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Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

It’s time to clear out a little spot on that bookshelf because this one is sure to impress your literary friends. Among a few other incredible books up for sale by a London bookseller is this copy of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land. It is one of the original 460 copies hand printed by Virginia and Leonard Woolf, and […]

Pro-Life Was Progressive

Recommended Reading: This review, though it is really much more than that, of Daniel Williams’ Defenders of the Unborn. Williams’ book takes a detailed look at the history of anti-abortion activism before Roe v. Wade, but more generally it seeks to complicate our entire definition of activism in the context of the pro-life/pro-choice debate.

Gun Fight at the O.K. Bookstore

Stick ’em up, partner! In a confusing marriage of literature and implicit violence, a bookstore in Austin, Texas is offering a ten percent discount to any customers openly carrying a handgun in their establishment.

Almost Operatic

“Yes, he cheated, he cracked up, he was irresponsible and even cruel in the way he marshaled his life for his art. Lowell nonetheless believed that women were his intellectual and artistic equals. He spent most of his life behaving accordingly even as he treated his wives and mistresses so terribly, in romantic terms, that […]

King James

“He is the king, after all, and kings don’t lead revolutions. They rule wary of them.” Just about everything that Rowan Ricardo Phillips has to say about basketball is recommended reading at this point, and this piece on Lebron James and kingship is no different. This older piece on Steph Curry and the sustainability of brilliance is an […]

RedHeadedGirl’s Historical Kitchen: Spotted Dog

I GOT A PUDDING BASIN. I also got a copy of Lobscouse and Spotted Dog, Which It’s a Gastronomic Companion to the Aubrey/Maturin Novels by Anne Chotzinoff Grossman and Lisa Grossman Thomas. In the realm of British dishes with silly names, Spotted Dog is up there. Show More Summary

From Grief to Joy

Editor of "books": I am resubmitting this blog, which I mistakenly sent to the wrong "vertical":: After loss, Franbcis Weller advises, find other people with whom to express your grief. This is not the time for self-reliance. It hurts to keep grief private. Show More Summary

What Can Be Sweeter? Theo Chocolate Love...

When I say that Seattle has one of the premier chocolate makers in the country, of course I’m referring to Theo Chocolate. Their gorgeous cookbook might have you opting to make dinner (and definitely dessert!) at home this Valentine’s Day.

Bookshelf: City History, and Vantages, Often Overlooked

Remembering Manhattan’s role as the nation’s first capital, paying tribute to an unsung composer and enjoying bird’s-eye views of the skyline.

The CDC's New Alcohol Guidelines Treat All Women as "Pre-Pregnant"

Sarah Mirk Ladies: No beer for you! Photo by Jaryl Cabuco. On Tuesday, the Center of Disease Control released new recommendations saying that all sexually active women should stop drinking alcohol if they’re not on birth control. The...Show More Summary

BitchTapes: Asylum

Kitty Stryker I was checked into my first mental hospital when I was only 11. Going back and forth from those stark, sterile rooms to the chaos of my teenage years gave me complex feelings about my struggles with mental health and the institutions put into place to contain them. Show More Summary

NEWS: What Books are College Students Reading? A Cool New Online Tool Reveals All

The following article first appeared in The National Book Review For decades now, universities have been caught up in the "canon wars" -- battles over what students should be reading on their path to a liberal education. While this debate...Show More Summary

16 Authors Reveal Their Thoughts on Work-Life Balance

These 16 authors have all participated in The Balance Project, an interview series in which I ask inspiring and accomplished women to discuss--with refreshing candor--their struggles with work-life balance. The interviews offer a compelling...Show More Summary

Pop Quiz: A Valentine’s Day Reading List

This classic literature encourages us to embrace the broadest, least judgmental and most generous definition of love. Test your knowledge.

The Transphobia is Out There

x-files s.e. smith I’m really enjoying the X-Files reboot, to my pleasant surprise—it’s campy, it’s fun, it’s deliciously spooky, and it’s a constant send-up of itself. The latest episode, “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” was completely meta. Show More Summary

Following the Refugees

Foreign Policy tracks refugees on their journey from Syria to Germany and illustrates their trip in a nonfiction comic.

Inside The New York Times Book Review: David Foster Wallace’s ‘Infinite Jest’

Michael Pietsch and Tom Bissell discuss Wallace’s novel on its 20th anniversary, and Chris Jennings discusses “Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism.”

My Bookshelf, Myself: My 10 Favorite Books: Alison Bechdel

The cartoonist shares the titles she’d most want with her on a desert island.

Weekend Reading

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! But before the boisterous beer-fest commences, we plan on indulging in some quality quiet time with these, weekend reads...

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