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HaBO: Eye-Patch Wearing Hero Calls Heroine “Minx”

This HaBO request is from Jules, who is searching for one of the first romances she read: I am looking for one of the first romance novels I ever read. I’ve looked everywhere. At this point, I’m either imagining this book or I’m combining several books into one. Show More Summary

Mr T saves the day

Tackle Block Stop Graeber 1985 Evidently, Mr T was the star of a few children’s books that featured some of the pressing issues of the day. We featured this gem around in 2010. Again Mr T was advising on bike theft. Today’s selection is a quick lesson about sexual abuse. Bottom line: tell your parents. […]

Recipe Road Test: Hot Deviled Eggs from "Nashville Eats"

Who doesn't love a deviled egg? My favorite one to make has been Blue Devils (loaded with blue cheese) but this summer the blue cheese is taking a backseat to some heat...

Do Humans Dream of Poetry Machines?

10 ENTER LEAR 20 PRINT "OUR DARKER PURPOSE" 30 GONERIL=FLATTERY 40 REGAN=FLATTERY2 50 CORDELIA=FLATTERY0 60 IF CORDELIA The post Do Humans Dream of Poetry Machines? appeared first on The Millions.

Tuesday New Release Day: Zambra; Close; Hatton; Rathbone

Out this week: Multiple Choice by Alejandro Zambra; The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close; Monterey Bay by Lindsay Hatton; and Losing It by Emma Rathbone. For more on these and other new titles, go read our Great Second-Half 2016 Book Preview. Support...Show More Summary

Guest Squee: “My Dad Wrote a Porno” Podcast

I was going to ease you guys into this review, but then I remembered that the Bitchery are not an audience that needs to be eased into these sorts of things. So here’s the tl;dr right at the beginning: “My Dad Wrote a Porno” is a podcast...Show More Summary

Beyond Incarceration: What Could Accountability Look Like in Police Killings?

police, Black Lives Matter Victoria Law A 2015 protest calling attention to the murder of Freddie Gray. Photo by Stephen Melkisethian (Creative Commons). This week, Aiyana Stanley-Jones would have turned 14 years old. Her family would...Show More Summary

A Novelist’s Wartime Education

When Whitney Terrell’s first novel, “The Huntsman,” came out, in 2001, he did a reading at the Half King, a bar in Chelsea. I was there, as both a friend and an admirer. We’d been college classmates, briefly, but never really knew each other in school. Show More Summary

In ‘Hindutva or Hind Swaraj,’ a Warning Against Hindu Nationalism

A political tract by U. R. Ananthamurthy, a novelist and political commentator, still resonates in India as a remainder of the perils of an ideology.

The RITA Awards for the Best in Romance

Over the weekend, San Diego welcomed two thousand members of Romance Writers of America for their annual conference and awards ceremony. Here are the winners of the RITA Awards, one of the highest honors in romance publishing.

Books of The Times: Review: In Megan Abbott’s ‘You Will Know Me,’ Gymnast Girl and Cute Dead Guy

Megan Abbott’s cunning new novel focuses on a teenage girl, sacrificing too much for the Olympics, and a tragic hit-and-run.

Help Desk: Roads to Fabulous

Celebrities (and Stanley Fish) hold forth on health, happiness and winning arguments.

Poets and Aliens: An Interview with Daniel Arenson, Author of "Earth Alone"

A bestseller less than a month after its release, Daniel Arenson's military science fiction novel Earth Alone is full of soul. Set in a horrid dystopia in which Earth has been devastated by alien invaders, the book is about the humanity...Show More Summary

Digital Heaven

Recommended Reading: This piece on a digital afterlife — duplicating oneself via computer program — which is by turns troubling and oddly reassuring: “The human brain has about a hundred billion neurons. The connectional complexity is staggering. Show More Summary

Debunking Four Myths About Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, police Sarah Mirk Franchesca Ramsey's videos about race, pop culture, and feminism are essential watching. Her newest video gets at something many people have dealt with: How to respond to people who misconstrue the work of Black Lives Matter. Show More Summary

Falling By Jane Green: Book Review

What makes a family? What does it take to do what you love in life? These are some of the questions I considered while reading Jane Green's newest novel, Falling, out July 19, 2016. Falling is the story with a kernel of reality from Jane Green's own life. Show More Summary

Among Others

It was only as I was standing in the kitchen of my Irish home, washing up the breakfast dishes, that the importance of what I'll be doing this week stunned me so much I had to sit down for a minute. I'd been listening to writer, John...Show More Summary


“Calvin and Hobbes is certainly not a text about queerness, yet when I returned to it at this altered point in my life, the strip suddenly seemed to describe things that resonated with me now: what it was like to live in a world where expressing your realest self is so often penalized, and the […] The post Calvin! appeared first on The Millions.

New Music Monday: Dream Nails

Sarah Mirk We share new music from female-fronted bands every Monday. This week, say hello to Dream Nails.  Dream Nails was formed last summer by four "feminist punk witches" who live in North London. The group released their debut EP, DIY,...Show More Summary

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