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Peter Carey’s latest novel is a merciless excavation of Australian history

A Long Way Home relentlessly skewers the government’s racial policies towards half-caste Aborigines

Did the fabled Phoenicians ever actually exist?

They were celebrated throughout the ancient world as fearless merchant adventurers — yet they remain as elusive as ever

Books of The Times: Will Democracy Survive President Trump? Two New Books Aren’t So Sure

David Frum’s “Trumpocracy” takes aim at the president and those who empower him, and “How Democracies Die,” by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, reads at times like a sly subtweet of the Republican Party.

Those Who Left Us: Select Literary Obituaries of 2017

Poets, editors, songwriters, teachers, journalists, novelists—some great writers and some under-sung ones left us this year. Here, in chronological order of their deaths, is a selective compendium of literary obituaries from 2017.  Show More Summary

These are the five very different books shortlisted for the RBC Taylor Prize

Two intense works of history, a wrenching account of contemporary racism, and two intimate memoirs make for wide-ranging reading The post These are the five very different books shortlisted for the RBC Taylor Prize appeared first on

Links: Netflix, Cheese, & Wonderwall

Yeah, that’s right – Netflix, cheese, and “Wonderwall.” If that’s not a winning combination, I don’t know what is. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy this selection of links and…I’m sorry, but there’s more Star Wars stuff. … The New York...Show More Summary

Less Brilliant but More Profound: Denis Johnson’s The Largesse of the Sea Maiden

[I]n Johnson’s whole protean oeuvre, more than any pair of books, Jesus’ Son and The Largesse of the Sea Maiden are like binary stars, locked in orbit, distinct but inseparable, each throwing its light upon the other.

Star Wars on the Webz

The Incredible Internet Guide to  Star Wars Weber 1999 Submitter: Found in 791s when pulling material for a display. I guess people were excited enough about the Phantom Menace in 1999 that a book collecting all the Star Wars fan sites...Show More Summary

Fiction: An Unusual Jewish Novel, Full of Blood and Incense

Ruby Namdar’s “The Ruined House,” the winner of Israel’s prestigious Sapir Prize, now appears in English.

Nonfiction: Real Worlds, Possible Worlds and Fantasy Worlds

In “The Origins of Creativity,” E.O. Wilson argues for a different relationship between the humanities and both the practical and theoretical sciences.

An Evening of Immersive Theater with the Dead and Dying

My experience of The Dead, 1904, Paul Muldoon and Jean Hanff Korelitz’s immersive theater adaptation of James Joyce’s short story, was unremarkable until an audience member fainted. I had been invited to the show as a last-minute fill-in—tickets...Show More Summary

Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

When Elyse and I heard about a horror novel with bloodthirsty mermaids, our wonder twin powers activated like never before. Yes, that’s right: killer mermaids. The majority of the book takes place in the near future in 2022. Seven years...Show More Summary

Setting aside Time for Magic: Talking with Myriam Gurba

MEAN, a series of vignettes released by Coffee House Press in November 2017, is a memoir in which Myriam Gurba explores how it felt to grow up as a queer Chicana in Southern California. Gurba had a Mexican feminist mother and a half-Polish father, and a mother tongue of English, Spanish, and some Nahuatl.

The Michael Wolff Way

In February 2017, according to Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire And Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Tony Blair met with Jared Kushner in Washington. Blair, the story goes, was eager as ever to please and offered Kushner what WolffShow More Summary

Nonfiction: At a Public School in Denver, Refugee Children Find Hope and Frustration

In “The Newcomers,” Helen Thorpe documents a class of immigrant teenagers while the Trump campaign stirs up nativist resentment.

Inside the Battle for Arthur Miller’s Archive

After a discreet tug-of-war with the playwright’s estate and Yale, the University of Texas has acquired the papers, including an “Aladdin’s cave” of unpublished material.

‘Fire and Fury’ from Canada: It’s Not About Trump. Or Michael Wolff.

A scholarly analysis by a Canadian professor of World War II bombing of Germany has found new life because it shares part of the title of the political best seller.

Books of The Times: Two Classic American Novels About the Madness and Beauty of Race

George S. Schuyler’s “Black No More” and Nella Larsen’s “Passing” have been reissued in time for Black History Month.

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