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Stan Lee Has A Message For True Believers About The Zendaya 'Mary Jane' Casting

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Not that we really even need this, and not that it was a surprise, but Stan Lee has given his endorsement to the idea of casting Zendaya as Mary Jane Watson in an interview with the Toronto Sun, saying: "If...

Tell Comedy Central You Demand More 'Not Safe With Nikki Glaser'

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

We love Nikki Glaser. The stand-up comedienne who stood out on Inside Amy Schumer spoke to us with her fearless and funny sex-centered show Not Safe. She's explored fetishes, tackled Tinder, scripted ludicrous porn dialogue, and hooked her parents up...

Thumbnails 8/25/16

1. "The Internet Isn't Making Us Dumber—It's Making Us More 'Meta-Ignorant'": New York Magazine's William Poundstone makes his case for how the Dunning-Kruger Effect explains our modern day ignorance. “There is now an active field of research into how the internet is changing what we learn and remember. Show More Summary

Don't Breathe

Taps into our deepest, darkest fears, and offers us a bloody, instant horror classic that's not for the faint of heart.

Being An Asshole Makes You A Better Person

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

On Monday Vivian covered the fact that Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe has some admittedly racist friends, which led to a long discussion in the comments about judging a person's value based on their sometimes wrong beliefs. That of course...

In a Disturbing Town Hall Last Night, Trump Used the Joseph Goebbels Approach to Gauging Public Opinion

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

This video of Donald Trump in a town hall interview with Sean Hannity is super disturbing. In it, Trump does a 180 on his immigration stance, and weirdly manipulates the audience into going along with him. You know how when,...

Genius One-Sentence Explanation For the Rise of ISIS

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

You want the simple one-sentence explanation for what caused ISIS?— Karl Sharro (@KarlreMarks) December 1, 2015 Damn. ------------ Petr Knava lives in London and plays music...

So You Want To Be A Mermaid?

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

I'll admit, my first instinct when I saw there's a "mermaid school" in Brooklyn was to roll my eyes. Because of course, right? But cynics swim aside, because World of Swimming's Mermaid School is more than a place where women...

Southside With You

As Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) gets dressed in her home on the South Side of Chicago, her mother (Vanessa Bell Calloway) playfully teases her about the amount of effort Michelle is putting into her appearance. “I thought this wasn’t a date,” she chides. Show More Summary

Don't Breathe

At its best, Fede Alvarez’s “Don’t Breathe” is a tight, confined thriller—the kind of morality play that toys with audience loyalty and works to convey its protagonists' predicament by making us feel claustrophobic right alongside them. Show More Summary

Everything's Manipulated, but to What End?: Robert Greene on "Kate Plays Christine"

After eight months of successful (and sometimes contentious) premieres at film festivals around the globe—including Sundance, where it took home a prize for writing—Robert Greene's film “Kate Plays Christine” opens this weekend at the IFC Center in New York City. Show More Summary

And Then Ann Coulter Turned On Donald Trump, and It Was Beautiful

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Through the election season so far, no one has had Donald Trump's back more than Ann Coulter. In fact, yesterday, she released a pro-Trump book, which is even worse than you imagined. It's called In Trump We Trust. shudder In...

Ben Schwartz Confirmed That 'Parks & Rec'/'Stranger Things' Crossover Theory You've Been Fantasizing About

2 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Spoilerish words ahead for 'Stranger Things,' which you definitely should have watched by now. When we think about the divisive characters of Stranger Things, Barb has that market cornered. But following right behind in a close second is that...

8 Pictures of Leslie Jones We Actually Should Be Looking At Today

2 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

The people who hacked Leslie Jones' personal website and posted her private nude photos, as well as horrifyingly dangerous personal information, did so for a simple reason. You don't have to know who they are to know what that...

The One Where The Overlords Attempt To Find A Single TV Show They All Watched and Liked

2 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

This is all my fault. Jodi: How about television shows we have ALL WATCHED and we ALL LIKED. It's going to be a small list. The Wire? Stranger Things? Petr: Firefly? Taking bets now: which list will be smaller -...

You Can Tell It's a European Crime Show Because They're All Smoking

2 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Big Brother on CBS at 8:00pm ET. Duck Dynasty on A&E at 9:00pm ET. 10th season finale. 10 seasons and a spin off. I'm not sure who to blame for this, so I'm just blaming everyone. But I'm especially blaming...

Twitter: Can More Political Exchanges Be This Darling, Please?

2 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Today marks an unusual anniversary in American history: the burning of the White House by British troops. It happened in 1814, as part of the (poorly named) War of 1812. The vandalous act was retaliation for the U.S.'s attack on...

What We As Women Can Learn from the Leslie Jones Hack and Continued Harassment

2 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

After a few weeks of wonderful, Leslie Jones was hit hard again by the legion of online monsters who tried to crush her last month. Only this time, it went beyond words, memes and Photoshopped tweets. They hacked her website,...

Is There Any Chance We Can Get Scott Eastwood to Stop Saying Words?

2 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Scott Eastwood gave an interview where he talked about an old girlfriend who died tragically in a car accident, and that's what most outlets are running with, pullquote-wise. But oh wow, the rest of the interview is just the...

The Trailer for the Movie That Made Everyone at Sundance Sob Like a Little Child

2 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

That's the line that Rebecca sold this trailer to me on, and watching it, I can see exactly why people might weep at this movie. COACH TAYLOR DIES. And also, Boston accents, Michelle Williams (I MISSED HER), Gretchen Mol, Matthew...

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