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Escaping the Poisonous Womb of Home

Very few people know the true identity of the Italian novelist who writes under the pen name Elena Ferrante, but I’d be willing to bet serious money that if we ever learn the truth, her personal history won’t contain a childhood friend very much like Raffaella “Lila” Cerullo. Show More Summary

President Obama to Run Wild with Bear Grylls

Later this year President Obama will appear on an episode of NBC's "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" to discuss the effects of climate change in Alaska.

Amy Stewart turns to fiction with Girl Waits With Gun

I’ve been reading Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart. Released this week, it’s Amy’s first novel and marks her entry into fiction after a series of entertaining non-fiction hits including The Drunken Botanist, Wicked Plants, Wicked Bugs and Flower Confidential. Amy is no ordinary author as she is truly committed to books and the […]

The Intriguing Politics of Asian Food

Photo: Japan National Tourism Organization Asian food has become such an important component of the American diet that we often take it for granted. Staples like sushi, Thai curries, and Chinese dumplings belong to the everyday culinary vocabulary of many Americans. Show More Summary

The Half-Seen Thing

“My process for writing is the same, regardless of form: I abandon my children, I become a horrible husband, and a half-assed teacher. That’s what it all has in common.” Adam Johnson interviewed for Tin House in conjunction with the release of his new collection of short stories, Fortune Smiles.

The Last Love Song by Tracy Daugherty

Tara Merrigan reviews The Last Love Song by Tracy Daugherty today in Rumpus Books.

Abortion Without Apology

This review appeared first at The National Book Review. Talk about great timing. The paperback edition of PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, Katha Pollitt's fierce and engaging response to the raging crusade against women's reproductive...Show More Summary

Bad Hair Day

How to Cut, Curl, and Care for Your Hair Booth 1985 Submitter: One of our student workers [in a university library] found this gem while shelf reading and brought it to us to enjoy. It’s horribly out of date and it looks like it was only checked out once (in 1986). The illustrator is fond of […]

Giveaway: ARCs of Forever Your Earl by Eva Leigh!

You might have noticed that I’m a lot excited about Forever Your Earl by Eva Leigh, the new pen name for Zoe Archer. I’ve liked Archer’s books a whole much of a lot, especially the Blades of the Rose series, which was like historical romance mixed with Indiana Jones adventure. Show More Summary

August 2015 Recap

Where does the time go? Once again we’ve reached the day of the month when we remind you of all the bookish/musical/cinematic essays you might have missed in the blogosphere. Here’s what you might have missed at Eleventh Stack in … Continue reading ?

Monday Mini ~ Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (Audiobook Review)

Getting back into the swing of things each week is hard. So is finding the quiet time to write a review over the weekend. In order to ease out of the weekend, I’ve decided to begin my blogging week with a mini review. I did a lot of driving this summer. My last trip was […]

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne

Remember back back back in May when we were all at RT and on the podcast we talked about this book we scored at the Rodeo and we all said that it was basically a shot of pure crack and it was basically the best thing ever? Yeah, youShow More Summary

Guildtalk #2: The Rumpus Interview with Christie Watson

For our second installment of Guildtalk, Christie Watson talks about theme in writing, working in a children's ICU, and her new novel, Where Women Are Kings.

College Calculus

If there is one thing most Americans have been able to agree on over the years, it is that getting an education, particularly a college education, is a key to human betterment and prosperity. The consensus dates back at least to 1636,...Show More Summary

This Week in Fiction: Danielle McLaughlin

This week’s story, “In the Act of Falling,” is told from the perspective of a woman whose life is fraying. Her husband has lost his job; her nine-year-old son has been suspended from school; her house is too big and too expensive for the family’s reduced circumstances. Did you always know the point in her life at which the story would start?

Books of The Times: Review: ‘The End of Tsarist Russia’ by Dominic Lieven

This book, subtitled “The March to World War I & Revolution,” looks to place Russia “where it belongs, at the very center” of the war.

Do I Dare to Eat a Banana?

“She didn’t even want to be anything. She just wanted to be able to sit in a room and not feel tortured by it, which is sort of the human condition in general. Eileen isn’t dreaming of leaving home and making it in the big city on Broadway. She just wants to go and eat […]

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