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Graphic Novel Friday: Interview with Daniel Clowes

Multi-award-winning and multi-talented comics creator Daniel Clowes chats with us in a rare interview about his new The Complete Eightball collection, what has and has not changed in his process since Eightball, superheroes, and the book that changed his life.

The Reading Series: Will Rahilly's "Blue Dot" & Ben Fama's "Los Angeles"

In "Blue Dot," Will Rahilly depicts a woman reading poetry, which imbeds meaning into her vague appearance as she sprouts tendrils and thrashes on the news. The poem, Ben Fama's "Los Angeles," flashes in Papyrus typeface before fragments are displayed on a news ticker. Show More Summary

A Bookish Lament

Recommended reading: “A Book Buyer’s Lament,” from Ken Kalfus for the New Yorker.

The Dress Thief by Natalie Meg Evans

I wanted to like Natalie Meg Evans’ book, The Dress Thief, I really did, but I simply couldn’t read the last third of the book and as a result it ended up with a DNF grade. However, just because I couldn’t finish the book doesn’t mean it’s a bad book; there were simply too many tropes in it that I personally do not like. Show More Summary

Acting Coaches and Rehearsals: YouTube Stars Are Getting Movie-World Lessons

As they make the leap to full-length films, digital talent has had to learn how to flesh out characters and the advice can sometimes be bizarre (like imagining a vulture perched on your shoulder).

Popcast: Apple Music and Beats 1

Ben Ratliff and Ben Sisario discuss Apple Music, the much-anticipated music-streaming service to be launched June 30.

The Dress Thief by Natalie Meg Evans

TRIGGER WARNING: abuse, date rape Alix Gower dreams of being a couture fashion designer, but those dreams take money she doesn’t have. In the meantime she makes a little extra money by selling sketches of designer clothes to middlemen who export them to be made as cheap knockoffs. Show More Summary

The Charleston Tragedy and the Generosity of Forgiveness

As I researched the subject of generosity for my recent book Inspiring Generosity (Wisdom, 2014), I became increasingly aware of the ways in which generosity shows up in our world under the name of something else. It made me realizeShow More Summary

Newswire: Sweet Valley High may make its sunny, twin-soaked return to the small screen

YA heroines and idyllically described twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield may be making their size six, lavalier-clad return to the small screen. (The pair are already due for a big-screen reboot courtesy of Diablo Cody, though that...Show More Summary

First Chance for Jill Shalvis Fans to Hear about "Second Chance Summer"

Second Chance Summer is the first book of Shalvis' intriguing new series set in Colorado, where men and women tackle life and love among the rugged mountains of Cedar Ridge. Shalvis speaks in this video interview about what makes her characters tick, what’s planned for the series, and the dreaded writers' block.

Writing Sarcastically

Sarcasm makes the Internet go round. No, seriously, it basically does, and over at The Toast a linguist examines some of the strategies writers have developed, or are trying to develop, to communicate that sarcasm through writing, without the benefit of an eye-roll and a different tone of voice.

Big Issues: The Fade Out thrills with sex, secrets, and suspense in 1940s Hollywood

Each week, Big Issues focuses on newly released comic books of significance. This week, it’s The Fade Out #7. Written by Ed Brubaker (Velvet, Criminal) with art by Sean Phillips (Criminal, Sleeper) and Elizabeth Breitweiser (Velvet,Show More Summary

You're an Author? So You're Really Not Working, Right?

Most authors have some sort of a home office which is good and bad. Good in the sense that you have a quiet place to weave your stories without major disturbances from co-workers. Bad because your neighbors and family members know that you're home and they don't understand the reality of writing. Show More Summary

Books Nobody Reads

Maybe nobody read your first, or last, most recent or only book, but writer, take heart: nobody read the work of these 10 great authors either.

The Top Five Audiobook Voice Artists

"I guess my guilty pleasure would be listening to the British audio versions of the 'Harry Potter' books."- David Sedaris As I mentioned in The Most Overlooked Treasure of a Library - The Audio Book a good narrator can make a mediocre book great and an average narrator can ruin a classic. Show More Summary

Movie Review: Inside Out

Inside Out is the new Pixar movie, and it took me a longer time than usual to go see it because I knew I would cry. Well, yeah, of course I cried, and thanks Pixar SO VERY MUCH for adding a line at the very end of the credits that made me cry all over again just as the lights went up. Show More Summary

Neal Stephenson: On "Seveneves," His Writing, and More

We spoke with Neal Stephenson in person at BookExpo America about his space/science epic, Seveneves. In this video interview, Stephenson speaks about the genesis of Seveneves, why the book jumps forward in time, other creative projects he's working on, and more.

A Summer Reading To-Do List

My blanket summer reading goal is to chip away at my ridiculous to-read list. But I think, more than that, I’d like (need) to be a slightly more intentional and finally get to a few things I might have had checked out … Continue reading ?

The Deviates! Friday Fiction

  The Deviates Jones 1956 (Formerly published as the Secret People) A little science fiction blast from the past! In the not too distant future all reproduction is under the guise of the Genetics Bureau. Chief of the bureau, Robert Welton is creating a colony with the few normal women left. Of course they have […]

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