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Puzzle Time!

Time for another round of puzzles from Marvel Fun & Games! If you can't stand to wait for the answers to be revealed as you scroll through this issue, you can get there directly from here. These puzzles are from issue #10.

Covers Redux!

For those of you new to RAOG, in "Covers Redux," I compare two covers of Marvel Comics; the original comic book's cover, plus the cover of the comic that issue was reprinted in. I compare the two, looking for changes that were made for the reprint. Show More Summary

Comic Reading Library!

I've decided to change things up here for the Comic Reading Library installments... instead of complete books, I'll be selecting stories from different comics each month!First up, from Mister Mystery #10, "Capsule!"Next, from NatureShow More Summary

Cool Stuff!

And now, one of the most popular features of Random Acts of Geekery... cool stuff! For those of you who are newer readers of RAOG, Cool Stuff is a photo feature of items I found of interest offered on eBay in the past. Some of these may be available at this time, some may not be... Show More Summary

Comic Book Ads: Wheaties, Part 4!

Continuing a look at the Wheaties ads from Golden Age comics (can you believe it was December the last time I posted these?)! As noted before, Wheaties really hit their stride in their comic book ads when they started using famous athletes...Show More Summary

Geek TV: Land of the Giants!

The crew and passengers of the Spindrift. Concept: A sub-orbital Earth spaceship enters a space warp and crash lands on a planet where everything is giant-size compared to them. The crew and passengers fight a regular battle for survival as they try to avoid capture while repairing their ship to return home. Show More Summary

Monster Stuff!

The "Monster Stuff" feature here on Random Acts of Geekery is changing, merging the monster magazine feature into this one. Each month, "Monster Stuff" will continue to feature the horror and monster collectibles you've been accustomed...Show More Summary

Comics They Never Made!

Here's a couple of mocked-up covers for licensed comics that never were published in our reality... but maybe they should have been! The Adventures of Gulliver these days is probably most remembered for being included in the syndicated "Banana Splits and Friends" syndication package as it was released around 1980. Show More Summary

Deanna Lund Gallery!

Since this month's Geek TV feature was on Land of the Giants, this month I decided to feature a mini-gallery of the female lead from that show, the lovely Deanna Lund! If you want to know more about Deanna, I highly suggest you check out her website, where there are even more photos and all sorts of great information,

Puzzle Time Answers!

In case you were having trouble finishing this month's puzzles, here's the solutions!

The Fleischer Popeyes #17: The Dance Contest!

Popeye's not exactly light on his feet! The 17th Fleischer Popeye cartoon, "The Dance Contest," gets Popeye and the gang away from their usual environs of adventure. It opens, predictably enough, at a dance contest that Olive has dragged Popeye to, although he doesn't seem as interested. Show More Summary

Essays on Comics Characters: The Fantastic Four!

I must have been first introduced to the Fantastic Four through the Hanna-Barbera animated version that aired on ABC in the late 1960s, and through that to the comic books. It's funny, but when I think about it, I'd imagine that at least...Show More Summary

Ape of the Geek: Chim Chim!

Species: Chimpanzee First Appearance: "Mach GoGoGo," a manga feature of the 1958 Shönen Book, later reissued in book form. Other Appearances: Mach GoGoGo (anime, Tatsunoko Productions, April 1967 to March 1968), better known in the US as Speed Racer, where it was released and aired by Trans-Lux in syndication starting in the fall of 1967. Show More Summary

Metapost: Abbreviated comments of the week

Support this site's full-text RSS feed by pre-ordering Kate Beaton's Step Aside, Pops! Kate Beaton's beloved history-themed comics are a justifiably famous everywhere on the Internet. Her second print collection, Step Aside, Pops, is...Show More Summary

Franklin integrated ‘Peanuts’ 47 years ago today. Here’s how a teacher changed comics history.

IT IS A GENTLE afternoon in this Connecticut office park, where several floors up, a lighting artist is herself backlit by the glinting summer sun. “The Peanuts Movie” is in the home stretch of production, ahead of its November release, and here at Blue Sky Studios, the look and line of creator Charles M. Show More Summary

Batman’s 7-Step Guide To Being A Great Detective

The work of Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgeman at Dorkly. Think of this as a The Law Is A Ass extra… via Batman’s 7-Step Guide To Being A Great Detective.

ALONSO Reveals IRON MAN 'Sister Title' In The Works

What's better than one Iron Man? Two Iron Men, so it seems for Marvel.


Dean Haspiel talks about his new OGN, establishing a new NYC studio/publishing company, and the passing of Seth Kushner.

'Build Your Own Iron Man' Incentive For INVINCIBLE IRON MAN Release

Marvel is doing a six-part 'Build Your Own Iron Man' promo item tied into the debut of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN.

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