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Fiction: Four Girls Named Guinevere Try to Flee a Convent

Four girls, all named Guinevere, plot a breakout from the convent they involuntarily call home in Sarah Domet’s “The Guineveres.”

Fiction: Alan Moore’s Time-Traveling Tribute to His Gritty Hometown

Fantasy and reality merge in Alan Moore’s tribute to his hometown, “Jerusalem.”

Fiction: A Debut Novel Busts All the Stereotypes About Asian-Americans

The title family of Jade Chang’s novel, “The Wangs vs. the World,” feel alienated from both the new country and the old.

Fiction: A New Novel Mixes Mental Illness, Revenge and Longing

The voice in Alexander Maksik’s new novel, “Shelter in Place,” is that of a man waiting (and hoping) for a woman to return to him.

Nonfiction: A New Biography of Hitler Separates the Man From the Myths

In “Hitler: Ascent 1889-1939,” Volker Ullrich focuses on Hitler the man.

Nonfiction: Streets of Laredo: How 2 American Teenagers Became Assassins

Dan Slater’s “Wolf Boys” is about how American teenagers trained by a Mexican drug cartel murdered on both sides of the border.

Nonfiction: Sex, Booze and Jazz in 1920s Paris

Mary McAuliffe’s “When Paris Sizzled” is an excursion through the artistic city in the 1920s.

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize: A Podcast Discussion

Our music and book critics talk about Dylan the musician and Dylan the writer.

Nonfiction: A Complicated Man: Tracy Kidder’s New Book on Paul English

The making of the serial software entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul English is told in Tracy Kidder’s “A Truck Full of Money.”

Wikileaks, Bookshelf Voyeur

Quartz has a roundup of the books Hillary Clinton borrowed from the State Department library during her time as Secretary of State, including a memoir, poetry, and a lot of non-fiction. Pair with our piece about what private libraries reveal about their readers. The post Wikileaks, Bookshelf Voyeur appeared first on The Millions.

Big Issues: Shutter #23 does what no other visual narrative media can do

Each week, Big Issues focuses on a newly released comic-book issue of significance. This week, it’s Shutter #23. Written by Joe Keatinge (Ringside, Tech Jacket) with art by Leila Del Duca (Scarlet Witch, The Wicked + The Divine) andShow More Summary

This Real Forest Inspired Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood. Now It’s Under Threat

The Forest's conservation funding comes from the European Union, which the U.K. voted to leave on June 23


Francis Fukuyama dealt a blow to Hegelian dialectics when he wrote The End of History and the Last Man and before that the sociologist Daniel Bell had written The End of Ideology. Both of these tomes offered a form of historical revisionism...Show More Summary

See the world of microbiology!

Wonders Under a Microscope Cosgrove 1963 Hey you budding scientists! Here is your introduction to microscopy. Lots of cool stuff to see in the world of microbiology. An okay book for the early 60s (I’m grading on a curve), but it wouldn’t fly for kids today. Aside from the technology changes in the micro world, […]

Citizen Ack: On Whimsy, Trump, and ‘Bloom County’

In its last few weeks in existence, 'Bloom County' had Donald Trump end the world. The post Citizen Ack: On Whimsy, Trump, and ‘Bloom County’ appeared first on The Millions.

The Rumpus Interview with Brian Booker

Brian Booker discusses his debut collection Are You Here For What I’m Here For?, giving characters strange and unusual names, and sleeping sickness.

216. Bending the Gender of Sherlock Holmes: An Interview with Sherry Thomas

Bestselling author Sherry Thomas talks with Sarah about her new historical mystery series, featuring a gender-bent Sherlock Holmes, and her keynote address at RWA in 2016. They also discuss languages, learning English by reading romance, and writing in several genres. Show More Summary

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