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John Ostrander: That Time of Year

The other night, My Mary and I were looking for something to watch on the tube. She had recorded Fly Away Home, the 1996 film by Carroll Ballard, starring Jeff Daniels, Dana Delaney, Anna Pacquin and Terry Kinney. We’ve watched it many times and I think we even own a copy of it. Show More Summary

Spider-sense: Triggered by dumb musings, I guess?

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now. Spider-Man, 11/7/13 I mean … yes, he is? Everyone saw him? J. Jonah Jameson, you old rascal, I think you’ve finally found away to defeat Spider-Man: by just asking absurd counterfactual questions whenever anyone defends him. Show More Summary

Martha Thomases: Sweet Lou

Word of Lou Reed’s death spread across the Internet on Sunday. For me, it was Sunday afternoon, so I can’t make this allusion. Nor will I call it a perfect da y. That’s what Lou Reed was to me. From the time his first album came out, he provided not only a soundtrack for my life, but a running commentary. Show More Summary

Cartoon Hangover launches second season of Bravest Warriors

On October 17, one of the hottest animated series returns for a second season as Frederator Studios unleashes all new episodes of the breakout hit Bravest Warriors exclusively on its Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel. From Pendleton Ward,...Show More Summary

Emily S. Whitten: TMNT & Ciro Nieli & Greg Cipes

As promised in my New York Comic Con round-up  last week, this week I bring to you the awesome chats I had there with executive producer Ciro Nieli and Michelangelo voice actor Greg Cipes  of the current Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesShow More Summary

Martha Thomases: Terry Crews, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The fall television season isn’t the big deal it was when I was a kid, but it is still the time when a lot of new shows debut, a lot of old shows get a refurbishing, and a lot of Oscar-bait movies get advertised. The rules have changed. Show More Summary

Emily S. Whitten: Interview with Raphael Sbarge

Currently, actor Raphael Sbarge  is playing the character of psychiatrist Archie Hopper (a.k.a. Pinocchio’s conscience Jiminy Cricket) on the modern-day fairy tale show, Once Upon A Time, in which fairy tale characters have been transported to the “real world” town of Storybrooke, Maine, and robbed of their real memories by a powerful curse. Show More Summary

Emily S. Whitten: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Interviews!

It’s stating the obvious to say that the modern Marvel movie machine has managed both to churn out a slew of awesome, successful movies, and to not fall into the trap of assembly-line production – in other words, that the movies, while...Show More Summary

Martha Thomases: Conventional Fashion

As you read this, I’m riding the rails to Baltimore  for the Baltimore Comic Con, one of the more pleasant shows of the year. I expect to have a weekend of discovering new comics, seeing old friends, and spreading the word about ComicMix Pro Services. However, as I write this, instead of thinking about comics, I’m obsessing about what to pack. Show More Summary

BLACK MASK MAGAZINE: THE PIONEER OF THE HARDBOILED DETECTIVE’s Otto Penzler narrated this short history of Black Mask Magazine called The Pioneer of the Hardboiled Detective to promote the Open Road Media’s upcoming Black Mask ebook releases, set to launch August 27th. YouShow More Summary


Talk of the Town #224 w/ Creston Mapes & Bobby Nash from Winder Television on Vimeo. Bobby on the Talk of The Town couch New Pulp Author Bobby Nash was interviewed on Talk of The Town, a local interview show filmed in his community.Show More Summary

Martin Pasko: Actually, The Postman Never Rings At All

When I was a little kid, the original The Fly  scared the crap out of me. Then, later, when I wrote the Star Trek and Justice League  franchises in comics, I felt a morbid and uneasy fascination with the transporter idea, which I’d always thought had a greater potential for disaster than deliverance. Show More Summary

International Cosplay is Celebrated Around the World

From Nashville to New York, events are planned throughout the country for International Cosplay Day on August 24, 2013. According to Google Trends, searches for “cosplay” on Google are at an all-time high in 2013 while searching on YouTube...Show More Summary

Emily S. Whitten: A Weekend with Rob Paulsen

I’ve been super-lucky on two different weekends in the past month to have been able to spend significant time with the inestimable Rob Paulsen, voice actor extraordinaire (and all-around nice guy). It’s been a fantastic experience. If...Show More Summary

The Question Will Be Answered – New Doctor to be announced Sunday on live show

After much discussion a more than a sizable amount of betting, the BBC have announced that the actor to play the 12th (that we know of) title character on Doctor Who will be introduced to the public this Sunday at 7PM in the UK.  Titled Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, and hosted by TV and radio show presenter Zoe Ball. Show More Summary

John Ostrander: Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day

There are certain films I’ve discovered just by channel surfing; likewise, there are films that I know and when I come across them (again, channel surfing), I may stay to watch a given scene and then find myself watching the film through to the end. Show More Summary

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