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Ten Basic Principles of Metamodernism

Metamodernism is variously called a cultural paradigm, a cultural philosophy, a structure of feeling, and a system of logic. All these phrases really mean is that, like its predecessors modernism and postmodernism, metamodernism is a...Show More Summary

Is Capitalism All That Bad?

Why is capitalism bad for the world? Stephanie McMillan, an award winning writer and political cartoonist attempts to answer that question and explain what capitalism means to those who don't have a lifetime to study its concepts, in her book Capitalism Must Die. Reprinted by Permission. Show More Summary

Gender Trouble

There’s a reason Hemingway and Fitzgerald are usually thought of as being opposites on the masculinity spectrum. Hemingway, he of the grand works about boxing and bullfighting, is perhaps the patron saint of literary manhood, while Fitzgerald was often the definition of refinement. Yet their actual identities were a little more complicated than our images […]

6 Essential Book Club Picks for Working Mothers

You're a working mom and you're in a book club. Time is precious. And while it's super fun to get together with girlfriends and drink wine and eat snacks, and have opinions about books you may or may not have had time to read, there are only so many meetings in a row you can get away with not reading the book. Show More Summary

Every Father's Daughter

"Foreword" from Every Father's Daughter: 24 Writers Remember Their Fathers by Margaret McMullan After a prolonged illness, my father died on a chilly spring day when the lilacs had just started to bloom. In that last month of his life, when he could no longer talk, we learned to communicate in other ways. Show More Summary

Wild Ones, Dry Humor Meets Terrifying Reality

Perhaps the timing of my review on Wild Ones is perfect. The book came out nearly two years ago, but its message remains prescient. There's a common story in which a human locks eyes with an animal in the wild, and feels a profound connection. Show More Summary

Review: Morris Berman's New Book on Japan, "Neurotic Beauty"

Neurotic Beauty: An Outsider Looks At Japan is a fine addition to a long list of books that attempt to explain Japan, what one observer has called the "most foreign of foreign countries." Berman succeeds in his explanation mostly by avoiding the polarized industry of such explainers. Show More Summary

‘Mad Men’ Q&A: Jared Harris on Directing This Week’s Episode and Playing Lane Pryce

"It’s quite rare that you get a legitimate excuse to move the camera on the show," says the former castmember.

‘Mad Men’ Q&A: Jared Harris on Directing This Week’s Episode and Playing Lane Pryce

"It’s quite rare that you get a legitimate excuse to move the camera on the show."

Much to Sympathize With

Recommended Reading: Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Nervous Breakdown self-interview. (FYI, you can read an excerpt of Nguyen’s latest book over at Bloom.)

Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Convergence: Infinity Inc. spotlights teen heroes of the ’80s

DC’s Convergence event has reunited many creators with classic properties they worked on in the past. This week, Infinity Inc. co-creator Jerry Ordway returns to the teen superhero team, but this time as writer instead of artist. AsShow More Summary

Fuck Joy!

The concept of joy naturally has a positive connotation, but it's really camouflages the need for escape and oblivion. Joy may be associated with so called Dionysiac type experiences in which wine and other substances produce the illusion...Show More Summary

Into Her Own

Hollywood Notebook by Wendy Ortiz is both a book of poetry and a memoir. Composed of several prose poems, the book depicts her evolution into a poet in her early thirties, following up where her previous memoir Excavation left off. At The Rumpus, Lesley Heiser analyses the book, with references to Phil Klay’s Redeployment and […]

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

Jonathan Russell Clark reviews Satin Island by Tom McCarthy today in Rumpus Books.

He Who Must Not Be Named

It goes without saying that Hitler is a taboo subject in Germany, which is why it’s remarkable that a German novelist, Timur Vermes, has caused a sensation with his book about a time-travelling Fuhrer. In the Times, Janet Maslin reviews the first English translation of Look Who’s Back. You could also read Merve Emre on […]

On the birth of a lamb

John Lewis-Stempel, farmer and author of Meadowland, witnesses the delivery of a brand new sheep in this beautiful exclusive piece

Sidetracked Home Executives

Sidetracked Home Executives Young and Jones 1983 Submitter: This one came to us as a donation, but a quick check of our system finds that one library still has it on their shelves and another library has the 2001 “Rev. and updated ed.” I love that it is trademarked. Holly: I hope the 2001 edition was completely revised […]

Kiss & Tell: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My: Why We Love Shape-Shifter Romances

We all have little bit of animal inside us. Some romance heroes and heroines, however, have a lot more.

The Value of Writing Programs: On Why I Don’t Have an M.F.A.

The question shouldn’t be whether or not getting an M.F.A. is a worthwhile for those privileged enough to agonize over the cost. Instead we should ask: how can we better support people who want to write?

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