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The Motion Awards: 2016 Winners

It is our great pleasure to announce the winners of the first annual Motion Awards by Motionographer.

Step by Step: My Moon

In this Motionographer Step by Step profile, we get an inside look into the world of background painting and "My Moon" by none other than the film's director, Eusong Lee.

In-house vs. independent with Alex Mapar

There are pros and cons to any situation, especially when comparing the worlds of taking in-house bookings and working directly with the client. In this Q&A we chat with the amazingly talented Alex Mapar on his new piece for Shopify and how he manages to balance the responsibilities of working both in-house and independently.

Better Together: Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee

Better Together is a new idea with the aim of exploring the special chemistry that is formed when people begin to collaborate with one another and do things on their own terms. To kick things off we spoke with the prolific Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee.

Meeseeks Battle from “Rick and Morty”

Paul Robertson for “Rick and Morty” on [adult swim]. Hat tip to Carey Smith

IFCC 2017 Main Titles

More process on the Behance project page. Hat tip to Cady Wachsman

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