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2016 SBTB Gift Guide, Part 6: Sexxxytimes

I’ve had the immense pleasure (heh) of putting together part six of our SBTB Gift Guide! Be warned that this post is probably NSFW, as it includes sex toys (both for couples or for solo use) and some recommended reading material. IfShow More Summary

Bruce Mazlish, Who Fused Psychoanalysis and History in His Books, Dies at 93

Mr. Mazlish created controversy with psychoanalytic biographies of living world leaders, including one about Richard M. Nixon.

Newswire: A lost H.G. Wells story is now in print for the first time ever

One of the greatest thrills of being a famous dead person must be the knowledge that people are going to be digging through your stuff for decades in hopes of uncovering some lost masterpiece, discarded private letters, or a shockingly expansive pornography collection. Show More Summary

On Feminist Media, Donald Trump, and Being Bold

Julie Falk Giving Tuesday is important: How things tally up at midnight tonight can indicate whether or not we'll reach our 2016 funding goal. This year, it's more important than ever that we build momentum today. Will you become a member or make...Show More Summary

Bad Results: Writing, Elections, And What I Can Depend On

In case you missed it, the United States had a Presidential election recently. Some people were happy with the results, and some people were very, very unhappy with the results. Historically unhappy, I would say. I was one of the latter. Show More Summary

From AbeBooks: Decoding the World’s Most Mysterious Manuscript

Is there a Robert Langdon inside of you, burning to infiltrate secret societies and crack their arcane secrets? Our colleagues at AbeBooks might have just the book for you....

How Reality TV Inspires My Writing

Last year, I officially became a cord cutter and canceled my cable subscription. I had enough of spending $100/month wasting time watching mindless television. At first, it was great. I started reading more, going out more and finding...Show More Summary

Books of The Times: Kathleen Collins’s ‘Whatever Happened to Interracial Love?’

This collection of newly discovered stories is part of a large body of work by this filmmaker, playwright and writer, who died young.


Rebecca Koon Look familiar? In classic TV show The Wonder Years, the gym teacher takes a typically unhelpful approach to sex-ed.  This article includes plot details from Jane the Virgin. In season three of the CW’s award-winning hit show Jane the Virgin, which premiered last month, the eponymous Jane finally has sex. Show More Summary

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2016

We spotlight eight of our best-of-the-year picks and let you know why we loved 'em.

HaBO: Hero Undergoes Makeover to Secure a Business Deal

This HaBO is from Kaye and she’s hoping to find this Harlequin title: I’m looking for a book and it’s definitely a Harlequin book I read in my teens. The book was possibly older than that, since I’m now 25 so maybe early 2000? Anyway, all I remember is that this book was about a girl sort of transforming this guy, so he could get a business deal. Show More Summary

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to Zadie Smith’s By the Book interview and more.

Open Book: The Bright Side of 2016

Boldface names and bold debuts are among those on this year’s list of 100 Notable Books.

Good White People Can Be Racist, Too

Vanessa Willoughby Donald Trump at a rally in Arizona last March. Photo by Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons). Who are good white people? I have lived with good white people nearly all my life. If you can’t identify them, they will gladly identify themselves. Show More Summary

Nonfiction: Carrie Fisher Has More to Say About Her Life in ‘Star Wars’

In “The Princess Diarist,” Carrie Fisher dishes about her life inside the “Star Wars” industrial complex. SPOILER ALERT!

Roundup: This Season’s Best Books on Hollywood

New books by and about movie stars include a collection of photos and writing by Alan Cumming, a memoir by Tippi Hedren, “The Tao of Bill Murray” and more.

Oh Joy Sex Toy: Queer, A Graphic History

Erika Moen Oh Joy Sex Toy is a weekly NSFW comics series that graphically explores sex and sexuality. This week: A review of new book Queer: A Graphic History.   Read more Oh Joy Sex Toy comics right here, including a comic about what it means to be sex positive.

Roundup: Itineraries Await in the Season’s Best Travel Books

New travel books include “The Timbuktu School for Nomads” and “The Humorless Ladies of Border Control.”

Call It Like It Is

“Avoid using the term generically and without definition, however, because it is not well known and the term may exist primarily as a public-relations device to make its supporters’ actual beliefs less clear and more acceptable to a broader audience. Show More Summary

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