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Fiction: A Second Mississippi Novel by Brad Watson

Brad Watson’s “Miss Jane” imagines the ways a real woman with a birth defect insisted on her humanity in the old South.

Fiction: Jesse Ball’s New Novel Features a Teenage Arsonist

The unhappy protagonist of Jesse Ball’s “How to Set a Fire and Why” joins an “arson club.”

Fiction: Outlaws Like a Good Book Too

Donald Ray Pollock’s “The Heavenly Table,” a raw, riotous satire set in the rural South of 1917, takes aim at literary snobbery.

Fiction: A Debut Novel Traces a Woman’s Life in Solitude

The linked vignettes in Claire-Louise Bennett’s “Pond” trace the streaming thoughts of a solitary woman.

Fiction: A Novel Explores Tragedy’s Aftermath in a Colombian-American Family

For the family in Patricia Engel’s “The Veins of the Ocean,” the past infects the present when a violent act is repeated.

Poetry: Time-Traveling Poems Consider the Self in Its Many Guises

The poet Jana Prikryl’s debut, “The After Party,” elevates the everyday and nods to influences from the past.

Nonfiction: Reconsidering the Work of a Chinese Immigrant Writer of the 1930s

In “A Floating Chinaman,” Hua Hsu revisits a Chinese immigrant writer who could not surmount ethnocentrism and racism.

Nonfiction: A Fond Look Back at the International Jet Set in Old Shanghai

Taras Grescoe’s “Shanghai Grand” is a love song to “the wicked old Paris of the Orient.”

Open Book: Sci-Fi in Bulk

“The Big Book of Science Fiction” is nearly 1,200 pages of stories by the genre’s luminaries and lesser-known authors.

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to a recent review of Mark Danner’s “Spiral: Trapped in the Forever War” and more.

Israeli Defense Minister Compares Beloved Palestinian Poet to Hitler

Avigdor Lieberman, an ultranationalist, said that Army Radio should not have aired a show about Mahmoud Darwish, who is considered the Palestinians’ national poet.

Dear Hillary - Please Don't Pick Tim Kaine As Your VP

HIllary Rodham Clinton, Election 2016 s.e. smith We won’t even be fully recovered from our Trump hangover by the time the DNC rolls out next week. Today, Hillary Clinton is poised to announce her vice-presidential pick. At the top of the list of potential candidates is Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. Show More Summary

Weekend Reading

In this edition of Weekend Reading, witches, fractured families, and gangstas, oh my!

Literature Isn’t Publishing

“In re-organizing the priorities of book publishing—by inventing new models rather than trying to repeat past success, by valuing ingenuity over magnitude, by thinking of sales as a way to make great books possible rather than the point—indie...Show More Summary

A Novel of Imposture

Recommended Listening: David Naimon interviews Rikki Ducornet about her new novel, Brightfellow. Also check out this Millions review of the book. The post A Novel of Imposture appeared first on The Millions.


“In the morning, before we left, we presented my aunt with a gift from Indonesia, a package of luwak, one of four in Bon’s duffel. Civet coffee? she said, bemused. We were already savoring cups of coffee at her table, brewed in her coffee press from Arabica beans of her own supply.” An excerpt from […] The post Commitments appeared first on The Millions.

BitchTapes: Time Travel

This week's mixtape was curated by Jessica Numsuwankijkul, the lead singer of Heliotropes. She writes: "Span time. This playlist contains more than one song from the 12th century + Alice Coltrane singing religious devotionals over a cloud of synths from the future. Show More Summary

The Most Dreadful Murder of the Century

Robert Coombes was a monster, as far as the press was concerned, and you can hardly blame it for that conclusion. At the age of 13, the boy was denounced in the newspaper Lloyd’s Weekly as the perpetrator of HORROR ON HORROR’S HEAD THE...Show More Summary

Todd Moss on Books and Writing

Todd Moss is Chief Operating Officer and a Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development, a think tank based in Washington, DC. Ghosts of Havana, your third novel, will be published in September. Would you tell us a little bit about...Show More Summary

Spotify’s Hidden Literary Gems

The sexy repartee of Darcy delivered straight to my ears? The transatlantic, resounding voice of Sylvia Plath reading her poetry? An entire playlist of Shakespeare’s sonnets is there to delight, along with biographies of classical composers and Anton Chekhov short stories. The post Spotify’s Hidden Literary Gems appeared first on The Millions.

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