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Insight into the world of look development from one of our industry’s best

Ever wonder how to get past the "valley of suck"? Thankfully, Alex Dingfelder is here to share some insight behind his process and how he has helped shape some of Buck's most successful pieces.

Who in the world is Carlos El Asmar and why should I care?

Evil or Humble? Man or Myth? Nol Honig went out in search of the Mystery Man of Motionographer and lived to tell the tale. Spoiler Alert: Carlos no longer tells people that he's a porn star.

SPECTRUM: Anne Saint-Louis

For this issue of SPECTRUM, Lilian Darmono spoke with Anne Saint-Louis: designer, wife and mother. Based in Vancouver, Canada, she's also an assistant teacher at School of Motion’s Character Animation Bootcamp.

Jack Cunningham and the White House build an AR tour powered by a buck

Reach for your phone and wallet to learn more about “The People’s House.” Don’t worry, it won’t cost you a cent.

The ethos of Giant Ant

What better way to start 2017 than with a new article in our Guest Post series by none other than Giant Ant? Please enjoy this article by the founders of Giant Ant, Jay and Leah, as they take us through some of the lessons they've learned throughout the years and what it is that makes Giant Ant so special.

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