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REVIEW: King & Cypress Deliver a Devious Story in "The Omega Men" #4

Tom King and Toby Cypress' "The Omega Men" #4 is "intelligent, devious and determined to make you squirm."

John Diggle Suits Up in First Look at New "Arrow" Costume

The CW made good on its promise that David Ramsey's John "Digg" Diggle would suit up in season four by releasing an image of the character's new costume.

Valiant And Hastings Offer Streaming Workshops With James Asmus, Clayton Henry And More

If you live near a Hastings store and want to learn a little bit about making comics from the creators behind some of the best books going, then I have some pretty excellent news. Starting on Saturday, September 19, Hastings is teaming...Show More Summary

'Gotham' Catches You Up on Batman's Beginning Before Season 2

Love it or hate it, FOX’s Gotham covered quite a bit of ground across its (extended) first season, and it stands to reason fan(s) might need a refresher course before Season 2's “Rise of the Villains.” FOX has you covered, so catch up on the villains’ rise in Season 1 with a new video, before they … you know, keep rising in Season 2. Continue reading…

Marvel's "Luke Cage" Adds "House Of Cards'" Mahershala Ali In Villain Role

As a member of the Netflix series' cast, Ali will bring the "Power Man" villain Cornell Cottonmouth to life.

SAMNEE Looks Back On DAREDEVIL: 'Just Trying To Tell The Best Stories I Can, And Have Fun Doing It'

Chris Samnee speaks about his time on DAREDEVIL, looking back over his run, and ahead to his future.

Cover Theme Game for 9/2

What connective theme do Dr. Doom, Joker and Vector from the U-Foes share? Let us know!

"Mega Man" Takes Aim at the Big Screen

Fox and Chernin Entertainment are reportedly developing an adaptation of Capcom's popular video game series.

EXCLUSIVE: Djurdjevic and More Cover Valiant's "Death-Defying Dr. Mirage: Second Lives" #1

CBR has five new covers from "Death-Defying Dr. Mirage: Second Lives," plus a look inside the issue by Jen Van Meter and Roberto de la Torre.

REVIEW: Waid & Samnee Give Matt Murdock a Fitting Sendoff in "Daredevil" #18

"Mark Waid and Chris Samnee end their strong run with a tense and tidy wrap up" in "Daredevil" #18.

Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki Make the Pixel-Perfect Leap to Creator-Owned for 'Axcend' [Interview]

Next month sees the launch of a new series over at Image from the husband-and-wife team of Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki, along with colorist Morry Hollowell. Axcend is the story of a group of eager gamers who, after signing up to...Show More Summary

Mystery Hulk Whips Hair Back And Forth In New "Totally Awesome" Teaser

The latest "Totally Awesome Hulk" teaser alludes to a mischievous replacement for Bruce Banner in the Greg Pak and Frank Cho series.

New "Agents of SHIELD" Video Unveils Lincoln's New Codename, Power Set

The video walks viewers through the details of Luke Campbell's ability to generate and manipulate electricity as well as introduces his new codename.

Latest TOTALLY AWESOME HULK Teaser Is Hair-Raising

Marvel has yet another image teasing the identity of the new Hulk.

Quiz: Guess the Actor Based on Their Inaccurate Action Figure!

They’ve just wrapped up a massive Global Unboxing Event for #ForceFriday, the grand unveiling of the new toys for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And looking through the acton figures that were unveiled, there are some really impressive likenesses. Show More Summary

REVIEW: Orlando & Mooney Make "Midnighter" #4 Fun, Sexy & Full of Action

Steve Orlando and Stephen Mooney "deliver a healthy balance of fan service with superb storytelling" in "Midnighter" #4.

Appreciating WAID & SAMNEE’s DAREDEVIL & the Original Darker Plans With Someone Who Was There

Former Senior Editor Stephen Wacker returns to talk about the genesis of this DAREDEVIL run and his thoughts on finale as a former insider.

On The Cheap: DC's TV-Themed Sale Has 'Green Arrow: Year One' For Six Bucks (And 'Gotham Central' Too)

Right now, Comixology is offering a big sale themed around DC's various TV projects, and with the impending return of Gotham and its story of a ten year-old billionaire destined to beat up a bunch of senior citizens, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Gotham Central is right there, front and center. Show More Summary

Team ‘Peanuts’ thrilled as new stamps will celebrate ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

“PEANUTS” executive producer Lee Mendelson grew up in World War II-era America, in his native San Francisco, enjoying a range of childhood hobbies. One of his favorites was collecting stamps.Now, 50 years after he helped bring “A Charlie...Show More Summary

CBR TV: Moreci Brands "Hoax Hunters" Heavy Metal, Explores Space in "Roche Limit"

Writer Michael Moreci tells CBR TV about "Hoax Hunters" moving from Image to Heavy Metal, what sci-fi influences him and navigating Hollywood.

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