Emeraldette Weekend

It may have rained on our parade, but Emma was a beautiful Miss Emeraldette. She enjoyed her day completely. I’m so glad that I asked the daughter of a friend to take pictures for us. Here are a few I’d like to share. Emma just glowed from the moment she woke up Saturday morning and […]

‘Mad Men’ Recap: This Isn’t a Beginning

The gang is back together and the plot is a reprise of old themes.

Reader Assistance Request: Bad Sex Bingo

Jill emailed me asking for some Bitchery assistance. She needs some additional terms for “Bad Sex Bingo.” (I think I actually heard many of you sit up straight in your chairs!) I’m co-teaching a workshop on how to write a sex scene.Show More Summary

Circling the Subject

“What do I think of life? A little and a lot. Sometimes a great deal, sometimes a very little.” So says mild, sweet-natured Pastor Niemeyer, near the end of Theodor Fontane’s novel “Effi Briest,” in response to Effi’s anguished interrogation. Show More Summary

Trollope Trending

This year marks the two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of the English novelist Anthony Trollope, and maybe the fourth decade of the Trollope boom that has put him back into the most-read ranks of the English novelists. The metrics...Show More Summary

Book Review: Unsurprisingly, the new Black Sabbath biography contains lots of drugs and turmoil

Black Sabbath occupies an interesting spot in music history. The band is credited by many as the genesis of heavy metal while at the same time being one of the few spared by the retaliation against it that was the first wave of punk....Show More Summary

‘Game of Thrones’ Q&A: Sophie Turner on Sansa’s New Monster

The actress discusses the latest plot twist for the Stark daughter.

Book Review: The harrowing story of Norway’s deadliest terrorist attack and the man behind it

On July 22, 2011, a sandy blond-haired man with dead blue eyes, dressed in a homemade Norwegian police uniform, planted a bomb outside of the prime minister’s office in Oslo. The explosion killed eight people. Armed with semi-automatic...Show More Summary

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