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Cannes 2017: "Based on a True Story"

Today is the final day of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, before the jury announces the Palme d’Or that caps this anniversary year tomorrow night in a ceremony that will be broadcast throughout Europe. The last competition film was screened for the press yesterday, so this is a day that hangs in suspense. Show More Summary

Greg Gianforte Won in Montana, But the Trend Bodes Very Poorly for the GOP Nationally

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Republican Greg Gianforte defeated Democrat Rob Quist in a Montana special election last night. He also apologized for beating up a Guardian reporter. But he still won, and the altercation with Ben Jacobs seems to have had little or no...

Netflix's New Brad Pitt Movie, 'War Machine,' Could Use A Tune-Up

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

There is a scene toward the end of the Netflix Original War Machine, showing U.S. Marines attempting to suppress insurgent fighters during a big operation in Afghanistan. They have to "win the war," but they also have to protect civilians....

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

From yo-ho-ho to yo-ho-hum. Isn’t it generous of the folks at Disney to bestow upon us, the humble ticket-buying public, another chance to contribute to star Johnny Depp’s wine-of-the-month club fund by launching a fifth voyage into the diminishing returns of its “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Show More Summary

Cannes 2017: “A Prayer Before Dawn,” “The Merciless”

In a little more than a day's time, the Cannes Film Festival will conclude. Winners of the festival's Un Certain Regard and Competition slates will be selected after much vain speculation, and attending journalists from around the world will go back to their respective homes. Show More Summary

Cannes 2017: Palme de Whiskers

The concluding day of the 70th Cannes Film Festival has finally arrived, and the town is abuzz over the impending grand finale—the awarding of the Palme de Whiskers, the coveted prize for Best Feline Performance. Cats the world overShow More Summary

Cannes 2017: Palme d'Or predictions

There are two ways of looking at film festival programming, and both have some merit. The first, charitable view is that while festivals have the responsibility of selecting good films, they are ultimately at the mercy of what's in the pipeline. Show More Summary

Cannes 2017: “In the Fade,” “You Were Never Really Here,” “Directions”

As the attention of the world is focused on the glamour and star-power of the 70th anniversary Cannes Film Festival, this largest and best-known celebration of cinema is also using its bully pulpit to bring attention to the global question of the immigrant. Show More Summary

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios

"The Buena Vista Social Club," about the music of Cuba and the independent spirit of musicians under Fidel Castro, was a rare nonfiction movie that became a cultural phenomenon. Directed by Wim Wenders ("Paris, Texas" and "Wings of Desire"),...Show More Summary

Cannes 2017 Video #4: “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected),” “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” and More

The following video was produced by Scott Dummler of Mint Media Works. Cannes 2017 Segment 4 - from The Mint on Vimeo. Below is the transcript from the video... As the ribbon was cut to open the American Pavilion, the films continued to compete for the Palme d'Or in Cannes. Show More Summary

Who Is THE Nicest Celebrity on the Planet with Whom to Work?

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

The original Wonder Woman, the STUNNING Lynda Carter, posed on the red carpet with the current Wonder Woman, the almost-as-stunning Gal Gadot. (Side comment: I used to know someone who worked with celebrities fairly regularly and he said that of...

Second Look: Vin Diesel Rides with Donnie Yen in the Latest 'XXX' Installment

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

I love a good action flick. Hell, I love a terrible action flick too. As long as people are kicking ass in inventive ways while shit explodes around them, I'm a happy camper. I'd been looking forward to catching the...

Marriage Probably Won't Make You Happier So Don't Do It If You Don't Want To. Or Do. It's Your Life.

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Way back in 2014 (remember 2014? Good times), Head Overlord Dustin plucked me from the comment section here at Pajiba, and asked if I'd be interested in writing. Poor thing didn't know what he was getting himself into. But before...

Ridley’s Remake: "Alien" Through David’s Eyes

Warning: Spoilers for “Alien: Covenant” Follow It's an "Alien" movie. It's not an "Alien" movie. I don't care about these characters. What happened to Ripley? I feel I've been tricked. Congratulations, you have indeed been played. The architect of this xenomorphic rickroll is, befittingly, Sir Ridley Scott. Show More Summary

Weekly Director Profile - Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, born in 1972 and 1973 respectively, are natives of Sandefjord, Norway. The duo were childhood friends who both attended the Stockholm Film School in Sweden, graduating in 1994. They went under the name of Roenberg...

We Talked to Zac Efron About His New Movie 'Baywatch,' And It Got Really Weird

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Baywatch, the movie based on the David Hasshelhoff series that ran from 1989-2001, opens this week. The Seth Gordon directed film stars Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Ilfenesh Hadera, Priyanka Chopra, and Alexandra Daddario. Officially, our review is that Baywatch is...

'The Hitman's Body Guard' Spoils Fun Marketing Campaign With Lame Low Blow

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, the action-comedy The Hitman's Bodyguard enticed us straight out the gate with the allure of their powers of snark and side-eye combining into silly summer spectacle. The premise was promising in that it...

What in the Drunken Slurring Fuck is Johnny Depp Doing In 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales'?

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Getting this out of the way first: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is not a terrible movie. It's not great. But it's also not awful. It almostkindasorta works. Parts of it. Of those parts, approximately drags...

Wakefield Review

Even with its faults, Wakefield gives us an intriguing, modern day meditation on transcendentalist themes, with a riveting performance from Bryan Cranston at its very core.

Gina Prince-Blythewood To Direct Spider-Man Spinoff, "Silver and Black"

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

True story: Women don't get to direct big budget properties, women of colour even less so. As of the writing of this post, only four women directors have ever been given a budget of over $100m - Kathryn Bigelow, Patty...

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