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Reruns of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ Taken Off the Air

TV Land would not confirm why the decision was made but it follows Warner Bros.'s move to halt production on toys of a car in the show that displays the Confederate flag.

What's the Difference Between Genre and Category?

A simple look at the definition of "genre" might cause confusion for any writer seeking to understand the difference between genre and category. According to Merriam-Webster, genre is: "a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition...Show More Summary

Love & SCOTUS: Writers on Gay Marriage and the Future

When the Supreme Court released its ruling on same-sex marriage, I was walking to work, unaware history was being made. I was being given editorial notes over the phone, so my head was full of planned revisions when I got to the office and turned on my computer and there it was. Show More Summary

Amazon's Best Books of July: Part One

We always try to find a range of favorites for our Best of the Month list – and we think we’ve done a particularly good job for July...

Gently Simmer

Recommended Reading: Audrey Hepburn’s son on his new book about his mother’s recipes.

Standing at the Crossroads of Violence and Human Rights

Earlier this year, Human Rights Watch's John Sifton and I met with a nongovernmental organization to discuss options for holding governments accountable for post-9/11 torture. When Sifton said the word "torture" in the course of conversation he clenched his hands and made a twisting motion. Show More Summary

Baby It’s You by Jane Graves

I adore Jane Graves.  I loved the first book in her Rainbow Valley series.  Her characters walk off the page, and her style of writing puts me in the center of her stories.   It’s why I gravitated towards writing this piece in the first place. Show More Summary

John Green, YA Authors, and Rape Culture

John Green gets way more attention than the average young adult author. I'm not sure if it's because of the major success of The Fault in Our Stars and its film adaptation, his other books or his YouTube channel. That means that a lot of different people are going to have different opinions on him. Show More Summary

zero to three by F. Douglas Brown

Samantha Duncan reviews zero to three by F. Douglas Brown today in Rumpus Poetry.

The Geek's Guide to the Writing Life: On Secondary Locations and Not Packing It In

Recently, Jordan Rosenfeld, who has a great new book out called A Writer's Guide to Persistence, asked a great question on social media: when did you persist through a challenge as a writer? Motivated by the fact that the best answer would win a free book--I am a total sucker for free stuff, especially books--I started thinking. Show More Summary

‘Absolute Transmetropolitan’ and ‘Melody': A Squalid City and a Stripper Memoir

Two new reprint collections, “Absolute Transmetropolitan: Volume 1” and “Melody: Story of a Nude Dancer,” take on social injustice.

Press Start

Readers of the 1960s and 70s ran into many people who worried that writers were learning from television. In 2015, the concern is slightly different — are writers taking cues from video games? At the Ploughshares blog, Matthew Burnside tackles the game-ification of books.

Book Review: David Nicholls’ Us travels through the uncharted territory of a couple’s marriage

David Nicholls’ novel One Day (which was much, much better than the movie) traces the developing relationship between a man and a woman over a series of several years, focusing on a single day at a time. For his follow-up, Nicholls returns...Show More Summary

Newswire: Exclusive IDW preview: New comics series sends Godzilla to hell

July 15th will see publisher IDW release the first issue of Godzilla In Hell, a new five-part miniseries that finds the king of monsters suddenly and mysteriously plunged into the netherworld. As he warily traverses through the fiery...Show More Summary

All That

Last week, I pointed readers to a speech by the late James Salter, reprinted by The Paris Review Daily in tribute to the writer after his death. For a fan appreciation, you can read Kevin Lincoln in Hazlitt, who leads his piece with the observation that Salter “wrote sentences you could unfold into paper lanterns.” […]


Intruder in Your Home: How to Defend Yourself Legally With a Firearm Cruit 1983 Submitter: I found this book on my local urban public library. I think it was a good purchase for 1983. A bit scary, but that’s one way to present the information. However, more than half this book covers states’ rights on how to […]

Painted-Over Murals by Thomas Cole Found in His Former Home

Recent efforts to restore parts of the former Thomas Cole residence in Catskill, N.Y., have turned up murals by the painter that had been hidden by wall paint.

YA Wednesday: Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella threw her hat in the YA ring last month with a winning blend of humor and heart, "Finding Audrey." Here's what she had to say about writing YA, her bookshelf order, a living author she'd like to meet, and more...

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