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Five New Fall TV Shows Ripped from the Pages of Books

Five books and comics series bring storytelling depth (we hope!) to the new TV lineup.

Evermore! New Life for Gothic Tales.

Gareth Hinds’s richly illustrated versions of canonical stories and poems by Edgar Allen Poe restore wonder and excitement to works young readers usually only encounter in school.

Light Reading: The Summer of Fire and Fury: A Reading List

The secretary of state wants Americans to relax. We’re here to help. Maybe a nice bedtime book to help you sleep?

Newswire: The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti... come on down!

The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti is about to go on hiatus for a month, so at the production office, we’ve been treating this week’s episode—episode 20!—as our “midseason finale.” To send us into the break with a bang, we headed to CBS...Show More Summary

Newswire: Citizen V puts the heat on Hydra in this U.S. Avengers #9 exclusive

Roberto da Costa has had a fascinating journey in Marvel Comics. He was originally introduced in the ’80s as part of the teenage New Mutants, and would stick with the team when it was rebranded as the more extreme X-Force of the ’90s. Show More Summary

The Longest Hike

“At the train station in Cerbère, France, M. and I have survived the grueling hike on the Sentier de la Liberté Walter Benjamin.” For Catapult, Gwen Strauss writes about climbing the path that Benjamin used to flee the Gestapo, only to take his own life at its terminus. Show More Summary

Zazzle Sale, Plus Swans, Bucks, & More – Oh My!

From now until August 13, Zazzle is offering 30% off all apparel. Just use code: ZSUMMERSTYLE. The discount includes shirts, dresses, hoodies, leggings, onesies, shoes, sweatshirts, and tank tops. Which means...our latest Slayer of Words shirt falls into that category!

Unknown Parables

“The rest of her speech to the U.N. that day is an exact outline for what she wanted the rest of the Parable books to be about?—?a way out that she did not live to write herself.” For Electric Literature, Kristopher Jansma explores the unwritten Parable books of acclaimed sci-fi author Octavia Butler. Show More Summary

This Old House

It’s been another long week. Lighten the crush of news with The Guardian‘s literary quiz, in which you match the house to the writer/book it inspired. And once you’ve gotten your score, perhaps take a vicarious tour of the House of Brontë? The post This Old House appeared first on The Millions.

Bring Your Own Geiger Counter

Prospecting for Atomic Minerals Knoerr and Lutjen 1955 Those of you looking to change your career, here is an option to consider. Why not collect all those fancy minerals they use in an atomic bombs? It’s perfectly safe and easy for anyone to just pick up a shovel and start digging. Show More Summary

Coloring Books for Adults: Is That Still a Thing?

While it's not the craze it once was, there are still plenty of beautiful, fun, or just interesting adult coloring books that have come out recently. Here's a handful that caught my eye...

You’re a Writer Now

I was starting to lose hope. I was drinking too much wine as a way to temper the barrage of rejections cluttering my inbox, and as a result, I’d wake every morning at two or three or four and lie there, hungover and heart pounding, despairing that no one would ever love what I’d made. The post You’re a Writer Now appeared first on The Millions.

Feature: Who’s Afraid of Claire Messud?

The novelist’s characters have been called “difficult women.” She would say they are simply women with desires.

Nonfiction: The Man Who Ran the Country While Lincoln Lay Dying

Walter Stahr’s “Stanton” is a sympathetic treatment of the war secretary Edwin Stanton, a man once accused of complicity in Lincoln’s assassination.

Fiction: When Supernatural Abilities Are Less a Blessing Than a Curse

Daryl Gregory’s new novel, “Spoonbenders,” features the conflicted members of a family of psychics.

By the Book: Philippa Gregory: By the Book

The author of “The Last Tudor” is no fan of “sloppy genre novels”: “The typing alone is so exhausting — surely if you’re going to undertake 150,000 words, you might as well have something interesting to say?”

The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science by Richard Holmes

Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science is a nonfiction book that combines science, history, biography, and a dollop of poetry to cover an amazing era of scientific discovery and artistic innovation. Show More Summary

The Rec League: Unrequited Love with Experienced Heroines

We have new Rec League coming from SB Sarah, who is searching for a combination of unrequited love for a heroine who is experienced and confident! Sarah: I want to find romances where the hero has an unrequited love for the heroine BUT the heroine is not this innocent ingenue. Show More Summary

A dazzling vision

There are a number of reports by his contemporaries of Thomas Gainsborough at work. They make you realise what a…

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