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SPECTRUM: Tynesha Foreman

For our inaugural issue of Spectrum, we talked to Tynesha Foreman about being a black female animator and defining your own version of success.

American Horror Story Season 6 IDs

As part of a recent update to their portfolio, Block & Tackle released a string of 5 IDs created for FX’s “American Horror Story.” Densely packed with creepy textures, the campaign spans several techniques, creating a mixed media feel that seems to be on the rise again.

Introducing Step by Step

Step by Step is a new monthly series with an emphasis on exploring a different artist's process each month and gaining an inside look into their unique approach to making exceptional work.

An elegant dance of form and light for Mercedes-Benz

Panoply’s latest effort for Mercedes-Benz is best enjoyed alongside the sumptuous R&D process video.

Making mixed reality: Behind the scenes of the “History of Viacom” installation

"History of Viacom" is a superb case study for creating effective mixed reality experiences. As users explore an interactive timeline of Viacom's history, they uncover physical vignettes portraying characters and intellectual property...Show More Summary

The Best Last Best Plane Ride Ever [NSFW]

As a follow up to his amazing short, “Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No” James Blagden has created another hilariously raunchy animated sports doc. For the uninitiated, we’ve included “Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No” below. Hat tip to Kris Mer...

Audio + Visual: Invisible Snake Promos

For well over a decade, Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing, the couple behind the Portland, Oregon-based studio, have been making music and visuals in equal measure. Their latest in-house effort is a series of four promos for their recently released EP, "Invisible Snake."

“Power Hungry,” a post-apocalyptic (mis)adventure

“Power Hungry” is the latest short film from illustrator and animator Benjy Brooke. In Benjy’s words, “‘Power Hungry’ is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure about self-driving electric cars, nomadic robots, sunburnt mutants, and toys.” The...Show More Summary

Protecting your work and dealing with rip-offs, a chat with Katie Lane

Has your work been ripped off? As an individual or a studio, what can you do to protect your original works? To what extent does copyright law offer protection? And what can you do if your work has been ripped off? You'll find the answers to those questions in our interview with attorney and negotiation coach Katie Lane of Work Made for Hire.

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