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Silly Little Show-Biz Book Club: This Is It!—the memoir of Michael Jackson’s doctor—is a morbidly fascinating train wreck

Silly Little Show-Biz Book Club is Nathan Rabin’s ongoing exploration of books involving show business, with a special emphasis on the very bad and the very sleazy. In the subtitle for his memoir This Is It!, Dr. Conrad Murray, the man...Show More Summary

The man and the moment

The centenary of the Russian Revolution has arrived right on time, just as the liberal democratic world is getting a… See the full story of The man and the moment on The Spectator.

A genial green guide to 2000 AD

I can recall exactly where I was 40 years ago when I didn’t buy the first issue — or ‘prog’… See the full story of A genial green guide to 2000 AD on The Spectator.

Prophesying doom

Boualem Sansal’s prophetic novel very clearly derives its lineage from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. A totalitarian surveillance state, a fundamentalist… See the full story of Prophesying doom on The Spectator.

The road to independence

Alone with her father’s dead body, Olive Piper says, ‘I don’t know anything, except what I feel, and how can… See the full story of The road to independence on The Spectator.

Holy heroes

The Reformation is such a huge, sprawling historical subject that it makes sense, in this the 500th anniversary of Martin… See the full story of Holy heroes on The Spectator.

Mach the Knife

The business of banking (from the Italian word banco, meaning ‘counter’) was essentially Italian in origin. The Medici bank, founded… See the full story of Mach the Knife on The Spectator.

An epic for our times

Trailing rave US reviews, fan letters from Yann Martel and Khaled Hosseini and a reputation as ‘Doctor Zhivago for the… See the full story of An epic for our times on The Spectator.

The best sort of magic realism

Michael Fishwick’s new novel tells the story of a young man called Robbie, who has been uprooted from his London… See the full story of The best sort of magic realism on The Spectator.

Charming old fox

Talleyrand was 76 when he took up the post of French ambassador in London in 1830. Linda Kelly deals only… See the full story of Charming old fox on The Spectator.

Bear essentials

In Yoko Tawada’s surreal and beguiling novel we meet three bears: mother, daughter and grandson. But there will be no… See the full story of Bear essentials on The Spectator.

Margaret Atwood on the author Gabrielle Roy, in nine parts

In an excerpt from 'Quebec,' Margaret Atwood considers the life and legacy of a deeply Canadian author who still resonates today The post Margaret Atwood on the author Gabrielle Roy, in nine parts appeared first on

The 2017 Whiting Award Winners

The 2017 Whiting Award winners were announced tonight at a ceremony in Manhattan, and this year’s list of ten honorees includes Francisco Cantú (The Line Becomes a River), Simone Wright (Of Being Dispersed), Phillip B. Williams (Thief...Show More Summary

Books of The Times: ‘Cork Dork’ Sniffs, Swills and Spits Through the World of Wine Experts

A journalist sets her sights on becoming a sommelier, and learns that the training can be grueling for these “masochistic hedonists.”

Essential Reading: 5 Books About Dramatic Supreme Court Nomination Hearings

Full-length accounts of how Senate hearings for Clarence Thomas, Robert H. Bork and others were turned into spectator sport.

Fighting Words: Three Words We Love to Argue About

Kory Stamper of Merriam-Webster talks about whether “irregardless” is a word, the origins of “posh” and the dozens of recorded pronunciations of “lingerie.”

A.V. Club Live: New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark on writing her 38th cookbook

For her 38th cookbook, New York Times cooking columnist Melissa Clark turns her attention to easy-to-prepare dinners, with much of her recipes cooked on one sheet pan. Clark talks with A.V. Club food editor Kevin Pang on the inspiration for her latest book.

Newswire: Jane Austen is being courted by the most contemptible “alt-right” Nazis

Jane Austen is a goodly woman of one and forty, a fine and delicate comportment, an elasticity of mind, and who is dead. In her day, she has seen many a suitor, not all to her liking. Her works, gentle in their persuasion of love and...Show More Summary

Middlemarch Madness Begins! 32 Literary Characters Face Off

You decide who would win in battles of wit, wisdom, or physical prowess in the first round of Middlemarch Madness: Mr. Darcy vs. Mr. Rochester. Scout Finch vs. Dorothy Gale. Captain Hook vs. Long John Silver...and more!

Introducing: The F.U.C.K. I.T.T. List

FUCK ITT List, Donald Trump, Culture, Media Literacy Bitch HQ Donald Trump is lying to us all and we’re sick of it.The Trump administration has run a campaign of manipulation and misdirection declaring all unflattering coverage fake,...Show More Summary

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