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Bayou Shadow Hunter by Debbie Herbert

I was really hoping to like this book. I wanted to write a review that was filled with lots of squee and happy rainbow unicorn gifs because that would have been fun to write. In retrospect, I was being overly optimistic since I am not typically a paranormal romance reader and rarely feel such adoration for the subgenre. Show More Summary

The Refrigerator Monologues by Catherynne M. Valente and Annie Wu

Here are the main things you need to know about The Refrigerator Monologues: it is intense, painful, and triumphant. It is NOT a romance. Readers would benefit from some familiarity with common comic book tropes while reading. Also, it’s feminist as fuck. Show More Summary

The People Hath Spoken

Is it possible to figure out Shakespeare’s politics from his plays? At the very least, there’s a lot we can learn. The post The People Hath Spoken appeared first on The Millions.

Affective Needs by Rebecca Taylor

I was late to the RITA reviewing party but there was a gap for a reviewer of either YA or Inspirational: I’m not inspirational but I was young once so YA it is. Checking out the title of Affective Needs was itself an education: apparently it’s a term for having emotional and social difficulties. Show More Summary

Why our spoons will soon play music and we’ll eat bugs with our hands

The new science of 'gastrophysics' studies how and why we eat, and is already starting to overhaul the way we dine The post Why our spoons will soon play music and we’ll eat bugs with our hands appeared first on

Affective Needs by Rebecca Taylor

Affective Needs is a YA romance with classic teen characters, like an angsty, academically-focused young woman ready to leave the confines of high school and a broody, mysterious bad boy who just started at the school. Rebecca Taylor’s...Show More Summary

The Moon in the Palace by Weina Dai Randel

Our heroine Mei is summoned to the Emperor’s palace after her father’s untimely death. There she quickly discovers the social stratification among the emperor’s many concubines. She also learns the intricate politics among the women,...Show More Summary

What to Read When You Want to Understand Middle America

A list of books about middle America that can, maybe, help us understand some of the stories we tell about ourselves about ourselves.

Ten Minutes of Motherhood: A Conversation with Ariel Levy

Ariel Levy on The Rules Do Not Apply, the illusion of control, and language’s inability to express grief.

Pick Your Perfect Partner

How to Pick a Mate The Guide to a Happy Marriage Adams and Packard 1946 Finding the perfect match is a tough job. This book has all the quizzes, testimonials, case studies, and facts, to help you make a good decision about a life mate. Sample chapters include: Attracting the one you want; Is it […]

Newswire: This Clue #1 exclusive begins a murder mystery by breaking the fourth wall

The Hasbro board game Clue has been adapted for other media in the past with the 1985 cult classic film, and it’s the basis for another new story courtesy of IDW, the comics publisher with a long-standing relationship with Hasbro. Written...Show More Summary

Crime: Unmasking Magic and Murder in the Best New Crime

Alchemists and archaeologists are among the characters in this week’s mystery column. Also crooked cops and a very sad, very dead homeless man.

Paperback Row

Six new paperbacks of interest this week.

The Golden Arches of Nostalgia

We’d walk into a McDonald’s and smell the familiar fried food and order the same burger and French fries and I'd taste the idea of home on my tongue. I would awake to the realization that this taste could be home. The post The Golden Arches of Nostalgia appeared first on The Millions.

Where to Begin

“I saw a novel with a mysterious-looking black woman on the cover. That was why I picked it up – because of the African woman on the cover of a book in the Science Fiction and Fantasy section. I read the first page and my eyes nearly popped out.” Book Riot has a killer roundup […] The post Where to Begin appeared first on The Millions.

The Harrowing Translations of Valeria Luiselli

The number of refugees is staggering and the circumstances harrowing: If you are a girl crossing the border from Mexico, there is an 80 percent chance that you will be raped. The post The Harrowing Translations of Valeria Luiselli appeared first on The Millions.

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