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Night Hush by Leslie Jones

Trigger warning for torture and attempted rape. Night Hush is a romantic suspense by Leslie Jones. It takes place in the fictional country of Azakistan. A terrorist group has taken an a female American service member hostage, and special forces group Delta Force runs across her in the course of their operations. Show More Summary

Comics Panel: A salute to the unsung heroes of comics: The sidekicks

For Comics Week, we take a break from our normally scheduled Comics Panel to bring you our favorite second bananas, second stringers, and second fiddles of the comics world. One of the strangest things to come out of the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Marvel’s inability to figure out what to do with James “Rhodey” Rhodes. Show More Summary

Problems by Jade Sharma

Chelsey Clammer reviews Problems by Jade Sharma today in Rumpus Books.

HaBO: Medieval Heroine Brought Back to Life

This HaBO request is from Leslie, who wants to find a medieval historical romance: I’ve been looking for a book I read in the early to mid-1990s, sometime before 1994 or 1995. It was sort of a semi-mystical medieval, featuring Taliesin as a bit character. Show More Summary

How Digital Marketing is Changing Publishing

What does digital marketing in 2016 look like and where is it headed in the next five years? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. AnswerShow More Summary


I just saw this trailer and it just looks…charming, sweet. What is your favorite part about living on Earth? What things would you show Gardner? Lovely escape movie. Also I kind of see anything with Gary Oldman in it. What do you think?...Show More Summary

William Gaddis and American Justice

'Frolic' is full of a neurotic vernacular of Americana that purls and perfectly personifies the sue-happy, media-soaked years during which Gaddis constructed it The post William Gaddis and American Justice appeared first on The Millions.

The Queen Died of Grief

Must female characters always stand in the shadow of the institution of marriage? Ivan Kreilkamp writes on female bachelors, from Renata Adler’s Speedboat to Elizabeth Hardwick’s Sleepless Nights. Pair with this Millions essay on Adler’s piecemeal novel. The post The Queen Died of Grief appeared first on The Millions.

Teaching in Translation

Over at Words Without Borders, Marguerite Feitlowitz writes on teaching the art of literary translation. As she puts it, “Bringing texts from one place to another, from one tongue, context, history, and human body to another, is itself a political act. Show More Summary

Figure out your man

Woman Alive: What Makes Men Tick Beers 1972 Ladies! Have you wondered what on the inside of your man? How he thinks? How to make him happy? This is your book! From caveman to modern family man, you can discover the basic drives and real masculinity. After all, it is your job (the main one) […]

Newswire: Behold! It’s Comics Week at The A.V. Club

Comics content is hardly difficult to come by these days, what with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comparatively straight-forward but time-bending X-Men franchise, and Hollywood’s attempt to squeeze every last dollar from comics stories. Show More Summary

Amazon Kindle Learns to Navigate Literary Thickets

A feature makes it easier to save your place in complex books like “A Game of Thrones” while you glance at reference pages with photos, maps or family trees.

Open Book: Adichie on Mrs. Trump

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says, “Fiction can remind us... that the players in politics are first human beings.”

"What Lambda Means to Me": Chinelo Okparanta, author of "Under the Udala Trees"

The winner of the Lambda Award in fiction reflects on the Orlando shooting, and offers a bit of much needed light to combat this dark time...

Jenny Diski’s Way of Seeing Beyond the Story

Recently, in a bar, I was reading “In Gratitude,” by the British writer Jenny Diski, when a loud guy with tall hair asked me what it was. I stumbled a little before saying, “It’s a cancer memoir.” I immediately felt as though I’d committed a small betrayal. Show More Summary

Tuesday New Release Day: Proehl; Steiner; Shapiro; Anam; Wright; Cluchey; Addonizio

New this week: A Hundred Thousand Words by Bob Proehl; Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner; The Sun in Your Eyes by Deborah Shapiro; The Bones of Grace by Tahmima Anam; The Swan Book by Alexis Wright; The Life of the World to Come by Dan...Show More Summary

There Is No Handbook for Being a Writer

I’m not 22 or even 42 and do not have the benefit of time, but I do have one advantage. The post There Is No Handbook for Being a Writer appeared first on The Millions.

‘The Arrangements’: A Work of Fiction

The New York Times Book Review asked the acclaimed novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to write a short story about the American election.

Carter Bravo’s Christmas Bride by Christine Rimmer

I don’t read category romances these days, but they hold a special place in my heart. Back in the day, Mom and I would head out to Crown Books to stock up on the newest Loveswepts, Silhouettes, and Harlequins. She’d be curled up in the...Show More Summary

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