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Late Night Work Club is here to save 2016

Let's face it, 2016 has been a weird and divisive year. Thankfully, Late Night Work Club is back to instill hope and unite us all under the healing qualities of indie animation. Sit back with your loved ones and enjoy the best 42 minutes of the year with "Strangers".

New work and website from the beloved Moths

The ever talented Moth Collective, now known as Moth, just updated their website with loads of new work. Be sure to check it out. In the meantime, enjoy some of their lovely new animations below.

Step by Step: Locked and Loading

We are thrilled to bring you the work of David Brodeur, otherwise known as Locked and Loading, for this month's Step by Step profile. David is an insanely talented designer and animator with a strong emphasis in the photoreal and all things C4D.

Gabriel H. Fermanelli updates reel and releases new work

Freelance director Gabriel H. Fermanelli recently dropped a new reel looking back on 5 years of work. It’s a good reminder of why he’s been posted on Motionographer so many times. Also check out this compilation of character work he directed with Sloop Animation.


A submission to the UNSATISFYING challenge.

SPECTRUM: Yussef Cole

For this month's SPECTRUM profile, we talked with Bronx-based motion designer Yussef Cole about experimentation, critical thinking and questioning meritocracy.

A True Story

“A True Story” is lovely series byEdgar Ferrer & Guille Comin and be sure to check out the “Deb” and “Carly” below:

“Spectacle of the Real” and making the impossible possible

Who better to make the show open for David Blaine's new magic special than our industry's own leading magicians, Buck? Stop what you're doing, turn the lights off and the audio up, sit back and enjoy.

360 Google Spotlight Story: Rain or Shine

Directed by Felix Massie (Nexus Productions), “Rain or Shine” is the latest in an impressive line of shorts created for the Google Spotlight Stories platform. Other directors have included Disney animation legend Glen Keane and Academy Award-winners Patrick Osborne and Jan Pinkava. Show More Summary

Breakdown: Watch Dogs 2.0 opening cinematic by MK12

MK12 breaks down the process behind their opening cinematic for Watch Dogs 2.0, the latest blockbuster game release from Ubisoft.

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