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Swash and buckle aplenty

A feeble king and his scheming minister, a hunchback noble and the Daughters of Repentance, a botched assassination and a… See the full story of Swash and buckle aplenty on The Spectator.

The classic that conquered the world

Somewhere between his first and second drafts, Victor Hugo decided to change the title of his great novel from Les… See the full story of The classic that conquered the world on The Spectator.

In praise of LSD

Ayelet Waldman is, surely, not the first writer to have scrolled through a list of ‘Books of the Year’ and… See the full story of In praise of LSD on The Spectator.

Bedside manners

‘A tricky part of my job,’ the GP said, scrolling through the next patient’s notes, ‘is breaking good news.’ As… See the full story of Bedside manners on The Spectator.

Home Ec Flashback (not ready)

Teen Guide to Homemaking Brinkley, Chamberlin, Champion 1977 This could have been my high school text for home econ. The pictures could have come straight from my high school yearbook. All that is missing is a soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever.    

A Plea For Compassion And Cultural Literacy

Long before Anthony Bourdain and a host of celebrity chefs made the pursuit of exotic foods an armchair adventure, American tourists had a strange reputation. Whether they were traveling in France, Japan, or other countries known for...Show More Summary

YA Wednesday: Best Books of February

This month's top picks in Young Adult include two powerful historical novels, a magical fantasy, the criminal underworld, a graphic novel, and gladiators...

We've Always Been Here

White Feminism, Mujerista Noemi Martinez White feminism was never going to save me. I knew this, even though many of us put faith in an America that wasn’t ever for us and in a system that wasn’t designed for us. I I admit in a gullible...Show More Summary

Links: Playlists, Girl Scout Cookies, & Romance on CBS

Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone is having a good week and you all were treated or treated yourself yesterday. Are you ready for some links? … Today is the last day to grab the discounted books of our 2017 Harlequin Valentine’s Day Sale! We...Show More Summary

Philip Pullman will write a follow-up to 'His Dark Materials' — and it'll be a trilogy

Philip Pullman will bring back the world of "His Dark Materials" in not one but three new books for young adults, NPR reports.  The English author announced he's writing a follow-up series to his massively successful fantasy trilogy for young readers. The new trilogy, called "The Book of Dust,"...

The Warlord and the Ambassador: A review of Dante Paradiso's "The Embassy"

In the summer of 2003, the West African nation of Liberia was facing a humanitarian calamity. After 23 years of war, the regime of warlord-turned-president Charles Taylor was crumbling. Rebels in the south controlled the second-largest city and were creeping toward the capital’s airport. Show More Summary

Alana Massey Says Bitches: Be Crazy: The Millions Interview

Men are much more likely to believe sex work is not work. They don't want to believe that it is laborious to engage with them. They believe their beating hearts are fascinating and that they should fascinate whomever they are fascinated by. Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: Piers Morgan can’t stop getting owned by J.K. Rowling

The ongoing Twitter feud between bestselling author J.K. Rowling and TV personality Piers Morgan is the stuff of crack for those of us who like Rowling for her wit, dislike Morgan for his rampant pro-Trump drivel, and enjoy the asshole getting owned repeatedly. Show More Summary

Newswire: Valiant High #1 takes superheroes to school in this exclusive preview

Last October, digital comics distributor ComiXology announced that it would start publishing original content with exclusive comics. The first of those exclusives, Adventure Time Marshall Lee Spectacular, was released last month, and...Show More Summary

NYRB Winter Sale

From now until February 28th, you can grab New York Review of Books Classics titles at a steep discount. The post NYRB Winter Sale appeared first on The Millions.

Cotswold Confidential: Maggie Robinson on Her New Victorian Romance Series

Author Maggie Robinson talks to us about her Victorian-set romance in which unruly aristocrats are sent to a seaside town to straighten out. Naturally, things don't go as planned....

Dr. Ruth Talks to Kids

Dr. Ruth Talks to Kids: Where You Came From, How Your Body Changes, and What Sex Is All About Westheimer 1993 Submitter: The cover image attached features an endearing but very old lady who looks way too much like my grandma.  I saw this one and laughed because I could just imagine talking to my […]

Leadership, Gender, and Grit: An Interview with Daina Middleton

Sheryl Sandberg may have started a national conversation with Lean In, but she was hardly the first person to notice gender inequalities in the workplace. Many if not most of us with experience in the corporate world have seen the pernicious double standard play out at one point or another. Show More Summary

New Philip Pullman!

His Dark Materials author Philip Pullman has reportedly completed another trilogy, The Book of Dust, that will publish in October of this year. The new works “will stand alongside his bestselling series,” sources say. The post New Philip Pullman! appeared first on The Millions.

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