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Bob Ingersoll: The Law Is A Ass #391

IS THE LAW IN ASTRO CITY AN ATROCITY? I have to admit, the city fathers of Astro City are smart. They won’t tell me where Astro City is. Okay, it’s somewhere on the eastern face of the Rocky Mountains, but that could be anywhere from New Mexico up through Colorado, Wyoming and into Montana. I […]

Martha Thomases: Not Just Another Word

“They hate us for our freedom.” George W. Bush Like my pal Joe Corallo, I find it impossible to think about anything other than the massacre in Orlando. Comic books and other pop culture ephemera seem trivial in the face of such unfettered and violent hatred. That said, we need our entertainment more than ever. […]

Mike Gold: Life Goes On

There’s a lot to comment about in the comics and popular culture community this week – Rebirth, Civil War II, who screwed over whom but did they really… the usual stuff that promotes our fannish wrath and strokes our inner-nine-year-old. But I don’t feel like it. Sure, I could fake it but you’d see through […]

Joe Corallo: The Demand for Empathy

Early this past Sunday, the deadliest mass shooting in United States history took place at Pulse, an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, FL. It took place during Pride. It took place on Latin night. Estimates so far have 50 dead and 53 wounded. I can’t even remember what I was originally going to write about. This […]

Martha Thomases talks with Tim Pilcher

For some of us, the 1990s was a certain kind of Golden Age of Comics. The success of Image Comics meant that creators were given a lot of freedom to do what they liked, with deep-pocketed corporations competing to see who could throw the most money at the talent. It was in this environment that […]

Martha Thomases: Men Don’t Have Breasts

Looking forward to Captain America: Civil War? I am. Along with Free Comic Book Day, it marks the beginning of the summer entertainment season. It’s enough to make a person want to invest in popcorn futures. (Is there even such a thing as popcorn futures?) While I won’t defend them as pieces of art, I […]

Bob Ingersoll: The Law Is A Ass #387

THE AVENGERS GET STANDOFFISH It’s getting so that in comics nowadays you can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys without a scorecard. And sometimes even then. Maria Hill is currently the director of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division or S.H.I.E.L.D. for short – or SHIELD for even shorter and guess which route […]

Tweeks: SyFy’s Wynonna Earp Cast & Crew Interview Part 3

Welcome to the third and final interview from the Wynonna Earp cast & crew! In this video Anya talks with comic creator Beau Smith and show runner Emily Andras about how the Wynonna Earp TV show came to be, why it’s so special, how it was cast, and what to expect. Wynonna Earp airs on […]

Tweeks: Wynonna Earp Cast Interview Part 2

Hey everyone….Anya here & I’m back with Part 2 of my interviews with the cast & crew of SyFy’s Wynonna Earp. This time I talk to Melane Scrofano who plays Wynonna and Shamier Anderson who plays Agent Dolls, the leader of the Black Badge division. OMG they were so nice, as you will see. This […]

Tweeks: LootCrate’s March 2016 PetCrate Unboxing

Maddy & Barkely team up to unbox the March Pet Crate from Loot Crate. This month’s theme is Versus, so Maddy tried to figure out if her best friend is Team Cap or Team Iron Man…and if his favorite item is the plushy Bat Man or the box he came in. For those who don’t […]

Tweeks: Wynonna Earp Cast & Crew at WonderCon 2016 Part 1

At WonderCon, Anya got the chance to sit down with the cast and crew of the SyFy channel’s newest show, Wynonna Earp. Based on the Wynonna Earp comics by Beau Smith, the show follows Wyatt Earp’s great great granddaughter as she carries on the burden family curse…and also gets to kill evil things. The show […]

Tweeks: iZombie Cast Interview WonderCon 2016 Part Deux

Welcome to Part 2 of Maddy’s interview with Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggario, Rose McIver, Robert Buckley, Malcom Goodwin, David Anders, & Aly Michalka from iZombie. It’s in this episode where we find out what they would do if zombies came to their town.

Joe Corallo: A ComicCon Of Many Flavors

This past weekend was MoCCA Fest 2016, or for those of you unfamiliar, the Museum of Comic and Cartooning Art Festival. Since 2014 it has been put on by The Society of Illustrators. Once again it was held at a new venue, the Metropolitan West next to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museu. Highlighted […]

Mindy Newell: Being Different

Part I: Wow! “Two years ago writer G. Willow Wilson, artist Adrian Alphona and I created a story about a young woman with dreams of being ‘normal.’” Her name is Kamala Khan and she’s a Muslim American girl from Jersey City. We comic folks call her Ms. Marvel.” Kamala’s story shows how “being ‘normal’ isn’t […]

Tweeks March LootCrate LVL UP+ Unboxing

Hey Geeks!  Of course you all know about Loot Crate, right? It’s where you can get your nerd on via toys & collectables in the mail. Well, Loot Crate’s LVL Up+ brings you nerdy things to wear.  You can add level by level what kind of extras you want.    

Martha Thomases: Comics’ Ambassador

Comics in the White House! My esteemed colleague, Mindy Newell, recently noted that our current president is a big ol’ comic book nerd. We knew that. Way back when this site started up, we ran the photo of Obama in Metropolis, Illinois, striking an iconic pose next to the Superman statue. Last week, as part of […]

Happiness is where you find it

Support this week's full-text RSS feed by buying Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me I've been a fan of cartoonist Ellen Forney for years, and Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me: A Graphic Memoir is a tour de force graphic memoir about mental illness. Show More Summary

Bob Ingersoll The Law Is A Ass #382

CAPTAIN AMERICA DIDN’T TAKE A CONSERVATIVE APPROACH Sometimes a banana is just a banana. It was all over the news. Well, all over Fox News, anyway. Captain America was targeting conservatives. Which he wasn’t. What happened – as best I can fathom, as even Quentin Tarantino would have had a difficult time following the nonlinear storytelling in […]

John Ostrander’s Grab Bag

Random thoughts and vague notions. New Girl On The Block. Samantha Bee has launched her new weekly news round-up show, Full Frontal. Two episodes have aired so far and, IMO, both were killer. I always loved Samantha Bee on The Daily Show – she was a great combination of fearless and shameless, and she carries […]

Namor’s mad that Atlantis was cheated out of its seat on the UN Security Council

Support this site's full-text RSS feed by buying The Secret History of Wonder Woman Historian and New Yorker writer Jill Lepore tackles the The Secret History of Wonder Woman, telling you all you need to know about one of the most storied superheoes. (What's the deal with these links? Click here for info.) Spider-Man, 1/29/16 Ah ha! I knew Dr. Show More Summary

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