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O Adjunct! My Adjunct!

I spent half of my undergraduate career figuring out what I didn’t want to do. I started off in the journalism program, switched to literature, was undecided for a few panicked, free-floating months, and studied photography for a time. But the spring of my sophomore year, I enrolled in a fiction-writing workshop with an instructor named Harvey Grossinger.

How to Turn a Freebie Lover Into a Super Fan

A few years ago I worked on a project that was tied to Days of Our Lives. For those of you who grew up with soap operas (or maybe still try to catch them from time to time) you know that this show has been on the air for 50 years. At the time they had just released their 45th anniversary coffee table book. Show More Summary

Irvine Welsh Talks to The Book Doctors About Writing, America, Rejection and the 'Sex Lives of Siamese Twins'

Well, he's at it again. Yes, Irvine Welsh has produced another wild tale full of maniacal madness: The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins. Naturally it's got Siamese twins sexing it up and being surgically sawn in half. Murder, envy, lunatic kidnappers, media feeding frenzy, dildos pumping away like there's no tomorrow. Show More Summary

The Weight of Knowledge: On Moving Books

It would be trickier to decide whom to put in the adult diaper boxes.

The Spy Who Saved Me

How did Ian Fleming come up with James Bond? It’s easy to think, considering the political context of his era, that Fleming tailored his superspy to be the ideal hero of the Cold War. Yet there’s another, more prosaic explanation — was the author simply having a midlife crisis?

Cover for Harper Lee's Novel Revealed

Arguably the most-discussed book of the year had its cover revealed on this morning. It's Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman, and it's a lovely homage to the classic cover of Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Here's what we...

Top Ten Best-Selling Ebooks -- Week of March 21

The Girl on the Train hangs on at the top of the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List for eight weeks and counting. The novel by first-time author Paula Hawkins is joined this week by veteran James Patterson, whose NYPD Red 3 debuts at No. Show More Summary

'The Stranger': A Conversation with Harlan Coben

Photo: Jean Francois Baumard Harlan Coben is known to readers everywhere. His first novel was published when he was 26, and after two stand-alone thrillers, Play Dead in 1990 and Miracle Cure in 1991, he began writing the popular Myron Bolitar series. Show More Summary

The Do-Over by Kathleen Ossip

Julie Marie Wade reviews Kathleen Ossip's The Do-Over today in Rumpus Poetry.

Several Terry Pratchett Novels

We’ve talked about Discworld and Terry Pratchett a few times. Now several of his novels are on sale, including some that are recommended as starting points to enter into the Discworld universe. This illustrated map, created by Krzysztof Kietzman, is very helpful, but reader recommendations are always good, too. Which of these do you most recommend to new readers?

DABWAHA Second Chance Tournament Open Until Noon!

The DABWAHA Second Chance Tournament is open, and entries close at noon today! Apologies that I didn’t post this earlier – it was on the DABWAHA site and I blanked on posting here, too. Is your bracket destroyed? Did your picks go awry?...Show More Summary

What Does a Congressman Do? (Insert Joke Here)

What Does a Congressman Do? Lavine 1965 Submitter: What Does A Congressman Do? An intriguing question! If you’re an inquisitive child, and you found this book in the juvenile section of my locally library, you are in luck! You and two of your friends can check this book out because they have 3 copies. It looks like, […]

Poor Gatsby

The Great Gatsby debuted in 1925 to poor sales and mediocre reviews. So how did it become one of the most famous novels in America? At Slate, Cristina Hartmann explains how Fitzgerald’s opus, which netted the author royalties worth a grand total of $13 in his lifetime, went on to become a classic. Related: our own Bill Morris […]

The Quiet Book That Ended My Reading Rut

By Nicholas Elliot | Off the Shelf Every now and then, I get in a reading rut. I start a book and put it down, pick up something different only to find that I'm just not feeling that one, either. Sometimes I'll switch over to magazines for the week or binge-watch TV, deciding that I need a break from reading altogether. Show More Summary

How Should We Make the Most Important Decisions of Our Lives?

Paul Bloom: Hi Laurie. Your new book Transformative Experience hits the sweet spot: It’s a significant scholarly work, bearing on deep philosophical issues, but it’s also engaging and accessible. You ask a great question: How can...Show More Summary

YA Wednesday: Breaking Down the Walls: Gayle Forman & Nova Ren Suma

The Walls Around Us is the fourth book from Nova Ren Suma, an author Gayle Forman describes as something of a best kept secret--only with all the chatter and excitement this book is getting (including a spot on our own Best YA Books of March list), the secret is out...

Hanya Yanagihara and Gerry Howard

Hanya Yanagihara’s first novel, The People in the Trees—about a doctor in search of the secret to immortality—was published in 2013. Now Doubleday is releasing her second novel, A Little Life, which follows four friends in New York as they come of age together over the course of three decades. Show More Summary

From the Internet to the Ivy League: Fanfiction in the Classroom

Fanfiction will be taught and studied in future classrooms across the country -- the only question is how.

Little Golden Memories

The acts of reading, and being read to, hold a cherished place in many people’s hearts. Today at Eleventh Stack, the blog team shares some of their earliest memories of reading, being read to, and–in some cases–reading to their own … Continue reading ?

Brilliance and Fury

Some books are not books— I am intimidated to begin this review. I am scared to approach something so gimlet-eyed, something with a vision so different—richer, wilder, more precise—than my own. I’m supposed to recognize it, but...Show More Summary

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