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Ari Gold to release how-to-succeed in business manual

The fast-talking, ball-busting “Entourage” agent Ari Gold is coming out with a how-to-succeed-in-business manual.

YA Wednesday: Best Books of March

This month our five-book selection of the best YA titles includes amazing debuts and new books by established YA authors that I've been waiting to see (get ready Will Grayson, Will Grayson fans)...

Language Rules! 5 Hot Ways to Celebrate National Grammar Day

March 4 is National Grammar Day: Have you made plans yet? Perhaps a visit to the library with your soul mate or maybe you're still figuring out which thrilling grammar gala to attend. Just in case you haven't planned ahead, here areShow More Summary

Love, Sustained: The Day I Met Ann Patchett

There are a few women writers whose work I pine for: Mary Karr, Anne Lamott, Alice Munro and Ann Patchett. As soon as they publish something new, I read it as fast I can. And it is Ann Patchett's non-fiction that brings me to my knees. I first read Patchett's novel Bel Canto years ago and liked it. Show More Summary

Finding Mavis

Mavis Gallant, who passed away a year ago this February, published a total of a hundred and sixteen short stories in The New Yorker, which puts her on par with short story factories like John Cheever and John Updike. Yet by the time she died, she was penniless and alone, a fact which worried the few […]

Big Sean Opens at No. 1

The 26-year-old rapper Big Sean’s new album, “Dark Sky Paradise,” opened at the top of Billboard’s album chart.

Newswire: Steve Martin enlists in Ang Lee’s Iraq war satire Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

If Three Kings, Jarhead, and In The Loop have taught us anything, it’s that Americans don’t care how scathing your indictment of the Iraq war is, they’re still not going to go see it in theaters. But start picking off men, women, and...Show More Summary

How Motherhood Shapes a Life

This post first appeared on Mom-Mentum in February 2015. Two years ago, a consulting job advocating for childcare providers made me realize how much motherhood had changed my life. Ultimately, it was that realization which led me toShow More Summary

Plight of the Loser

Recommended Reading: Colson Whitehead on the rise of the “loser edit.” You could also read our review of Whitehead’s Zone One.

Carbon Shock: How Global Warming Is Changing the Cost of Everything

Hurricanes. Droughts. Forest fires. Melting glaciers. Man made or acts of God? There are two types of climate change deniers. The first, motivated by commercial or ideological reasons, is a mentality that ignores scientific evidenceShow More Summary

An Intimate Guest: On Lynne Tillman’s ‘What Get’s Kept’

Tillman’s authorial voice is singular, and her spoken voice is, too. It’s truly an amplification of the voice on the page. Many people have remarked on the quality of Tillman’s voice: its strength and intellect, its wit and warmth. It’s also raspy, sensitive, perceptive, keen—delivered with a New York accent.

Newswire: Exclusive Marvel announcement: 1872 takes Secret Wars to the Wild West

This May, the Marvel Universe gets a major reimagining in the form of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic’s Secret Wars miniseries, which is serving as a launchpad for numerous new projects offering different takes on familiar Marvel characters. Show More Summary

Dialing Down the Queasy

In 1998, Matthew Stokoe kicked off his career as a novelist with Cows, a stomach-turning book set largely in the confines of a slaughterhouse. Now, Stokoe has written a book with a somewhat ironic title, considering it dials down the obscenity in comparison to his early work. Drew Smith interviews the author over at Full-Stop.

The 1906 Novel That Imagined Present-Day New York

New York City may never live up to the vision of its future reported by the Times in 1906. “The state of civilization about New York in the year 2015 will resemble very closely that of England in the early days of the Saxon settlement,” the paper declared on June 30th of that year. Show More Summary

Fck Resistance!

"Books are dangerous. The best ones should be labeled: 'This could change your life!'" Helen Exley, author of several little books about wisdom, is credited to have penned that statement. However, I could have written it from my own experience. Most recently, I've had my life completely wrecked by a book. Show More Summary

Losing: The Soul of a Writer

In June 2013, the New Yorker paid tribute to Vasily Grossman, unheralded Russian war correspondent and novelist. Unheralded to me, at least. Apparently not to the rest of the literate public. The full title of the New Yorker essay is "Vasily Grossman: Loser, Saint." The saint part didn't interest me. Show More Summary

Book Review: I Think You're Totally Wrong

I Think You're Totally Wrong: A Quarrel tilts on a classic approach -- the contrast. Over the course of four days, authors David Shields and Caleb Powell engaged in a dialogue about a spectrum of topics related to art, family, sports,...Show More Summary

The Art of Fear

At some point, Machiavelli became Machiavellian, which is to say that his personal views evolved into the self-centered credo we recognize. At Salon, an excerpt of a new biography of the writer, which digs up the formative events of his early life.

A common theme in YA novels this year

Although we’re not even a third of the way through 2015, I’ve still managed to find a theme in YA novels this year: suicide. I just finished Gayle Forman’s new book called I Was Here, and it centered on Cody, … Continue reading ?

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