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Emily S. Whitten’s Grand San Diego Adventure: Hannibal Edition

The TV show Hannibal, now entering season 3, is disturbing and fascinating and disgusting and beautiful and horrifying (depending on the scene), which is probably why I can’t stop watching it! And it’s certainly full of surprises as well. Based on the Thomas Harris novels, Bryan Fuller has called his team’s take on the character […]

John Ostrander: To Be A Hero

Doctor Who has aired a new trailer for the upcoming season that starts August 23rd. You can see it here. It’s our first real glimpse at the new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi and I think it all looks very promising. He’s very different from the past few Doctors. In some ways, he’s more reminiscent […]

Martha Thomases: Where’s My Batman?

Ever since I moved to New York in 1977, I wondered what it would be like if there was really a Batman. Sure, Superman lived in a version of New York as well. So did the entire Marvel Universe. But Batman is the one who felt most like the way I lived, in my tenement […]

The Tweeks Guide to How To Do San Diego Comic-Con Like A Native

We bet you didn’t know that the Tweeks are not only native San Diegans, but hard-core Comic Con vets having been attending since they were babies.  In this week’s video they bring you their kid’s guide to the con featuring where to go, what to eat, which panels to see, and where to visit if […]

Emily S. Whitten: The DashCon Disaster Mystery

You guys: DashCon – seriously, what the hell?? Or, more coherently: on Sunday, my Twitterfeed suddenly started filling up with references to what, in honor of Holmes and Watson, we’ll call “The DashCon Disaster Mystery.” The first mention I encountered was from the Baker Street Babes, an all-female Sherlockian fan group well known and respected […]

Emily S. Whitten: Neil Gaiman’s Recipe for An Amazing Evening

This recipe was originally concocted in August 2010 for the Sydney Opera House’s “Graphic” Festival. On June 27 it was recreated at Carnegie Hall, to the great enjoyment of yours truly. It is a rare and delightful treat, which is only due to be served three more times at present. This connoisseur of unusual cuisine […]

Marc Alan Fishman: Sell! Sell! Sell Your Comic!

Hey kiddos! I decided I wanted to add a touch of linkbaiting this week to my article. Since the interwebs just goes gaga (but not Lady Gaga) over lists, I thought it was time I give you one… as I lay out to you the secret sauce that makes Unshaven Comics’ Big Mac. That Big […] Originally published on ComicMix as Marc Alan Fishman: Sell! Sell! Sell Your Comic!

Tweeks: Review The Fault In Our Stars

The Tweeks have been waiting months to sit in the dark and have a good communal cry over John Green’s ultimate weep-fest novel, A Fault In Our Stars, so they brought their camera & a panel of tween movie fans to the theater on opening night.  Watch their review to see how the movie version […] Originally published on ComicMix as Tweeks: Review The Fault In Our Stars

Marc Alan Fishman: Babyface, Heel, or Tweener?

In the pro-wrestling world, you are either a babyface, a heel, or a tweener. If you’re not down with the lingo and you’re suck at contextual clues: babyfaces are the heroes, heels are the villains, and tweeners straddle the line between the two. Show More Summary

Divergent Blu-ray Release Scores August 5 Release Date

SANTA MONICA, CA (May 20, 2014) - Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), the premier next generation global content leader, will release the electrifying first installment of t he blockbuster action adventure franchise Divergent on Blu-ray Combo Pack...Show More Summary

Microsoft to sell Xbox One Without Kinect… and…

Microsoft announced via their Xbox Wire blog a number of changes to its Xbox One Console and related services.  A new package without the Kinect camera and motion control accessory will be available starting June 9th for $399, putting the system on par with the better-selling PS4. Show More Summary

Nintendo apologizes in Tomodachi Life same-sex story

Redmond, WA – in a statement released today, Nintendo of America addressed the controversy in the upcoming relief of Tomodachi Life, a new game that allows you to simulate social interaction with characters you design and collect.  The...Show More Summary

Marc Alan Fishman: “Dear Gotham…”

My dearest Gotham, I saw that you prematurely showed yourself to the world. It’s OK to be a tease. I can forgive that. But I couldn’t help myself… I was a voyeur to your little show. What can I say? I like what you’re bringing to the table. For starters, you’re what’s all the rage […] Originally published on ComicMix as Marc Alan Fishman: “Dear Gotham…”

Marc Alan Fishman: Turtles the Size of Buicks!

No doubt you’ve watched it. If you’re of my generation? You’ve likely re-watched it several times over. And after each subsequent viewing… you ask yourself: Is Michael Bay destroying my childhood one license at a time? In response, I think we’ve all come to relatively the same conclusion– maybe a little bit. Show More Summary

Oculus Rift, Facebook, and Sharing With Crowdfunding Backers

It’s amazing how money changes things.  Norm McDonald once did a bit about buying a friend a lottery ticket for a Christmas gift – “You don’t actually want it to win…” Oculus Rift, the latest uber-cool project amongst video game mavens,...Show More Summary

Any day I can reference a Mary Worth from 2005 is a good day

This week's full-text RSS feed is supported by Randall Munroe's What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions Randall Monroe of XKCD fame has been hilariously answering bizarre questions (e.g., "Could you propel...Show More Summary

Martha Thomases: Comic books make me a better person

I love comic books.  I have since I was five years old.  I even love comic books I don’t like. I love the way the whole of words and pictures is bigger (and better) than the parts.  I love the way that great storytellers can take a blank...Show More Summary

Martha Thomases: And The Winner Is…

Unlike my esteemed colleague Jen Krueger, I watched the Academy Awards all the way through on Sunday (although at the same time I was also fixing dinner, playing fetch with my cat, and incessantly checking my e-mails, and then laterShow More Summary

Sad sad Wednesday

This week's full-text RSS feed is supported by Ryan North's To Be Or Not To Be. To Be or Not To Be is a hilarious choose-your-own adventure version of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, where you can play as the title character, Ophelia, or the ghost of Hamlet's father. Show More Summary

This just in: Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi is the sweetest man ever

No man stands so tall as when he stoops to ask a child dressed as a Dalek if he can be The Doctor. There’s lots of cool moments in  this video of Doctor Who filming at Mermaid Quay, like the first scenes by new recurring castmember Samuel...Show More Summary

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