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After the Failed Coup, Many Young Turks Are Yearning for Independence

ISTANBUL ? “Did I do the right thing when I brought my kids from the U.S. to Turkey?” a young Turkish scholar asked me last week. We were chatting in the garden of a private university in Izmir, a Turkish city by the Aegean sea. “Friends...Show More Summary

On Debate Night, Celebrating a Book About Immigrants

A group will honor “Nuevo New York,” which features interviews with dozens of creative professionals of Latin American descent.

"Damn Delicious" Chicken Lettuce Wraps

A popular P.F. Chang's dish that you can make at home in about 20 minutes (for real), straight from the pages of Chungah Rhee's new cookbook, Damn Delicious

The Real Source of Writer's Block

Years ago I read the Goethe quote, "The worst thing one can do is to think ill of oneself." It seemed true enough to me at the time - I certainly thought ill of myself now and again and it never led to any good. But Goethe didn't say thinking ill of oneself was one of the worst things you could do; he said it was the worst thing you could do. Show More Summary

These Letters About Sexual Harassment From the 1970s Could Be About Trump Today

Sarah Mirk A still from the in-process film Forty Years. In the video, a woman stares at the camera and says, “Virtually all women, but particularly younger women, are subjected to being pawed in public places...obviously this is an incredibly humiliating experience for us.” This sounds like a commentary on Donald Trump’s behavior this election. Show More Summary

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Links: Hogwarts, Outlander, & Wildlife

Happy Wednesday to everyone! I hope you’re enjoying a good book and enjoying some nice weather. Here are some neat links to kill that mid-week slump! … Thanks to author Rhoda Baxter for telling us about The Setup Wizard, a parody account written from the point of view of Hogwarts’ IT guy: First day on the job. Show More Summary

Cultural Studies: During a Social Media Break, Kim Kardashian West Offers ‘More Me’

An expanded version of the selfie-filled book “Selfish” follows the robbery in Paris.

The Great Silence

“I and my fellow parrots are right here. Why aren’t they interested in listening to our voices?” New short fiction from Ted Chiang over at Electric Literature (and introduced by Year in Reading alum Karen Jay Fowler – you’ll see why)! Pair with our encyclopedic survey of primate lit. The post The Great Silence appeared first on The Millions.

Do We Need to Time Warp Again?

Jes Richards In a trailer for the new Rocky Horror Picture Show airing live on Fox this week, Laverne Cox á la Dr. Frank-N-Furter plants a kiss on the camera that then turns into a rainbow, clearly paying tribute to the show's LGBTQShow More Summary

We Can Get Behind This

We would be remiss not to mention this new ‘Fifty Shades of Muppet’ trailer. Pair with our own essay on literary predecessors in published fan fiction. The post We Can Get Behind This appeared first on The Millions.

4 Indie Romance You Don't Want to Miss

Romance is a genre in which independent authors have made the biggest splash with books that readers love. Here are four romance novels from indie authors that you'll want to add to your ebook library or TBR pile.

Video Premiere: The Shondes, 'Everything Good'

Katie Presley Much of, perhaps even most of, the work of being an activist is hard. People struggling to make the world better make it their life's work to grapple on a daily basis with the ways things go wrong, and how, hopefully, those wrongs might be fixed. Show More Summary

The Library Is Dead. Long Live the Library!

Properly maintained public libraries empower minority communities by providing access to modern technologies and the training to use these technologies. The post The Library Is Dead. Long Live the Library! appeared first on The Millions.

How You Can Read the Magazine That Lewis Carroll Produced as a Teenager

Charles Dodgson edited the magazine and produced the majority of the content. The magazine also includes work by six of his ten siblings

Honey We Lost the Kids

  Honey, We Lost the Kids: Re-Thinking childhood in the multimedia age McDonnell 2001 Submitter: The content of this book was great in 2005. By now it’s dated and needs weeding, which is ho-hum and to be expected with tech topics in particular.  The sh!#-storm is the cover, which was NEVER OKAY. Honestly, we weed […]

Book Excerpt: When the White House Killed Historic TV News Coverage

From Greg Mitchell's The Tunnels: Escapes Under the Berlin Wall and the Historic Films the JFK White House Tried to Killed, published this week by Crown. When Daniel Schorr, on August 7, 1962, got a call at dawn in his Berlin hotel room, on the morning of the great escape under the Wall that he planned to cover, he was perplexed. Show More Summary

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