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A Slow Death will end operations next week – and this time it’s for good. Over at the New Yorker, Jia Solentino writes about what made Gawker singular in the online world. “A lively, difficult brand of unevenness was inherent in Gawker’s work, and this still seems to confound people: Why, if it took its work seriously, […] The post A Slow Death appeared first on The Millions.

Benjamin Birdies' First Flight Soars on Gentle Wings

Author Michael Dotsikas's debut children's picture book, Benjamin Birdie's First Flight, is a masterfully written, spirited and beautifully illustrated work that educates as it entertains. It takes you on a journey of discovery, determination, and teamwork. Cover of Benjamin Birdie's First Flight. Show More Summary

Lightning Reviews: A Domme, a Graphic Novel, & a Vampire Hero

I know the subject line sounds a bit like a bad joke: a domme, a vamp, and a comic walk into a bar. This edition of Lightning Reviews has a stranded romance with a bookish heroine and a vampire hero, a graphic novel about a long distance relationship, and an erotic romance with a submissive SWAT team hero.

Romance Wanderlust: The Isle of Man

Forgive me a rather indulgent post, but I visited the Isle of Man and it wasn’t until I’d posted about 10 or 12 pictures to Instagram that Carrie said, “You should write about it for Romance Wanderlust.” So thank you for turning your...Show More Summary

Koryta's RISE THE DARK Proves His Talent Is No Fluke

Book Review - Jackie K Cooper RISE THE DARK by Michael Koryta Last year I stumbled across the novel LAST WORDS by Michael Koryta. I really enjoyed the story and enjoyed the author's talent. However I thought possibly this one novel was a fluke. Show More Summary

Derek Chollet on Books and Writing

Derek Chollet is Counselor and Senior Advisor for Security and Defense Policy at the German Marshall Fund. Your book, The Long Game, was published earlier this year. Would you tell us a little bit about it? The book is an effort to both describe Barack Obama's foreign policy, but also to explain it. Show More Summary

A Room of Her Own

Recommended Listening: Sandra Cisneros on moving into her first apartment and finding a room of her own. The post A Room of Her Own appeared first on The Millions.

Rejecting Tidy Narratives

For Lenny, Lidia Yuknavitch talks about suffering, art, and her path to writing. “I believe in art the way other people believe in God,” she says. For more of her writing, check out her Millions essay on grief that births art. The post Rejecting Tidy Narratives appeared first on The Millions.

Author Perseverance

The book industry loves stories of writers who persevere until finally getting published. So do I. Writing can be a tough trade, and the authors who pound away until the door finally opens deserve admiration. So I was intrigued to receive a first novel mailed by a former editor of mine, Rick Horgan, who is now with Simon & Schuster. Show More Summary

Compassion For Her Rapist Saved Her Life

"He's a talker, the angry man, talks the whole time. Talks as he picks me up in his pretend cab, talks as he turns the wrong way..., talks as he extends his hand with a knife." With this opening to her memoir, Naughton drops readers right into the terrifying moment of her abduction. Show More Summary

The Suitable Inheritor (Book Review)

"For those who love romance, epic adventures, mystery and adrenaline spiked tales; this is one book you won't be able to put down! A book filled with love, self-discovery and lessons we can learn from in life." The Suitable Inheritor,...Show More Summary

Hiding Behind the Powerful

For Guernica, Tana Wojcznick explores the belief in populism in Shakespeare’s often-misread play Coriolanus. She writes, “Coriolanus criticizes the people he claims to want to represent not simply because they are a mob, but becauseShow More Summary

Pushed Out of View

Over at The Guardian, Charlotte Jones takes issue with the recently announced sequel of Pride and Prejudice. The book by Terri Fleming will focus on the life of Mary Bennett, a character who is deliberately neglected by Jane Austen.Show More Summary

How The End Begins by Cynthia Cruz

Jeff Lennon reviews Cynthia Cruz's Where the End Begins today in Rumpus Poetry.

The Saturday Rumpus Interview with Ramona Ausubel

I find tremendous hope in the act of storytelling—the way we can redirect energy, to reclaim history, to build back lives that have been otherwise upset.

Whatcha Reading? August 2016 Edition

It’s Whatcha Reading time! Where we talk about the books we’ve been loving (or hating) this month and try desperately not to BUY ALL THE THINGS. Go forth into the comments, and godspeed! Amanda: I treated myself to All the Single Ladies , which was mentioned on a podcast episode and sounds all around awesome and empowering. Show More Summary

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to recent reviews of Andrew Scott Cooper’s “The Fall of Heaven,” Maggie O’Farrell’s “This Must Be the Place” and more.

The Majestic Hudson and Its Valley’s Colorful Denizens

Vernon Benjamin’s anecdotal travelogue has a rich cast of characters, including Tawana Brawley, the Rosenbergs, the Gish sisters and Grandma Moses.

The Shortlist: War Stories

New books by Luke Mogelson, Harry Parker, Whitney Terrell and Odie Lindsey.

Inside the List

With little more than two months until Election Day, three of the top five spots on the hardcover nonfiction list are occupied by anti-Clinton books.

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